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Every man and every woman is a star.

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Greetings to all Thelemites

Frater ועד

Thou art exhaust in the voluptuous fullness of the inspiration; the expiration is sweeter than death, more rapid and laughterful than a caress of Hell's own worm.

Talk not overmuch
as integral to Communication

(An Exposition Concerning the Art
which is called Communication)

Written by Frater ח aka Frater ועד

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Consider if you will a point of consciousness with a unique perception of its own Universe, contiguous at parts with many other unique points, connected to them by gossamer threads, the whole pattern manifesting as the Starry Firmament, the Circle whose circumference is never found.  This point can only see itself through reflection, through the light shed upon it by the other points which surround it.

Indeed, even to see this pattern One must have the ability to step outside the boundaries of oneself; and then the 'I' finds itself to be 'non-existent' for what the Jews call 61, אינ (AIN), Nothing, the First veil of the Negative which shrouds the Tree of Life is also, אני (ANI), I, myself.  And yet this is Hadit unto Nuit, for 61 is also, אליד (ALID), towards, to thee, so אני אליד אינ י (ANI ALID AIN I) (go) Towards Nothing. And This is a Formula of Old, which leads to that which Aiwass dictated to the Prophet: 8, 80, 418, as an equivalent. For to achieve Knowledge and Conversation is to manifest the Higher Self, to have become Adept at equilibrating the forces which buffet the Initiate (Indeed Tipareth has 8 Paths to it, only the Kingdom is not an influence - But One has already passed through Malkuth to get to Yesod!).

In this the Four Powers of the Sphinx are vital: To Know, to Will, to Dare, and to Keep Silence.

What then of 8? 8 is אבה (ABH) To Will, and דד (DD), Love. This equivalence then provides the formula of Love under Will, and as 8 is also באה (BAH), an entrance, then love under will is a gateway to 80.  80 is ועד (VOD), Union, Assembly, and also יסוד (JSOD), the Foundation, and so in יסוד (JSOD) is the beginning of Union, and 80 is also כלל (KLL), Universal, then from love under will comes 418 ABRAHADABRA, the Word of the Aeon, representing the Union of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, the Great Work complete.

For it is written in Liber AL III:42 .. talk not overmuch .. and to talk is one form of communication, which is to commune, to conjoin, to unite, and so Nuit, from whence we come and again the ending of the Path and so remember This, for communication is a form of Love Under Will and so the Divided are given the chance to Unite! Separate the planes. Social relationships have different strictures, and the Initiate must take care to avoid confusion of the planes when a social relationship also exists between members of the Order. The Initiate learns to separate the free form of a personal relationship with the Discipline of the Society.

And there is a special consideration when the communication is within group work such as the O.T.O.. For gossip is a poison, a part of the mechanical current, and can lead to interference with the Great Work (Restriction unto Chronozon en la nomine BABALON). In the Hierarchy of the O.T.O., an Order is expressed, and expected to be carried out without regards to the Ego of the member (see the essay on Thelemic Discipline). Only the information essential to the performance of the task needs be communicated, and only clarification needs questioning. The Initiate will best perform when the Inner Voice is speaking, in accordance with their True Will. Talk not overmuch (maintain the Assumption of Hoor-pa-kraat), Remember the 4th Power of the Sphinx as essential to Discipline! What is not said can be as important as what is spoken. The serious student will recognize Liber III vel Jugorum as an excellent means of instilling self-discipline; for self-discipline is an essential prerequisite to the Discipline that Communication requires.

Love is the law, love under will