Quantum Theory and the issue of Metaphysics

written by David Bersson on December 2, An CXVI 2019 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

To begin with such a subject we must firstly outline something to grasp with the preliminaries and from there develop as we gain more data. It is always feasible to jump to conclusions if you do not take the time to research, discuss or read what others have stated about the subject. So do not let this essay be the only paper you read on this issue but hear others out to draw your conclusions from a multitude of researchers.

General relativity from the ancient perspective of metaphysics corresponds to the macrocosm whose theories are cogent with some of Einstein’s theories. Quantum Theory from an ancient perspective of metaphysics corresponds to the microcosm whose theories existed long before Werner Karl Heisenberg’s published papers. Shall we explore that thought provoking perception that the discoveries of science have shown the ancient magicians to be not only real but using formula that is verifying modern scientific discovery? After all, the balance of the macrocosm and the microcosm could very determine for the ancient mind a volition unanticipated by modern science at present. Real magick is simply advanced quantum theory made pragmatic and put to the use of the corresponding symbolism manifesting into a thought form that is not in contradiction to any discovers of science? What a sense of triumph the occultist must feel at such a notion!

A study of the modern discoveries of relationships between the esoteric and metaphysics of what has been shown by science to validate the existence of ancient and modern magick would take a researcher who is educated in both sides of the issue. Clearly, it would be triumph of every occultist to see science show that they were right all along where the peculiar scenario of the ancient wizard who had supernatural powers was simply someone who was following rules of the multi universe or quantum mechanics that by trial and error they discovered a science that would not be proven for centuries to come. If a Warlock did, hypothetically, show some supernatural power to the inquisition and was burned at the stake we have a completely different perspective of history where we now have to study the psychological effects of those who, out of fear or jealousy, acted with violence against these Warlocks who have displayed such controversial behavior.

It might be interesting to comment that the pool shark does not have a degree in Geometry and an ancient magician would not know of quantum sciences yet both might have more in common than surface perceptions might immediately awaken for if such a study would be stimulated it might very unlock the truth what is latent within the DNA. If so many of the magicians and exorcists were murdered off during any number of genocides of any number of inquisitions clearly those whose strong tendency for such hypothetical magical powers of such DNA would become recessive for a time in the population’s DNA. This might very well account for the apparent worldwide interest in occultism where when the world stopped killing them something of an occult renaissance began to sweep the earth. After all, how much missing history could there be if books were burnt, Temples taken over, and those who had these magical powers were exterminated? In this sense, those latent magical powers might need a definition of the Master Therion in Book Four, Part III.

Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.

I have quoted a Western Master rather than an Eastern Guru where so much of the data that might be compiled for such a research would begin from the western esoteric systems which directly resulted in modern science. Clearly, with our most glorious tool called "the method of science" we can begin such a research where quantum sciences are applied to the metaphysics in preparation for our experimentation of the reality of the ratio and from this new definitions or clarity of those that are old.

Those versed in both Quantum Theory and metaphysics might both agree that matter and consciousness must be observed prior to acting upon any experimentation and with the occultist he might very well be following rules that are only now being presented by modern science.

I should theorize that experiments in quantum biology will once again prove that effects do occur with other than mere mechanical instruments that observe to create a display of reality. Such research is in its infancy and no published papers are presently on the date of this essay are anything but rudimentary.

Historical evidence is not going to take you too far since so much of the ancient metaphysics is lost or coded but perhaps some of what we have of the ancient texts might be understood with further advances in science.

I think the subject worthy of further pursuit, discussion and research.

Love is the law, love under will

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Elaborate Titles

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

A title in a magical organization can be extremely elaborate. The main objections to all these regal titles is they are an exaggeration and blow up of the truth, of either the duty or the initiation. When such items are criticized, one should first consider the source of such reactions, and whether they are all ego based or constructive criticism. When one carefully observes the critics, they are a great percentage of the time jealous fools aping the objections of other critics who, in turn, are also so ego based that the base truth of the observation is clouded with, again, ego rather than fact.

Lets look a little bit closer and control our tendencies for the ego to intervene with a clear, honest view of this controversial subject of titles. Lets start from the beginning. A magical organization will have magical secrets that will manifest a certain bud-will that will manifest into a thought form and become a consciousness we call a Grade. A Grade is a level of initiation in a magical organization that is a consequence of a Great Work that involves a specialized field of magical gesture. The higher the Grade, the more closely that aspirant will be aligned to the original Initiations that are being aimed for by the will of the Order. The lower Grades are simply a step which assures that these eventual goals of Supreme Initiation are absolutely assured. Very well then, we are now in a position to state that each Grade must have a title that expresses the steps of this Initiation. If Grade is called (with no little objection, mind you) "Supreme and Holy Aspirant of the Garden of Earth" I might receive from the profane crowd boos and hisses that this title is too elaborate, pompous, unwieldly, clumsy, cumbersome, silly, presumptuous and a terribly gross exaggeration of the facts of initiation.

Now you see what a fine mess all these critics have created by these infernal objections? I now have to go to the trouble of explaining in detail why this is not so, and why they have no leg to stand or be silent or be considered a braggart and fraud. Either way, such sick egos smile how much power they must have over me by being able to trouble me so by there absurd and irrelevant vomit. Why not drop the "Supreme and Holy", one critic might exclaim with a clever sneer and darting eyes thinking naively he has finally outwitted the Master and may therefore be a Master himself.

Those who have studied my essay on magical mottoes should observe the self same principles involved with the process. You get what you invoke and become what you name yourself. You partake of the essence of that what you reach out to and attune yourself to whatever energy you will yourself to align with. These general perceptions hold sway with titles. The more elaborate, the carefully devised dramatic mottoes, the titles which emphasize the divine, the aspiration to attune to real legend, all these will assist the path of your Great Work.

Failure on the Path might be a poor choice of title or motto. You may not have set your sights high enough for the aspiration to stimulate the mysterious processes of Initiation. Look at the failure of that aspirant who called himself "333" compared to the success of the Initiate who called himself "Parzival". How can one expect Initiation to occur if one has created a title that corresponds to the demon worlds without the equal balance of the divine worlds?

So titles, elaborate as they may sound to the gullible are more of an asset than a liability. As long as they are not meaningless in content why should the critics care if they are sometimes unusually long?

I especially note the brainwashing that people undergo by people who let others do their thinking for them and establish Grade titles that are near replicas of other magical organizations. I won't mention any names, of course, but point out with a big cock of my right eyebrow that the name "Neophyte" is used by at least five organizations! Its unimportant who originated "Neophyte" first as a title. The point is, if the matter of manifestation of the Order's aim of Initiation is taking a unique direction why not use a unique title that expresses this? My objection is therefore not the use of elaborate titles at all but the monotony of plagiarism.

Can we at least be a little more original? If you're going to create a whole new magical organization at the very least dream up some creative titles that will give these critics something to gossip about.

Claiming Grades is a subject rarely touched upon. If someone founds a magical organization he or she can claim any Grade he or she wants and it is foolhardy to attempt to contradict anything. After all, the person who founds the Order has invented all the titles and worked out the Initiatic structure in detail.

We do have a real problem with people who have been expelled or resigned or have been cut with from an Order and they are claiming titles. After leaving the Order, they stopped working as Aspirants and became the most deceitful of all charlatans.

I have absolutely no objection if some Brother or Sister announces the successful self-promotion of accomplishing an Oath & Task and self-advancement in the Order if the Instructor is dead. It would be this Brother or Sister's karma and none of my concern. If you're positive that some Brother or Sister is deluded or insane concerning a Grade or title after his Superior's death and that Superior is also your own Superior then a decision must be made. Other than this, the general rule is to mind your own business and let success be the proof of any claim. With the many years of participating in Order work I have only twice had to object to such a situation and I did not enjoy it when it occurred.

After all, I have my own Path, my own Work, my own Initiations to consider and I have no desire to bother with the titles of others.

Love is the law, love under will

Magical Diaries

Verily, after those chills of past life introspection that meant mine reflections of a million memories I asked not how I should come forth into the light but how the curse of amnesia being released I could attain the blessings of understanding that journey beyond the taint of the wrong of beginning of generation to that City beyond the abyss of desert.
(These words from the magical record. Confer Liber VII, Chapter III, verse 52)

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Over the years I must of recommended Liber E, Section I more times than I can count in letters to students where I have to repeat this reminder over and over. It is should otherwise be ironic that in essays from students or even others outside Our Circle who have published publicly insights on the Path they have not emphasized the magical record or its vital role with the method of science. As pleased as I am when I see new essays appear that show others are actually working I have yet to note in any of these new essays giving insight on what the instructor has to go through to assure the novice who is outlining the magical diary has complied with the method of science and the format of experimentation. Hypothetical ruach masturbation is unmasked in a few paragraphs when you have actually engaged in magical gesture with the intent of real experiment to see what results occur from the carefully planned magical operation. So therefore, not having found sufficient evidence of the emphasis of the importance of the magical diary I insist that I repeat myself to others never to neglect it.

Reading through your own magical diaries from the past is an exercise of comparative relation between a self that was less developed. It has been of great assistance to Me and I insist that it will also be of value to you years from now. Many essays I would of not written or should I be clear to proclaim they would have been absolutely impossible to of written without bringing past insights from old diaries and adding to present insights for clarification. For in the old magical diaries I found insights that assisted the solve et coagula in a manner where I was able to break the components of my level of geometry down where my level of initiation existed at that time looking at myself as I was then only to compare the level of geometry and initiation with the experiences of the past and the present wherein the sum of the equation of the process would assist my next step.

Liber תישארב will not have precisely the same effects and yet there are parallel lines to the process. In each case you are looking backwards. The third mediation is to read the entire correspondence of your immediate superior and the exchange. If you are a failed Probationer you see pain & strain or in my case I am given the joy of being instructed properly & glory of fraternity. Fraternity without lies balanced by discipline without the vice of kings. It is important to note that I was never cut with nor expelled, or demoted from Grades from my Immediate Superior (Marcelo Motta) being in good standing with him at the time of his death. Therefore looking at my correspondences will be be a learning experience or joy rather than reading about failures and slips of discipline like others who are not even worthy to name that have issues seeing themselves as they were left to stagnant right where they left off when they failed resulting in issues with Me. For them looking at old diaries clearly would not have any significant value other to remind themselves what losers they were then and remain in the present.

This essay is therefore for the serious student who is not a curiosity seeker who would trouble themselves to the discipline of the magical record over a period of years.

Of course, it is impossible for the aspirant who does not have years of magical diaries to study the insights of the past with the insights of the present for such meditations on growth or to verify that the memory has not played traitor as a consequence of some severe ordeal or a brief obsession that was resolved and forgotten. So therefore it should be a grave lesson for the serious student to never neglect the magical diary. I recently ripped a student for throwing a magical diary away not considering these insights nor completely comprehending what how foolish an error this was. Those old magical diaries are what is left of what you were doing prior to your initiations. They are the utterance of another self noting that if you hadn't been the way you were you wouldn't of attained the initiations in the manner you attained them. My comments on ONE STAR IN SIGHT in my magical diaries thirty years ago are most certainly at least ten light years away from what I see now!! You cannot know how important it is to keep them and in a place where the profane eyes of others will not read them. They are intensely private to be read only by your immediate superior. It is clearly a matter of letting yourself be honest of what you were to see what you have become.

Love is the law, love under will

Analysis of the Motto on the Path
written by David Bersson
on July 27, 2020 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Although this issue of choosing a motto for the Aspirant has been covered in my essay on the Magical Mottoes I will give a yet another meditation or lecture on the consequences of its manifestations. After all, those who aspire to be Adept or even Master in this lifetime must be aware of the consequences of their actions. Being perfectly linear in our inmost sincerity we are confident to be unafraid of the consequences of our words or actions and fly with our own wings. Shall we devise a motto that would emphasize such a daring and courageous stand where we brandish the word wings as a symbol of Hadit? Such stark independence gives us insight on the words being ready to fly or smite.

Let us begin.

As further explanation of a magical motto that will actually manifest a unique revelation and insight I will give the example of Alis volat propriis. Of course to attribute a territory, for example, to such a name is to manifest forces of a separation or even extremist revolution as an eventuality from the forces. This would take place on other planes where in this lecture we are giving reference to the motto for the aspirant to the Path. If some hypothetical troglodyte consciousness who does not comprehend the complexity of such consequences for example you choose the motto La clairière you might have some deforestation or genocide with territory or as a motto for the aspirant the balance or clarity of insight as a main manifestion in the tendency for the aspirant.

Alis volat propriis has been traditionally attributed to the rough translation of "She who flies with her own wings." Latin scholars might object to the feminine attribution where the verb is not inflected but for convenience sake to move forth with the lecture I let the scholars fight it out while I continue with my thesis. I'll take my chances that I might be accused of duality.

With regards to the metaphysics of awakening Hadit to make swift and secure the pen we symbolically use this Latin Motto as a stage of our going to emphasize a very real event in our workings on the Path toward the balance of Hadit Unto Nuit where having shed those complexes of because we are able to perceive the insight of Hadit being Going. The Wings of Hadit on the Stele are an excellent meditation with this Latin Motto where you are able to perceive the metaphysics with clarity.

Alis volat propriis might suit both the armor of the Practicus or even other Grades such as the Exempt Adept whose Great Work is to not only create a thesis of a school of thought but must cross the Abyss. The perfect Grade attribution to this motto might not be clear and yet it should be emphasized that when you choose the motto you often try to find the correspondences from Liber 777 to create a motto that has definite correspondence with the sephira. I have already given examples in other essays on how some have failed and some have been successful where the motto actually proved these observations.

Now Alice informs us of her wisdom by stating "A cat may look at a king". No doubt this sublime perception of observation would not be complete without its rebuttal, "Yes, but can the cat see the king?" We have therefore insight into a motto being perceived on more than one plane of existence where its effects on the sheaths of the self are clearly to be psychologically fitted to the path of the star whose complexes awakening will have a multitude of lens depending on the experiences.

With regards to the awakening and resolution of complexes that have been locked so tight in the prison of the consciousness we know that the right motto will make these compromises of feasible stability arise with balance for the possibility of balance of being. So the right motto for the right aspirant should be chosen where real initiation can occur. Let the motto fit the True Self and the Aspiration. In the Arabian Nights we have the Genii who was trapped in the bottle for one thousand years proclaiming that whoever released him he would richly reward. Another thousand years elapsed where he proclaimed he would kill whoever released him as the anger from his imprisonment became so defined in his enforced solitary confinement where social distancing from his will to seduce Arabian girls and delegate wishes was duly compromised. Clearly, those complexes which are kept in by the solitary confinement magnified in intensity where the Genii vowed to extremist revolution has clarity and parallel. The choice of a motto where the aspirant carefully chooses the motto for his particular desire to achieve the balance of Adept-hood by specifically noting his or her particulars of experience now is observed with radiant clarity.

Clearly, picking "demon queen" or "Lilith" or "333" as a motto does not assist a faster progress than a motto more geared toward supernal aspirations unless it is balanced by its opposite. Confer Liber Tzaddi.

Love is the law, love under will

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865 e.v.)
Arabian Nights by Richard Burton

January 10th, An CXVI 2020 e.v.
The Record and the Thesis
written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I have in other essays attempted to emphasize how imperative it is adhere to Liber E, Section I with regards to the the record and the method of science means writing the data into the record so others might benefit from and parallel the experiment or practice. Write what you done completely and only then try to clarify it by those insights that are consistent with your status of initiation. This balance of the linear and the non linear is in itself of great value where if you study what you have done, even years from now, your school of thought is built into the proper thesis which might very well be submitted for Exempt Adept. Such are weapons of instruction later when you become the Master who tends the Garden. It should otherwise be considered that when we refer to the Master we refer to the Grade of Master of the Temple. This is clearly a civilized advance from those who would call themselves Master to possess slaves being the revolting habit of the black brothers. It is important to note the wisdom of those whose school of thought is clearly defined by these perceptions of freedom where only a Master can correct the thesis of a Exempt Adept. Even such corrections might not assure the Exempt Adept will succeed in the crossing of the Abyss. I should remark that the magical record is of such vital importance and its use throughout the lifetimes of the Great Work and Path that I doubt anyone who does not keep a magical record.

I can only bring to the attention of the serious aspirant the Oath & Task of Adept Major to give my advice that as a consequence of its work with the magical power that the thesis should at this Grade begun with its outlines and structure. Be prepared to make changes in the directions of what you learn about magical powers as Adept Major to include the insights as a school of thought as Adept Exempt for one of the most important connections is from earlier Oaths & Tasks where you must understand the connection with the nature and powers of your being.

This does mean that other directions might be excluded from this curriculum for you by Adept Major K & C of the HGA whose instruction might take you in directions where world civilization itself and racial initiation is involved in unforeseen manifestations of karma. Behold where Thine Angel hath led thee!!

The Curriculum of the A∴A∴ is precisely defined in ONE STAR IN SIGHT and these Grades are absolutely written in this manifesto as it states without exaggeration or lies.

Love is the law, love under will