The Initiation of the Neophyte reflects the Initiation of the Minor Adept; the Initiation of the Zelator reflects the Initiation of the Magister Temple; the Initiation of the Practicus reflects the Initiation of the Magus; the Initiation of the Philosophus reflects the Initiation of the Ipsissimus.

The process starts again with the Dominus Liminus whose circumstances and ordeals are analogous to those of the Probationer. Again, the Initiation of Adeptus Minor is analogous to that of the Neophyte, though on a higher plane, and the Initiation of the Adeptus Major is analogous to that of the Practicus, and the Initiation of the Adeptus Exemptus is analogous to Probation and to the position and progress of the Dominus Liminus.

A quote from Marcelo Ramos Motta
aka Frater 216 8 °= 3

Writings and Commentaries written by Marcelo Motta are found at the top of the page on the Round Table Section and in the Master Therion Section.

An introduction to Liber תישארב

written by David Bersson on May 14th, An CXIV 2017 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I dare say, that my work with Liber תישארב never seemed complete to me and I struggled with its apparent contradictory visions of past lifetimes. Naturally, to publish a complete record of the experiments has been delayed for many years. My main question was if I wasn't sure about the results I could not give it in a book or elsewhere for serious students. I had to be able to write a commentary on it from the perspective of what I became through initiation looking back at another self which existed prior to initiation. I see that such a perception is only intriguing with any realm of reality when you have so many years to compare what you were and what you have become. After all, the youth I have is only physical. I have cheated death by the elixir and not any elixir that you know from the ninth degree secret.

More than one byway, as I suspected years ago existed where if could not find one method I would surely either develop something else or chance upon a magical secret where I could do what I aspired to do so many years ago and actually discover the secret and apply it.

For other secrets of lifetimes exists which are not unlocked by Liber תישארב. I state no more hints to this suffice to state death exists for the dogs and what Thelemites call cosmic consciousness from Liber Nu & Liber Had gives a magical gift beyond the knowledge of the askasa records.

I gave some of this work with Liber תישארב to Frater KSK aka Ray Eales who published it stating accurately that it was a work in progress. So I resolved the issue of giving what I considered at that time to be of use to others and let the rest of the experiments or magical operations sit quietly and secretly until I could give a commentary on it that was above what I was when I firstly completed the magical gesture. I needed some other unknown initiation to occur to properly explain it in a sensible commentary where it would assist other apsirants.

I once stated to a brother that a first incarnation aspirant could not see backwards to other lifetimes if clearly no lifetimes exist. This, and the perpetual wit of sisters and brothers who realizing that the first incarnation aspirants always have definite characteristics in terms of being naive with something of a twisted non linear logic it occurred to me that we had categorized an aspirant that theoretically could not attain beyond a certain point as a consequence of this singular manifestation of incarnation.

I have thrown this concept back and forth in my meditations and in spite of its apparent popularity with some aspirants in the Hierarchy it might have some taints in its perception. For here I am years later with far deeper insights in what partaking of the essence of all really means and how a manifested thought form is developed from a bud will. After all, this is the epoch of the natural growth of the child and any hypothetical first incarnation aspirant following our curriculum Grade by Grade would have to meet those Dwellers or gain command of those forces to advance or parallel more than one lifetime. In addition, an aspirant showing the characteristics of a first incarnation aspirant might resemble any number of hidden karmic handicaps that are too subtle to observe unless you have reached the higher initiations. Case in point would be the fool who heeded not the play of the magician who reached Binah in a previous lifetime and had to adjust to his new incarnation by lurking & withdrawing. I give this merely as an example for the subject of the first incarnation does after all, give preliminaries where we accept the theory of reincarnation. It is otherwise a surprise to some that such a belief is not necessary to engage Liber תישארב to its conclusion in magical gesture but to simply follow the exercises for parallel results duly recording in accordance to Liber E. My greatest advice is after it all to be ready to give real commentary on it if you are to present such records to others. In my case, I have exercised extreme caution with something that had I not done so I might of confused those in the Outer or even Inner by showing visions that I couldn't sufficiently explain.

It should be otherwise a pertinent point that if those visions do not bother you, disturb you, awaken you, anger you, frustrate you and otherwise be so much part of yourself that you feel naked before the universe of time nearly embarrassed that what you are is so blatantly human then you haven't experienced the experience that has been experienced by those who have taken the instructions in Liber תישארב far enough or seriously enough. The conclusion of one of my visions was real and disturbing that I uttered
"I need to forgive myself for being human".
You cannot know the horrors and frustration of those words until you have brought to bear that primal urge to become something more than what you are over lifetimes.

In addition, it might turn out that everyone is a first incarnation aspirant or no one is a first incarnation aspirant. For to partake of the essence is to actually learn from those who existed and even experience what they have experienced. Of course, since every man & every woman is a star we are all spiritually individual, the center of our own circle and in union from the same star dust spiritually & magically. I presume this might be difficult to grasp.

The Gnostic Mass is a prime example where you ceremonially accomplish the partaking of the essence to a greater or lesser effect depending on the spiritual level of the participant.

With regards to checking history itself I have refreshed my memory (or learned this history for the first time) always trying to spot delusion or contradiction. It was either written in history where I could not remember ever studying it with razor sharp accuracy, not written at all in history or with no little surprise in history but the interpretation altered where the legend or myth made sense. Did a deeper strata of my mind decide it should rationalize its delusion for the sake of sanity?? I have no answer to this.

One example is what really occurred with the birth of Christ. It begins where the innkeeper gets a loud bang at the door where a Jewish couple is requesting a room. The innkeeper seeing the Jew woman is pregnant will not permit her to bloody one of his clean rooms with the sacred sacrifice of the first born as traditional for Priests of Judah & Jews everywhere. So, knowing that he is a businessman and must remain neutral to the savagery of their custom he tells them he has no rooms. He gives the option of murdering their first born in the stable. The Jewish couple finds this satisfactory and proceeds to the stable.

The innkeeper, who is disgusted by the Jewish custom of the sacrifice of the first born continues to observe quietly the suspicious couple. As it turns out, a twist of events occurs. These two peasant Jews are unaware of astronomy or astrology and mistake a perfectly natural phenomena as the star in the east as a sign that God has forbidden them to murder the baby. Such peasants seeing the star in the east and being uneducated peasants think the star in the east is a miracle and this gives them an excuse not to sacrifice the baby to Yaweh. Naturally, the couple seeing an opportunity to save the baby emphasize how special their baby is draws the attention of all sorts of mystics to see for themselves what has transpired. As a consequence of this, this baby grows up obsessed with the delusion he is special and proceeds to stop the sacrifice of first borns by creating his own cult from the Jewish cult.

As you will note from this story of the birth of Christ from work with Liber תישארב nothing is changed in the usual story but details have been given that bring the entire myth into a unique perspective. So when I state I am the incarnation of the innkeeper that objected to the sacrifice of that first born in the stable it is more of a personal adventure on the Path for myself. I would like to think relating the vision might be of assistance to others working with Liber תישארב. As far as proof of its history it might very well turn out to be something no one can ever prove. For Myself it was an enriching and exciting experience where I assimilated something within myself in preparation for future initiations.

I urge all aspirants of our Path to take Liber תישארב seriously. You must realize right from the beginning that no parallel instruction exists in any other system of initiation or spiritual enlightenment.

Love is the law, love under will

Magical Diaries

Verily, after those chills of past life introspection that meant mine reflections of a million memories I asked not how I should come forth into the light but how the curse of amnesia being released I could attain the blessings of understanding that journey beyond the taint of the wrong of beginning of generation to that City beyond the abyss of desert.
(These words from the magical record. Confer Liber VII, Chapter III, verse 52)

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Over the years I must of recommended Liber E, Section I more times than I can count in letters to students where I have to repeat this reminder over and over. It is should otherwise be ironic that in essays from students or even others outside Our Circle who have published publicly insights on the Path they have not emphasized the magical record or its vital role with the method of science. As pleased as I am when I see new essays appear that show others are actually working I have yet to note in any of these new essays giving insight on what the instructor has to go through to assure the novice who is outlining the magical diary has complied with the method of science and the format of experimentation. Hypothetical ruach masturbation is unmasked in a few paragraphs when you have actually engaged in magical gesture with the intent of real experiment to see what results occur from the carefully planned magical operation. So therefore, not having found sufficient evidence of the emphasis of the importance of the magical diary I insist that I repeat myself to others never to neglect it.

Reading through your own magical diaries from the past is an exercise of comparative relation between a self that was less developed. It has been of great assistance to Me and I insist that it will also be of value to you years from now. Many essays I would of not written or should I be clear to proclaim they would have been absolutely impossible to of written without bringing past insights from old diaries and adding to present insights for clarification. For in the old magical diaries I found insights that assisted the solve et coagula in a manner where I was able to break the components of my level of geometry down where my level of initiation existed at that time looking at myself as I was then only to compare the level of geometry and initiation with the experiences of the past and the present wherein the sum of the equation of the process would assist my next step.

Liber תישארב will not have precisely the same effects and yet there are parallel lines to the process. In each case you are looking backwards. The third mediation is to read the entire correspondence of your immediate superior and the exchange. If you are a failed Probationer you see pain & strain or in my case I am given the joy of being instructed properly & glory of fraternity. Fraternity without lies balanced by discipline without the vice of kings. It is important to note that I was never cut with nor expelled, or demoted from Grades from my Immediate Superior (Marcelo Motta) being in good standing with him at the time of his death. Therefore looking at my correspondences will be be a learning experience or joy rather than reading about failures and slips of discipline like others who are not even worthy to name that have issues seeing themselves as they were left to stagnant right where they left off when they failed resulting in issues with Me. For them looking at old diaries clearly would not have any significant value other to remind themselves what losers they were then and remain in the present.

This essay is therefore for the serious student who is not a curiosity seeker who would trouble themselves to the discipline of the magical record over a period of years.

Of course, it is impossible for the aspirant who does not have years of magical diaries to study the insights of the past with the insights of the present for such meditations on growth or to verify that the memory has not played traitor as a consequence of some severe ordeal or a brief obsession that was resolved and forgotten. So therefore it should be a grave lesson for the serious student to never neglect the magical diary. I recently ripped a student for throwing a magical diary away not considering these insights nor completely comprehending what how foolish an error this was. Those old magical diaries are what is left of what you were doing prior to your initiations. They are the utterance of another self noting that if you hadn't been the way you were you wouldn't of attained the initiations in the manner you attained them. My comments on ONE STAR IN SIGHT in my magical diaries thirty years ago are most certainly at least ten light years away from what I see now!! You cannot know how important it is to keep them and in a place where the profane eyes of others will not read them. They are intensely private to be read only by your immediate superior. It is clearly a matter of letting yourself be honest of what you were to see what you have become.

Love is the law, love under will

The old way of Travel
written by David Bersson

Apollonius strectched out his hand:
"Take hold of me," he said, "and if I evade you, then I am indeed a phantom come to you from the realm of Persephone, such as the Gods of the underworld reveal to those who are dejected with much mourning. But if not, then you shall persuade Damis also that I am both alive and that I have not abandoned my body."
Demetrius ventured to touch the great Master, thus wondrously translated from Rome to the Isle of Calypso.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The subject of traveling the old way has a multitudes of hints veiled carefully in endless scrolls hidden between the paragraphs of mystical symbolism. Is the lens of your being too clouded by you being imprisoned in the solid box of your restriction? If so, you will not see the Path of Initiation, the trek of traveling through thorns and roses, the movement forth as Hadit unto Nuit and that very ancient path of traveling to the mysterious beyond wherein the groves of Eleusis are a reality and the ancient cities of glory between the realms are explored. Places beyond imagination and beyond physical geography that once experienced the very planes of existence of geometry are balanced with your being.

It is in that poem I read long ago. It was hinted at in alchemical texts. Some Hierophant long ago screamed for me to wake up or die that I had already learned this and had not seen what was written between the lines of the holy text. I saw it again in the ancient forest where I thought that the ultimate attainment of spiritual enlightenment was the primal forests of eternity wherein I knew the Night of Pan only for Eros to test me with his Arrow that pierced My heart showing a path to the Temple of the Priestess. Something still needed to be balanced within my being for I Had Not, and therefore did not see the forest for the Stars of Infinite Possibility. It was in that essay that was inspired by the queen of the sorcerers of hell I saw the ancient path yet again. It was in the hint of the just merchant who sold me that talisman which, unconsecrated, I buried in the bowls of my ancient memories only to erupt havoc in the byways of My Sand glass. I chanced upon the ancient secret in a tavern where a stranger from somewhere else set down as a gift a drop of that poison of eld. I borrowed the Hammer of Thor to smash the doorway to Loki's lair thinking that I should travel by violence. I used the Sword of King Arthur to violate the world with the fire of my anger that the Path to the Holy Grail was endless.

Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime I knew that ancient path only to see the ancient path of travel would not lead me to a final destination save a state of consciousness beyond wisdom and folly. Was it all for Naught, one, all, many or something else? What secret existed that was written in so many cultures that repeated this mysterious ancient way of travel? With so many universes shown to be reality in the ancient texts how could I travel as the ancient initiates did the ancient path to the true initiations?

So then I resumed the old way of travel where the Path of my growth would give me not knowledge but experience where understanding is possible, spiritual love that did not exclude lust, initiation that completed my aspiration and made me challenge the world with the audacity of my awakening.

Behold, the pile of broken swords at my feet shattered by My Shield. For My enemies who have not taken one step upon the Path do not see that old way of travel where experience from the Great Work is the signature of initiation.

For the old way of travel all be it written in the Holy Texts cannot be seen by those who have not taken one single step with sincerity to tread the glorious Path to the true Initiations.

Love is the law, love under will

Arise, O sleeper, for the night of loneliness hath rolled up the hangings of her couch, and my heart is burning like a sun of molten brass; awake before the Beast riseth and enter the sanctuary of Eden and defile the children of dawn. Thou Child-Man, cast off the cloak of dreams who before thy sleep wast enraptured with the strength of love. Fair and fresh didst thou come from the woods when the world was young, with breast like the snowy hills in the sunlight, and thine hair as a wind-ravished forest of oak, and thine eyes deep and still as the lakes of the mountains.

No veil covered thee, and thou didst revel naked in the laughter of the Dawn, and under the kisses of mid-day didst thou leap with the sun, and the caressing hands of night laid thee to rest in the cradle of the moon. Thoughts did not tempt thee, Reason played not the prude with thee, nor imagination the wanton. Radiant child that thou art, thou didst grow in the light that shone from thine eyes, no shadow of darkness fell across thy path: thy love was strong and pure - bright as the stars of night, and deep as the echoing depths of hills of amber, and emerald, and vermilion.



Written by David Bersson on July 15, 1998 e.v.

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
A quote by Judy Garland

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

A point of view can be as elementary as a casual speculation or as intricate as an entire school of thought. The following quote by the Master Therion shows He encouraged open research and originality. This is from Magick in Theory & Practice; the Chapter on the ASTRAL PLANE. Such a position will only dissuade dogma.

"The Magician must not accept the Master Therion's account of the Astral Plane, His Qabalistic discoveries, His instructions in Magick. They may be correct in the main for most people; yet they cannot be wholly true for any save Him, even as no two artists can make identical pictures of the same subject"

As always, the Book of the Law sets us straight when we are unsure on the Path to take for our will. The first line of verse 32 of Chapter I exclaims:
Obey my prophet!

We then see that to obey our prophet one can look deeply into the above quote from Magick in Theory & Practice. It tells us precisely how to follow out the ordeals of his knowledge. We are told to follow out the ordeals of his knowledge and then in verse 34 we are not told the ordeals. For everyone who follows his own will follows His Path and unique ordeals unfold.

Those who have read the Master Therion's published and unpublished works for many years will recognize a very interesting pattern. The Master Therion has laid groundwork for a lot of research; but in the direction of His own particular school of thought. As it is turning out, other varieties of Thelemites are beginning to surface. A few do not read the Master Therion at all but accept the Book of the Law without any need for any commentary but those idiosyncrasies of experience that have been awakened from their own private perceptions of its lines.

The Master Therion gives us a lot of information. Some of it completely blinds you toward direct insights from the Book of the Law. And yet, all his material was rather like a commentary of the Law. A lifetime of blinds and magical insights geared for many planes of existence. All of it is groundwork for originality and new points of view.

What are Thelemites like who do not want to follow the Path of the O.T.O. or A∴A∴ and yet claim they have dedicated their lives to the Great Work? Such a question in the seventies registered a blank stare from Initiates. Now we are approaching the hundredth year of the Aeon of Horus, our diversification and variety has surprised and stunned us. Marcelo Motta is an excellent example of a pioneer in new perceptions toward Thelemic thought. The publication of his Commentaries of AL in 1976 e.v. has lead to thought provoking perceptions that dare to show how an entire new school of thought arose from a Master's meditations. One critic tried to state he had ruthlessly edited his version of the Commentaries of AL. This, of course, was written by a jealous rival who could not see the forest for the trees. This person could not see any specific school of thought different from the Master Therions. Did this person fear that change would harm the work? A typical black brother attitude. I see Marcelo Motta's original works and proclaim how his writings can only encourage such innovative research and insight to further our cause for more new, exciting material in the splendid world of initiatic research.

And we have other magical orders springing up on occasion who have different Grade structure, different ritual and a different constitution. All this means a greater variety of points of view where we can abide in an open forest of new possibility.

One insight or concept can eventually lead to the equation of ones point of view. On an individual note, I have been astounded at how lucid an insight will seem to Me that has arisen being it is a natural consequence of my unfolding. At the same time when I reveal such an insight to others the result is surprise and sometimes confusion. My personal point of view comes from fidelity to my Oaths, my Aspirations and my will to inflame & further my Great Work. I recollect, (with no little amusement, mind you), the first time I endeavored to share with others the perception that I had experienced Trances (note upper case T) that the Master Therion did not mention in LITTLE ESSAYS TOWARDS TRUTH (Nor anywhere, I might add). And yet it should be not be such a shock that a list of Thelemic Trances on the Path are going to be quite extensive as the method of science is utilized for our Great Work.

We must be ready for any point of view. It is essential that we view new approaches to the Path with calm, clear scientific expectations. It must not startle the aspirant if a stranger emerges from the wilderness of the experience of his Path and explains to us a perception where he sees our perception of the Holy Guardian Angel as too Daoistic in essence for his particular nature. What of a Thelemite who refuses to see Adonai as anything but clever Apep attempting to maneuver mankind into bringing His Cult back into being. Or another who might see a Royal Family emerge from the insights in the Book of the Law? Verily, the future will show us points of view that have as yet not even been conceived of; in this unique and beautiful time we call the Aeon of Horus.

Therefore listen carefully to your brother Thelemite's insights of the Path. His strange insight, which you are tempted to snicker at today, may be tomorrow the tip of the iceberg of an entire school of thought that enhances and enlightens the entire Thelemic Community.

Love is the law, love under will

David Bersson finds it intensely amusing to quote Judy Garland.
Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.

A quote from the song by Simon & Garfunkel called "The Sound of Silence"

The Call to the Path of Darkness

Written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

In the normal course of the Path, without any particular text to guide the magician, there comes a time in every Magician's life where a crossroads of decision must be made whether or not to adhere to the Path of Darkness or of Light. How subtle, are these spirits of ♄ that they entice you to such shadow perspectives disguised as random number. How careful must the Magician be not to be caught within the snare of their averse, uncivilized hooks. Such a call to the path of darkness is merely the inertia of matter manifested. A kabbalist might explain it as the Path of ת slowing the process of growth from Malkuth to Yesod. Other systems have identical parables, only with different symbolic explanations.

In our system, we have just that text which will unveil this shrine of basic elements and give us the answers we need to avoid the Path of evil. We have a perfect cure for this dis-ease of spirit that has polluted the path of the unwary. We call this the equilibration of the pairs of opposites, and its sublime, yet simple formula is laid down in our text named Liber Tzaddi

We of Θελημα meditate carefully at the concept of averse and upright, of Yin and Yang, of black and white, and other opposites to balance them within our being to achieve a sparkling, clean spring water of a perception that retains the balance of clear, objective, pragmatic reality. In short, we have our head in the Heavens and our feet in the hells.

Liber Tzaddi is a most valuable tool, indeed! This genius of a text actually assists the unwary pilgrim in his or her crusade on the Path and prepares his being for the Temple of Nuit as explained in detail in the Book of the Law.

For consider of this, that for every possibility that is manifested in the aggregate of experience we have assimilated shall give us perspective on the next experience we travel toward on the Path. The Hindoos, even with the sickness of their dogma, occasionally hit an insight on the nail and exclaim, "the lengthening of the ligam is one with the yielding of the yoni". Here in the West, we much more cleanly express the insight simply stating, "Had, the manifestation of Nuit". Nuit being infinite possibility and Had being the point event of assimilated experience. Nuit is, as everybody knows, the Egyptian Goddess of the Stars being a much more advanced form of Infinity than "Pan" or "אין" as the Greeks and the Jews struggled to describe it. It is such a wonder how in our system, symbolism piles upon symbolism, an intricate weave of insights that lead to a multitude of schools of thought, none of them in any apparent contradiction to themselves. Do all roads lead, then, to Boleskine and Cairo, in this sense? No doubt, but some arrive at the door to the Gate as a Hermit, some as Lover and some as a Man of earth. Any of them can be Hierophants or keepers of the secret wands.

We might state that the purpose of the "method of science" in our system is mainly fourfold.
First, to bring back all the secrets of magick from the past by careful research and experimentation. Second, to unlock the secrets of the Book of the Law. Third, to carefully avoid superstition to build its terrorist attack on our technique of magick. And fourth, to actually develop techniques in magick that have never existed before.

We of Θελημα are not on an evil path. It is stated in the Book of the Law that the evil ones shall be cast away. In order that the "knowledge goes aright" and we proceed in a business like manner, which we consider proper, we use the method of science to assure ourselves that we do not become lost in some delusionary world of false elite occultism.

Nevertheless, we do not stop with a study of the speed of light. For we are also interested in scientifically creating a formula to understand the speed of darkness. Isn't it time the universities created an academic structure that does not ignore what is under the darkness of the stone?

I say this to all you in your dusty world of intellectual snobbery.

Roll away the stone.

Yes, shall we now study what crawls in view from the darkness?

Love is the law, love under will