Magical Signs

written by David Bersson on

December 24th, An CXVIII 2021 era vulgari

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I take it right from square one that to share with those without our Circle that I might be jeered at as a superstitious idiot for bringing up or giving any reference to magical signs. Perhaps a polytheistic ancestor might of jeered as well, those centuries ago when some subterranean predator, arose and ate a fellow hunter. His only explanation might have been to exclaim in awe of such a peculiar turn of events, "The Gods were angered that you did not listen to Them." dashing back to his cave demanding his cave wife participate in offerings to the Gods to avoid a repetition of such events where the Gods would protect him against such nightmarish scenarios.

Here we are now in a wondrous futuristic civilization (loud laugher is heard from the audience) centuries later where our comprehension of cause and effect does demand us to observe similar reactions when the M.T. interprets every phenomena as a particular dealing of God with his soul. Or the magician and exorcist today who when practicing magick strange things are beginning to occur. Of course, for the novice magician who has leaks in the aura where he is developing his skills on more than one plane will have different magical signs than the Adept. What he could accomplish with magick with one month of practice isn’t the same after many years or the magical signs.

Well, enough of trying to teach the novice or the intermediate. Let's look at it from the perspective of the skilled magician who has accumulated enough magical energy from magical practices to do the magical gestures or magical operations of the high magick. Clearly, the serious aspirant should study the Oath and Task of Adept Major compared to the Great Work of the earlier Grades where you are seeking sincerely the nature and powers of your being the natural progression of latent magical powers and Great Work of the Adept Major makes perfect sense. Well, those magical signs shown to the Adept Major are going to involve the old Aeon currents, the dangers of the black brothers, the recoil of high magick and overall inertia of trying to move to Adept Exempt which seems so many light years away.

So the general observation of what magical signs are going to manifest depends on the Grade of Initiation. Magical signs are going to occur, however, for any serious practitioner no matter what Grade.

We even smile at such signposts along the Path where we smile broadly when we observe 718 on a license plate pass us by on the highway or a purchase that, seems above all odds to occur, comes to exactly 777. Other numbers might come up constantly, almost as if some sign was being given us as we move forth.

Well, my personal experience with magical signs has gone on for years where no matter how discreet I am about my activities it seems that someone, on some plane is aware of me. A chance remark, a nod of a complete stranger, someone who looks like someone I have known for years and yet have never met. All sorts of magical signs exist showing your magick is doing something or even warning you about something important is about to occur. A dream vision of your Holy Guardian Angel and the next day you find Uncle Bob kicked the bucket? Just a coincidence? You must decide.

So perhaps more examples might be given to give some perspective on how real and sometimes surreal all this can be.

A recent example of an alleged magical sign which, incidentally, was observed and created only a temporary disturbance was a woman professing to be a sister that joined the Order who was in the habit of dying her hair blue. Now, under ordinary circumstances without her heroin habit and unhealthy perception of men and lack of sexual freedom we might of perceived her as a magical sign that she would be a Priestess of Nuit. After all, what could be more “blue lidded” than a sister who dyes her hair blue. Clearly, she is either a Priestess of Nuit sent by the Gods or a Vampire sent by the black brothers. Knowing this, we took the stand that it could move either way and you must be prepared for the inevitable conclusion or procedure depending on the nature of the magical test. So this was a magical sign that was a test. Of course, I had no hope one way or another where even in my younger days I wouldn’t of been fooled for long, if at all. I let it all play out and made my decision without regret. No matter how delicious the pie was, it was filled with a sugar that would make you a diabetic and not give you initiation in the Temple of Nuit but an early death. I discarded her like the talking monkey and poor white trash that she turned out to be. Such beauty, such dyed blue hair, and such a mess inside that she was beyond any redemption or wasting my time with. After she was gone, my magical energy not only returned to normal but increased where the ringing of the bells of affirmation verified that I had passed a vampire ordeal. For details on the Siren ordeal, which can take any serious student down that isn’t careful I refer you to Liber Aleph on the Siren.

Well, some of these magical signs are a warning, some are a signal that a war is to come, and sometimes someone is really sent from on high which defies any known logic of the most talented ruach. Well, on another plane it is all the fault of the magician who trying to create change is going to meet the recoil. Such recoil becomes a test and the magical sign is perceived in its true light Other signs should be observed both from outsiders and those who are working the Grades. A sister has just cracked a filthy joke and I laugh at it. Inside, I am wondering if this isn’t a magical sign that she is gross and must pass through fire. Another brother bangs on your door in the middle of writing an essay that needs concentration right at the paragraph where I am describing emotional control. I open a page of the Volume One Equinox to see what paragraph comes up and some insight that I have been meditating on for weeks is clearly written at the page that I randomly choose. Better that the best Tarot Reading that I have done in months!

I recently gave some lecture on my age that gives a magical sign from the biological will where transitions of age mean a certain diet might be heard from the screams and complaints of the biological will or you die early. The biological will of the sister whose body wanted a child but knew if she had the child it would delay her aspiration to become Adept. In this case, her biological will was at odds with her spiritual aspiration and will. She found herself at the crossroads of her Path where she finally submitted to her biological will trying to align it with her aspiration to become Adept. After giving birth she found herself happier and more content with herself than she had ever been and began studying the concept of the education of the child as a Thelemite where her Great Work did not end but gave her fulfillment. Another sister had the opposite reaction where she left the Order completely after giving birth deciding that she had another Path. So which magical sign is correct depends on the will of the sister.

Years ago, a sister had a handicapped child and she was caught between her matriarchal tendency and her aspiration. She simply couldn’t bring herself to turn over the handicapped child to the state where she could fulfill herself without the added frustrations and responsibility. Any magical signs that were screaming at her were drowned out by the waters of her motherly emotion and left the Order. For myself, I would have had no trouble with the decision and yet she submitted to her Isis self. When she wasn’t with her handicapped child her spirits were up, she was incredibly attractive, and delightfully intelligent. With her handicapped child she was the type of woman that would be subject to frustration, emotional outburst, hatred, and hypocrisy. Although I was relieved that she had left the Order I was astounded by the change in her as she took back her handicapped child to move on to whatever misery and self sacrifice she had chosen. She was such a delightful young woman without her handicapped child and although I was relieved that she had left I was disappointed that it turned out to be negative.

This was along the lines of two members hooking up and resigning from the Order only to break up after six months where their objections to the discipline of Hierarchy became a senseless and ridiculous mutual rebellion where they hadn’t set priorities properly nor even viewed anything from the perspective of their exchange and will. They had participated in a mutual magical gesture on my behalf and of course although the Task was completed they could not endure the strain of the magical gesture or see the magical signs coming.

With regards to the biological will of a sister, or the screams of old age where you change your diet or die early or the rationalizations of a fat brother or sister who is faced with health issues by rationalizations the magical signs should be obvious where they make the changes or suffer dire consequences. Of course, some survive and some allow themselves to die even knowing that impending death will occur if they do not heed the magical signs. No warning I gave nor obvious magical sign was heeded.

If you cannot understand a hint expect a blare as a few seconds of the wrong decision could change the course of your Path for this lifetime. Magical signs must be taken seriously.

I do note that my magical energy increased when I heeded the warning signs of transition of my bio system. I choose life over an early death by researching what would kill me if I persisted with the diet. I think I have always had an allergy of sorts my entire life with onions but in my youth it gave nothing short of mild indigestion. Decades later, my bio system could no longer take onions at all where I gave them up completely in spite of how much I enjoyed raw onions on hamburgers. For others who age such issues will come up where some favorite food must be eliminated from the diet completely. For example, I have to be careful of my sugar and keep fried foods down to the minimum where in my younger days had very little effect on my overall health. Trying to take chicken and beef out of my diet means I would deteriorate quickly whereas I need strong doses of protein. So the way I eat today is a consequence of those signs from my biological will where I heed the complaints of my body or die early. Such much more to meditate on when you have signs of the magical or even spiritual will!!

This covers magical signs right down to the disordered nephesh where the biological will heeded means the path chosen fulfills the karma of your lifetime. We can dispense with the karma of past lifetimes and its magical signs where I insist you look to see if the karma wasn’t a consequence of this lifetime. In fact, only an Adept can determine such cause and effect even though many a young aspirant that claims to be the karma of a consequence of some figure in history cannot back up the claim. Past lives and a lecture on its karma must therefore be distinguished with regards to magical signs from the Adept who has done serious work with Liber Thisbarb. Liber Thisbarb is a Class B document and the work of the Adept Exempt where I need not cover it in this letter which is covering magical signs for members. It has been a source of irony and even amusement that when an aspirant is conspicuously naive I take it as a sign this is his first incarnation. In such a case, it is even more amusing to state that if it is his first incarnation then they cannot do Liber Thisbarb for they have no past incarnations to look back to.

The last magical sign is the demeanor and candor of the new aspirant who writes excitedly about the insights in your essay. Now, the essay might be one that you’ve written years ago and didn’t think had any influence but you will be wrong. Such an essay must be reevaluated and even updated where you have a magical sign that not only is the new candidate aligned to force cogent to the Hierarchy but a magical sign has been given that someone promising on some plane is entering the Order. It is otherwise a magical sign for the writer of the essay who was surprised that some insight came from an essay forgotten about must be upgraded or emphasized.

Just recently I rode in an automobile with a brother where I saw the number 78 on the license plate approaching the mall and made the remark that this was a good sign. So important gematria numbers that are either personal or private to your work with Liber 777 will give the magical currents a byway to give you magical signs.

Most certainly, an old microwave oven catching fire coinciding with a lecture on the subject of recoil is a obvious magical sign to get a new microwave. Other magical signs you realize that you had missed where you didn’t think anything of the event until later when you realize an impossible situation had occurred against all odds.

Lets look at it from the perspective of the skilled magician who has accumulated enough magical energy from magical practices to do the magical gestures or magical operations of the high magick.

Clearly, the serious aspirant should study old Aeon magical currents, the dangers of the black brothers, where the recoil of high magick and overall intensity of the magick is going to occur with greater intensity.

The last issue of magical signs is how I have come to determine whether an aspirant is reacting during the time of the magical gesture. Most certainly, if they are reacting in a manner where they actually interrupt you from your work, get in your way when you are trying to accomplish something important at the moment, or actually assisting you at the right moment during the magical gesture does give magical signs on the level of the brother or sister who has reacted. In some cases, it is a sign that they need more time at their present Grade or in some cases it might be a magical sign that they are at last ready to have the magical doorways of the next Grade.

All these magical signs are absolutely a learning experience or if ignored could mean failure being your exposure rather than success being your proof.

Love is the law, love under will

Making Spelling Function

written on August 1st, An CXVIII 2021 e.v. by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Shall we begin by stating that the magician and exorcist must make spelling function. It should otherwise be emphasized that to discover the nature and powers of your being is to make you not only aware of magical powers but the added Great Work of awakening your True will creating a very real path towards initiation.

You cannot know how to place the crown of the pyramid properly until you have followed the steps of the basis of the pyramid where geometrical progression of the Grades toward the true attainment is paralleled by strict self discipline unhindered by self delusion.

In a magical order we have the necessity of the Grades where step by step we parallel the Adepts and Masters who devised the system. Each Oath & Task taken seriously and fulfilled means you have done what the Master who created the Order did in his early days on the path.

It should be clear that it is possible for a solitary magician to attain master-ship and actually use those experiences on the Path as Grades so a Path is paved so those who join the Order they create will follow each Grade to also attain master-ship. So the solitary magician has no choice in spite of a lifetime on the Path alone not to set up an Order that resembles one that they have rejected. The alternative is they never attain (they rarely do, she sighed) and there are those who exist are among those who are of the blind leading the blind try to cover up by rationalizations and conceptualizations of any ordeals they have not been able to overcome by such objections to Hierarchy. It will rarely occur where a solitary magician has the discipline to pave an original path where the higher initiations have occurred. One deluded fool has recently claimed to be in touch with the Secret Chiefs who does not like it being known that he was a failed Probationer from my Hierarchy. In addition, he ignores the protocol of ONE STAR IN SIGHT in his attempt to try to claim Lineage. Here is the quote from ONE STAR IN SIGHT.

"There is however an absolute prohibition to accept money or other material reward, directly or indirectly, in respect of any service connected with the Order, for personal profit or advantage. The penalty is immediate expulsion, with no possibility of reinstatement on any terms."

Apparently, the person who I will not name overlooked this when he tried to start his Lineage and stated he was not a member of the O.T.O.. For even his lectures are in breach of the above. I am sufficiently concerned about the above quote that I wear my O.T.O. ring when I call the Spirits to send me treasure. If you are A∴A∴ only this means taking any amount of money for a Tarot Reading means you are expelled and barred for life. Of course, if you are O.T.O. and involved with Group working it is better to wear your O.T.O. ring if you take money for astrological charts or Tarot readings. All this means extreme change and rude awakenings for video creators who have made money or have even supported themselves by this means when they become A∴A∴ without becoming O.T.O..

In retrospect, I can name several individuals who have been a member of the Hierarchy and have failed not only to attempt to set up Grades and Titles where they try to pass themselves off as Adepts or Masters. None of the Grades are created with the raw individuality where they are offered as a sacrament steps toward their attainments to the eventuality of true mastery. They survive the longest when they set up their Grades like the real Hierarchy they failed from based on true Supernal Attainment but in the long run the membership will dwindle as the failure who has attempted this fraud rules with ego ignoring fraternity balanced by discipline. When addressing the Order they failed to rationalize all their own errors and blunders trying to convince everyone that they left as a consequence of the Superiors they betrayed. Such failures trying to be the Superior of the copy cat Hierarchy cannot help themselves toward a reiteration of the deterioration of their unresolved complexes. In their clouded and deluded eyes the Hierarchy they failed from was a scheme and they, with ego not countered by an honest Instructor push onward with what will be episodes of self delusions featuring the person as the villain of the story. All their objections, of course, amount to ruach masturbation as they move forth on the path of obsessions and delusions.

I cannot tell you who to associate with. I can tell you that I am affiliated with all true A∴A∴ Lineage in the Supernal and reject all fake A∴A∴ Lineage trying to appear on the Plane of Disks. I will not give a list of who I consider true or false for the purpose of this lecture is not to know and destroy the traitors but to simply warn against such moral cripples who try to pass themselves off as real. I have already explained that the real enemies are already cursed as crapulous creeds in the Third Chapter.

Of course, any objections to titles has been explained in detail in my essay on the subject. For if they object to titles they will have to object to Grades and give insights that only go so far as exist prior to the brick wall of restriction they create for themselves. I have reiterated my position on the nature and powers of the being being unlocked where magical powers does not exclude initiation and vice versa. Knowing the nature and powers of your being is not only demanded right from the first Oath & Task but is emphasized again in DUTY by the Master Therion. For to know your True Will is to know your True Self and the nature & powers of your being are essential for your initiations.

It is otherwise very important not to name names when the true purpose is not to know and destroy the traitors in this particular lecture but to warn the novice from permitting these errors to occur in the first place. So to associate names for the above paragraphs is to miss the main tenet of this lecture. You need not be given a list of names at this time when this lecture explains the issue in sufficient depth for you to judge for yourself by careful observation. Judge, and prepare to be judged, if this be your will.

Let it be where you know when to Lurk and Withdraw.

After all, why make any more enemies than you already have? I was in good standing with my Instructor at the time of his death. I operated two Lodges directly under the instruction of my Instructor Marcelo Ramos Motta. These two deadly realities have given me a sufficient amount of friction from those who let themselves inherit me as enemies from my Superior.

As a magician and exorcist that makes spelling function you need only fulfill your Oaths & Tasks. You will not only awaken your latent magical powers by learning of the nature and powers of your being but the initiations occur.

For then a time will come on your Path where your magical practices are a sufficient build up of magical energy where with the magical powers you now are able to do magical gestures or Operations of the Higher Magick. The novice early on the Path cannot see this whose magical practices cannot be capable of the glory of the Higher Magick.

Love is the law, love under will

Magical Diaries

Verily, after those chills of past life introspection that meant mine reflections of a million memories I asked not how I should come forth into the light but how the curse of amnesia being released I could attain the blessings of understanding that journey beyond the taint of the wrong of beginning of generation to that City beyond the abyss of desert.
(These words from the magical record. Confer Liber VII, Chapter III, verse 52)

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Over the years I must of recommended Liber E, Section I more times than I can count in letters to students where I have to repeat this reminder over and over. It is should otherwise be ironic that in essays from students or even others outside Our Circle who have published publicly insights on the Path they have not emphasized the magical record or its vital role with the method of science. As pleased as I am when I see new essays appear that show others are actually working I have yet to note in any of these new essays giving insight on what the instructor has to go through to assure the novice who is outlining the magical diary has complied with the method of science and the format of experimentation. Hypothetical ruach masturbation is unmasked in a few paragraphs when you have actually engaged in magical gesture with the intent of real experiment to see what results occur from the carefully planned magical operation. So therefore, not having found sufficient evidence of the emphasis of the importance of the magical diary I insist that I repeat myself to others never to neglect it.

Reading through your own magical diaries from the past is an exercise of comparative relation between a self that was less developed. It has been of great assistance to Me and I insist that it will also be of value to you years from now. Many essays I would of not written or should I be clear to proclaim they would have been absolutely impossible to of written without bringing past insights from old diaries and adding to present insights for clarification. For in the old magical diaries I found insights that assisted the solve et coagula in a manner where I was able to break the components of my level of geometry down where my level of initiation existed at that time looking at myself as I was then only to compare the level of geometry and initiation with the experiences of the past and the present wherein the sum of the equation of the process would assist my next step.

Liber תישארב will not have precisely the same effects and yet there are parallel lines to the process. In each case you are looking backwards. The third mediation is to read the entire correspondence of your immediate superior and the exchange. If you are a failed Probationer you see pain & strain or in my case I am given the joy of being instructed properly & glory of fraternity. Fraternity without lies balanced by discipline without the vice of kings. It is important to note that I was never cut with nor expelled, or demoted from Grades from my Immediate Superior (Marcelo Motta) being in good standing with him at the time of his death. Therefore looking at my correspondences will be be a learning experience or joy rather than reading about failures and slips of discipline like others who are not even worthy to name that have issues seeing themselves as they were left to stagnant right where they left off when they failed resulting in issues with Me. For them looking at old diaries clearly would not have any significant value other to remind themselves what losers they were then and remain in the present.

This essay is therefore for the serious student who is not a curiosity seeker who would trouble themselves to the discipline of the magical record over a period of years.

Of course, it is impossible for the aspirant who does not have years of magical diaries to study the insights of the past with the insights of the present for such meditations on growth or to verify that the memory has not played traitor as a consequence of some severe ordeal or a brief obsession that was resolved and forgotten. So therefore it should be a grave lesson for the serious student to never neglect the magical diary. I recently ripped a student for throwing a magical diary away not considering these insights nor completely comprehending what how foolish an error this was. Those old magical diaries are what is left of what you were doing prior to your initiations. They are the utterance of another self noting that if you hadn't been the way you were you wouldn't of attained the initiations in the manner you attained them. My comments on ONE STAR IN SIGHT in my magical diaries thirty years ago are most certainly at least ten light years away from what I see now!! You cannot know how important it is to keep them and in a place where the profane eyes of others will not read them. They are intensely private to be read only by your immediate superior. It is clearly a matter of letting yourself be honest of what you were to see what you have become.

Love is the law, love under will

True Aspirations on the Path

written by David Bersson on

December 21st, An CXVIII 2021 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I would like to contemplate that anyone reading this essay will be the aspirant who truly has the aspiration to become an Adept or Master in this lifetime where they awaken, embrace the true initiations and realize that awakening the magical powers are a vital step to learning the nature and powers of their being emphasized in the early Oaths. An Adept Major might quietly observe that those whose initiation and magical powers have not awakened are like creatures without arms or legs but I shall also comment on the black brother currents infesting the novice so try not to mix the planes when I expound such sensitive matters. If you are fascinated by evil magic or fancy yourselves an evil sorcerer why bother to read this essay? The evil ones are cast away with Our Path and this essay is not for the novice who would be a mere dabbler. So, read carefully my examples and meditate deeply on my warnings.

Of course, there is death for the dogs who cannot know of the abodes that are beyond decay. I will explain the hereafter in another essay and how the ruach deteriorates as the magical energy leaks from the absence of the supernal. For now, it is best to write for the truly serious what they will encounter with some of the more common scenario of the higher magick.

Having been engaged in magical gestures that I shall not immediately name I will now expound the problems of the massive thought forms that must be under the control of the will. These thought forms are magical links which are supposed to connect to different ideas which are in turn supposed to awaken the Aeon in previously uncharted or delinquent areas. The greatest asset to these magical gestures is the way energy is manipulated and the specialized powers that manifest as you move closer to the goal of manifested magical link. The greater danger is obsession for those who have not planned for the recoil before those gateways open which release those forces intended for adjustment. Unless equilibrating these massive thought forms are dealt with where magical links align with the 93 Current they degenerate. Some magical currents of the distant past had their origin from the Supernal. The good ones are "purged by the prophet" and the evil ones are cast away. It is essential that the magical links be firmly manifested to the supernal to avoid the dangers of obsession.

It is important you be in good health or you could die or go insane working such higher magick before you are prepared.

The reality of such warnings should be absolutely taken seriously. I cannot warn the student too often that this persistent danger of obsession from Adept level higher magick is very real. The voices of the Abyss, paranoia, and other symptoms are the illness of an untrained ruach who has not developed the concentration to overcome what they have awakened. Some of these symptoms resemble the psychological state of those drug addicts who have paralleled these errors by opening up doorways that permit a rush of energy that is out of control where they also will hear the voices of the Abyss foolishly mistaking the level they are on. You know when a student who has attempted Enochian magic with the calls before they are ready and write to you that they are hearing your voice speak to them in their head they ventured forth prior to doing a sufficient amount of magical practices to be able to benefit from their attempts. You must do the magical practices and be above the forces you are to encounter before you attempt the magical gestures or operations.

Reestablishing magical links to a revived egregorae in an ancient Temple where worshipers have not existed for centuries means creating a link for the Forces to cluster to exalt in accordance with the 93 Current. No easy Task for the novice magician whose perception of higher magick is undeveloped from reading books on stone age magic or worse, too naive to realize that magical practices over a period of time are an absolute necessity. If Divine Forces actually manifest from establishing these magical links then you have worked higher magick from the egregorae. In the Paris Working also known as Liber CDXV - Opus Lutetianum we have Aleister Crowley and Victor Neuberg working together as an example to students who have a very real example where the higher magick involves the God Hermes is invaluable for study. Of course, the Paris Working as an example of higher magick is often times overlooked and it should be noted that A.C. was the Master and Victor Neuberg was the assistant. A.C. does not deviate from the method of science in the magical experiment while Victor Neuberg being on a much lower plane with a disordered nephesh does not manifest the Divine Oracle throughout the experiment in all cases with the expertise of A.C.. Until the egregorae has been firmly reestablished through with the magical gesture you are not going to hear the Voice of the God but the bias of the novice magician who will hear only the emptiness of the voices of the abyss without the supernal as a magical link to the original force. A careful study of Liber CDXV is therefore highly recommended as only one example of higher magick.

Once again, I will not mention names in this essay suffice to state that at least one student who mixed magick with drugs permitted herself to be overwhelmed with the magical energy and when leaving to presumptuously go out on her own without My guidance died from an overdose where she thought herself superhuman where she refused to abide by my warnings on the subject. Another student left my tutelage trying to create a whole new magical organization and being a mere Probationer only to drop to all fours with regards to the supernal where he began abusing women as leader of his corrupt occult organization. Another student attempting the higher magick before developing themselves with daily practices began claiming he was in touch with the secret chiefs. The list goes on where such insanity exists where some have entered the darkness where no return to true aspiration is possible. How safe those on a Path where the magick being basically a stone age magic can exist where their occult knowledge is more or less a religion where they not concern themselves with such dangerous deviations from the higher magick. For them, this essay might not make sense where any tutelage rarely approaches intermediate where the stone age magic they practice isn’t enough to bring such dangers to their doorstep being crystal weenies or candle magic types who exist mainly to take superstitious idiots to the bank. I am not writing for the type of novice that has no aspiration nor the common sense to actually will or want both the initiation and the magical powers. I saw enough with the candle magic mystics with the Mambo in the French Quarter, years ago, or the Arabian Woman who told Fortunes at the circus, or the Gypsies whose level of magic never reached anything close to the type of danger that I am warning you about in my experience.

The black brother currents infesting the being of a magician who has not trained themselves properly will not meet the Companion in Liber Tzaddi nor any of the preliminaries where they become a balanced Adept. The ego when faced and confronted will mistake "as brothers fight" with constant hatred for those whose aspiration they sense or skills they are jealous of and react with envious spite. One idiot has recently appeared on the occult social scene claiming the word "black brother" should be eliminated where it evokes racial connotations where the irony of such a statement shows that very person to be in the early stages of being infested himself with the black brother current. The Thelemite who observes the will of others with regards to the Path is often a good sign. The solitary magician even after years of being involved with the occult will persist with any lecture to never give a lecture above Malkuth of Tiphareth and never Tiphareth of malkuth where they excuse themselves claiming they are trying to assist the novice where in reality they cannot exist with supernal manifestations to give any real spiritual insight. They have a sufficient amount of magical energy to maneuver their ruach to rationalizations but no real insight is expounded to those they try to teach. The higher magick is lost to them where they refuse to actually develop with magical practices to ready themselves for the real initiations. The average intelligence thinks themselves superior to the average intelligence and the average solitary magician thinks themselves superior to the average solitary magician. Well, it is easier for the instructor has students that actually do real work but how many actually truly aspire to be Adept or Master in this lifetime where they are to proceed with the Great Work with serious endeavor and true aspiration? I once proclaimed that I must have been a bumble bee that stung a Hierophant in some past lifetime to have such students! Of course, the majority of magicians are easily conned by the first manifestation of the black brother current. After all, the black brothers failed in Chesed from the Crossing of the Abyss and the novice who encounters the deteriorated magical currents of the black brothers is barely in Malkuth which for them is their Kether. It should be observed the Work of the M.T. in His Garden from Liber 418 is viewed by those who try to interpret The Work of Those who have crossed will be always seen by those infested with the black brother currents as sadistic or overbearing. After all, the M.T. actually pulls weeds from the Garden. Fortify the fit, eliminate the unfit.

Now that I have covered some of the dangers of attempting a higher magick prior to real initiations where the forces you awaken take control of you I will give an example of a magical gesture aside from attempting the Calls of the Aethyrs before true preparation. You must realize that more than one doorway where unpleasant surprises can occur exist where I give the more common ones occurring.

I therefore will make an example of something more in touch with a pragmatic reality by offering an example of such higher magick being attempted where no real preparation means you die or go insane. Let us give an example of an ancient Temple of Horus that was generation after generation by an ancient Egyptian family or followers that existed for 500 years. Now, the latent accumulated magical energy has the potential to be revived by an adapted version of an Invocation of Horus that would take its centralized force to make use of the energy for the New Aeon. This gives us concepts that might be important for a Stele or even an ancient Staff from ancient times where polytheism was in fashion and it was passed down as an object in the Temple for many years. Learning how to tap into Temples or Objects, and building your skills to find very real centers of powers (that exist in the forest or the mountains) that are like wells where its water might be used actually works. The issue is how to freshen the water of these wells where the poison (obsessions and deteriorated currents) would be useful for the Thelemite.

Yet, when these advanced methods of high magick are done correctly you are able to use previously uncharted or ancient energy and align them to work that is accumulating and manifesting in your Temple. The novice will not survive such higher magick.

May your aspiration and discipline be worthy of Adept and Master in this lifetime.

Love is the law, love under will

Growth of the Hierarchy

written by David Bersson on
January 2nd, An CXVIII 2022 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I suppose it is time to give everyone something of a lecture on the growth of the Hierarchy below you and I really should touch upon the experience of my first Probationer turned Neophyte years ago.

In past lectures on the issues of Hierarchy I already explained how it was when those fellow Probationers found out that I been advanced both in the O.T.O. and A∴A∴ they reacted with an envious spite that surprised me. I was naive to think I would get pats on the back. These so called brothers and sisters that I was contemporary with me turned out to to "contempt - poor - ornery" and downright hostile to my every effort. The shock continued where I actually found those who I respected and never suspected were rejected. Well, I am less naive today than I was back in the early days of my experience in the Hierarchy. My Instructor, Marcelo Ramos Motta was honest, good and sane who opened my eyes to the higher initiations and be assured, that without his often times strict demeanor I would of never gained what I aspired to.

Well, we aspire to have a real Hierarchy with real Adepts that stretches throughout the world in every language on earth. Do not mistake my decisions for anything but such aspirations.

How perfectly ironic that I have younger students who are less healthy than someone my age. In my youth, I did not foresee such a peculiar event. I have been very healthy with very few sick days all these years. No matter what my diet I always had a powerful immune system to recover from times of foolish eating habits.

When you have already observed six aspirants die young in addition to noting fake Lineages who permit the passing of Grades or the claim of Grades, and even the invention of Grades that are obviously insane you become very concerned not to permit any compassion or other traps to hinder you from the true volition to have a truly honest and real Hierarchy. So, if you survive, remember this for the rationalizations of aspirants must not be mistaken for the true spiritual insights that occur with true initiations.

I should remark that those who have done the best in the Hierarchy keep their magical practices steadfast with a magical diary, have taken students, been an honest instructor and learned to observe their initiations on the inner planes. This is in direct compliance with ONE STAR IN SIGHT. The key is for my students to actually go to the trouble of creating a Hierarchy below them. Of course, you'll always have the type of Neophyte that establishes himself with his Sephira and seems satisfied to be one of the Guardians of the Outer. Perhaps it is their karma for this lifetime but in terms of growth of the Hierarchy I have to take others with greater care and seriousness who write me regularly and have not permitted the obsession of sexual preference, marriage, the children, the vampire or the heroin to sway them from the higher initiations. Fortify the fit, eliminate the unfit.

Of course I would like everyone to succeed so do not mistake my reactions towards health issues for anything but the will to have true Adepts in the Hierarchy where I must be careful with my decisions. The raw reality of ONE STAR IN SIGHT means you must fulfill every Oath and Task or be held back. Even if this means another lifetime for you to take it up where you left off. I warn everyone right from the start that if you are a fat ass you will not be moving above Zelator for you will not be able to pass the asana test. Of course, the repetitive maneuver among fat ass students is they write me telling me that they are going to choose the God asana thinking that I will permit them mercy with regards to any leniency for passing. Oh no you don’t. Nice try, fat ass but I directing you to lose weight and do the Dragon Asana. The fat ass Zelator will always remain Zelator until they lose weight. Of course, in the history of the Hierarchy I have never passed any fat ass beyond Zelator. I suspect that any fat ass Zelator will wait until I die to try taking the Oath of the Abyss where I won’t be alive to object to such foolishness. It should be remarked that such obedience to protocol on my part to Hierarchy might create complaints that I am too hard core. So what's new? Some fat ass Zelators are actually highly intelligent and with such clarity of mind try to pass their rationalizations off as true spiritual insight. I am not so easily fooled. Stay fat ass and stay Zelator. I am playing no favorites.

There is no comfort in such thoughts where in spite of years of efforts to make the right decisions I am faced with more students that are failures than the success to build the Hierarchy of my honest aspirations. Again, you will face the dilemma of disappointment and the shock of aspirants who in contradiction to the signs of them being promising suddenly drop to all fours or even die. It is all very exciting and demanding. A.C. states that only eight percent of Probationers make it to Neophyte. I have found this to be even less a percentage which is unfortunate. I do have some excellent students yet it is difficult not to be completely optimistic with regards to any faster a growth than I have witnessed all these years. "So ist das Leben in der Großstadt."

One excellent magical sign that I remember vividly is the very first Probationer who became Neophyte and this was acknowledged by my own Superior. I noted that a great strain was lifted from me from the situation where I had all Probationers. Remember that I had all Frater 831's Probationers passed on to me back in those days where I had the added responsibility of the Lodge Master of the Menthu Lodge directly under the supervision of Marcelo Motta. The strain was so apparent that He passed on some his strength to me magically which resulted in years of learning experiences where with such a experience I took the direction of its development in the years to follow. It was a magical power that I had no idea at the time existed. Of course there are magical powers you never dreamed of! The main problem is you cannot work this magick on those below you that are unfit and therefore prone to leaks in their aura. I won't go into the problem of passing on magical secrets in any detail suffice to state a few casual remarks. I do bring it up since it does revolve upon who will be fit to receive such information and the magical doorways are best sealed shut for the entire Outer and only a few in the Inner Circle.

The importance of real initiations of those below you means those below exist to take the burden off magically. It must be experienced but the nearest I can come to try to explain it is a brace where you have fulfilled something important for those below you and are now able to move on to the next step for your own personal initiations and higher magick. I cannot emphasize what it meant to me that joyous day when my first Probationer passed to Neophyte.

Call it a golden moment that I have meditated on and learned from. It was Soror Patience that was the first Probationer to become Neophyte.

Love is the law, love under will