The Doorway to the Ancient Temple

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I gave away two of my hand made wands at the Spring Feast to two new aspirants. Naturally, I fill them with magick to get the novice started with magical work or gesture. As a consequence of doing this I will elaborate somewhat on my thoughts of making my wands. I never show them publicly nor do I sell them. On occasion, I give one or two away for magical work.

As everybody knows I have all those tools for wood carving that I use to make my own magick wands. I use the skew chisel to create indent ridges. I use straight V tool to cut into tough knots in preparation to use the short bent gouge to carefully even the surface of the wand. The long bent gouge you should realize are for the bigger knots. I have that mean & terrible straight gouge for working out some of the severe bumps in the surface wood. The gouge tools are also good for creating a crevice at the top of the wand to fit a jewel. It is easily done by pouring some super glue into the crevice and setting the jewel into the equally matching gouged crevice.

Woodcarvers always exchange the wood crafting tools depending on what is needed for the design of the wand, of course. I simply have a vision as I tinker with it trying to get it smooth enough to get it even smoother with my electric sander. I use the electric sanders that are used for toy making which are available in a few hardware stores and if you have troubles finding one of these smaller sanders you can always find one for a song and dance on line.

As a maker of wands I am a keeper of the wands so I always have quite a number of them if someone comes along that I happen to have the will to give as a gift. I should reiterate that none of them are for sale at any price.

My rule is when I set off into the wooded area I will not, I repeat I will not cut from a living tree. I want my wands to be karma free of such sacrifice. If wind the has blown a branch to the ground it is not my karma to take that branch. I peel its bark in preparation for its transformation as a symbol of volition. Ancient magic books sometimes tell you to cut from a living branch. As far as I'm concerned it is my opinion that it is when viewed from the perspective of karma it is black magick to cut from a living branch so I will not do it.

After the bark is peeled, the surfaced is cleansed any dirt, and the tools have made it ready for sanding I sand it & prepare my paints. One of my main wands which has a cone pyramid on its end from a metaphysical shop in Arizona I used oil paint. Yet, this takes some so much time to dry that I rarely use oil paint anymore. Now, mixing a infinitesimal amount of incense in the paint corresponding to the operation you need only go to Liber 777 to refreshen your memory on what this or that wand is for.

Simply painting the entire wand white and painting Thelema in Greek is a standard wand unless you are creating specialized wands for specialized magical gestures.

This ends today's lecture on making wands with wood. Making them out of copper as in Liber A you need only go to the hardware store and have them saw you the copper pipe length required and after that creating a copper ש with thick copper wire. It is duly noted that it does not specify a ש which is ordinarily used but a "triple flame of gold". You need only note the cost of gold for an ounce to see why copper is used.

Love is the law, love under will

Insights on the History of Magick

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

In the 200,000 years of humanity's existence we have only 10,000 years of history. Prior to the approximate end of the ice age we have only bones that confirm that we existed and no real history of any advanced civilization prior to that time.

How curious it is that when scholars write a history of magick they can never give us the real story. What we have is what is officially recorded in history.

It seems to me that we humans have destroyed our own civilizations at an alarming rate even in the 10,000 years of recorded history. There had to of been civilizations at least as advanced as ancient Egypt prior the ice age. What does this mean? Well, it means that humanity is missing 190,000 years of civilization where we might of even reached the stars. For all we know, some civilization here on earth might of seen the coming of the ice age or any number of natural disaster and decided that the earth was ending leaving in spacecraft.

What's this? Historians are telling us we went 190,000 years before we invented farming? Well, they only discovered the evidence of farming for humans 10,000 years ago. So I am supposed to accept this theory that we were hunters and gathers for 190,000 years? My word, that does seem to have holes or breaches in the overall deduction!!

No doubt, such an idea as ancient astronauts is fascinating and covered in science fiction movies.

Yet, another theory is now available from a school of thought in the main overlooked.

Something is missing from the human race. Something that once was and can be brought forth and invoked by pragmatic method.

I propose a new perception to everyone. That it is possible to awaken 200,000 years of latent magical powers and to have power or abilities beyond the wildest dreams of the occult novel.

The Book of the Law is clearly in touch with the reality of our species. Not only does it answer important questions about those veils that we have that lie about what we are but offer solutions to survival of civilization, awakening of the magical powers and initiation.

As for what exists with regards to magical abilities or powers you must realize that the variant of inquisitions throughout the centuries have made the DNA of magicians recessive in humanity. We cannot find those 190,000 years of missing history, now can we? Well, think again. For our DNA and awakening it is clearly another matter to consider.

Love is the law, love under will

(I'm positively leaking insights this morning. I dare say it most certainly must be the Pennsylvanian air.)

Where is My civilization now?

Where is My civilization now? Now longer doth the Priestess of the Hawk God guard the Temple of Isis upon the birth of the child of the city.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I have been meditating of late on what the Book of the Law does to world civilization. The vision I have had is one of great glory. However, some changes will be coming as the 93 Current being a real spiritual supernal magical current eliminates everything that hasn't been purged by the prophet so the knowledge will go aright.

How curious it is that those writings by A.C. are the only relevant method of Yoga. After all, without the shifting out of the crapulous creeds of Yoga it is nothing more than a cursed creed of the Indian. In addition, Yoga isn't mentioned in the Book of the Law. The word "magician" does and it isn't spelled with a "k".

In terms of the highest spiritual trance and even higher than the Eastern Gurus we have Liber Nu and Liber Had which is the true cosmic consciousness. No trance from the east can match the omnipresence of Her Body or the consciousness of the continuity of existence.

The chakras? Bah!! They are sealed up in Liber V and Our triangle is in Our Circle!!! As a consequence of a Guru from India calling Me an evil sorcerer maneuvering for power I make this statement knowing that I never back down from this type of confrontation. I would just as soon blast him into the Qliphoth of malkuth of yesod of tipareth of kether where he would devoured by the twin demons who fight for eternity as to look at him!! Why, those Eastern Gurus from India come here from India and pollute the minds of mystics by their crapulous creeds! They are not of Me!

The Curses in the Book of the Law are at least partially a key on what magical currents of the slave gods will eliminate what creeds as the glory of the 93 Current cleanses world civilization of its great impurity.

All the Nations of the earth will know the deadly impact of the awakening of our magick as the 93 Current gets stronger and stronger.

Since I accepted the Law of Θελημα (should be in Greek to not change the style of a letter) in 1972 e.v. I have been growing with insights and those insights are a direct consequence of the sublime initiation of the 93 Current.

As for the Eastern Gurus in India and their cursed creeds I really never saw the sense of blanking out pain by mediation so you could sleep on a bed of nails.

I do see a greater vision with the words "beds of purple".

For those who are interested in the essay that was read by the Eastern Guru from India it is the one I called "The Call to the Path of Darkness".

Love is the law, love under will

Rosetta Stone Documents

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

For those interested in what is a Rosetta Stone Document in the Equinox Volume One which consists of ten volumes and the Blue Equinox you must individually meditate deeply on this important point. The point being, that the Master Therion meant for the occult knowledge in these volumes to be preserved wherein he anticipated world civilization to have the same transition of the loss of knowledge from the previous Equinox of the Gods as the Goddess Isis left the Throne of Ra and Asar took the ancient Throne. In 1904 e.v the world was destroyed by fire when Ra - Hoor - Khuit took the Throne of Ra. The Master Therion knew this and those volumes of the Equinox were meant to preserve occult knowledge where He saw what occurred in the past would more than likely reiterate its manifestation.

You must deliberate by your own spiritual will and growth what is useful for us in these eleven volumes.

It is otherwise an important insight to proclaim that by the time the initiate makes it to Adept Exempt an entirely new school of thought is part of the Oath & Task of the Grade. This school of thought is both a blind and a method of tending of the Garden of the M.T. but this is too involved to go into right now and I must concentrate on the point of this message. A failed Probationer by the name of Israel Regardie printed the Oaths & Tasks that he got his paws on in a book called the Gems from the Equinox but the Oaths & Tasks of the higher grades are preserved by Lineage. So I cannot elaborate more on this than this save to My most loyal in My Garden.

My real point being, old Aeon documents in those old Equinoxes are going to be invaluable to understand how the metaphysics of the Aeon of Asar is in contradistinction to the Aeon of Horus.

With the coming the personal computer and so many who have on line books instead of printed books you take your chances if you do not have them in your private library.

Meditate on how much was destroyed with the transition of the last Equinox of the Gods and you will be astounded at entire civilizations and centuries of knowledge were burnt to the ground to vanish forever.

Bearing all this in mind it should be otherwise important to have these old volumes of the Equinox so you can decide for yourself what your will is with regards to what is an old Aeon rosetta stone document and valuable for your path.

Love is the law, love under will