A few insights on the Secret Society

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

With regards to secret societies you must realize that the best way to determine the goal and aspiration of its Hierarchy Grade System is to study what the highest grade or grades are. All those grades beneath the highest grades are simply steps to the initiating Great Awakening of the Master who began the Order. In the old days with secret societies, the Gods or the Secret Chiefs were given a supernal message to the Adept and Master who had Holy Task to expound the mystical mysteries to the multitudes. Naturally, claiming to be touch with the Secret Chiefs ordinarily created some havoc and especially if an Adept of an existing secret society demanded reformulation of the Grade System based on the new knowledge that came forth from the realm of the Supernal. Today the situation is somewhat altered where it has become fashionable to create a secret society whether the Gods or the Secret Chiefs delegated it by Authority or not.

The metaphysics of the transmission of Wand is a subject I won't go into right now suffice to state that it should be noted that a secret society is not always a magical organization but a magical organization is always a secret society. For the issue of persecution is always going to force the magical organization into some level of secrecy.

Love is the law, love under will

Animadversion towards the Aeon

 Liber V symbol
Written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

(Let it be noted that one open question is welcome after the reading of this essay; yet only after Liber V is practiced 718 times. Moreover, one question on this essay after each 718 practices of Liber V should be make me faintly convinced that the aspirant is serious about the sublime Manifestations of Our Current and the understanding thereof.)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The persistent problem magically which will arise with its dark and pessimist head is the problem of the Animadversion towards the Aeon. The symbol corresponding, by the way, was devised by the Master Therion-- and is the Sun Wand Pyramid which esoteric symbolism is only apparent to those who have aligned themselves properly to the 93 Current, so called and know magically what to do not making errors on documents while re scribing our more Holier Documents.

You must understand, that to be "of us" is to be more than intellectually acquainted with our writings; you must ignite those fires from the constant practice of Liber V to develop that spiritual awareness of Our existence.

Many intellectuals have come to us and have failed miserably by the lack of spiritual awareness magically of this vital point; and I do warn such aspirants directly that we cannot be fooled for long or easily.

Meditation on this vital point; shows us how reason is a lie from a different plane; but how intellectuals have such a tough go of it when they realize someone in the Order is magically superior to them; and yet intellectually inferior. Of course, this is completely ego based; whereas every man & every woman is a star; and if they persist the intellectual will learn to look deeper into the worth of that brother or sister who - at first - seemed so unworthy compared to his or her educational background.

Such psychological projection among intellectuals is a common obstacle; where the ego is actually a cloud to the truth of a star's grade and worth. Well, there is no particular practice for this problem aside from the one hinted at above; and experience takes time and concentration. In addition, there are those who are not of us; no matter how much magick they work; nor how much they study Our Holy Books. In such cases, they have deep scars in the depths of their being from childhood torture; or karmic handicaps or even being in the wrong part of the universe at the right time & aligning themselves to a magical current that "resembles" us but is not quite of us.

As I explained to a brother at a Summer Solstice Feast; there are those who have ''issues'' and only need to work out the ordeal in short time; and there are those who have ''psychological nightmares'' who may not work there problems out in this lifetime.

Thus far; have I lectured on the subtle problems associated with the "Animadversion towards the Aeon" and this essay should be read in conjunction with my essay on the magical motto.

Love is the law, love under will

Adjustment of the Schools of Thought

Our conceptions are very strict and definite. We hate anything that looks like knowledge and isn't.
A quote from Karl Germer, Master of the Temple    1.
 Beast Seal
written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It should not come as a surprise to mystics that only one major spiritual experience is enough for an entire school of thought to become reformulated. Initiations - they come along the Path - some sublime that percolate its magick into your being from constant practice and others which a group initiation ceremony has actually directed the attention of your True Will through bud-will manifestations. Sooner or later that which you awakened with your magick will eventually arise - and surprises are constant on the Path of the True Initiate.

You must realize that an essay (even the shorter versions) are magical talismans that will have a positive effect on the Will of your Path - and when you have done as I have done haven written hundreds of them some of them will arise as gems that will become more and more important to develop as a school of thought. With a doubt, several essays have resulted in correspondence where I had deleted them publicly decided it was best to present them again where a student or interested party would inform me that it was important in a manner that I did not see. Such was the case of my essay on titles and my essay called the Dawn of Magick - which in the case of the latter I realized that I truly needed to emphasize its vital importance. The essay has been my method of expressing my latest insights, magical gestures and aspirations. You must realize that such new insights setting dormant in your magical diary will NOT assist others - and it is best to express yourself to develop yourself. I recommend the essay for all aspirants.

Well, it is May 29th, An CXI 2014 e.v. (8:31 a:m the number of the phallus) as I write this and some of my newer essays have taken an unexpected direction. My discovery that certain Yoga exercises are best avoided that will hinder the true and real Cosmic Consciousness from Liber Nu and Liber Had might come as a real surprise to those who haven't had any spiritual experiences from either those Liberi or your chosen Adoration Unto Nuit. I reiterate that an important spiritual experience will almost instantly have its recoil, adjustment, and real changes with regards to the direction that you take in your teachings to those who exist within your Garden or instructions will be adjusted to make it easier for the disciple to avoid those infatuations of dogma to obsess them on the Path. All this must seem most mind boggling for the Eastern Gurus that one moment I am ebullient toward a balance with Yoga and Magick and the next moment I am alerting everyone to some of the meditations being crapulous and dead Aeon! In apparent bewilderment to those outside My Circle I have the audacity to tell the world that certain perceptions can only be truly comprehended in their true light by Thelemites! My word, that fellow surely must have developed a nasty temper in some black magick experiment, don't you think?

Yesterday was a good day where I secretly passed on two magical secrets to a new Sister of the Order who it would be inappropriate to name publicly. Yet, what I passed on to her was passed on to Me - and the Mantra that plants the seeds of infinity and the technique of building a magical fortress as a refuge was given to her that she would be given a secret magical seed that might very well flower into a Tree of Life. It is with real satisfaction to pass magical secrets on to the young apprentice - knowing that the Path ahead might be eased with proper technique of magick geared toward a future filled with supernal stars.

With regards to those blares and shaking of fists at the Eastern Gurus who I have tried to expose as having method with contradictions to the true, real Cosmic Consciousness you must perceive it all with true clarity of mind as I try to alert aspirants of Our Path to real dangers that will occur if those Eastern Gurus are permitted to lie without objections. Such objections did not exist until I actually had a major experience where previously I lived in darkness with regards to the Supernal Ecstasy of the Stars.

Well, what's next you might exclaim? I can only answer that more surprises are coming - and I really do not know what they are. No doubt, this is the glory of the Path where the adventure of the path with regards to insights and magical powers will always take a surprising turn or twist that the concept of Change being Stability will be seen in its true light.

Love is the law, love under will

1.    For historical purposes I should state that this quote by the Master Karl Germer was in a letter dated April 24, 1953 e.v. written to Marcelo Motta. This being the second letter to Marcelo Motta the Master Karl Germer in His subtle wisdom was already giving preliminaries for His new disciple. Karl Germer, after you study his many correspondences has continued to astound me by his training of my Teacher, Mr. Motta so many years ago. In so many, many of His letters he will state more than instruction at once and his instruction on magick was always the Higher Magick of a true Master. Right up to his greater feast Karl Germer instructed Marcelo Motta in his profound and subtle manner where he quoted Liber 418 on the Bee. Such was the incredible grace of a true Master who trained his pupil in those details which in turn created a Flower in His Garden. Of course, we all know now who trained Karl Germer for so many years in magick - and Karl Germer goes down in Our history as a most remarkable Initiate who suffered some of the most horrible ordeals by the Nazis and healed Himself by His magick only to return from his tortures such were so severe as to break lesser men.

Lesson on the Creation of a Talisman


written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The above symbol should be studied. For those who have a will to improve their skills with the creation of Talismans I will duly elaborate on some vital aspects of how this particular talisman is to be perceived.

It should be noted that I wanted something that would give the symbolism of Babalon giving birth from Her Womb those magical children of the Aeon. You will note that the children coming forth from the symbol of Babalon - here given as a Moon - are newly formed stars having some emphasis on the symbolism of Yod where the shape of the children are seen.

Now the symbolism of Babalon as Moon who gives birth to children becoming Hadit Unto Nuit is clearly noted. The Crown at the top of the talisman is a Crown which is an important symbol in this particular talisman as the Crowned & Conquering Child being born - and also the symbol of Kether, and humanity as True Elites who are Unto Nuit.

It should be especially noted that the two hands are an Adoration Unto Nuit and simultaneously Babalon giving forth Her children from Her Womb. On the bottom of the talisman we have the basis of our Talisman which is two Hawk heads facing left and right symbolism - this after all, is the Aeon of Horus - the basis totality of our Great Work and the New Aeon - and further hinting at the double wand of power.

Having given a lesson of a talisman that is balanced and has many meanings as those who would become more and more adept with Liber 777 I leave it up to the ingenuity of the aspirant to use it for meditation or even use on a Thelemic website where such a study of such carefully prepared creations have those symbols which are a learning experience with regards to development of the skills of the creation of talismans.

Love is the law, love under will