Written by Frater Thoth

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I have a natural interest in ancient cultures and peoples, especially in their magic and spiritual believes.

One day I was reading on the subject of animism. Animism is a belief that every object, be it a tree, a stone or wind possesses a soul, its own spirit.

Animism is an origin of legends about men understanding the language of beasts and trees.

Animism is so old that it even predates polytheism, and when aligned to our Law unites us with nature.

Historians and anthropologists explain this believe as a myth which arose as a result of ignorance of the primitive people. Well, isn't this how they describe all magick, primitive or otherwise?

If you walk in the park, forest or a garden, try talking and saluting trees, bushes, earth etc... touch them, ask them how they feel, make them a compliment and bid them farewell. You will discover that they are indeed alive and answering you in a strange and beautiful tongue. They actually talk to you and calm down your soul. However, their tongue is so subtle that you cannot translate it into crude human speech. Can anyone translate the language of love?

The seemingly lifeless objects do have a spirit in them. Cave magicians at the dawn of humanity were right. You have only to attune yourself, to listen carefully, to feel them. The majority of people today would never hear those 'voices' no matter how hard they try for they "feel not". They will never see with their veiled eyes the little elves that are hiding in the grass, nor ever hear with their improperly cleaned ears the music of invisible bells that ring every sunrise echoing in the heart of a careful listener.

Animism is a good tool to be discovered by each of us which will give us inspiration and energy on our path. Through animism we can become more sensitive and even know the personality of a person just by looking at him.

Love is the law, love under will

Aspiration and Discipline

Written by Frater Thoth aka Frater H.O.T.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Pure aspiration and discipline are the keys to initiation. The will toward the unknown which is so predominant in the mystical type nature is a first magickal sign that a person has truly and honestly aspired on the path of the Great Work. However, that person has to undergo through ordeal of self discipline to prove his or her worthiness, that is, the purity and strength of his will towards the mysteries of magick and mysticism.

Certainly, it is a great step forward for an individual Star to aspire to the path with intense energy and readiness, but unless the aspirant dares to act he remains on the same level from which he has aspired and does not move forward eventually falling back into a common life. There are many of these people who talk endless hours about strange phenomena, about occult abilities etc... and sink ever deeper into the whirlpool of deception and empty words. The strict method of magickal training in the A.·.A.·. is also a remedy for this kind of mental disorder but many being unable to discipline themselves quite without any will towards the path they themselves have aspired, and this is one of the tests for the Probationers of A.·.A.·.

Aspiration is the Spirit and discipline is the Letter of the mystical soul. By balancing of those two is a sure way to Initiation. From a certain angle, discipline only seems hard at the beginning. But let the Aspirant begin nonetheless! Soon enough he will invoke the powers in his being which will aid him in the ordeal of magickal discipline, set his feet firmly upon the royal path and bear him on the swift wings of glory towards Initiation!

With gradual progress the Aspirant becomes more sensitive to the subtle energies that surround us in every day life. He feels that if he does not exercise will and learn how to control them he will be controlled by these energies. To the profane who is not sensitive at all to the subtle planes those energies matter very little, however to an Initiate it is disastrous to neglect his discipline, purity in thought and deed. What is seemingly harmless to the profane can be a deadly poison to an Initiate. A single break in the circle, a single idle thought or deed has direct effects on the magician. To obtain absolute control and dominion over one's own being and universe is therefore vital for a magician whose will is to live a Higher disciplined and Holy Life of an Initiate.

For instance, by learning how to control our mental powers, will make us concentrate on our priorities and make our mind an instrument of will. By learning to control Astral Plane we learn how to manipulate subtle energies that influence various objects of nature. By controlling our physical bodies and appetites, as well as doing physical exercises we become more resistant to stress which is so widespread in modern world and is a common cause of nervous brake downs.

It is written that in order to be a Human, that is a fully functioning Microcosm one must be at least an Adeptus Minor. This becomes evident as one progresses along Initiation. Our spiritual development is analogous to physical development of children learning how to walk, mastering a language and obtaining control over our physical bodies.

Majority of people live their lives on purely base instincts, those of course cannot be called humans at all but simple homo sapiens seeking to satisfy their hunger and sex appetites. An Initiate on the other hand is seeking evolution and perfection via refining his feelings and becoming aware of his faculties over which he strives to obtain perfect control, in other words, he strives to become a True Human.

By Aspiration and discipline we progress and learn how to efficiently execute our will in the universe and come to the consciousness of our True Identity.

Love is the law, love under will