They shall gather my children into their fold: they shall bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of men.

Frater Aikkia-- A dedicated and respectful brother whose social exchange and demeanor have gained him a unique reputation in the Hierarchy.

Frater Apophis-- A brave and good man who shows absolutely no tendency toward Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. He has a talent for certain types of puzzles; not necessarily the Kabbalah.

Frater Ayin-- One of our oldest and dearest of Brothers; a true "man of earth" whose talent and intuition are combined in a manner where he can face Ordeal and emerge with triumph. With a Thelemic wife so psychically and spiritually beautiful as to humble the Gods; and an equally precious jewel of a daughter; we look with pride on this Brother who has held the Banner of Θελημα upon the mountains of fortitude.

Soror Babalon-- A woman so incredibly beautiful and intelligent that she startles the soul of the world; a Goddess incarnate and High Priestess of Nuit whose soul has been kissed by the Gods. A woman of strong pride and concentrated determination who we have always been proud to call Sister.

Frater Cheth-- With a natural talent for economics and a love for animals; and an even greater love for wine and woman; he is naturally a man who you never feel uncomfortable around; whose social talents are enchanted by a brilliant smile with a optimistic sparkle.

Frater Crom-- A Southern Gentleman whose sense of dignity and honor could only be an example to all. Very soft spoken and even tempered; whose instinct for social interchange has that "old South" and aristocratic demeanor.

Soror Emani -- Our beloved Sister in New York whose soul is on fire with life and ever aspiring to greater heights of initiation is truly a vital magician in the order. She carries with her a sensuality that has within its body wit and charm. Truly, a remarkable woman with vast potentials yet untapped in the deep reaches of her flaming soul. With a perfectly independent character; her demeanor is always a joy. Her grace is that of a youthful Goddess doing a divine dance to music of the universe as she hold eternity hostage for one, yea, one more adventure to explode into being as she marches through drama and divine joys of unleashing still another puzzle of phenomenal existence to the joy of all around her.

Frater Kep-Ra-Thoth -- His poetry was never taken seriously. After all, so many poets exist in the world what could possibly make his anything special? One of his poems alone did not impress. Yet, five of his poems together showed us an aspiration and strength that matched the most serious of aspirants. It was like an art gallery had been created as an expression of spiritual volition to read them all together. I state no more suffice to proclaim that although a guardian does not leave the threshold of the guarded shrine it is presumptuous to state that holding a station in a Hierarchy is stagnation.

Soror Lotus -- A woman of adventure with an incredible zeal for life. Her aspiration to unlock secret doors, explore unknown dimensions, awaken states of consiousness previous unknown. She shows an intellectual and spiritual curiousity that shall with time & aspiration on the Path bring an experience sprinkled delightly with wisdom.

Frater Nshyh -- As the executive manuscript consultant of Θελημα Publishing Outlet he is in charge of publications. A valuable asset to the Hierarchy whose Great Work includes Directorship in Society Ordo Templi Orientis. Clearly, he deserves much credit for his strength and dedication to the Great Work. With a large strong sword he shows an essence of self determination that has not gone unnoticed.

Soror P - A remarkable example of a sister whose ordeal have yet to match her initiation - and yet through all the tribulations and battle managed to retain a drop of aspiration in those dire times of testing. Some are born to endless night? Perhaps. Yet, the night of Nuit is also Infinite Possibility. For with the determination of aspiration yet another Guardian of Threshold is met and steps aside for the vision and the voice to speak a brand new day of insight.

Soror SAGE-- A women whose Great Work as a Priestess and a loyal Sister of the Order has made Us proud. Presently the High Priestess of a Lodge in North Carolina working with Frater N.

Soror Samekh -- In another lifetime perhaps she was a concubine dancer for a Caesar of the Roman Empire. Today, she incarnates again - where girt with a sword she has added Θελημα to her karma altering the motive of her dance where her movement forth is assured in her determined assertion to become more than a puppet of others will. Behold, when the dancer becomes the Queen surely her Kingdom shall be filled with bright torches and banquets of insights previously impossible.

Frater Shanti-- Perforce to praise a true brother; I am munificent (and possibly maudin) in stating that Frater Shanti has that rare perspicacity of discipline and aspiration. Truculent and with no little celerity of spirit - he reminds you of a knight or a patrician advancing toward spiritual goals most sublime and subtle. My ebullient outbursts concerning Frater Shanti future are not ill placed; and I envision this Brother for greatness as his Initiations unfold as my representative in Spain.

Frater Solomon -- An inquisitive aspirant with apparent clean and sincere aspiration; whose sense of good will is to be applauded. What would my advice be to such an honest and good man as he is the youngest that has entered our circle of late? I would explain to our young brother -- Frater Solomon, that in promulgating your esoteric cogitations, or articulating your superficial sentimentalities and amicable, philosophical or psychological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderosity. Let your conversational communications possess a clarified conciseness, a compacted comprehensibleness, coalescent consistency, and a concatenated cogency. Eschew all conglomerations of flatulent garrulity, jejune babblement, and asinine affectations. Let your extemporaneous descantings and unpremeditated expatiations have intelligibility and veracious vivacity, without rodomontade or thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid all polysyllabic profundity, pompous prolixity, psittaceous vacuity ventriloquial verbosity, and vaniloquent vapidity. Shun double-entendres, prurient jocosity, and pestiferous profanity, obscurant or apparent!! Clearly, Frater Cheth's exposition on his website here on should impart this wisdom in whiter words!

Soror Stella Vis -- Having that natural radiance of a someone with great sincerity and purpose we can only be impressed on her natural sense of adaption and civilized demeanor.

Soror Queen of Swords A women whose dress and demeanor are a delight at every encounter. We are proud to name her our beloved sister. Her smile, her wit, her intelligence and of course, her mansion with delights that are beyond imagination create a dance of life which never ends – and of course who would want it to? Do I love her with a burning heart? Why, of course I do!

Frater Thoth-- A dedicated and sincere aspirant strong and determined to investigate every aspect of the Great Work. His sense of self esteem and insightful ruach have made us proud of him; as he continues to write essays to awaken those mysteries within that are invoked by the energy of our Current. Certainly, a man with a bright future as the Path unfolds toward the purity and sanctity of Adepthood in the coming years.

Frater Zain-- Moving through social Circles like a CasaNova; he balances his various insights and experiences with presentations to the novice and the experienced with presentations that show unique insight. Moreover, he has stimulated interest in people who would of otherwise passed up the Great Work whereas the Golden Platter which he presents his culinary delights are always gourmet; with exotic flavor and carefully mixed with sublime spice.

Frater Zeus-- A delightful young man who loves beauty and art. His pleasantly inquisitive nature shows sublime tendencies toward new insights in fascinating areas of mysticism, magick and fresh intellectual pursuits.