Thelemic approach to the study of Humanities

Written by Frater Thoth aka Michael G. Balkov

'True enough, it succeeds in isolated and individual cases in various parts of the earth and under the most widely different cultures, and in these cases a higher type certainly manifests itself; something which, compared to mankind in the mass, appears as a sort of superman.' 'We should not deck out and embellish Christianity: it has waged a war to the death against this higher type of man, it has put all the deepest instincts of this type under its ban, it has developed its concept of evil, of the Evil One himself, out of these instincts--the strong man as the typical reprobate, the "outcast among men." 'As you probably surmise, I understand rottenness in the sense of decadence: my argument is that all the values on which mankind now fixes its highest aspirations are decadence-values.'
Friedrich Nietzsche
From his work 'The Antichrist'

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Individual cultural development is the constant training of the ability to understand arts, music and classical literature along with many other subjects which refresh and inspire in a man and a woman qualities which he and she aspires to develop within himself and herself, it is the ever exceeding skill of comprehension of various progressive philosophies that reveal the secret keys both to the understanding of Nature and mankind. Cultural development dramatically widens the scope of man's understanding and extends it far beyond the limiting frontiers of the majority of mankind.

Contrary to the common modern day opinion, one cannot be taught to really feel and culturally evolve along the lines of progressive science of humanities in a conventional way of acquiring degrees in universities, and as with Magick itself of which the science of humanities is an integral part, one can only bring forth no more and no less then that which is already latent within one's own being and therefore no two individuals are alike in their cultural evolution but each selects such items with the assistance of which he will be able to understand his nature ever more clearly with each successive step along the path of individual studies in humanities.

This is precisely where the mass education in the humanities utterly fails to suit the natural talents of individual in such a subtle matters and breeds pure hypocrisy in the students who develop empty pride for their university degrees rather then for their actual understanding of the subject and the level of their development. Universities which are supposed to be the centers of culture are but centers of pestilence in their policy of setting the same rigid standards for all ignoring the fact that individual progress will not only benefit the student concerned but mankind on the whole.

I once met a Russian student of classical music who professionally played piano in many countries of the world where he was warmly applauded and yet he told me that he is being constantly criticized and even blackmailed by his teachers for his unconventional musical style. How now are we to expect any real cultural progress of civilization? No progress is possible in this case and only the most determined have the courage to persist despite the loud condemnation of hypocrites who would immediately be out of their jobs if they gave a little room for progress and innovation.

This music student did not have the courage to oppose those who fought his progress and I doubt he took me seriously when I advised him to ignore their empty criticisms and freely develop his own style, he actually smiled and replied quite simply: 'but otherwise I'll be thrown out of university!' As the result of his pacifist attitude he will most probably end up as just another common pianist of no major distinction among thousands in his chosen field of specialty.

Humanity opposes it's own evolution by setting for itself false morals of helping and nourishing those who have no nobility, strength, courage, dignity, talent or any other quality which go to make a real man and a real woman and praises those who slavishly follow out every little whim of their teachers.

A student who is trained to be a slave will not only try to enslave others who come his way but will fight in the manner of his predecessors against any manifestation of uniqueness in his pupils, for the science of Humanities, when researched with a free approach and without any preconceived ideas has the power to reveal the True Will of an individual who, along his own progress assists the evolution of mankind in general.

So what is there left to do for a student of the science of humanities who does not want his unique spirit to be tainted and his aspirations clouded by slavery and yet feels unexplainable attraction to the science itself? If one is in university or college then to Lurk and to be constantly on guard is a good solution. It is my opinion however that self education in subjects of the humanities is most beneficial and especially when combined with daily magickal studies and practices it will not only bring about cultural evolution within, widen the Aspirant's understanding of various subtle matters and issues on all planes and refine his feelings but also grant him swift wings to fly forth upon the path of the Great Work and open before him the glittering Gates of Initiation that give ever more clearer understanding of One's own True Will and Nature.

Love is the law, love under will

Adoration Unto Nuit

I stand in the moonless night in the midst of the desert among the rocks and hills of sand. As far as my eyes can see there is nothing but blackness and desert before me. My heart slowly begins to fill with flaming passion and secret desire arising, arising and burning my soul, pulsating life and secret fire! I begin to breath hard and perspire! Slow but sure, as the Venom of a secret Serpent it slowly dissolves my reason, burns up the restriction and releases my soul into boundless infinite ecstasy of Love! I raise my hands and direct my keen eyes into the Night Blue Sky spilled with millions of beautiful shining stars, each with its own orbit, each with its own path! With my hands upraised, with my soul earning towards the Beloved I begin to chant my Love Song Unto Thee!

I raise and sing Unto Thee O Goddess Nuit, continuous one of Heaven! O divine beauteous one of intoxicating ecstasy of Love, peace unutterable and delight! I put on the wings and arise the coiled splendorous Serpent within my heart Unto Thee, O my Beloved Goddess Nuit! Sprinkle me with the warm Milk of the Stars from your tender breasts which are like unto the mountains of the world! For I who am Thine to Love, I who open my heart and soul with Lust and mad passion towards Thy never ending pleasure that is sweater then wine! I, the secret winged Serpent, I am Unto Thee my Lady of the Stars! I who grow rich with spoils and goods, I humbly offer those glad flowers before Thy soft feet! O Goddess Nuit Thou art for the Strong, those who can bare the happiness of Thy Immortal Joy! Bestow upon me Thy servant the Joys of Thy Love! I left the weak joys of fools of men to seek only the holy pleasure of loosing and utterly dissolving myself in the mighty Fall Unto Thine Divine Omnipresence of Love indescribable, unutterable, inconceivable!

Let the world overturn and men tremble! For I go forth as a thunderbolt to make Love with my Beloved Goddess and no other shall say nay! Yea! The Flame hath awakened and I go forth in Glory unique and conqueror to enjoy the pleasures of Life and Death! For the ecstasy of the Beloved Goddess is in me and She rejoyceth as She beholds my Joy! I come forth under the stars and take my fill of Love! All pleasure and drunkenness of the innermost sense my Goddess Nuit is above me and in me! O Goddess Nuit I seek Thee only under the canopy of stars! I rejoice and Love Thee, I Love Thee O Nuit, make me free! I brake the shackles as a furious serpent-dragon! Redeem me from all the pain for Thou hast sworn that to Love Thee is better then all things by all Thou canst give and by all Thou desires from us Thy Children!

O my Goddess Nuit of Immortal Beauty and Love! I stretch forth my arms to embrace Thy omnipresent Body of the stars! I kiss Thy Divine Lips that utter wisdom beyond any words! I stretch out my tongue to lick Thy lovely Vulva that givest birth to the Sun! I caress Thy Body arched for Love! I call forth upon Thy name O Nuit! And Thou smilest in return! Thy deep blue shining eyes will melt any rock, the sound of Thy soft Voice calling the Gods to Love is like the music of a magick harp! My whole body is wet in sweat smelling sweat! I Love Thee! I Love Thee! Through the ages and centuries and aeons and times our everlasting Love will never die! I raise my voice and this I cry as I kiss Thy Breasts and Thighs! I fall and loose myself in the bottomless abyss of Love Unto Thee my Goddess of the night stars!

I am Unto Thee, I am always Unto Thee O my Beloved Nuit, Goddess of Night!