Encouraging Essays from the Initiate

"An essay about essays!"

written by David Bersson
January 30th, An CXVIII 2022 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I told everyone many years ago that I have hundreds of essays coming on the Great Work. Some jeered at the thought and others decided to wait and see. I repeat my claim that I have even more coming. I will therefore share my morning meditations in this essay where I shall try to explain what is manifesting. This time it involves how the magical gestures from the magical energy of magical practices continue to initiate no matter how long you live. Therefore new essay is inevitable if you are fulfilling your Oaths to show zeal to those below you in the Order. It is curious that I am not trying to write of experiences that are never covered just to impress the multitudes. I write what manifests and sometimes I am able to give brand new insights into areas which haven’t been covered. Yet, my intention isn’t directly such an aspiration where I do a major magical gesture and its Great Work creates insights. I have to look over an essay and decide whether I have truly explained it where the message is given clearly. Although the insights might be crystal clear in my neshesmah this does not mean I am able to express them to my satisfaction from the ruach. Eventually I get there where I am satisfied but rarely will the Supernal be anything but difficult to expound to the novice. I keep trying and many, many essays are necessary.

I awoke today with a flood of insights where I needed to write something down to see what this latest wave of magical energy is imparting me. I will go into the partaking of Essence in another essay when I have assimilated how to express it in words. So be assured that I have many, many more essays coming. How do I explain this? Well, find a magical talisman that has unknown symbolism and translate it into a ritual that manifests its energy. Did I explain this properly? More than likely Not. Well, partake of the Essence of the Universal Life trying to find what is missing in the formula for the human race. The insights flow only if a certain initiation has occurred which is Unto Nuit. This isn’t Middle Pillar work at all. Also, insights that flow must be consistent with the magical gesture. Must I elaborate on the obvious? Well, meditate on what the obvious is for the experienced initiate and then the novice where you realize how serious the work of essay is.

So, now I proceed to expound my morning meditation.

Those infested with the black brother currents write sour words of slander but those who are of us write sweet words for the Kings. The Book of the Law is our guide where you are told to write and find ecstasy. Confer Liber AL, Chapter II, verses 64 and 66 proving beyond a shadow of doubt that essay is an important part of the path of the serious Thelemite. In the Third Chapter we have the words ...Hadit burning in thy heart shall make swift and secure thy pen. This makes three verses from the Book of the Law to show dedicated Thelemites how your essay is emphasized for the Great Work.

In my essay where I tried to emphasize the importance of tolerating different points of view and encouraging new essays among students to work out their insights I must comment further upon this where several decades have gone by now since I wrote that. With more Thelemites in the world than ever to excite and surprise the Thelemic Community we have even more perspectives.

I absolutely encourage creative writing from Thelemites. The Law of Θελημα is rich with a multitude of potential schools of thought.

For example, in Liber CL we have perfectly cogent symbols of correspondence where the Wand is for Liberty, the Cup for Love, the Sword for Life, and the Disk for Light. Initiation or experiences might make the Wand for Love, The Cup for Liberty, the Sword for Light and the Disk for Life from an initiate who has had different experiences at different times on his Path. An explanation from a Thelemite who has worked out the new correspondence might be valuable to others who are naturally manifested to its school of thought. I rarely complain when a student paints his circle with different correspondences of Name on the Outer Rim than mine for I know that if it truly works out with regards to balance I would be stifling his will to object. All this seems to surprise the student when I inspect their Temple where I seem to be absolutely raging at them with red ink on the margin of their magical diaries in my sincere attempt to show zeal to them as it is written in my Oaths. Well, lets not mix the planes. I know that discipline has its importance but we are not trying to break the student but to develop them where real essay, with real insight, with real experience is going to be the outcome of the training where they absolutely are certain that the initiations are real and not some insane, unresolved series of complexes where obsessions have grasped their entire being. Instead of the khabs weaving the khu their Hadit is not aligned with the Supernal and the path of Tau becomes complex and inertia instead of middle pillar manifestation from on high. Yet, I speak of the Neophyte where the other Grades need other commentaries which brings me back to encouraging more essay. A Zelator will realize that higher forces are actually hindering him for this is the Grade where they become aware of the black brother currents. Even more essay!!!!

Another Thelemite might study the True Will from the perspective of what they have learned from the initiations of the Outer and another from the initiations and ceremonies of the Inner without revealing or breaking any of the Oaths of the Grades. Even a solitary Thelemite might write an essay that will assist others. After all, we must keep an open mind even to those who seem to be able to live among the profane and retain their balance and composure even in the face of constant harassment from them coming out into the open. They do not seem to be veiling the shrine and are sticking their neck out (from our perspective) where they will be subject to any number of issues that the member of the Hierarchy would find a suicide mission blended poorly with temporal conversion. Did you really come out the other side of these ordeals where an experienced teacher would of warned you of everything or are you deluded in your perspective on where you are with regards to initiation? Clearly, no answer can be given since you winged it alone where you cannot develop any perspective or truth on whether your alleged attainments are real. Well, you simply cannot lie or bullshit. Experience is important when you are absolutely sure that following out the ordeals of the knowledge is consistent with proven methods that the Class D documents have been met in accordance with protocol, and that protocol is the method of science with the aim of religion. The criticizing Instructor does keep you on your toes and or on your horse. If you can be knocked down or unhorsed from others so easily you haven’t established yourself in the Plane of Disks with a foundation for the higher initiations.

It might make more sense for me to proclaim that without the method of science and the aim of religion not only does spiritual enlightenment have no chance to evolve but the aspirant of our Path cannot be sure that they have truly attained and are not deluded in their perspective.
(Oh no, are you going to quote Liber E, Section I again!)

Years ago, I tried to explain in my essay called “Alien Delusions” how the visions of aliens simply meant that you were not familiar with the magical forces that were manifesting and the symbols naturally manifesting themselves would eventually become less alien as you familiarized with the magical current that was awakening in your vision. In this particular scenario, I gave an example of a conspiracy theorist trying to make sense of the 93 Current whose perspective became totally confused. Instead of insights on his purpose in life and True Self he became absolutely obsessed with UFOs and began writing all sorts of books putting his perspective on the level of a conspiracy theorist. I wrote him about this once where he reacted with his ego rather than dialogue that might of given some comprehension showing me even after so many years involved with Thelemites he has no legacy save his books on UFOs and he sulked away in fear when he realized that if he had become an A∴A∴ aspirant it might of turned out differently. No apology, no sense of humor nor respect for other Thelemites who were dedicated where we observe the old shaggy dog tale of someone who blamed everyone but himself. Had he shown a sense of humor or reacted differently I might of shrugged it all off. Everything you say will be held against you in the Court of Law of Karma and his reaction was not unknown to my past experiences.

This conspiracy theorist eventually ran away from his responsibilities where a green field of glory through true initiation might have been possible if he had curbed his uncontrolled ego to find an experienced Instructor. He might be remembered four or five seconds after his Greater Feast, if that, where his temporary legacy is a conspiracy theorist UFO book writer rather than a real initiate who has truly attained.

My point to bring this up is to warn everyone that some of these perspectives are really unresolved complexes and when reading their attempt at essay note carefully on the tone of discipline in the essay which is unmistakably distinguished from someone who is simply trying to save face, show off, release obsessions or try to convince others that the vision they are trying to impart is anything but a consequence of a true initiation. Let them go peddle their schizophrenia on another doorstep for a true initiate knows when you are truly giving insight. What could be more annoying that a conspiracy theorist passing himself off as a Thelemite or some idiot conspiracy theorist stating that the image in the Blue Equinox is an alien from outer space. Don’t answer that but think out what I am trying to express as a real observation.

All this is not in contradiction to my original proclamations on the value of more Thelemites writing more essays. I do enjoy reading many of them. I can only refer you to my essay on the levels of civilization which implies even more essay where any number of civilizations on any number of levels means new perspectives on the manifestation of the 93 Current. The forties are coming again and I am certain that some essays will be forthcoming from Thelemites on the cause and effect based on the fashions of confirmations and objections with either religion, philosophy and politics that are presently concerns for today. After all, the hippies and the militant feminists of forty years ago have been replaced by a generation of new thinkers who will influence the newest generation of Thelemites where their concerns might very well be brought up in new essay. I look forward to what is ahead.

Of course, the trend makers of the times think they are making their mark on the world but they are simply steps on the way toward what We aspire. Try to make your mark on the world, if you will, We intend to be the future of the human race.

Glory be the Law of Θελημα!

I take a stand with my usual energized enthusiast demeanor to encourage the essay to be written by Initiates. After all, the mere occult scholar who never does magick can only be for reference and never taken seriously but the Initiate at work with real experience will inspire Thelemites toward unforeseen wisdom and a pragmatic philosophy rather than the purely theoretical.

Yes, are you quite done writing about the history of magick? Can you at last proceed with making history with your magick!!

Love is the law, love under will