Past Life Memory of an ancient Love

written by Frater Thoth aka Frater Odin Ferus

In my previous life I lived in prechristist times in Europe in a place of harsh winters and rocky mountains, perhaps Norway or Swiss Alps. My small lovely house was located very far from the nearest village. I was a sorcerer and I very solumly communicated with the world of men, my friends were trees, rivers and beasts. As I lived in the forest I was also a herbalist, I remember dry sweet smelling herbs were always hanging above my stove. I remember having a huge warm bear skin that I used to wear in winters. I remember that I was very brutal sorcerer and actually killed men that were not welcome to my abode or dared to disturb my peace. The villagers did nothing against me, for they knew I was a sorcerer. And yet I knew how to love, and it was taken away from me by the Gods.

I remember there was a woman, a woman of natural yet heavenly beauty, always smiling, what joy did she bring me! I still remember the love that I felt for her, it was this love that awakened the memories. I think her name was Thilga (it sounds so familiar now), silver moonlight or silver frost, though I may be mistaken, and I cannot remember my name at the moment. Now , our love was that which some call True Love, yet it is this love that brought my downfall.

Thilga was taken away from me, she perished in some disaster, maybe some warrior tribe attacked the village, maybe some beast in the forest devoured her I cannot remember. But I do remember spending a long time grieving at her death, crying and cursing the misery of my life. One night I climbed the highest pick of the mountain. I remember looking about at the breath taking scenery surrounding me. Full moon above me, dense forest below, wolves singing their sorrowful songs, Gods, I loved listening to their inspiring music. And, looking about me one last time, I flung myself from the mountain. I did not die immediately, I lived few minutes, all my bones were broken and I thought; "even death does not come easy to me" and slowly, my consciousness faded into the void. That is all I remember now, maybe with initiation I will remember more.

I know now that the agonizing experience of Thilga's death was necessary for me, but I gave up. I am therefore repaying the debt of karma in this life. Therefore, those holy men in white garments told me that I MUST live this life, they meant that I must not give up like last time, and if I so will this can be my last life, that is, if I will I can become a Master in this life. So, I await farther initiation to unlock the treasure house of magickal memory.


Written be Frater Thoth aka Frater Odin Ferus

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Hail Hor! Hail Heerfather! Hail Sigfather!

All-Father Odin who art mighty Warrior and Lord of Magick who sternly Rules over glorified Valhalla in the Halls of War of exulted Asgarth a great World of the Gods of Norse, hear Thou the chanting of my voice! I am Thy holy warrior-priest the dweller of Mithgarth the world of men! Bless this Sacred Saga devoted to Thy Honor and let Thy Temple be filled with mystical presence of Thy divine Power!


I am upon the Battlefield of Ragnarok fully armed with sword and spear inscribed with Runes, a white horse bears me on its back and two terrible wolves accompany me, roaring, eager to fight. A pare of Ravens fly above my crowned head and trees in greetings bend. On high does Thor in his Thunder delight, and below do monster Trolls awaiting the fallen souls to devour, bit their drums in twilight. Beautiful Hel and Freyja stand beside me, the wicked Spells of doom and destruction together they weave . Unleashed at last is Loki from his heavy chains, of his ancient oath to Odin he never forgot and fight he will on Sigfather's side. Thus did they gather, all the mighty Dwellers of the Nine Worlds, Gods and Goddesses, Elves and Trolls, Men and Women, their prize for eternal existence they came to pay in the fierce flames of Ragnarok's Day!

'Great is my wrath for thee fallen gods, and thee their crawling slaves of my vengeance shall taste, cursed art thou for thy deeds of evil from the beginning unto the end, thou shalt all perish and be dead!'

Thus spake mighty Odin himself, his fierce gaze towards the enemy directed and his voice was of such might as to make them all shiver with awful fright. Some soiled themselves with their own excrements, some with fear became numb and dull and others on their knees for mercy begged. At their fear loud laughter arose from the Army of the Gods and shook the whole of the earth.

'No mercy shalt thou ever have from us, o rotten sons of dung morass, and thy children shall I feed to my wild hungry wolfs! Thy bodies shall I impale and trample thee to dust, for behold; none of you shall escape the Ragnarök day vengeful wrath!'

Thus spake the High One, the Father of Victory, the Lord of Asgarth unto his foe accursed.

At that moment didst Great God Odin blow his mighty horn, Loki deceived the enemy by sending upon them a thick mist and Thor his mighty Hammer thrust forth into the enemy's midst, then didst Odin wielding his magick Spear charge on his splendid horse upon the enemy accursed, a great army of Men leading to Victory!

The earth shook and sky trembled, blood mixed with flames, the sky fell to earth and the planet was bathed in purifying fire. Great storm arose as the day grew dark, and Odin's giant wolfs howling and roaring tore the accursed men apart. Fenrir the fierce king of wolves his fur smeared with blood chose himself to fight on Sigfather's side. Many of heathen enemies were slain in that praiseworthy day, many heathens turned back their ground abandoning and tried to ran away but were consumed by magick fire on the way, others for mercy begged and for servitude their lives have offered in debt to pay but were slain and tortured all the way. Allfather once again didst Victory proclaim, his mighty horn he blew as he slaughtered the last of his foe. Howled the wolves and Thor delighted in his Thunder, monster Trolls bit their drums down under.

'Behold! The old world is no more, the New World was build upon the pillars of fierce War!

This didst mighty Odin say himself, the Father of Victory!


Thus fiercely did I Allfather the Glorious fight in Ragnarök leading to Victory the Army of mighty Hosts, now ye all Victorious listen to my Wise words, lend thine ear to my Wisdom divine for long have I lived and fought and conquered, I have travelled to strange lands and learned things unknown, upon the Eternal Tree did I hung pierced with a Spear and sacrificed myself to myself until Nine Days have past and the Power of the Runes indwelt in my heart. I gave my very eye to learn of the Wisdom of the Gods, verily all did I endure to quench my hunger for mysteries infinite and unknown. Thus I am known as the Lord of Magick and Learning eternal, thus I am known as Father of Victory and Leader of Hosts, lend thine ear to my wise words! It is a lie that I must die as my dying enemies would cry, death is my servant in the mist of eternal Time, I live and feast in the Halls of the Gods as it was before, caressing my Valkyries loving & divine and drinking sparkling wine! Would ye know yet more? Through the Centuries I traveled disguised as Stranger the Mysterious in search of Truth Sublime and Wisdom Divine. Much did I learn from the Gods, much do I know and shall tell ye more. Once I wondered in the old forest alone, thick white blanket covered the trees and in my bearded face blew the cold breeze. My eyes I lifted up to the sky and saw the New Dawn and young Sun on high. I raised my Gungnir Spear and blew the mighty horn, Hail I say to Him who Sits upon the Holy Throne! His law is my law of the strong and Wisdom of Love, Dignity and War!

Thus spake Allfather Odin, The Great Leader of Hosts and High King of the Gods of Norse!

Love is the law, love under will