'Not unless ye become as little Children may ye enter the Kingdom of Heaven.'

Words of an ancient Essence Master.

Written by Frater Thoth aka Frater Odin Ferus

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The Oath of a Probationer of A∴A∴ applies to the beginner as it does to the Adept. The diligent mystic searches of the universe who strive to understand life, everything that surrounds them, who study with zeal every phenomena and manifestation that occurs in nature, without the lust for result but who otherwise feel vanity in living without questioning and comprehending the purpose and nature of their existence are also diligent searches of their soul and being. A person pledged to accomplish the Great Work, either by signing the Oath or by strange unknown work of his karma cannot but look deep within his heart and search diligently therein, for he realizes that he also is a part of gigantic work of the universe which encompasses him, bewildered him, that the whole universe with Gods, Angels and Spirits and all the forces is within him, for he is a part of it, equally the Lord of All, One with Naught and All.

When we are born the first years of our life's are blank, yet all of us can remember the interest, the joy we felt discovering the universe in which we have just incarnated. In every object we came across we saw an angel or demon, we comprehended all without reason. We were honest, pure, joyous and open. But when education that supposedly dispels ignorance touches us we become zombies and soon forget the beautiful and colorful world we lived in and descend into the Qliphothic shadow world of demons that devour us and we don't even know it. And yet this fire of life is still alive in our beings, it is indestructible, and it leaps forth, erupts like a volcano in the moments of inspiration and initiation, banishing all the shadows of illusion into which that spider-monster hath wrapped us by its web of treachery and deceit.

In my studies and observations I have discovered that in the beginning of our life's we dwell in a true world, saw things in a true light, we knew the universe as well as ourselves the way it really is, without veils and cover up of reason. Qabalistically speaking, in the beginning we all dwell in Malkuth, the Kingdom. But we all fell from our grace into Qliphoth, the demonic reflection of Malkuth as we began to rationalize the universe. By taking the Oath seriously we slowly begin to return into our primal consciousness and begin to discover and return to the universe in which we once dwell, but which was lost to us.

In my researches I have devised a special exercise that would be helpful for our return to the 'Kingdom of Heaven', and it takes no more then twenty/thirty of our time to Journey into Self.

Sit in your Asana and take some time to calm your mind, pranayma may be of assistance in this exercise that is similar to one given in Liber Thisharb. Begin to remember your live backwards, the events that took place, the people you met and various impressions you had over the years. Think of what has made you into who you are at the present.

Now remember your childhood, especially try concentrate on the emotional rather then rational part, do not rationalize your childhood memories and behavior that seems strange to you at the moment, accept all with honesty and joy the way you once perceived the universe, without shame, openly. Try to be that child, live in him, feel through him, identify yourself with that child, be him.

Now move deeper into your childhood, before you even spoke and walked. This part is the most difficult one to remember as the baby spends most of its time asleep, but it is possible to recover at least partial memory of those yearly years. You can remember the joy and warmth you felt when you suckled you mother's tits, or terrible sadness when you shit on yourself. I can only look forward and assume that actually the moment of birth may be remembered but I have never reached that point. It is a well known fact in psychology that unpleasant experiences are often pushed away and stored in the sub consciousness, it may require great efforts and determination to remember birth, and existence in the womb.

After the exercise you will feel that you gained greater understanding of your being and you will see the universe in a new true light. You will recover memories that you have long forgot, some pleasant, some not. In my case, I remembered having many visions of strange worlds, men and creatures most of which I already forgot. I remember the soul of my died relative come few times and bide me farewell in the great journey that I would soon undertake. It is well known that children are more receptive to the spiritual world then common adults.

There is however a danger in this practice and I warn you, for instance in the case of childhood rape or some other yearly traumatic experience, this exercise is to be undertaken with great care and all the negative experiences are to be calmly understood and conquered, it must be under will.

Many startling and shocking discoveries await you as you venture back into your childhood that will assist you in the Great Work.

Love is the law, love under will


Written by Frater Thoth aka Frater Odin Ferus

I see and hear the Vision and the Voice of Nature, as a great vast boundless
sea, whispering subtly its mysteries to me!
Purify, purify Thou me, prepare me for the initiation, strengthen Thy
relation with me, O Thou Great Goddess Isis!
Shine in Thy blinding Brilliance of Glory!
I see You, I hear You, O Voice of my Aspiration unto the Stars!
Goddess Nuit, Purple Immortal Love!
Destroy my reason, dissolve my folly,
Let me dance wildly in the eternal madness of PAN!
Hadit awaken!
The Volcano of Freedom and Fire of Life!
I am Hadit unto Nuit!
Glory be to Ra-Hoor-Khuit!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Many tens of thousand years ego the wise men who felt the strange unexplainable mystical Calling of Aspiration departed unto the wilderness and observed carefully the phenomena of Nature and meditated deeply thereon and every manifestation thereof. By the Light of Intuition they discovered the relation of one thing with another thing, perceived inwardly the unity and diversity of all things in the universe.

Further, when sitting alone, at night or day, on a hill or in the forest, under the glittering stars or the golden face of the sun, in the rain or sunshine, in the moment of aspiration and longing of the soul unto the unknown infinite, wise men discovered the unique energetic fields and telepathic link between everything in Nature. When therefore they attuned themselves to the energetic field of a lion, they observed the arising of ferocity and boldness within their souls. When they attuned themselves to the energetic field of a wolf they felt the arising of the power of survival and aggressiveness. When they attuned to the energetic field of a river, they felt refreshed and a flow of a clear thought. When attuned to the sun, they felt energy and power.

And so they learned how to derive unique forces from every thing in the universe to work their will in the world. From that moment henceforth, they became known as Magicians.

They proceeded to give a name and a symbol to every force they discovered. They, the Pioneers and Founders of the Holy Art, left their marks and their method of science, that is, their magickal record which was well guarded by those forces they commanded and can still be found and read by the enlightened ones on the Caves in France and other places, some of which are more then thirty thousand years old.

Those Records remain a mystery only to the commoners, to the enlightened ones they are the symbols of truth that reveal to us the way of initiation once aligned to the Law of Thelema which dissolves all the fears and superstitions attached by the fools & slaves to the magnificent forces of Nature.

Vain tourists in the Caves feast their blind eyes and understand nothing in the drawing of that mighty majestic Mammoth rising its trunks or this Bull calmly chewing the grass, or a flock of Gazelles over there, jumping freely in a field. An enlightened one will easily recognize the hidden messages that his/her mystical predecessors have left unto him/her and feel the force that is still, after tens of thousands of years, radiates through them. Those drawings were created by intuition, and only by intuition may they be understood.

Yet those are but symbols to represent the actual forces of Nature, engraved upon the walls of the Caves in the joy of aspiration. To feel and understand those forces you need to go alone in the wild, experience the feeling of thrill as you see the legendary lion face to face which impressed so much the minds of our ancestors, or look on the sun with the same reverence as our ancestors did. Behold the majesty of a whale, justly it has been called in the past the monster of the sea, listen to the song of the bird sitting on that branch, can you understand what is it singing about? Look in the eye of a this crocodile, what do you see therein? Embrace that tree, what do you feel?

Nature is unspoiled by the lie of a reason. The rightful place of any man/woman is in Malkuth, but the whirlpool of reason hath pulled us in Qliphoth. How do we return? Come, see this rock, it will lead you to Malkuth, for it dwelleth therein. Come, see this Stag, it will lead you to Malkuth, for it dwelleth therein. Come, see this lake, it will lead to Malkuth, for it dwelleth therein.

Have you heard the Voice of Nature? Then you are amongst the living for you can 'feel', and you shall comprehend the mystery of the Ancient Paintings of the Halls of Stone and mystical power of Nature that will initiate you as you purge it from superstitions of the Old Aeon and align it to the Law of Θελημα.

Love is the law, love under will