Communicating with the Spirits

written by David Bersson on May 22nd, An CXIX 2022 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

With regards to working Liber 0 I should firstly tell you that a very real habit of testing the Spirits whether they accept the Law of Θελημα is essential in addition to using the proper pentagrams and Hexagrams to assure they are not lying spirits. This is extremely important to get established as routine or by the time K & C occurs you will only learn the magick from the past rather than the magick of the New Aeon. In my early days working with Liber 0 I actually commanded certain Spirits to accept the Law of Θελημα which made a difference as I moved to the higher Grades. Making a difference means you become the Chief of All on some plane or another but we stand in the center of our circle ruling the spirits.

I am warning all of you out there that if you do not heed My advice early on to assure those Spirits are not lying spirits and they must accept the Law of Θελημα you will end up like an old Golden Dawn Adept who learns magick of the past without the magick of the present Aeon and the future of magick. An Adept Major’s magical work and gesture involves New Aeon magical powers which have been purged by the prophet. By this Grade you will know how to correct an old ritual to make its magick cluster to exalt. Help and hope does exist in other spells but We determine which will not recoil on you. Beware of the Ape of Thoth!

All this consistent with gaining control of planes of existence. With regards to the realms, palaces, planes, and so forth you must always be in control. Or to put it another way you enter any Nation not as a tourist but as a member of royalty of their imperial court or even King or Queen.

Liber 0, Section I, verses 1 - 6 seems to be read by those coming to our Hierarchy yet they seem surprised or even bewildered that I actually do not deviate. Do not deviate from these six lines or face the reality of any number of delusions. Yet another warning that if you do not assure yourself by testing the spirits that they accept the Law of Θελημα they will teach you the magick of the old Aeon and you will be eventually be infested with the black brother currents by not being able to obey Liber AL, Chapter I, verse 49. Be warned, unless you pay attention to this command in the Book of the Law you will never, never understand the Hierophantic task much less know who should be subject to which ordeal.

This very real issue means you will suffer any number of delusions if you do not follow these instructions by the time you have advanced to Tiphareth. In fact, you might decide that Tiphareth is your Kether and establish yourself in its Sephira rather than move forth to the next Grade. You must not permit such inertia be a trap for the higher Grades and eventually the Abyss. A red light might be you lie to yourself and decide the Knowledge and Conversation is something to dedicate your life to rather than move forth to Binah where you tend your Garden and work toward even higher pinnacles of spiritual manifestation. Liber 0, again warns you of this in Section I, verse five where it is given clear warning not to mistake the resting place for the goal. This really does apply to the Adept who considers his Knowledge and Conversation to be his religion rather than a mere step toward mastership. Will the momentum of the Great Work eventually push him forth toward the next Grade? This would depend on what was adhered to in the early Grades. It is otherwise important not to deteriorate to old Golden Dawn nonsense where it should be clear that they failed to initiate where the very supernal was compromised on so many planes. Liber 0 resolves so many of these issues and never neglect testing the spirits whether they accept the Law of Θελημα. Although you are warned in Liber 0 I will take the trouble of warning you again. Liber 61 is addressing this important issue and the old Golden Dawn failed to initiate. It is enough that the Spirits "accept" the Law of Θελημα which isn't the same as the spirits being Thelemites who follow the Book of the Law. You are the center of your circle!

Behold, My God force is not questioned by the Blasphemy against all gods of men!

Love is the law, love under will