Fall from a High Place

written by Ramon Long aka Frater Nshyh

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

In the past Aeon of the Dying God, the Universe was thought of as being catastrophic in nature. People toiled away in ignorance of their true wills. A pipe dream called Heaven and Hell was invented by the Sorcerer of Nazareth and his disciples. This delusion was meant to act as an opiate to the masses, to keep them passive and malleable. They became easy and willing prey.

In 1904 era vulgari, our holiest Book, entitled Liber AL vel Legis was received. Within this book, the formulae for new systems of Initiation, Magick, Mysticism, Royalty, and Society were revealed in 220 beautiful verses. All problems, all difficulties and ordeals, may be overcome by the right use of the Arcana within The Book of the Law.

And yet, look around you my Brothers and Sisters. Do you not see the pallor of Death hanging on the faces of those dark stars? They do not know Hadit? They are ignorant of the Star within. To them Death is synonymous with stagnation. Slowly, people are awakening to the possibilities of evolution beyond a single incarnation. More and more people are awakening to the Magick of the Aeon. By the proper understanding and application of Death, one learns to Live. With these Initiations comes an unfolding in the consciousness of the Magician as they learn that individual centers of consciousness can be found outside the confines of what we perceive as our physical bodies.

Most people won't reincarnate, at least not in the way they imagine. For these people, their center of consciousness is found within the genitals. As a result, they never realize their god-head. I do not condone self mutilation, as the Christist does. Instead, I recommend self discipline. If you are obsessed with your sexuality, you can never come to the true fulfillment of your lust. By making sexuality sacred, it becomes a means instead of an end in itself. Sex Magick is therefore impossible for those unable to discipline their libido. They cannot understand that virility depends on the quality, not the quantity, of orgasm. Such people are not ready to be trained in esoteric Alchemy and its application on the material plane through the channels of consecrated sexual union.

With the revelations of Liber AL came the disintegration of the occult currents within the temples of the old Aeon. Freemasonry, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Satanism, and a host of other empty husks are swept away with the Force and Fire of Θελημα. These institutions and crapulous creeds have lost the holy gnosis that once made them great. For Initiates able to comprehend the esoteric doctrines within these symbols, much may still be harvested. We must not become ignorant of history or those that have come before us. However, these Ways can only have relevance and meaning to those that have yet to awaken to the Science of Thelema. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.

Our Order has power and domination over all schools of Magick and Mysticism. These old formulae may be used to balance out certain aspects of the personality, or to resolve guilt complexes still howling in the mind. However, the Thelemite will quickly discard these empty husks as the playthings of Choronzon.

At times I grow weary, and tired. I see multitudes of deluded souls wondering about the face of this earth in ignorance.

As one advances along the path of Initiation, the Ordeals grow more intense as any Magician will tell you! You must be constantly aware, lest your faculties become enchanted by the mechanical currents. All of these discarded formulae offer nothing but Restriction.

Freemasonry, once a great and noble Order, has degenerated into a mere social club for its "initiates." They utilize substitute mysteries, for they have no true esoteric wisdom to communicate to the aspirant. Their rites are based on the outdated formula of self sacrifice.

Christianity is perhaps one of the most venomous and deadliest of adversaries threatening the New Aeon. I have never met a Christist that I have liked. Every single one of them possesses a disgusting aura, vampirized by the Qlipoth of their rotting savior. Anyone possessing the slightest bit of spiritual insight will see the follies of their hypnotism. Christianity has been scientifically proven to induce the disease known as alexythemia. Basically this disease makes it impossible for the afflicted to connect their emotions to their physical body. They are detached and broken. They are Qlipoth embodied in un-living flesh. Such disgusting wretches can be recognized by their continual habit of self destruction.

The Islamic fundamentalists are another terror worth keeping a watchful eye on. Their 'jihad' seeks to destroy everyone that refuses to acknowledge their god 'Allah.' Need I rant on and on about the sick fucks strapping bombs to their chests, and forcing little children to go on suicide missions? In the Middle East many people still live in the dark ages, except now they have automatic weapons.

I am tired of the Buddhists and their disdain for this world. They are almost as bad as the Christist! Existence is not sorrow nor is it suffering. Only those unable to comprehend their stellar nature could find comfort in the eight 'noble truths' of the Buddha. We Thelemites take our will and fill of life and love, for existence is pure joy.

Taoism has degenerated into the cult of the old man. The true Tao cannot be named, yet so many people try to do just that. Fortunately, I was able to find a Master in the Yellow Way and for 10 years I studied under him. Strict were his disciplines, yet the Karate I learned from him will always be a jewel to me. However, he was an exception. Karate and its related disciplines have been reduced to sport with the goal of accumulating trophies. Such is not the way of character development that I was taught.

From the minds of the once enlightened rabbis, we have inherited the Qabala, perhaps one of the greatest systems ever devised. The Jews have lost the Hidden Wisdom. Their tree of life is a burnt and blasted stump rotted through with worms and termites.

Satanism once proved itself to be a worthy vehicle of initiation during the era of the Slave Gods. Its antinomian philosophies gave the Initiate a way to transcend the cultural and spiritual morass of their time. It can still be used to slough off the contaminations of Nazareth, but the formulas of Θελημα are much more effective. Inherit within Satanism/Christianity is an irreconcilable duality. The once powerful name of Satan has become an object of ridicule.

All of these ways have fallen from a high place. They are now the playthings of Choronzon who tries to tempt the Magician by rearranging hallucination after hallucination. True Magick secrets cannot be communicated through dead letters; all that they can do is point you in the right direction. Holy Books are the result of rigorous Work and Discipline; they are not ends in themselves. The mysteries on sale at your local bookstore are not Mysteries at all- they are the cast off husks of a former glory.

Cast them aside, and bathe in the Fires of Θελημα!

Love is the law, love under will

Ars Regia

written by Ramon Long aka Frater Nshyh

Completed: July 7, CIV (07/07/07 e.v.)

Revised: November 14 - 19, CIV (2007 e.v.)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The Book of the Law and the Magick of Θελημα possess everything necessary for the natural growth of king and King. Initiation has a way of imparting certain Energy that will allow for the dormant Magician-King to awaken all of the powers of their soul. These Magical Powers exist for the purpose of enabling the Initiate to execute their Will unhindered. Even the earliest Initiations can surge the being of the Magician-King with the Magickal Energy of Royalty unique to the Lord of the Aeon.

Every star that undergoes Initiation not only enriches their own life, but that of the Order and Current through which they were able to attain. Although our Order's growth is severely impeded by our rigorous standards, we continue to grow and evolve as necessary. Such high standards ensure the purity of our Temples. Each star that applies itself to the execution of the Great Work benefits thereby. Not only does the star undergoing the process of Initiation benefit, any other stars which may have a Magical Link with the Initiate benefit as well. However, these other stars may also suffer ? it matters little to the Initiate who is too busy going about the business of awakening their True Will on the Path of Initiation and thereby accomplishing the Great Work. Thelemites are not here to save anyone !, the Universe is utter perfection and even the shadows are necessary to it's beauty. The Alchemists of old told us that in order to make gold, we must have gold. Likewise, for the God King to fully manifest in the khabs-khu of the Star, the potential must already be present within one's innermost being.

The effects of living the Higher Life manifest upon the Plane of Disks in organic ways consistent with the natural growth of the child. Since we are elevating our exchanges with other stars to higher planes, the profane may catch a glimmer of our dark radiance if they have the potential to be of us or Us in the course of our interactions with them. Often times I have witnessed the profane suddenly change in their behavior when coming into contact with the Aura of an Initiate. These people become graciously accommodating and servile without any effort from the Initiate! However, those that are slaves often make the fact of their slavery known to you in a very short time. These people, insane with slavery, resent the free-man or woman, the God-head manifest in the flesh, the Star going upon its course in perfect freedom. This is especially true of the dupes of the currents cursed in the third chapter of our Holy Law. In my own life, I have recently experienced a new friend and ally of mine giving me a few different strange drugs as a gesture of good will. This is simply one example of many that can be used to illustrate the effects of Initiation and the Royalty unique to the Lord of the Aeon.

Integration of this Magical Energy of Royalty results in the perception of ones self as a God enthroned in Ra's seat. The God-Kings have their heads above the heavens and their feet beneath the hells. Therefore, the Initiate must become perfectly balanced in the center of their Circle. This balance allows the Initiate to speak words from invisible thrones which will illuminate the world. Cf. Liber Tzaddi vv. 40-44. Tzaddi corresponds to the Emperor of the Tarot in this Aeon, connecting Venus and the Moon, hence, equilibrium is the basis of the work. We are warned that this Holy Book is inferior to Liber AL vel Legis as the Book of the Law is the supreme Class A document of our Aeon. The Book of the Law contains all of the formula necessary to attain the summits of Initiation and the manifestation of the incarnate God-King. Through the use of our refined systems that have been purged by the prophet, we attain much quicker. These initiations unfold even faster by undergoing the training of the O.T.O. Using the Magick of Θελημα, one has the possibility of attaining the Knowledge & Conversation of their Spiritual Hierophant in their present incarnation. The crucial Ordeals are those mentioned directly in the third chapter of Liber AL. Success in these four Ordeals leads to the ultimate, the consciousness of Hadit and Nuit, which is Not. (Cf. The Commentaries of AL, Ch. III, vv. 63-68)

Initiates cultivating the manifestation of the God-King become aware of immense opportunities to refine one's Initiation that open up with the addition of another Star to our Fold. Every one of us can be extended into further possibilities as new by-ways open up. These by-ways are a consequence of the interaction of stars within the body of a Lodge and within the Order as a whole. New exchanges of Energy are possible as each new star refines their Initiation through group Magick and individual endeavors. Since the Lodge is organic in its manifestation, there is constant change and adaptation, which is necessary for life, prevention of stagnation and, on one plane, the Dark Night of the Soul. As these fraternal interactions occur between Members, our manifested Experience unfolds and the Lodge executes its True Will without opposition as Hadit unto Nuit.

New stars within our fold feeling energized by their Initiation may find it perplexing, even after careful meditation, that in order to refine their Initiation, they must submit in addition to conquering. "Go thou unto the outermost places and subdue all things. Subdue thy fear and thy disgust. Then " yield!" (Liber LXV, I, 45-46.) Yet, upon willful submission and adherence to the disciplines of Initiation, one is immediately free to do their Will. Some may imagine that individuality is threatened by submission; however, individuality is actually strengthened by contact with our Magical Current. This may seem paradoxical to those without the necessary experience and aspiration to live the Higher Life. This paradox can be illustrated with the analogy of the chess game from Liber Aleph in addition to the chapters concerning the "bondage that leads to freedom."

Once the Magician has begun to live and interact with our Magical Current, and Gnosis is received and unlocked, the Initiate often makes a choice to perfect and refine this royal art for the rest of their life. Our Royal Art consists of a unique alchemy which transmutes the everyday experiences of the Initiate into exchanges worthy of the Higher Life. Through successive execution of this alchemy in daily life, the God-King becomes manifest in the flesh. What is the process by which one executes this royal art? It is by conquering the Ordeals mentioned in our Holy Law through application of our Gnosis in everyday life. This process of daily refinement in ones Initiation partakes of the Magical Energy of the Adjustment card, amongst others, in the Taro.

Although the Book of the Law contains all that is necessary for the Magician to pursue the Great Work, interaction with other stars in the O.T.O. provides the Initiate with those experiences and exchanges that allow Initiation to unfold much quicker. Consider that Liber Oz expresses the rights of man, that is, mankind. This man is that same Man which is identical with God "Deus est Homo" as illustrated by the Seal of the O.T.O. Therefore, on one plane, Liber Oz illustrates the rights enjoyed by the Gods, the company of heaven.

As we continue to clothe ourselves in the fiery vestments of the Sun, we blaze forth upon our royal paths of Initiation and Magick throughout the vast and infinitely omnipresent body of Nuit! We send forth the might and vigor of our Will as we continue to command the universe with the authority of the Lord of the Aeon, knowing full well that eternity and omnipotence are at our disposal, and that time and matter are our servants in this regal pageantry of the Crowned and Conquering Child!

Love is the law, love under will