A Key to Character Divination

Written by Frater Thoth aka Frater Odin Ferus

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Character divination is very important to a modern mystic who lives and practices magick within a society. Basic psychology, especially knowing the body language combined with various magickal techniques of divination will be of great assistance when selecting a sexual partner, business partner, a Candidate for our Orders or simply knowing the character of any stranger whom you may suddenly meet on your way.

More then one factor plays in my natural attraction to Runic method of divination which I have practiced for some time now, one of them is the beauty of an ancient mystical tradition that is attached to those sacred letters of the Gods. Therefore I will refer to them in writing this essay having many direct experiences of their divination powers. Obviously, the key to becoming an expert in a particular divination tool is keeping the magickal records of your experience of working with it, in that way you will be able to check and judge more carefully and learn.

Aleister Crowley in Magick in Theory and Practice has written that a magician has to be careful with his thoughts when operating a divinatory session for he may in a subtle way influence the answer i.e. he may get only that answer which he wants to hear at that moment.

My experience with Runes has showed it to be a fact, your mental state does influence your divination session but I was not very satisfied with uncertain divinations and decided to carry on my experiments to see whether I could uncover another magick key to Runes which were considered to be a Holy Letters believed to have great magickal powers given as a gift to mankind by Odin. Well, practice makes perfect and after a while it dawned me in a sudden flash that the key to divination of characters lies in Thelemic metaphysics where it is explained that every man and every woman is a star, and that all other stars are just a reflection of ourselves and vice versa. Of course, in order to realize that firmly and inwardly many practices of Liber V would have to be performed by the diviner, in fact Liber V has real magick power to influence us on different subtle planes, including divination.

The character diviner has to realize that other people are affected by his or her mental state and energetic field. It is a fact that the diviner may unintentionally effect his answer and that is the whole subtle point of it for it is so with everything that he comes accrose with, not only the divination. The divinatory tool shows you your inner fear or confidence, calmness or worries. If for example I see an attractive woman whom I like but get somehow unconfident feeling during the divination about her not being attracted to me the Runes may well tell me that she is not a woman for me. If I am confident and calm about this same woman, the Runic answer will be very positive and truthful. The divination tool shows you your perception of the universe and the outcome of your attitude towards it. If you are sorrowful then flowers will fade and your path will resemble a graveyard. If you are powerful, strong and ever joyous then anything you touch will turn into gold, be it people, situations or objects. That is the magick which is the change caused by will. Change yourself, change your attitude towards any object in the universe, and you will see how the object of your experiment will change as if echoing your inner state. Any diviner must consider that his or her future, his or her relation to other stars is entirely at his or her own hands.

Through divination we become sensitive and aware on other planes and by experience we gain the power to control them and create a desired change. What the commoners call divination is but a tip of an iceberg! We see now that a diviner is not a mere fortune teller who casts Runes or Tarot Cards to amuse himself and others mocking in folly the true magick art, a true diviner is a skilled magician who has the power to change the past, present and future at his will.

Love is the law, love under will

The Circle

Written be Frater Thoth aka Frater Odin Ferus

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The circle of a magician is his own particular universe which is a reflection of his own being and vice versa. Therefore, any change that occures in his circle effect him directly, as well as the change in the magicians being effects his circle.

The magician selects such items on the Path which in his view will assist him with the Great Work. The magician must be careful and strict conserning the selection. Each object we accept in our circle, each person we come into a close contact, each carries its own karma and energetic field into your circle and producing change.

As the magician develops he becomes more and more sensitive to the changes these items couse. He begins to feel the energetic field (the aura) of every item.

For instance a seemingly harmless thing as a cursed religious image in your house will couse a serious damage in the magician's energetic field. A person whose energetic field is a mess may couse real disturbances in yours. Any item or person with a bed karma and dirty energetic field may couse a magickal attack.

The purpose of ritualy cursing the slave cults and our present Master's (Frater Sphinx's) advise to avoid contact with all the expeled persons may now become evident to the reader. The warning is a very serious one, for if the magician is not carefull with the selection he will be dispersed into dust and eventualy die magickaly or physicaly.

Likewise, any item with a good karma and clean energetic field will couse positive changes in you and your circle and even inspire you.

As you purify and consecrate your circle you become more pure in heart, more rightuous and confident in your decisions, having no remorse.

The stronger and purer the magician's energetic field the better he passes through any ordeal. The physical and mental strength increase your energetic field as well, learn the secret language of Nature and understand that the most dominative male in the animal kingdom is also the strongest and the boldest one, and the most able to servive in the times of natural disaster.

To a person who would become an Adept it is extreemly important to keep himself holy and his circle pure.

Love is the law, love under will