The Fall of Tsar Vladimir and the Christist Lie

Written by Frater Thoth

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It would be wise of us if we individually, each for himself and herself, look deep into the history of our countries and know the true history of our nations so that we can no longer be fooled by false historians, so that we can be proud of ourselves, and as magicians, be strong and proud of the magical heritage of our ancestors, align it to the Book of the Law and be invincible and victorious in the conflict which is emerging between the super powers of the world today.

Let us observe the example of Russia, how it accepted the heathen faith of Christism by series of manipulative lies issued by the eastern church.

Russia represented a great military threat to the Byzantium Empire. Therefor Constantin VII, the Emperor of Byzantium, sought to ally Russia through his marriage to a Russian Princes Olga. Princes Olga on the other side did not suspect his intentions, she only wanted to strengthen the trade and seek political favors from Emperor Constantin. At about 946 e.v. she traveled to Constantinople. When she arrived the Christist Bishops did not waste any time and advised Constantin to convert Olga into Christism and in turn she will receive what she had came for. Cleaver move to manipulate politics. Olga agreed to convert, provided there will be strengthening in trade but refused to marry Constantin. She left Constantinople but her attempts to Christianize Russia were not successful. In addition her son, Svyatoslav (The Light of Slav) who strongly retained the native religion took over the Throne and despite desperate attempts to convert Him He remained a pagan. His character was strong and fierce, his was a real Warrior and King. He taught his heir Vladimir the same fearlessness, ferocity, and stability of the spirit. But the Tsar Vladimir fell, he did not posses the same strength as his father Svyatoslav did.

After assuming the Throne he was bribed by the Christists Bishops of Byzantium who promised him mountains of gold if he would establish their cursed faith in Russia. He was hypnotized by the beauty of the Byzantium Cathedrals and the wealth of the eastern church. The Church manipulated him into thinking that by Christianization of Russia he would have plenty of favors from the Eastern Empire, while the Church was extending it's own. In 988 e.v. Vladimir accepted the bribe, was baptized, and was allowed to marry the Christist Princes of Byzantium, Anna, to strengthen political ties with the Empire. As a consequence thousands of people who did not accept Christism were persecuted and murdered. Russian Orthodox priests may object, saying that Russia had undergone great civilizing impact at the acceptance of Christism. Well, if you call building more then six hundred churches in twenty six years during the reign of Yaroslav (1015-1054) at Kiev alone that sacked all the Tsars and people's wealth a civilizing impact!

Christism all over the world deluded people by the false promises of civilizing them that only resulted in clever manipulation of politics, it's own gain of wealth and expansion of it's empire based on lies and blackmail.

Love is the law, love under will


Written by Frater Thoth aka Frater H.O.T.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Earth awaken! Every Star awaken! Every Young Star awaken! Come forth and be received among those who rule, among those who conquer, among those who do naught but their will with all their might! For the world is changed forever with the coming of the New Aeon of Royalty & War and you are either with us or against us.

Those fools who in their madness dare oppose us are witnessing the last days of their sickly dominion that is fast coming to an end. Long hath this day been awaited in terror by those who whisper with fear that a time will come when a son shall arise against his father and a sister lay with her own brother. A day where the fortress of sick morality that hath endured for two thousand years shall shatter and be smitten down into ruins beyond repair by the Holy Baptism of Fire that shall burn the earth with the Magick Power of the Great Wild Beast 666 unto whom we pour our blessings day & night for redeeming us from our oppressors.

Theologians of every religion that is cursed in The Book of the Law would accuse those who are called Thelemites of being immoral having labeled Aleister Crowley as the most Wicked Man of Earth. Their slave followers echo this opinion based on mere rumors without having gotten their facts straight. Those who have their facts straight and yet still are going on accusing us of being immoral are shameless liars driven by fear of our arising.

So, are we wicked? I state with my wicked smile that the 'god' of conquerors becomes the 'devil' of the conquered. We certainly do not have silly slogans such as 'harm none' and 'thou shalt not fornicate'. These morals do not have their foundation in reality but are mere tools to control and direct the blind mobs into submission.

As to the accusation of being immoral I strongly disagree, stating instead that those who have accepted The Book of the Law as their Guide of Life are the most highly moral men and women on the earth and in this essay I will attempt to make it clear to all how our superior morality exceeds the savage slave codes of the brain dead zombies.

One of the true origins of morality is in the natural treasure house of experience of various cultural/ethnic/tribal/spiritual groups which has been orally transmitted through generations until the time when it was finally recorded and compiled together as a collection of magnificent sayings and legends that successively imparted their wisdom to the new generations to assure the survival and evolution of any cultural group or an individual, imparting lessons of the previous failures or successes of the peoples for the benefit of a nation.

Another source of morality is of course the inspired revelations of the prophets/prophetesses of a given group which strengthens the will of the people towards making giant leaps along the path of their self discovery as a unique culture. It may be observed in history that sometimes prophets go contrary to their own culture's established morality instead bringing a new advanced morality to their people. This however is not the case with the true prophets who never oppose the True Will of their culture and time but rather make it up to date cleansing all the outworn garbage concepts of morality that has been accumulated for centuries and giving a new life by purging the good ones.

Thus, morality became a soul of a nation taking on the shape of a custom and tradition inseparable from cultural, religious and political life of the people. Morality therefore, as a basis of a cultural

group farther evolved by means of cultural self discovery as a will of a nation towards its own initiation.

Through this strong force of aspiration nations have slowly attained to great achievements making a sophisticated systems of governance of law and order that created the favorable conditions for development of a distinct cultural identity through the flourishing of unique arts, sciences, architecture and literature that always reflected the moral will of the nation.

However, through the process of social decadence caused by weakness of corrupt politicians and religious leaders morality has lost the touch with its one and only source; reality. What good is the moral aspect of a legend which imparts a lesson so impossibly rigid that it is totally inapplicable in reality? Thus, having degenerated into the dead dogma of blind faith morality became a mere tool in the hands of the malicious slave lords to subdue and control the masses at the expense of the individual freedom.

The codes of conduct were created and reinforced on the population by religious fear of divine as well as of secular punishment if one dared to break but one rule of such a slave code. Thus for example, experience of a nation that suggests in the moral legends to observe bodily health through fasting, eating vegetables and fruits in hot climate to purify and strengthen one's own physical body has degenerated so far into primitive idiocy of dogmatism as to make a killing of an animal (even by accident) into a major crime for which the 'murderer' must pay in his or her many following incarnations. Or some other nation's experience suggests that a wife as the respectable lady of the house should always know how to look after her household degenerated into making her a slave, or adopting the mask of a slave that often resulted in manipulation of her idiot husband.

One of the main principles of such a morality was that one must sacrifice all that one has for somebody else; a wife who sacrifices her body to her husband was thought to be a good wife, a worker who sacrifices additional hours without pay was thought to be hard working. A man who sacrifices his sexual life to live in a monastery was thought of as holy and so forth with the similar type of nonsense. This is a slave morality, a false morality and a product of decadence that will eventually lead one to nothing but complete physical and psychological ruin.

True morality which comes from direct experience of reality has been replaced by false pride for one's rotten ideals which are stained by sheer hypocrisy of not binding one's words with deeds fueled by putrid malice of fanatical religions and power greedy politicians.


he morality that has once made civilizations flourish and attain great summits has died and the kingdoms of the earth fell into the darkness of most immoral brutality of slave masters crawling as maggots in the dung of theology which is as a coffin to the true morality.

One of the main aims of theology, be it hindoo, christist or mohammedanist (there is very little difference between all of them) is to restrict the manifestation of love between two stars accusing it of vices and praises abstinence as a highest virtue of morality. Ironically, 'sexual immorality' as well as the sexual acts of abnormal perversity is the most frequently discussed topics of the sick christist bishops who are philosophizing about what is moral and what is not just as teenage boys may sit on the bench spending hours on end talking about girls.

But while teenage talk about girls is the normal growth process during which an adolescence acquires information from the others of his age, the accursed bishops on the other hand passionately discussing in every tiniest detail the immorality of sexual perversity among young boys and girls is very unhealthy and worrying to say the least. We have the modern day proof of those moral catholic priests molesting little children, boys and girls alike (but mostly boys) due to journalists who investigate such matters and bring them to the surface and attention of the general public; imagine the crimes those bishops got away with during the Dark Ages!

If all those sick bastards were sexually deprived before they decided to go for their careers of professional con-men or not I have no will here to discuss. A to the sexual perversity; it is not immorality but in most cases a natural reaction of the body and mind which was repressed and brainwashed by christist false morality. They brainwash the parents into a restrictive 'moral' upbringing of their children when a boy or a girl is strictly prohibited by the improperly educated adults from touching their own genitals consciously or subconsciously programing their children that their penis or vagina are shameful and too private even to be looked at by one's own eyes.

This breeds restriction and dissatisfaction in investigation of one's sexuality in early age which sometimes leads to excess and rebellion in later age of adolescence. Some of those adolescence who were once fierce rebels against uniformity will upon becoming full grown adults bow forever to the brainwashing of their earlier years with terrible regret of what they had done while they were teenagers. It is very hard to escape the brainwashing of parents but once this is properly done there is no way back.

Another common example of the clever trap of corrupted morality which brings ruin would be consolation. This concept insults the nature of a true man and a true woman aiming at making one feel like a pathetic dog unable to deal with one's own troubles by yourself and relying on someone else who is presumably better qualified to deal with the problem at hand.

Of course those 'better qualified' are the self proclaimed supreme figures on moral authority; the infamous theologians who, when they have got their deadly grip on a naive unprepared person will program him like a robot into doing whatever they want. It is no accident that all skilled theologians and bishops are also commonly psychologists who know the secret springs of human consciousness.

Sometimes they conveniently appear to a person in a moment of some crisis and with their well trained tongues begin to poison the minds of their weak victims with illusory lies of consolation and thus luring the unfortunate souls by the false promises of eternal salvation into a spiderweb from which it is not easy to get out alive.

They will make one stand on his or her knees and admit one's own 'crimes' against the commandments of some accursed god in accursed church or mosque and after a long and intense psychological and physical flogging which renders one's soul completely defenseless allowing their black malice to penetrate the deeper parts of one's consciousness leaving one forever handicapped by their evil malice with no other purpose then to spend the reminder of your days as a slave serving his masters.

What was once upon a time a rich treasure house of human experience from where each and every individual would deduce valuable lessons of his ancestors and proudly step forth upon the path of beauty and joy, the morality which uplifted the spirits of all men, women and children to inspire their keen will in an infinite number of ways, morality that gave birth to a cultural identity glittering in a distance as the summit of some high legendary mountain of folklore has collapsed and turned into a mere pile of dead letters of dogma and fanaticism on which the sacred carvings of living legends and the inspired revelations of the prophets were replaced by this malicious death curse upon the entire humanity that is the basis of all corrupt morality:

'Thou shalt not!' And now behold the miracle long awaited: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law Love is the law, love under will Thou hast no right but to do thy will; do that and no other shall say nay

The supreme literary authority of Thelemic morality is The Book of the Law which was revealed by Aiwass the minister of Hoor-Paar- Kraat unto the prophet Ankh-af-na-Khonsu in Egypt on his honeymoon in Cairo in the year 1904 era vulgari hailing the dawn of the new era for mankind. The details concerning the revelation of the Holy Law is given in 'The Equinox of the Gods'. One main characteristic of Thelemic Morality which makes it unique and superior to any other is that it does not have any specific codes of right or wrong ways of conduct for each responsible individual when acting according to his or her own will is capable of deciding which particular action is right or wrong for him or her without any help from the other relying on his experiences of the past, common sense, wise judgment and most importantly his or her own will. This independent decision making is only possible when the individual is free to act. Freedom therefore is in the root of Thelemic Morality. A person may seem free on the surface yet he is being bound by his early upbringing and parent programming which may bar his spontaneous unfolding and self discovery on the path of freedom. Thelemic morality encourages the individual to take responsibility for his independent actions and to have no remorse even if these decisions made may seem to be wrong. What the society does not teach however is that it is far better to make wrong decisions and pay for them a bitter prize rather then blindly follow out the commands going with the flow and letting others do their thinking for you. The main social problem of false morality is that the people seldom question the motivation behind their own thoughts and actions instead preferring to act automatically according to the already established frame of what is morally right or wrong. It is much more easier for some to merely follow then to be a leader, for others however who have attained to personal freedom the reverse is true i.e. they would feel more comfortable being the leaders of their own lives rather then blindly follow the uniform morals. False morality is not completely gone for the majority of people are living their lives without suspecting that they are slaves of their own illusory world. Only few who took some trouble to research and analyze themselves have attained to freedom, each in his or her own right.

Yet many of those who consider themselves to be free are but slaves following out the commands programmed into them by early education, society, religion, community and so forth. It is not easy to see how this occurs if one does not have the basic knowledge of psychology. Eric Bern's book entitled 'What do you say after you say hello' being a psychoanalysis of human destiny is an excellent book on social psychology which shows that the majority of people spend their entire lives according to a scenario instilled into them by their parents in their early upbringing. He describes through techniques of psychological analysis that extreme conditions such as war have the power to destroy this illusory cocoon of scenario that people surround themselves with making possible the attainment of personal freedom. This proofs one more time that war is indeed the solution to many of the problems of the modern world, including the total abolishment of outworn morality whose time of dominance is coming to an end. Thelemites have often been accused of being immoral largely due to the majority's ignorance of who we are and what we offer to humanity. There is nothing more foolish then to base one's own convictions on mere rumors without having all the facts. So, are Thelemites immoral? On the contrary, those who are called Thelemites have a very developed sense of morality that can only be understood by those who made Liber Legis the Rule of their Lives. Those who are of us are highly moral men and women who always strive to solve their moral situation in consideration to their own will and not according to some outdated slave code. The Law of Θελημα brings a new life to the true meaning of morality having realistic fresh approach towards the complexity of the right conduct always in the relation to the individual concerned thereby creating favorable conditions for mankind once again to flourish and attain the heights of its glory.

Thelemic Morality does not aim to enslave the individual but to make him free so that he may pursue whatever path he or she choses with confidence proofed by the constant joy of the work that he or she has made the right choice with the realization that anyone is at absolute liberty to alter their path to the greater or lesser degree always acting on intuition and not on the dead letter of some dogmatic code. The Law of Θελημα once again makes morality into a pragmatic guide of life that if followed through will give much profit to the one who wishes to lead a full, wise, productive and pure life. It resolves all the difficulties of moral conduct with natural ease and without any unnecessary over stress. It affirms that every man and every woman must be trusted to make their own decisions by themselves without being influenced or limited by any moral code that denies them the right to act as they deem to be fitting in any situation whatsoever.

Let us consider an example to demonstrate how easy anyone can resolve the most complex moral situation by the proper application of the Law of Θελημα. Imagine a country where majority has accepted The Book of the Law on political, social, spiritual and economic levels. Let us suppose that as a consequence of freedom of expression some architect decides it is his will to built a large statue of a man and a woman engaging in a sexual act and after obtaining the necessary permits builds & erects the statue in a public place. Obviously there are going to be some demonstrations against it on the part of the cursed religious population of that country who will be screaming and vomiting out their bullshit that according to their religious beliefs such a statue portraying naturally beautiful act is immoral. In the eyes of the Holy Law they will have their freedom of speech and may peacefully demonstrate as much as they want making their opinion known until they decide to take action and cause a violent riot in which let us say, they decide to break down the statue. In such a case they are in direct violation of the rights and freedom of other people who do not share their primitive beliefs. As such their own freedom of religion will be withdrawn immediately i.e. they will have no right to practice their accursed religions in this particular country unless they make a public apology. The solution is sane and in no way an insult to the intelligence and honor of a human being.

On the individual level a Thelemite will always base his decisions of what is moral and what is not in relation to his or her own will and no other. Suppose a woman loves two men and she does not know whom to marry as she has similar feelings for both. What is she to do? A woman who has not accepted the Law of Θελημα will in most cases under the influence of the Old Aeon morality sacrifice one for the sake of another and later often begins to question her own ability to make right choices being consumed by remorse and farther emotional turmoils as she begins to cheat on her husband. The regret of adultery will eventually drag her to serious problems. A Thelemite Woman on the other hand, proud and strong living her life according to The Book of the Law and who cares little for public opinion being too busy with doing her own will rather then listening to what others have to say about her behavior will either marry one man keeping the other as a lover or marry both and take her fill of love as and how she will experiencing full measure of joy and delight in both men. One may now begin to realize that Thelemic morality aims at making a human life into an unrestricted ray of pure joy. Was this not the original aim of morality before it became corrupted? Why should we built ourselves wet dungeons of slave codes when we may build magnificent palaces of freedom where we may spent our time on earth in leisure and marry making heroically exceeding the nations of the earth in splendour and pride. This makes us into a highly moral community; it is only that our morality as demonstrated above is so far superior to the old outworn common false morality that it is beyond the slightest comprehension of any safe those who find their natures harmonious to the concepts expressed in our holy writings.

Ye to accept The Book of the Law as a Rule of Life is only a preliminary stage to leading a truly high moral Thelemic lifestyle. One must accept our Holy Law at the same time exceed with all the persistence, vigor and force one is capable of in reverently executing the Holy Law to the letter doing one's own will and nothing else. Doing your will with only half a measure of your power will simply not do. One must grasp one's flaming sword in an act of defiance & vengeance and strike with all one's might the accursed idol of morality by one's acts that shall be as a witness to the possibility of yet greater freedom which brings learning experience of existence in pure joy in the infinite glory of one's own unique nature. To understand the true implications of Thelemic Morality one needs to apply it into practice and persist through years of experience. Thelemic Morality is always flexible and suitable to the unique character of every individual or a nation. It allows the freedom of evolution in any direction and in so doing it serves the True Purpose of Morality; to secure mankind's continual growth and prosperity unto the generations to come.

Love is the law, love under will