Liber XXV:
The Ritual of the Star Ruby

Facing East, in the centre, draw deep deep deep thy breath, closing thy mouth with thy right forefinger prest against thy lower lip.  Then, dashing down the hand with a great sweep back and out, expelling forcibly thy breath, cry:

With the same forefinger touch thy forehead and say ΣΟΙ. thy member, and say Ω  ΦΑΛΛΕ thy right shoulder, and say ΙΣΧΥΡΟΣ 1 thy left shoulder, and say ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΟΣ; then clasp thine hands, locking the fingers, and cry ΙΑΩ.

Advance to the East.  Imagine strongly a Pentagram, aright, in thy forehead.  Drawing the hands to the eyes, fling it forth, making the sign of Horus, and roar ΘΗΡΙΟΝ.  Retire thine hand in the sign of Hoor-paar-Kraat.

Go round to the North and repeat; but say NUIT.

Go round to the West and repeat; but whisper BABALON.

Go round to the South and repeat; but bellow HADIT.

Completing the circle widdershins, retire to the centre and raise thy voice in the Pæan, with these words ΙΩ  ΠΑΝ with the signs of N.O.X.

Extend the arms in the form of a Tau, and say low but clear:

Repeat the Cross Qabalistic, as above, and end as thou didst begin.

1.    The secret sense of these words is to be sought in the numeration thereof.

(Note by David Bersson) In the Chaldean Oracles the Names from the second mind are used in this ceremony will have to be studied carefully. In spite of the Hellenistic Temples being all shattered by the monotheistic heathens and the religion left to to die out its metaphysics is clearly cogent with some of the metaphysics of our Path. Therefore the Kabbalah assists us to see some of the correspondences. (but Not All, of Course) Now, if you attribute the world of Atziluth to the Boundless to Ain Soph it does not absolutely correspond with Intelligible and the paternal depth. By what twist of logic does it correspond???? Ain Soph is closer to the manifestation of None than the intelligible & paternal depth metaphysics of the first mind. Again, these are two different metaphysical manifestations of Genesis and to permit yourself to dogmatically correspond them is sheer folly. Naturally, the concept of Hadit corresponding to the paternal depth of the first mind would not of occurred to those trying to unlock the mysteries the Chaldean Oracles. Yet, Nu being the hiding of Hadit is clearly a real key.

I absolutely disagree with Hecate being this Goddess of the Witches where in Hellenistic metaphysics She takes on Her proper role in a unique Genesis. Some of the Wiccans, noting She partakes of the essence of the Moon Spiritually do not study Her metaphysics and give Her what they consider to be the attributes of Nephthys. I disagree with this correspondence. You should study the metaphysics of Hecate as perceived by the Chaldean. Clearly, Her attribute to correspond with the world soul makes nonsense of these Wiccan infatuations which has created misunderstanding when expounding Hellenistic Metaphysics. Also, if you want to state philosophers attribute Chaldean metaphysics to Zoroaster, now you go right ahead and follow fools who ape the words of those who forget that we have six figures in history all with names that are supposed to be him.

Chaldean Manifestation can be partially unlocked by the Kabbalah, of course, but it is much better to attribute the symbolism to the perceptions from the Book of the Law where you can magically align these forces as a magical gesture stepping forth from the forces manifesting from Liber XXV.

A Commentary on the Star Ruby

Facing Boleskine, in the centre of the Magical Circle, draw deep, deep thy breath closing thy mouth with thy right forefinger pressed against thy lower lip. Then, dashing down thy hand with a great sweep: back and out, expelling forceably thy cry:

Apo pantos Kakodaimones

(Depart from me all evil spirits)

With the same forefinger touch thy forehead and say SOI

Touch thy member and say O Phalle (O phallus)

Touch thy right shoulder and say Ischuros (Power)

(note: ch = guttural ch )

Touch thy left shoulder and say Eucharistos (Thanksgiving)

Then clasp thine hands locking the forefingers and cry IAO

(Note: These are all vibrated)

Advance to the East and visualize a red Pentagram aright in the Anja Chakra of thy forehead. Drawing the hands to the eyes, fling it forth making the Sign of Horus (Sign of Enterer) and ROAR THERION (The Beast) placing the Pentagram in its quarter. Then assume the Sign of Hoor-paar-kraat. (The Lord of Silence also known as Harpocrates)

Continue widdershins around the circle in like manner:
SOUTH : bellow HADIT

Retire to the centre and raise thy voice in the PAIAN with the SIGNS OF NOX ( IO PAN )1. Puella---Left hand covers Muldahara Chakra at the joining of the thighs, right hand shields the breast.

2. Puer----Right hand raised to shoulder, thumb pointing inward, left hand as in previous sign.

3. Vir-------Clenching fists with thumbs outward at forehead, toes dug in ground with heels up, knees bent, head thrust outward---image of a goat.

4. Mulier--Feet widely separated, arms raised to suggest a crescent, head thrown back in attitude of adoration.

5. Thelema- Right arm across chest pinching left nipple, left arm bent as if cradling a child. Extend the arms in the form of a TAU and say low but clear:

Pro Mou IUNGES, Opiso Mou Teletarchai {Before me, IUNGES, behind me TELETARCHAI} Epi Dexta SUNOCHES, ep aristera DAIMONES {On my right SUNOCHES, on my left, DAEMON.} Pheg ei gar peri mou ho aster ton pente, {For around me shines the star of the five} Kai en tai stellei, ho aster ton hex esteke. {And in the stone the star of six is fixed}

Repeat the Cross Cabalistic and end as thou didst begin.


1. IUNGES means To shake or howl in joy and pain. Joy and pain are meant as sacraments to PAN.

2. TELETARCHAI means Master of the Temple or Hierophant.

3. SUNOCHES means the converging or binding together.

4. DAIMONES means The Holy Guardian Angel.

All these words should be vibrated.

My advice for those who are beginning on the Path to carefully create a list of books for a library. Do not trust completely the cd disk, flashdrive or floppy disk type of library. Do not trust online books completely. Of course, one of my key books which I purchased in 1972 e.v. was the Castle edition of Magick in Theory & Practice by Aleister Crowley. The Equinox Volume One publication which consists of eleven volumes including the Blue Equinox is an excellent addition to your library. The Goetia, the Book of Lies, Liber Aleph in your library are essential. Read what Aleister Crowley wrote and hold off on books written of Aleister Crowley as you judge for yourself. Of course, not all books written about A.C. are nonsense. Trust yourself and not the stray cat opinions of fools.