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An Example of our Zelator Test for our A∴A∴ Lineage

(Note by David Bersson.)

(Only one error is permitted for the passing of this written test. You either pass this or go another 8 months. Directly after inspection of this test, your test in Asana will begin. If you fail the written test you will not be allowed to take the asana test. You are to sit in a Asana that your Superior tells you to sit in for one hour. A bowl of water is placed on your head and water is filled to the brim. If even one drop is spilled you go another 8 months. Don't even apply for the asana test if you are fat and are trying to get by with the God Asana. If you are fat you cannot sit in the Dragon Asana for one hour with a bowl of water to the brim for one hour. Go this lifetime as Zelator or lose a sufficient amount of weight where you can pass the asana test. Confer ONE STAR IN SIGHT where the wisdom of the A∴A∴ Manifesto demands each Grade be completed, even if another lifetime is necessary for the next Grade. As Practicus, if you pass, it advisable to keep the dyhana strong by daily concentration exercises. Samadhi is another matter for the higher Grades. Naturally, it is advisable that your concentration with asana be taken seriously where the concentration is manifested into the biological will by the effort of its success when rigidity is attained. By giving this test publicly you have no surprises and are able to prepare.)

1. What is Asana?

2. What is Pranayana?

3. Raja Yoga is union by.....................

4. Hatha Yoga is union by...................

5. Give an example of Mantra Yoga:

6. What is:
a: Yama
b: Pratyahara
c: Dharana
d: Dhyana
e: Samadhi

7. What is Ojas?

8. What are six acts of purifying the body by Hatha-Yoga:

9. Name four signs that the Nadis have been purified.

10. What is the Atman?

11. Spirit corresponds to the Atma True or False

12. Water corresponds to Ahamkara True or False

13. What is a Chakkra?

14. What is the Kundalini?

15. Where is the Anahata Chakkra located? What Sephiroth does it correspond to? Name eight correspondences from Liber 777.

16. Describe and elaborate on two Mudras.

17. What is Tejas-Akasa and Apas-Vayu?

18 What is Karma?
What is Sankhara?
What is Karma Yoga?

19. Where is the Ajna?

20. What is Chittakasa?