An Array of Essay

A Message to the Weary Aspirant

Written by David Bersson

Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an ever-lengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.
Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

In another essay I will expound how I happened upon my zealous interest with magick and initiation, and relate the influence of family and tradition, but for this essay I will clarify the consequences of my decisions to will what I have willed and aligned this will to a Greater Will and used this as a Weapon and Banner of what my spiritual life is to be.

So many years have passed now since I first began my Holy Trek into the mystical arts, and magick in particular. I will now expound to the wavering or serious pilgrim how to establish themselves properly with the preliminary work.

Yet, the preliminary work means the will and discipline. This will and discipline cannot be seriously adhered without, firstly the spiritual aspiration and second the proper attitude. When the first and the second are clearly established the proper zeal and motivation for a lifetime of the Great Work can be calmly and with steadfast zeal be established.

So many students simply drop out without any consideration to the above. The main vampire and Guardian of the Threshold is other items and circumstances or ordeal will deaden a perfectly pure spirit from persisting unto to the end, and attaining that so unreal perception that we have come to name "Initiation".

Such a pitfall as the improper person to marry, or the pain and suffering of financial distress or in the case of a Hierarchy, a misunderstanding of the Hierarchic Superior; I have personally seen quite a few aspirants fall from their original honest and clean aspirations.

For those who have read my theories of the origin of magick they will see that the Great Work to return to the magick, and therefore the true initiations which resulted in the evolution of our species as added motivation for the Work ahead.

On a more "opti-mystic" note , (if you'll pardon the pun, and even if you don't), I will state that that it surprised me that many aspirants stay years with the Order to be among those of like blood, and find that they enjoy Our Company so much that they actually participate and grow with a Brotherhood or Sisterhood that takes a direction with their initiation that can only be admired. Such beautiful flowers are ordinarily given positions of authority in Our Temples to assist others to be inspired to the true meaning on the Plane of Disks of "being of us".

Our goals are very definite and at the same time we adhere to the "method of science" where at any time We reserve the Right to slightly or greatly alter our Course in accordance with the necessity of scientific discovery or evolution.

So I give this message to the aspirant that is beginning his or her path or the brother or sister who is having that Ordeal which may be crucial for his or her future.

Arise from your Ordeal, o weary aspirant, for the beauty and excitement of the Great Work has flames so strong that it will turn to ashes those moments of doubt.

Love is the law, love under will

Adoration Unto Nuit

O my beloved Goddess, I love Thee. I am the winged secret flame unto Thee.
Bend Upon thy servant and impart Thy kisses
I am always Unto Thee, Nuit. Let me awaken to Thy ecstasy; that I might know the omnipresence of your Body.
Let the world be regenerated; for I love you Nuit, my beloved Goddess!

The Dawn of Magick

Written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Before beginning a synopsis of this theory let me first state that I do not necessarily agree that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is complete. I challenge scientists to prove that the following theory of evolution is either more valid or should be given serious consideration of being assimilated. Selection as Darwin set down his theories creates a more efficient animal, granted, but it does not necessarily create an intelligent life form that can balance perception on many planes of existence.

My theories on magick and cave man are now outlined for the world to ponder. Let scientists in all walks of life be challenged by a new perception which if even partially proved correct will change the direction of scientific research and evolution forever.

No doubt, a cave man who had clairvoyance would be alerted to danger quicker than the cave man who did not and therefore would survive. Yet proof of the existence of clairvoyance itself is still viewed as mere superstition. My essay on MAGICK AND MACHINES was not only meant as a warning but an inspiration to others to continue scientific research along the lines of magick. Apparently, I have not as yet been able to make clear my point of its importance to the proper people.

I must further point out, no other members of the animal kingdom evolved into the equivalent of homo sapiens. My theories of early man's use of magick seems to be the only factor that can reasonably support such rapid evolution.

I am deducing from the present how the distant past looked. This theory may only be proved by magicians (who are also scientists) who have stepped upon and gained initiation on the Western Esoteric Path. I realize this statement may be viewed on with extreme disenchantment. Yet the fact remains that the lens must be made clear before the specimen can be viewed clearly on the microscope. How can a profane see anything such as this when initiation has not occurred. I present this theory knowing that very few scientists are formally trained in magick.

In the dawn of time, when man was not yet man, meaning his ruach, nephesh and neshemah had not yet been altered by racial initiation man-creature lived in the caves to avoid the predators. He drew sigils, coherent and incoherent in the sand, the rock and on animal skin. In time, a man-creature created a drawing of an animal. No one can say whether this drawing was in the dirt, sand, animal skin or cave wall. All we can deduce that the motive for the drawing was a product of hunger or desire or even idle play. Herein was the beginning of talismanic magick. The deer ( we'll say for hypothesis sake) was drawn in the dirt to make that deer appear in the hunt. Of course, the man-creature would focus on the deer, kill the deer and bring it home. The man-creature would come home to the cave, see the picture of the deer, look at the deer he had captured and killed. He would be very pleased that his new strong magick had worked. Of course, the man-creature had no way of knowing that the forest was filled with deer and it wasn't the deer he had drawn but his skill as a hunter. Nevertheless, the man-creature REPEATED it thinking it was working. And he did this and other forms of magick over THOUSANDS, perhaps millions of years.

The hunter had become the sorcerer using his magick to get his prey. Now lets go 50,000 years further in time. (once again, we do not know that it was 50,000 years, it may of been more. Yet we can deduce thousands of years of primitive magick in many directions established a difference in the manner which the man-creature viewed the planes of perception.) Now consider of this, if you repeat something often, the general rule is you will become good at it. In fact, you will develop "byways" or pathways within your being to make it occur to perfection. (The game of pool is impossible for the novice and a matter of warming up for the expert) Therefore it is no longer a matter of whether magick is real, the question is how many times do I have to repeat the ritual before I acquire that knack and the energy begins to flow. How many thousands of years did man-creature do magick over and over and over? What changes did this create in his being?

The man-creature had become a homo sapiens with the same basic environment. Why did the man-creature evolve and not other creatures around him? Why does the man-creature no longer need all fours?

My deduction has no other logic to follow. The use of magick by the man-creature made him evolve into another species. We call that species today the homo sapiens. Intriguing how initiation and evolution are exchanged as concepts. For it is true. Man-creature created a talisman that developed a dramatic ritual, that of himself creating the scenario of succeeding in his hunt, energizing it and following through with it. The abstraction of symbol manifested into the plane of disk reality. The abstraction of two realities created the union of energy that began the early ruach. Neshamah was created by the man-creature thanking the Gods by looking up. The man-creature was manifesting energy by the talismanic magick and looking upward to see if the energy wasn't a gift from the Gods. The man-creature's polarity shifted when trying to attune upward to stellar radiation and to tap into his Gods. This manifested energy made man begin to walk upright. This would mean what we have named "Kundalini" is a left over manifestation of excess energy from that very process of evolution that our distant ancestors experienced with the Great Initiation of evolving into homo sapiens.

I further profess that magick will evolve homo sapiens into the next species.

I call upon scientists who have studied and practiced magick from the point of view of "the method of science" to study the above theories as a unique and important direction of research.

Love is the law, love under will

Animadversion towards the Aeon

Sun Wand

Written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The persistent problem magically which will arise with its dark and pessimist head is the problem of the Animadversion towards the Aeon. The symbol corresponding, by the way, was devised by the Master Therion-- and is the Sun Wand Pyramid which esoteric symbolism is only apparent to those who have aligned themselves properly to the 93 Current, so called and know magically what to do not making errors on documents while re scribing our more Holier Documents.

You must understand, that to be "of us" is to be more than intellectually acquainted with our writings; you must ignite those fires from the constant practice of Liber V to develop that spiritual awareness of Our existence.

Many intellectuals have come to us and have failed miserably by the lack of spiritual awareness magically of this vital point; and I do warn such aspirants directly that we cannot be fooled for long or easily.

Meditation on this vital point; shows us how reason is a lie from a different plane; but how intellectuals have such a tough go of it when they realize someone in the Order is magically superior to them; and yet intellectually inferior. Meditate on this intriguing point, that someone in the Order might observe another to be artistically advanced but magically incompetent. Meditate on this bizarre perception that someone might find someone in the Order that is incredibly talented in a direction that is impossible for other than genius and yet can't find a decent paying job. Of course, with the first observation mentioned this is completely ego based; whereas every man & every woman is a star; and if they persist the intellectual will learn to look deeper into the worth of that brother or sister who-- at first-- seemed so unworthy compared to his or her educational background. Yet nothing observed will fit your immediate, bias perception of what an Initiate is going to be like who has become aligned with Our Magical Current & armed at all points for the battle of his or her true will. For the true will of each person might be something you cannot deduce without the real communication that is possible among such Adepts – and they really have no particular motive to expound it all to you unless you are teacher or student as a direct Immediate Superior or Immediate Inferior.

Be that as it may, you can tell by magical signs (most of the time) whether this or that person has the magick of the Aeon manifested & those impulses that would cause error from improper alignment will be clearly shown over time.

Such psychological projection among intellectuals is a common obstacle; where the ego is actually a cloud to the truth of a star's grade and worth. Well, there is no particular practice for this problem aside from the one hinted at above; and experience takes time and concentration. In addition, there are those who are not of us; no matter how much magick they work; nor how much they study Our Holy Books. In such cases, they have deep scars in the depths of their being from childhood torture; or karmic handicaps or even being in the wrong part of the universe at the right time & aligning themselves to a magical current that ''resembles'' us but is not quite of us.

As I explained to a brother at a Summer Solstice Feast; there are those who have ''issues'' and only need to work out the ordeal in short time; and there are those who have ''psychological nightmares'' who may not work there problems out in this lifetime.

Thus far; have I lectured on the subtle problems associated with the '' Animadversion towards the Aeon'' and this essay should be read in conjunction with my essay on the magical motto.

Love is the law, love under will

After meditating carefully on this essay I realize I should relate an interesting event that occurred in Nashville Tennessee. An aspirant of the Order who it is best not to name names was working on putting together the magical gesture of publishing and had found out to have made some errors in his duties as a scribe with regards to copying the text as the text was written. This aspirant wrote Mr. Motta back apologizing for his error and exclaimed that he would use Liber III to attempt to show a greater discipline. Mr. Motta's letter surprised us. He told this aspirant that Liber III would do not good since this involved a problem with the Animadversion towards the Aeon. This was an extremely important lesson for me.


Written by David Bersson

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
A quote by Judy Garland

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

A point of view can be as elementary as a casual speculation or as intricate as an entire school of thought. The following quote by the Master Therion shows He encouraged open research and originality. This is from Magick in Theory & Practice; the Chapter on the ASTRAL PLANE. Such a position will only dissuade dogma.

"The Magician must not accept the Master Therion's account of the Astral Plane, His Qabalistic discoveries, His instructions in Magick. They may be correct in the main for most people; yet they cannot be wholly true for any save Him, even as no two artists can make identical pictures of the same subject"

As always, the Book of the Law sets us straight when we are unsure on the Path to take for our will. And the first line of verse 32 of Chapter I exclaims:
Obey my prophet!

We then see that to obey our prophet one can look deeply into the above quote from Magick in Theory & Practice. It tells us precisely how to follow out the ordeals of his knowledge. We are told to follow out the ordeals of his knowledge and then in verse 34 we are not told the ordeals. For everyone who follows his own will follows His Path and unique ordeals unfold.

Those who have read the Master Therion's published and unpublished works for many years will recognize a very interesting pattern. The Master Therion has laid groundwork for a lot of research; but in the direction of His own particular school of thought. As it is turning out, other varieties of Thelemites are beginning to surface. A few do not read the Master Therion at all but accept the Book of the Law without any need for any commentary but those idiosyncrasies of experience that have been awakened from their own private perceptions of its lines.

The Master Therion gives us a lot of information. Some of it completely blinds you toward direct insights from the Book of the Law. And yet, all his material was rather like a commentary of the Law. A lifetime of blinds and magical insights geared for many planes of existence. All of it is groundwork for originality and new points of view.

What are Thelemites like who do not want to follow the Path of the O.T.O. or A∴A∴ and yet claim they have dedicated their lives to the Great Work? Such a question in the seventies registered a blank stare from Initiates. Now we are approaching the hundredth year of the Aeon of Horus, our diversification and variety has surprised and stunned us. Marcelo Motta is an excellent example of a pioneer in new perceptions toward Thelemic thought. The publication of his Commentaries of AL in 1976 e.v. has lead to thought provoking perceptions that dare to show how an entire new school of thought arose from a Master's meditations. One critic tried to state he had ruthlessly edited his version of the Commentaries of AL. This, of course, was written by a jealous rival who could not see the forest for the trees. This person could not see any specific school of thought different from the Master Therions. Did this person fear that change would harm the work? A typical black brother attitude. I see Marcelo Motta's original works and proclaim how his writings can only encourage such innovative research and insight to further our cause for more new, exciting material in the splendid world of initiatic research.

And we have other magical orders springing up on occasion who have different Grade structure, different ritual and a different constitution. All this means a greater variety of points of view where we can abide in an open forest of new possibility.

One insight or concept can eventually lead to the equation of ones point of view. On an individual note, I have been astounded at how lucid an insight will seem to Me that has arisen being it is a natural consequence of my unfolding. At the same time when I reveal such an insight to others the result is surprise and sometimes confusion. My personal point of view comes from fidelity to my Oaths, my Aspirations and my will to inflame & further my Great Work. I recollect, (with no little amusement, mind you), the first time I endeavored to share with others the perception that I had experienced Trances (note upper case T) that the Master Therion did not mention in LITTLE ESSAYS TOWARDS TRUTH (Nor anywhere, I might add). And yet it should be not be such a shock that a list of Thelemic Trances on the Path are going to be quite extensive as the method of science is utilized for our Great Work.

We must be ready for any point of view. It is essential that we view new approaches to the Path with calm, clear scientific expectations. It must not startle the aspirant if a stranger emerges from the wilderness of the experience of his Path and explains to us a perception where he sees our perception of the Holy Guardian Angel as too Daoistic in essence for his particular nature. What of a Thelemite who refuses to see Adonai as anything but clever Apep attempting to maneuver mankind into bringing His Cult back into being. Or another who might see a Royal Family emerge from the insights in the Book of the Law? Verily, the future will show us points of view that have as yet not even been conceived of; in this unique and beautiful time we call the Aeon of Horus.

Therefore listen carefully to your brother Thelemite's insights of the Path. His strange insight, which you are tempted to snicker at today, may be tomorrow the tip of the iceberg of an entire school of thought that enhances and enlightens the entire Thelemic Community.

Love is the law, love under will

Energy, Hierarchy and Relationship

Written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Now consider of this; it is practical to know when energy is being wasted. I have a will in a certain direction; and goals for that will to be accomplished. I know that Initiation is a magical operation that is going take energy; and that my very sex act will waste that energy unless it too is a magical operation unto Nuit.

Now consider of this; when my students are having an affair; even if that relationship is with another member of the Order; I will try to point out to them that they only have a certain amount of energy to expend; and they must be careful that the relationship does not degenerate into a situation where either party involved is becoming a vampire to either party.

Now consider of this; I have actually seen the situation become so demonic with two students that I have ordered them to cut the relationship short or I would cut with them. I have only seen the need to do this a handful of times; and a simple warning is usually enough for them to adjust the relationship where each party is "aware" of each other. If I have given a hint to one party showing real spiritual aspiration; and the other one is simply oblivious to the others will; I will then warn the one who is simply using the other that I do not like the relationship.

Now consider of this; if the person I warned uses proper introspection and backs away from the relationship; the relationship will naturally adjust itself. Each party will go away from each other with the experience that their attempt to create a Thelemic Relationship did not work. The person who backed away now knows that she or he was a vampire in that union; and should seriously consider mounting the horse again to ride again forth to another relationship.

Having considered the above; consider my first paragraph yet again where I touched upon energy that is wasted in a relationship. I must also touch upon people in authority under me working under the magical strain of a nation. Until the Hierarchy is built properly where the energy suffers no major leak; the person in authority cannot engage a serious relationship without serious damage to his growth. The expenditure of energy will be too much for even the strongest man; and the person will fail miserably to build a movement on a national level. In such a case; the problem is resolved in two ways; firstly by having a casual relationship instead of a serious relationship until the magick is sufficiently strong for the magical strain to be relaxed; and second by having more than one authority building a Hierarchy in that particular nation. From the Supreme Authority's point of view these two guidelines have a very special bonus; for one of the delegated authorities can now be promoted who does the best job building one of the parallel Hierarchies.

Well, I must close this tract by stating that a magical Hierarchy has its rules; and when you adhere to them; it is a very efficient talisman to compensate, direct and naturally balance pure energy.

Verily, so many are there "secrets" to its success that occult fraternities have kept them "sub rosa" and bound by threatening oaths. Although, I am the exception this rule; having no real oaths to keep it all secret; I will still point out that this essay is a mere outer circle hint of wonders written by someone who knows that it would be useless to elaborate further without the hands on experience that will be necessary to manifest and make sensible decisions on the real solutions to energy, Hierarchy and relationship.

Love is the law, love under will

Scientific Illuminism as a key to the next step in evolution.

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The purpose of this article is for those who have perceived in the past confusion of the work going on in our laboratories confuse our applications of the method of science with the aim of religion or reveal for the first time some insights that might have been previously overlooked as an introduction from one researcher in this now controversial, thought provoking challenge to everything you considered possible as We move forth transforming the very planet with the razor sharp sword of Scientific Illuminism. We would assume that those editions of the Equinox would of already been read & studied to avoid confusion from the otherwise unique deviation of approach perpetuated in the implications of this tract. I state this so all those who follow this work, and actually grasp it all as a real path of science know how vital it is to keep in touch with the reality of the evolutionary process on all planes of geometry. Moreover, parapsychology and folklore are certainly involved, and the concept of magick set forth in postulate by that brother from Cambridge that we all know & respect has been and is a matter of public display for quite some time. This essay will give another stance that is meant to open the minds of would be scientists in the community that would - rather than join forces with us, write us off as romantic rebels in the world of parapsychology and let this block of mind hinder them from studying carefully those textbooks which have already been created in the various classes. How dare we create a class A document & call it supernal without those standardized methods that are known to the ivy league community? Well, we could equally counter such objections by wondering how they could read themselves to verify themselves, and read nothing from us to be so sure that their judgments are so readily accurate? Any scientific thinker is going to realize that uninformed opinion is absolutely worthless without the adjustment of the gathering of the facts, and applying the method of science properly with experimentation to reach any conclusions that would hold water in a civilized debate. Do not confuse civilized debate with the stinking corpse of argument, of course. We venture to emphasize that civilized debate will make both parties leave the discussion equally fulfilled that each party has not wasted each others time. A concept so radical as to instigate an FBI investigation if they follow John F. Kennedy's paranoid perspective on secret societies! Yet I would end this first paragraph with a tongue in the cheek stab to the right knowing how worried Government becomes when they have fallen so far behind the work of the private enterprise of independent scientists working on questionable experiments that might endanger the planet into possible chaos. Of course, they haven't actually bothered to ask those involved what is really going on, nor can they be sure if they are right trying to judge which science is really the one that is truly dangerous or wasteful from the perspective of evolution.

Picture if you will, the Neanderthal seeing that Gods were beginning to appear in the area. Visualize the Neanderthal father giving his daughter to one of these Gods. He wouldn't of understood or known them as homo sapien - only that whatever they were they were a very efficient tribe, possibly of the Gods Themselves. Yet with the disappearance of the last of the Neanderthal none of them would of understood, know what occurred, and surely the most intelligent of them would of feared or felt fascination at their ancient world turned completely upside down by a species that was able to defeat them in spite of them being weaker in strength & smaller in stature. Although we cannot state for sure how those who were aware of their overthrow were reacting we do have scientific proof that their DNA is in human beings, and those who possess it have a strong immune system. We do know that the homo sapiens would have been as incomprehensible as the next species after homo sapien will be. We might even go so far as to state that no one human can understand what we are to evolve into. Anymore than a Neanderthal could understand a homo sapien.

The science of evolution by Darwin is of course a monument of his genius, certainly any intelligent person can logically perceive the sheer clarity of perception that was expounded when he explained natural selection. We are not debating Darwin's theory here at all. Having seen the clarity of it we can move on to see if the science of Darwinism is useful for the science of discovering what a human being will become evolving from homo sapien to the next species. Well, you'll find nothing Darwin has written about what the future of humanity would be for he looked at the past, and not the future. Well now, if we perceive this subject for the future do We not have a brand new science???

A careless thinker might raise his argumentative forefinger, and say. Aha, this person has already stated that no one human can perceive the next species. Of course, I worded it in the form to metaphor to bushwhack that hypothetical dog of reason right from the start.

We need to firstly consider how the method of science & experimentation should be outlined. Can we properly deduce from past observations of the evolutionary process what we could scientifically concentrate on to actually kick the next species into gear? If natural selection does not exist can evolution actually occur again? Are we therefore stuck at homo sapien from the very industry that we have created, the very cures to disease that would of eliminated the weak and those very forests that have factors not even touched upon by modern scientists that might very well be a part of the missing puzzle of the next stage in evolution?

Certainly, research grants are being issued by various organizations all the time. What if a new science that emphasizes the process to the next step in evolution starts science all over again? Whereas, nearly every grant in the past that has been issued was based on the homo sapien delusion of scientific progress. A startling consideration where progress with a new science either puts other science projects in a new light, or as shocking as it might be for scientists - make some of the science that they so emotionally embraced with such dedication & endearment to be completely obsolete.

Therefore, only one major discovery with such a new science might show that the cure for cancer lines of research have to be ceased in order for certain defects in homo sapiens to die out for breeding of the proper mother of the new species. Although we write hypothetically, we are dead serious about pragmatic considerations for the future of evolutionary processes. A point which might very raise the eyebrows of those too weak willed and compassionate to see such a brutal stand.

Where in blazes is all this coming from, a scientist once exclaimed after his ill trained brain tried to grasp one of our more complex conversations. We carefully explained to him that a Book we have (handing him that very Book), would clarify some of his rather amusing confusion. Of course, he immediately destroyed that book after the first reading & immediately went underground so none of his colleagues at the university would know that he had associated with us. This is quite typical of the type of caution one needs for such a scary a subject as would predominate our conversation, causal or otherwise. We expect any day now to have Homeland Security demanding they show us the laboratory animals that we have rumored to have mutated from dimension Tiphareth of Tiphareth into something if released into the world will surely devour all of Syracuse & surrounding suburbs.

Lets state that we discover future man sees reason as a lie, and has a more efficient form of advancing the schools of science & philosophy. Lets state the next stage in human evolution is immune from all the disease that presently exists for the homo sapien. What occurs to the body of knowledge accumulated by medical research? Of course, it may or may not be useful to the newly born species, and yet how can we know for sure until they, explain it to us? Of course, their explanations might be more complex that we can handle if the average IQ of the new species is twice the IQ of the homo sapien. What of a completely new consistency of mind altogether that perceives and has control of different dimensions of geometry?

Well, the only way to really approach any real understanding of such a new science is to begin this new science using the method of science & experimentation carefully curbing our imagination as the reality of the discovery of science adjusts the parameters of our reality.

Love is the law, love under will


written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Communication in a Hierarchy situation is going to spill over to communication with Thelemites at Feasts, at gatherings, at meetings and even by modern computer. All of these modes of communication have one item in common. We are Thelemites communicating and we have the right to speak as we will. It is going to be very important to realize that below the abyss all egos are eventually going to result in some type of conflict. This conflict can have any result from hatred to love. You must realize that the essence of the problem is always going to be the same.

This problem is solved from one of the lines from the Book of the Law. You either take it seriously or go the way of a slave. And I quote: The Book of the Law, Chapter III verse 42.

Success is thy proof: argue not; convert not; talk not overmuch!

Communication is very important. Why then, does it state to talk not overmuch in the Book of the Law? The answer to this question needs careful deliberation. Let us first determine what the will of the conversation is. And when the natural conclusion of the purpose of the communication has ceased, and then we might state from there on in it is ruach masturbation.

A conversation may change its will and purpose more than once and in theory, I would suppose, the conversation could last for hours. The entire purpose therefore, for not talking overmuch is to avoid a manifestation of "because". We can define this as a final consequence of the lack of purpose of the conversation resulting in dispersion on some plane. Many a time I've interrupted a student in conversation and informed him or her that he had just stated a sentence with a question mark at the end. This is to be distinguished from a question that is actually necessary for his or her Path.

I've had students try to impress me with some tidbit of knowledge that they assumed would make me pay more attention to them. I've had people come to me and strike up what is known as "small talk" to put "feelers" on me to see my intellectual reaction. I've had intellectuals state apparent lies to attempt to annoy me into some stand. I've had would be Initiates try to trap me with information that they think I don't know of the Path. I've been patronized, hustled, insulted, screamed at and jeered at by people who are frustrated by my strict rule not to talk overmuch. And all from trying to adhere to what I consider proper obedience to a perfectly sensible command from the Book of the Law.

Years ago, a Brother now withdrawn into the silence for this lifetime told me he didn't like small talk. After nodding my head in approval of his understanding of communication on the Path he was brutally kicked out of the Order. Not understanding how this could of occurred I asked a sister of him. She stated she thought he couldn't articulate properly and was completely misunderstood.

I put both items of evidence together and realized that he had veiled his vices in virtuous words, not being articulate and knowing it, he tried to justify his own lack of concentration.

He was therefore not honest enough with himself to correct his problem. This created a complex of confusion that resulted in a manifestation of because. And this in turn lead to his complete failure. I think this, or processes very similar are a greater percentage of failures. For you must realize, that with a manifestation of because resulting in lying about the condition of one own self, is a very short distance to lying about someone else.

If you meditate carefully about this above essay and put it into practice; you will be, I promise you, be called rude and short sighted. People who are swimming in this abyss of dispersion will always want to be recognized for something; and if you go about your business ignoring their silly attempts for vaunted glory you'll surely be accused of every hideous crime imaginable. I've had one self deluded idiot who failed his Ordeals years ago try to publicly accuse me of making death threats!! This is only one of the adventures you can look forward to if you take so much as one line of the Book of the Law seriously.

Love is the law, love under will

Keeper of the Wands


written by David Bersson

Also the mantras and spells; the obeah and the wanga; the work of
the wand and the work of the sword; these he shall learn and teach.

Liber AL, Chapter I, verse 37

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Having learned about the keeper of the wands from magicians who are longer alive; and later making the connection in Liber 65, Chapter One that it was connected with extremely serious magical gestures concerning the raising of the wands when persisted with over a period of time - being a certain magical current manifesting a duty for a Hierophant, I have decided to give the preliminaries of this magical gesture that involves, at least eventually, a very serious Magical Gesture and ongoing Great Work. Yet the preliminaries are all that shall be openly revealed for the Magical Gesture that is given in chapter one of Liber LXV is beyond nearly all of those who would read this - a Keeper of the Wands on the plane that a Supreme Hierophant of Initiation of Aeons would be aware of - not to mention how the mere Adept perceives - and pointing out that a Master of the Temple would in turn not see from the same perspective as well. Having stated this, I will show you which hallway to enter to begin...

The wand is traditionally an object of magick that is used as a focus for a concentrated, energized act of will. Ordinarily, the wand corresponds to fire & volitional; and yet a Druid Priest will tell you his oak wand decorated with jewels is for divination & healing. In such a scenario, his attribute to water or earth is truth for the symbolism of that particular wand. We do not argue with the differences in symbolism between an object from one culture to another; for each wand from each culture has its own line of logic that will correspond perfectly to the operation; be it generic or specialized.

We define an 'object' as a specialized, consecrated, complex of energy that was created for the purpose of manifesting magick for a magical gesture. Many such objects are merely generic in use and nature; and others have a special purpose that was originally used for an operation; and then infused with the the elements for general work. The most popular object is the wand; and those who have worked over a long period of time accumulate many wands; and are naturally given the title of the Keeper of the Wands.

You can either make a wand of your own; or find a wand maker to view his or her wares; and decide upon one that you deem appropriate for your aspiration with regards to the gesture. Many wand makers will create a wand in accordance to your instructions; and then quote a price - usually reasonable in ratio to the importance of its use for your work upon the path. After all, if a wand maker tells me it will cost $200.00 for a wand that you really need to unlock an ancient gateway or even create a new gateway; surely you're not going to haggle over the black egg.

Yet many wands are easy enough to create on your own. Certainly, the wand & the staff in the Greater Key of Solomon are simply finding the branches in the wood that are reasonably straight, are in a condition for peeling the bark without insects erupting, and some time sanding, whittling, and sanding some more will produce a fairly decent looking object of magick. After sanding, all you have to do is paint the wand & staff; and carefully paint a few sigils along its stem. Before you begin the painting after you have sanded & whittled; my habit is to consecrate the object with Abra Melin oil using the words from Liber AL as I rub the oil into the wood. Of course, the wand in Liber A you can have cut in a hardware store since copper pipe is used for its stem.

Here are two examples of how wands are created; and their history, magical properties and care is up to the keeper of the wands to pass on to whoever they magically deem consistent with the will of the individual; and the magical gesture of the moment. A group of magicians that I will not name names nor location of many years ago created a special wand to manifest a very powerful magick. They improvised ceremonies of the elements into the wood wand; in an attempt to make it work extremely powerful magick on phenomenal existence. The wand worked well enough after three steady months of work; and the force of the wand was very apparent to even the amateur clairvoyant. One of the magicians had an idea to create a ceremony that would open a gateway to an even more powerful infusion of volition over phenomenal existence; and with an exciting inspiration of pragmatic magick did the ritual with his fellow magicians; and then buried it in the earth where the magick already infused in it, and the directed force of the ceremony would cause it to absorb the primal force of earth to make it more and more powerful as it was buried to grow with this energy. Of course, an Adept might tell you that this wasn't necessary; and to simply use copper but the effect of the wand was not only startling that it actually began changing the city simply by remaining in the soil apparently radiating a magical current. Thus, such a wand are buried by magicians in an area create a center of force; and the area that they are in, if in a populated area always seems to correspond eerily to the ceremony that it was used with. Another group of magicians that I will not name names nor location created a special wand that was supposed to magnify the clairvoyance to see distant places in the cosmos. Sort of a magical telescope that canceled the light of the past; and saw distance planets and stars the way they really are. A normal telescope seeing into the reaches of outer space only sees the past. This wand had an icicle shaped rock crystal on its tip; and a small crystal ball on its end. The stem was made of brass as a conductor of astral light. The clairvoyant would grasp with both hands the stem of the wand holding the icicle shaped tip to the sky. The images therefore within the small crystal ball would show events & images as they were occurring; rather than a normal telescope which is limited to the delusion of light travel.

The point of the above two examples is emphasize that to be a keeper of wands is not to be an ordinary collector. A witch I knew in New Orleans collected statues of owls. Yet when inquiring of her the magical connection she simply liked to collect owls. This is clearly not the point of a keeper of wands who is learning how the many variations of wands work different symbolism and magick. No doubt, a keeper of the wands will know each wand, what it is supposed to manifest; and is not so frivolous as a coin collector, or a collector of antique clothing or a mundane stamp collection.

One of the most powerful ceremonies that involves the raising of the wands eventually arose from the Keeper of the Wands; and of course only an Adept can understand how the very aeons revolve and each Word manifests with definite purpose into the next Word. Having revealed the magical secret I will end this essay by fighting dirty; and not including the actual ceremony.

Love is the law, love under will


written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It is very important to choose carefully with regards to a magical motto. The magical motto should be an expression of aspiration toward Initiation. And whatever magical motto you choose you will find that you partake of its essence.

Many years ago, I choose the name 'Sphinx' for my O.T.O. motto and I kept this motto since so many spiritual revelations were unfolded concerning my Path. I did indeed partake of its essence and when the higher Initiations began to occur I understood 'Sphinx' as a symbol of the divine spirit manifesting into the animal soul and awakening the 'Sphinx of the Gods'. While I will not go into details of this Initiation, I will point out that my original motto in the O.T.O. created a dramatic ritual which I traveled on the Path of my life's experience.

I must reiterate that your choice of motto is going to determine your Path. You are, in fact, invoking a real force when you take a motto and identify with it. An Adept once told me many years ago, "you are what you invoke". And I might add, that you are what you name yourself in regards to magical mottos. Let me give you two case examples of real aspirants falling from the wrong choice. Several cases in memory have met with disaster from not perceiving this basic principle. And these examples, I promise you, actually exist or have existed in my lifetime. Learn from them.

One aspirant, whose arrogant presumption was nearly exceeded by his insulting behavior took the name of "333". After daring to partake of the dispersion of the abyss he fell from the Path completely to live his days (if you could call this life) gossiping and lying about anyone who was honest and sincere on the Path. Now this "Frater 333" has his tongue so far up the asshole of Choronzon that he cannot stop talking long enough to hear anything spiritual anymore.

Another aspirant, thought he would try and be clever and call himself "deadfish". I personally demanded he give me an explanation for this name. "Frater Deadfish" proudly proclaimed it means "christ on rye". His clever answer showed me he had chosen this name not to identify it with his spiritual Path as he was originally instructed, but to show off to friends that were equally as "creepy" as he. And of course, he continues to float around in the stagnant waters of his idiocy, where he will be eventually swallowed up by the shark called disordered nephesh.

Whatever magical order you join, you will more often than not, be requested to choose a magical motto. And it will be the epitome of common sense to choose a motto that dwells in essence with the supernals rather than the demon world.

And may you, who read this, heed this warning and partake of the purity and sanctity of Thelemic Adepthood in this lifetime.

Love is the law, love under will

The Formula of Change

Written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The purpose of this essay is to cover the apparent contradictions in instruction involving the formula of change as laid down by the Master Therion, in the Book of the Law, Liber 418 and the Book of Wisdom and Folly, called Liber Aleph to the multitudes.

The concept of change has two main facets. We have the concept of change being futile; for you are what you are; either a king, a King, a servant or a slave. The Book of the Law sums this up in the second chapter, line 58.

Yea! deem not of change: ye shall be as ye are, & not other. Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve. There is none that shall be cast down or lifted up: all is ever as it was. Yet there are masked ones my servants: it may be that yonder beggar is a King. A King may choose his garment as he will: there is no certain test: but a beggar cannot hide his poverty.

To "deem not of change" is not to hold an opinion or thought in that direction; for this would be "lust of result".

The second facet we have the change that is initiation and is imperative for growth of each Grade. Yet this is change only feasible for an Aspirant if the potential for that change is already dormant within that Aspirant. The Aspirant has no conception what the next Grade will be. It is impossible for him or her to see therefore "lust of result" cannot occur. If the Aspirant is unqualified that Aspirant goes to Grade of his or her limitation and stays that Grade for this lifetime. Of course, an Aspirant can "claim" a higher Grade than they really deserve; but in the long run "a beggar cannot hide his poverty" and that Aspirant unmasks himself or herself as a fraud.

Very well, we shall be as we are. Let us reflect momentarily on this line in the Book of the Law. The word "ye" means "us" meaning into the primal us that is humanity.

(Noted that ye=11 which is of us, and do not confuse "yea" which is an affirmative, (like yes) and adds to 81, the number of Yesod and the Moon showing us positive reflection and understanding of the planes Study Liber 418, the 11th Aethyr and I quote, "For in the number nine is the changefulness of the numbers brought to naught.")

We see that a Master of the Temple, so called in the AA is simply reaching that consciousness that was already possible for him or her in the first place. The AA training prepared him for the strain of returning to the consciousness of us which has come to be called the crossing of the Abyss. Of course, you cannot be completely sure if an Aspirant is of us until that Aspirant has successfully crossed the Abyss.

Thelemites attempting to rationalize what they are on the lower planes more often is a confusion of pride and ego. The issue is radiantly simple. They misunderstand the abstraction of change. Therefore the type of change that is being rectified in the Book of the Law is that change inharmonious with the evolutionary wave of our species. And the Book of the Law highlights most vehemently what is of us and what is not of us.

All this should at last clarify the apparent contradiction (read folly) in Liber Aleph where the Master Therion states in the Chapter named DE FRATRIBUS NIGRIS, FILIIS INQUITATIS that "Change is an act of Love under will", and the Book of the Law which tells is not to deem of change. For only those who do not deem of change shall understand how it is act of "Love under will". And only those who move forth without lust of result will abstain deeming change and following the formula of change in this, the new Aeon of Horus.

Who are they who are not of us is the subject of another essay altogether. One initiate stated that they are guests in our System. If this is true they are incapable of ever changing and becoming of us. They are different star dust from another exploded star than every man & woman is written of in the Book of the Law, Chapter I, verse 3. I may cover this complex problem in another essay. This will explain further theories of the meaning of "of us".

Love is the law, love under will
Frater Sphinx
Written August 20th, An XCVII 2000 e.v.
More to come as I write them.

Sample Divination

Tarot Card

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I duly held up the card of the Hierophant as I began my secret battle toward the true power and, of course the Hierophant is sacred to Taurus, the stubbornness of the wisdom kept pure and purged. Verily, the Oracle of the Hierophant is always clean and bold, for He teacheth the women girt with the sword the positions of the Temple working and giveth His knowledge of Love to the Hierarchy of Holies. Further, Taurus is ruled by Venus, therefore the Priestess guardeth the Temple of the Hierophant from the dogs of reason. Holding this Holy Card up, I duly called upon the Gods to give me a Card where my present work could speed the will of my Secret Gesture.

Immediately, the answer was given and like a tiger who leapeth upon the neck of a rabbit I was given that most Holy Card which men have named the Chariot. I awakened this force with my magick and the shining gold armour of the Charioteer shone among my face and inspired me with the insight of my will to go forth. I see, thinketh I, this would mean travel awaits me, or awaits others for my will to be firmly ripped into the soil of pragmatic gardens. Shall I then plant another Rook on my Chess board or move my Knight to ride to the square where my secret battlefield had placed war-lock upon my foes? Of course, I laughed. I will stay with a move with my Knight for this needs a strong man whose values are aristocratic and motives pure. So I paused the Tarot reading and moved the Knight in a position where the Hierophant could whisper inspiration into the soul of the Knight and await further orders from the Headquarters of the Secret Throne.

I returned to my reading knowing that another Tarot Card was needed to seal the manifestation of the sweep that would result in a Triad of Force that had altered the course of my present plan. I moved slowly and carefully to invoke the Force of the Hierophant and the Chariot, concentrating carefully as not upset the balance of nature with my act of supreme mystical balance.

Here the magick took a surprising turn for the Queen of Disks arose from the Deck. My soul leaped with joy as I partook of her wealth for her armour is made from gold coins and her Staff hath a Star Jewel which she uses to touch the forehead of men with the magick of the economy of spirit so that the world never becomes bankrupt in its travel to balance the wealth of their souls with the wealth of their spirit. Oh how I laughed. For I knew now the truth. She is water of earth and as everybody knows, rules from the 21st degree of Sagittarius to the 20th degree of Capricornus. And now I could speak wisdom to my positioned Knight. He was to adjust the economy by using her force so that a great fortune from across the sea could be bestowed upon me.

Yes, the Queen of Disks with her ancient helmet which hath the horns of markhor never gazes upon the seeker. She sees through the eyes of a goat which turns its head to and fro judging the purity of your request. Yes, the Queen of Disks was precisely what was necessary to make this divination alter the course of my war plan.

So then I called upon the Spirits to seal the pact of this magick, commanding them by the Sign and the Name of the Sun-God, so they could arise from the silence of their hereafter and perform duty to My Holy Throne.

Having completed my evening divination, and fierce battle to my foes, I bathed and clapped my hands for two concubines to dance naked before me and await this treasure to arrive from the sea.

Love is the law, love under will

When Gods walk the earth

 wicked symbol

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It is extremely important for my Great Work to expound My school of thought. My former essay on Volitional Awareness was an attempt to inspire my disciples with this concept. Part of My Great Work is to elaborate carefully on Volitional Consciousness, show how it manifests from empathy with the Book of the Law and observe it very carefully.

Please note that a complete school of thought is not simply an insight. An insight is only the cell. Volitional Consciousness is the body that constitutes a new Tree of Life much more closely corresponding to the Book of the Law.

With this new school of thought you awaken to consciousness in a savage and vulgar world, ( at least An XCVII when this is being written), where strength of consciousness is not the norm for the world. It is still very early in the Aeon of Horus and people are shocked by the sheer energy and power of a Thelemite. The profane looks at our Law and attempts insane and confused conclusions.

We are persecuted and hounded by not only those who are Cursed in the Third Chapter but would be Thelemites who have not the moral courage to vibrate with its energy. I know. My pride is seen as arrogance. My strength is seen as ego. My words are twisted around and my rivals see only sick, mundane death threats.

I am only known by a few thousand as a true Master. The rest of the world cocks their eyebrow and sees lies in every insight and lecture I attempt. At this moment I am alert to the hatred, sickness of the majority who live their lives in the pit of because. Volitional Consciousness and its attainment for humanity is essential for coming closer to the magical and spiritual body of the Book of the Law. Volitional Consciousness is the magical link which begins the process of the Greater Initiations. Like any school of thought it will have its dangers, ordeals and curses. For to embrace this school of thought will show the wisdom and danger of responsibility. It will show the courage and balance of binding your words by your deeds.

The opposition will be alerted to your existence in no time at all. You may be feared more than you are loved for we live in a world that is still stifled by the slave lords of religion who continue to bind the free man to the chains of dogma. So be forewarned that the more this Volitional Consciousness awakens you, the more you will sweep the illusion of common reality with your mighty sword. I know not thy karma. You could at any time be executed or imprisoned for your stand on any issue.

Initiation occurring in our civilization meets with dire interference that acts both as a test and a gauge of when to Lurk. It is not an easy Task to awaken to consciousness for the first time and have everyone around you still asleep. Let's look closer at this problem from the perspective of an Initiation of a volitional nature.

Some attain to this state over the years by Communication with someone who has already attained it. Some attain to this state by constantly reading the Book of the Law without studying it.

All attain it eventually if they do magick enough and become the dominant master of their circle.

With Volitional consciousness comes direct empathy with Thelemic Communication and the discipline laid out by the Hierarchy. (Whether you are a member of a magical order or not the concept of "Hierarchy" will come into play.) We are energizing the "word of the Law" in our consciousness by using Θελημα directly to boldly confront every situation that we deem necessary.

How does this change the normal, mundane aspirant whose walk of life has been for all intents and purposes purely a manifestation of a slave current? Easy, that aspirant would be awakening to a new perspective where he does not react to the same stimuli as that aspirant did before the energizing. Suddenly, any enslaving influence that is encountered becomes an obstacle in the path of the true will of the aspirant. The mundane aspirant, once content to permit others to rule him, observe him, stand in front of him and remark of him becomes suspect of being a hindrance to the next step. If this Initiation has occurred this person is changed FOREVER.

We have now defined much more clearly what the ancients mean when they referred to our male Adepts as "beast". To avoid the cumbersome dogma that has clearly been attached to the name "beast" by uncivilized creatures like Gnostic and roman christians this consciousness is referred to (not only as a convenient alternative definition but as an expression of an entirely new school of thought) as "volitional consciousness" We encourage scientists, either in the branch of psychology or other outer sciences to study it by the method of science.

Now then, when this "volitional consciousness" occurs in a female adept in the western esoteric system we refer to her casually as a Sorceress and formally as a Scarlet Women. The female undergoing this transformation no longer reacts to the same stimuli in the same fashion. She experiences nearly all the same mystical experiences from direct contact with these forces already described. The situation is slightly changed, however, for we are observing the changes in a female of our species and not a male.

Yes, the women whose initiations have manifested within her being have given her real revelations on how she must proceed to the next step of her path. She must know the law of her breeding and observe the warning of the Warrior God or her child will be slain. This rule and law is clearly laid forth in the Book of the Law. Only the most brave of the females have the moral courage to do what needs to be done. According to the rules that Aiwass commands us her failure results in the cold, dusk, wet streets where she dies cold and an-hungered.

Fortunately, so few women have the courage to take this route that very few woman see this dire fate. Its certainly a joy to see the spirit of rebellion that makes a woman's eyes sparkle as they venture forth to the "pinnacles of power". A woman who has gained this volitional consciousness has shifted her bio-magical-system so radically that it will affect her next new born. The newborn will be born with a strong seed of the "beast" and will grow up as a mighty king. Now the volitional consciousness that this child will attain will be infinitely more energized that a Master like myself who grew into it rather than was born into it.

Such magical children can do more in twenty-five year period than others not born like Him could do in two hundred years. Racial initiation is of course advanced in strength and courage. This means the entire human race evolves faster if the child is born under proper conditions.

Herein is the beginning of true freedom. No Government is capable of taking away this freedom. This freedom resides in the core of the star of the aspirant. How can I describe this? One's soul is on rampage against slavery. The deepest tricks of Government are stripped naked before you. You feel dominant before the face of adventure. Your self-confidence increases. You stride down a street like God Incarnate has erupted within your being. The energy does not cease. Magical Powers appear and disappear. Visions awaken. Your eyes open wide. And suddenly...

You read your own words in a letter addressing others and realize you are in complete control of what you have said. You cannot lie to yourself anymore. The frankness that has started to become apparent to others seems strict and demanding.

You continue to see what this new magical personality will teach you about existence. The revelation that others in the past, who have attained this state, have met with disaster is realized. You feel this strong urge that you have become too strong for the world. You realize you either Lurk or become known as a tyrant. For the average human being follows the herd so closely that " Θελημα awakened" for them is the same as being possessed by the devil or a madman issuing death threats or a mystic converting to some strange, unknown, mad sorcery.

"I'm acting like the Book of the Law tells us", you whisper to yourself wondering why they cannot see what you have seen and felt. In time you realize that your critics are nothing more than gossips that have never seen the first Great Initiation and they fear you. They suspect or speculate you've become a black brother or have entered a world of madness which there is no apparent return. Yet, how can they distinguish? They cannot view the planes properly. No real perspective has been imparted to them from the higher planes. The observer who has not attained thinks in one dimension, his ego is totally and completely out of control. Suddenly you are living in an asylum with you as the only person sane.

No doubt, a student eventually comes along and proves he or she has started the process within himself by showing you a letter. You realize that he or she has found that lost treasure of volition and is returning to a strength that is linked to the greatest of primal survival. You then rest easy that another star has brightened its light in the universe of stars, which we have come to know as Our Goddess Nuit!

A few of Us exist. A few of Us have awakened to this Volitional Consciousness. Behold, We are like Gods that walk the earth!

Love is the law, love under will

This essay no longer holds the truth of my overall magical gesture whereas my Initiation, experience and insights now include the perceptions of cosmic consciousness as attained with the use of Liber Had and Liber Nu. This makes this essay where the living God as the ultimate trance became no longer valid. Its experiences and insights were nonetheless important in general (and for students in general) to see these series of Initiations lead to those other series of Initiations. The ultimate Trance comes from Hadit and Nuit. I knew this intellectually having noted the insight from Mr. Motta in his Commentaries but was hopeless to see it properly until I moved to the new perspective where only initiation like a doorway opened when I finally became ready for it. Rather than rewrite all my commentaries my plan is to simply write essays to adjust the thought form as a series of magical talismans. The important aspects of this had to be done immediately whether I could publish them or not. Please note this - as important as the above insights are something unexpected occurred with my initiations. Well, read my essay called “Never be satisfied with your Attainments” to see my first reaction from my new initiations.