Magical Powers

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It is generally in agreement with most initiates on the Path toward initiation that the sorcerer is the magician who has decided to awaken magical powers and avoid as much as feasible grades, spiritual enlightenment and initiation.

It is generally the false accusation that all who are involved with magick are involved with satanic rituals and any manner of diabolical activities.

It never surprised me that I would be accused of being a satanist and a sorcerer. I assume that any person who would accuse me of such nonsense has real psychological issues, has the dogma of monotheism locked into their upbringing, are delusional, paranoid and of low intelligence.

Well, I take it the above statement is going to be viewed as an incomprehensible outburst from someone who simply hasn't been caught yet by such troglodytes who cannot be convinced that I am not hiding something when I deny these accusations.

With regards to magical powers the Thelemite who takes the Oath & Task of Probationer does have something in common with the official definition of the sorcerer. Such an aspirant has taken an Oath to discover the nature & power of his or her being.

What this means precisely that we intend to have our cake and eat it too. For to fulfill the Oath you must not only awaken the latent magical powers but attain to the work of initiation.

As for the sorcerer who tries to awaken the magical powers ignoring the process of initiation he or she cannot raise to a high enough level magically and spiritually for the spirits to obey he or she much less speak of or with any scenario that is defined as supernal.

As for those who would accuse someone like Me of being a sorcerer they will not have meditated on these points nor understood how a Thelemite perceives magick. It takes a Thelemite to understand a Thelemite, of course. Yet, such a statement is again, for the most part incomprehensible to the accusers who persistently label us as Satan worshipers.

I have noted therefore how magical powers are perceived by the accusers, Thelemites, and sorcerers.

It is a matter of historical significance the vast number of murders that occurred during the variant of inquisitions over the centuries. Humanity is still recovering from a genocide of mystics, magicians and sorcerers where new births free from such oppression mean we return to the world greeted not by the rack and torch but an understanding of who we are. The DNA of magicians has been recessive in humanity by dogma and persecution.

I have meditated deeply over the years noting how civilization itself is changing. Only a real magician can understand what is occurring on the plane of geometry of phenomenal existence.

The sorcerer might very well awaken his magical powers. They can go only so far without Us. Yet, this is a matter for another essay to detail something so involved as planes & catching the promises.

I should end this essay noting that some technologies will become obsolete as the process continues to manifest. It should otherwise be noted that the direction of at least some of the modern technologies are a crutch to compensate for the lack of magical powers. I assume right from the start that presenting this insight publicly will be something of a controversial stance.

I lecture right from the start that such a commentary where I proclaim becoming a magician & exorcist who is awakening magical powers & initiation is simply returning to the natural evolutionary wave of his true humanity.

Love is the law, love under will

The Law of Θελημα & Future Civilization

written by David Bersson on March 10th, An CXIII 2017 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The Law of Θελημα with all its magick is clearly transforming civilization. With the catastrophe of World War II the magick of the New Aeon is now in the soul of humanity. This indicates that World War III will not occur. We in a sense, have already won the planet as the warrior lord of the forties claimed victory.

All this is very satisfactory to the future of world civilization. More changes will occur and although another world war is not necessary the process must be reiterated magically until complete success manifests the 93 Current. Compare this concept to an initiation not being complete and the magical gesture being therefore necessary to accomplish must manifest again to assure the Great Awakening on more or all planes of geometry.

The warrior lord of the forties will come starting in 2040 e.v. and continue to create adjustment on other planes. This means the coming forties will not be like the last forties whereas much was accomplished the last time. Naturally, the eighties will repeat itself magically and more or less to manifest again. This will continue for the entire span of the New Aeon being two thousand years. It will be 3904 e.v. when the Equinox of the Gods arrives. At that time another Initiation for 2,000 years will occur.

I do realize how incomprehensible these statements are going to be for anyone that does not accept the Law of Θελημα and studied the history of the world since the Law was given.

All the Nations of the earth shall know the deadly impact of the awakening of Our magick. For forces of magick are at work that mean real transition.

So, therefore what I write here isn't really prophecy. I am telling you what is inevitable. You cannot call such insight an act of the seer, nor the ramblings of possible cause & effect, or even a threat to the world.

I am stating what will occur knowing that the 93 Current is getting stronger and stronger as more of Us arise and awaken it into the universal life of humanity.

We, the Thelemites of the New Aeon are taking it up with you on another plane where defeat of the slave gods is absolutely assured by the True Will of the magician & exorcist.

The promulgation of the Law of Θελημα is a noble and glorious Holy Task for us all.

For without Θελημα, or volition what would humanity become? It is We, therefore who in a very real sense keep alive the human race. For the old Aeon magical currents are all saturated with demonic decay and are inconsistent with the reality of our species.

To quote Our Holy Law I give the Comment:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The study of this Book is forbidden. It is wise to destroy this copy after the first reading. Whosoever disregards this does so at his own risk and peril. These are most dire. Those who discuss the contents of this Book are to be shunned by all, as centres of pestilence. All questions of the Law are to be decided only by appeal to my writings, each for himself. There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.
Love is the law, love under will.
The priest of the princes, Ankh-f-n-khonsu

It is well that only Thelemites can really understand the wisdom of the priest of princes giving us these startling words. All others fall on their face when they try to disobey the Comment of Ankh-f-n-khonsu or do not give serious mediation to the Message of the Master Therion and His other important volumes.

Love is the law, love under will

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