Drills in the Kabbalah

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These drills are for the improvement of the Kabbalah

This is a learning tool for learning correspondences. Confer Liber 777

I'll make a magician and exorcist out of you yet!! After perfection from this tool, practice building rituals from Liber 777.

The Kabbalah is an important part of the western esoteric system. Google search western esoteric system for information.

What is the that corresponds to ?

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The example of ritual building using Liber 777 is in Liber 0, section II, line 2 shows you how well you must know the correspondences. In this example in Liber 0 the ritual build is knowledge of sciences. Clearly, from this example you will perceive how important the above drill is. Let's say you are being tested by your A∴A∴ Instructor with the process and he or she asks you to name fifteen items you would need for a Ceremony for Ahathoor, the Goddess of love. Now, you should be able to name the incense, how the magical circle is to be painted, what robe to wear, what colors correspond, what names or symbols to paint on your circle, and so forth.