Emotional Control on the Path

written by David Bersson

"The man who masters his own soul will forever be called the conqueror of conquerors."
Titus Maccius Plautus
254 – 184 BC

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I have observed emotional control to be an issue with those on the Path so I will go over some thoughts on the subject. After all, one of the first ordeals early on with our Path is how you are reacting to relationships. The emotional attachment of a relationship can be a very severe ordeal for those geared towards the marriage contract; and the debate on how its contract is ignored when affairs begin to occur behind each others back. The reaction is ordinarily very sub human where emotions are flying; everyone is lying, people are prying, souls seem to be dying; and everyone is crying. Well, our social structure has been geared to such outcomes in the past where the Law of Θελημα sets us straight on how to view ourselves as free to love as we will. In MAGICK WITHOUT TEARS COMMENTED you will note on pages 130 – 140 the issues of Sex Morality and Artemis Iota are given with commentary, new insights and clarity.

I have always liked the old phrase, “fly off the handle” as an expression of those who lose themselves emotionally in any given situation. Naturally, self control and self discipline do not enter the picture where the emotionally compromised individual has lost all sense of civilized exchange. The expression came from the image or idea of a metal ax that went flying off the handle possibly from some amateur blacksmith who did not secure the metal ax to the handle properly. Since the expression began to circulate around 1834 e.v. I deduce this expression directly from the habit of the times. It is otherwise an interesting way of expressing the lose of self control or how some overreact to a situation or point event.

If you move forth in battle ignoring strategic war maneuvers where you let loose with “guns a’blazing” or invade the suspect’s domain like “gang busters” you have not thought things out where you achieve victory over the questionable scenario. Better to Lurk and Withdraw prior to moving upon them to assure those boundaries are either conquered or expanded. So, not “flying off the handle” is generally excellent advice whereof the brass or big shots know that they have to keep a cool head to win the battle.

Ordeals on the Path which involve emotional control are essential early on with the Path. You are to keep a cool head; and learn not to awaken the type of hatred that gets you killed, injured or beaten to death which normally occurs from hot heads who permit road rage to let themselves cross the line. The lessons of social evolution with ideas, again, are absolutely superior to the savagery of extremist revolution which leads to death, genocide and vicious attacks from those who have permitted themselves to lose control.

It might be an elaboration on the obvious that emotional self control is as important in Love as it is in War yet unless I address it to those novice or working the Path further resolution and solution might be slow or overlooked. After all, the majority of the human race does not even exist in Malkuth where you might meet Lilith herself; and the vision corresponding to Malkuth shall be the vision of the Holy Guardian Angel. Not to be mistaken for the actual Knowledge and Conversation which is in Tiphareth of Tiphareth. Most certainly, in Liber Aleph the Chapter on the Siren meets resolution when ordinarily encountered will involve some test of emotional control. The most efficient vampires are those who are a little bit too soft and tender where they would be Doves but turn out to be the type who tries to sway you with your disordered nephesh. "Love under will" for the vampire is a concept that is beyond their comprehension and experience; and often times the vampire will try to pass themselves off as Thelemites when they are mere gold diggers or being psychologically compromised by some nasty experience try to use you as a crutch or even bankroll you where their deteriorated existence has made them the type that would only bring you to disaster. Many fine ships have crashed into the rocks of this island; and you'll learn to recognize those who demand respect; and those who use emotion to use you, intentionally or unintentionally.

We presently live in an early time of the New Aeon (An CXXI) where the old Aeon Currents are yet dying as the 93 Current slowly dispels and eventually gets the better of the old grey land. The green land will come, of course, but we must persist with our existence knowing that unless we make the right decisions with regards to self control we will not experience the bright new fruits of the New Aeon sooner than we would had we observed with caution emotional self control on our Path.

Love is the law, love under will