An Adoration to Our Lady Babalon

 A A Seal

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law


Babalon my Lady; dark and fair,
With scarlet skin and emerald eyes,
And a mass of flaming hair.
You opened up the House of God!
Upon my hearty soul She trod!


Babalon my Queen; mad with lust,
The Keeper of the Holy Graal;
Pierced with Lance by the just.
Three in One as None in Eight,
I dedicate my Life's own fate!


Babalon: my Mother with the Beast,
With Hermit blood brewed in Silence,
With Serpent seed from the East,
Whose ways I learned beyond the Door,
Teaching Me to fly as Hoor!


Babalon! High Priestess of the Gods,
Whose Sacraments are Blood and Wine,
Those You love endure the rods!
Seven-fold is our Way to You:
Veils before the face of Nu!


Oh Babalon, to War we ride!
With low men beneath our heels,
In our tryst, Your secrets hide!
No man can ever know the plan,
Seduced to dance by mystic fan!


Oh Lady Babalon, my dearest friend,
Whose Magick I will always honor,
Beckon me right to the End!
Show Me the Way across the Sea,
My heart’s blood is Yours eternally!


Oh sweet Babalon, the Holy Whore!
Whose embrace drains Me of Life!
I offer up the hidden core:
I drain my Blood into Your Womb!
Seven gates Seal up My Tomb!
Love is the law, love under will