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It is well to read of us from us

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

How perfectly contrary it is to read of us from those who would twist the interpretation of history to fit the folly of propaganda from the enemy. Rather, read what we have to write.

We told you an age ago that nothing good would ever come out of Mecca and that the false prophet Mohammed would be lost in the dust of Simoon. The world, in spite of past battles did not listen and you stood still for the evils of their demonic Jihad. We, in turn, in spite of our virtue and loyalty to our Quest was met not with honor & badge for our battles but the maneuvers of the royal court of false elite kings. Those who had failed us joined the enemy while those who were brave & good, who endured the hardship of the Path with all its self discipline emerging victorious were treated as lesser beings.

What is the title of our leadership? That title is Supervisor General. It brings no crapulous creed to manifest its demonic current upon our body. Do you not see that the name of Caliph is synonymous with the iniquity of incarnate demons?

The Supervisor General of the Society observes carefully the work of the Outer Circle and Inner Circle knowing that in spite of rumors to the contrary the Society moves forth with its sublime goals unhindered with aspiration and honest motivations.

The structure of the Society is of course in three circles, the Outer Circle, the Inner Circle and the Secret Circle where those only those who would be carefully initiated in our mysteries would be so honored as to hold the higher grades.

So many questions as a consequence of conspiracy theory, slander, misunderstanding and even paranoia would arise in the mind of the new candidate that I have given entire books here for those who would be so brave or bold as to partake of the sacrament of our flaming cup of glory.

Other secret societies have tried to mimic us, or even resemble us and yet it does them no good. Unless the true initiations have occurred and the capacity of magick exists you are simply an observer with no background. These books will assist whether or nay it is your will to become a participant in our mysteries. Yet we are of the lineage and have that official passing on of arcane data that would so prove itself within its contents. Hear then not what the conspiracy theorist would be so presumptuous as to scribble but read what we have to write and permit no lies to enter the library of your accumulated elucidations.

It is, in addition, that we would this be this Society of the Elect or Elite that we would so arrogantly deny those based on the gold that would line their pocket or the employment that they would be denied entrance to our Outer Circle. I say this is not so. Rather, it is that character, honesty and aspiration to the higher that would mark you as a potential candidate.

Yet, it would be otherwise important for the potential candidate to carefully read the mystical literature that we have given. Read it long into the night, o brother or sister for many are their roads to spiritual enlightenment and choose if it would be thy will to partake of our sacraments.

Only then, when you have read carefully our volumes of wisdom write us and state it is your will to join us.

Love is the law, love under will

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Inspirational words to the Knight & Dame

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Like the reflection of the ancient battle between two opposing forces whose very history vibrates with radiant fire and determination so those who would aspire to the glory of mystical Knighthood or as a Damsel with girt sword we salute you who would be glorious and proud to be among us.

In this writing I remind all that those who oppose us know not the meaning of their will and being rebels without a cause cannot win against those whose True Will is concentrated on the Holy Quest.

Whether it be the preservation of our Holy Seal against those who know not its symbolism who have blasphemed themselves before the glory of the initiate or those who would stifle our gathered company to promote our right to be alive we hold our ground against the enemies of our cause.

We have enemies you know? How vicious and evil they would be that the pressures of their psychological projection would so dominate their being. They have forgotten that honesty exists in the world and are lost in a hurricane of devilish currents that obsesses them, and brings them down to all fours like an image of evolution in reverse.

The adventures of such people are nearly always the same. The ego goes insane at the sight of those whose self control and aspiration is clean and pure. They are lost in a world of mad screams and frustrated complex where the glory of initiation is lost to them. So, then they scream at the wind to stop and rip the very hair from their skulls for the sun to stop shining. How painful it is to even hear the gossip and insanity of their dire attitudes brought on by the constant alignment to unresolved complexes.

These people who would so persistently raise swords against us we state that no sword nor dagger can penetrate those whose name is pure aspiration and those who would be so presumptuous as to make claims to be us firing arrows of slander we state without reservation that no arrow can pierce us whose name is true will unto the higher.

For we insist upon our principle and continue to state that the ultimate goal of all spiritual enlightenment is cosmic consciousness. The goal of the Society is to always go unto the infinite possibility of that great potential of onward movement forth that the great awakenings might be consistent with the current of the times.

It is without a shred of doubt that we move forth with our Holy Quest on the Path of Initiation that all will be resolved where we will arise in triumph. The enemy will fall and no longer will we live in a world where the evil Caliph moves with vicious Jihad. We have vision of a better world where freedom has overcome the savagery of the enemy. We have a greater vision of a greater world. We would not cease our aspirations toward this noble goal even in the face of persistent opposition.

For our magick is not in vain. It breaks the walls of restriction. Our aspiration, determination and proud spirit cannot be crushed by persecution. For we the Knights & Dames have a spirit that does not die. For our enemies, honor dies where interest lies.

You might observe that we have refused to abandon the fight. On the contrary, we know the type of mystical Knight or Dame that is required to meet the battles ahead. Of the many few are chosen, of the few many are chosen.

That my enemies should think after all these long years that I should rest my sword in defeat they are suffering delusions of their rationalization. I do not die like ordinary men. For I shall not fail of a heir to carry on the battle over centuries, if that is what it will take.

For others like Me have joined forces with Me who know how long I have fought this battle. I have walked the face of this earth for many, many years with Oath & Determination to overcome the sorcery that has been released into the world by such iniquity.

Through lifetimes of persecution have I lived in opposition to mine enemies. This is the spirit that is the eternal flame of my glory that I shall not stop this battle until all my foes have been buried deep into the earth and I will not be defeated by the heathen that would make Jihad upon my lineage.

We are against the Jihad of the Caliph!

Love is the law, love under will

The Spiritual Essence of the Sixth Degree

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Every man & every woman is a star going upon their course through the universe to discover their true will. You must search yourself carefully and not make such an important decision without much intelligent determination of what you are, what you would be and what you would become.

Be assured, that the adventure of being among us will enrich your life and serve purpose toward clarity of life only if you apply yourself. We cannot give you the greater gifts of spiritual aspiration. They must be latent within the capacity in your being. Yet, for those who would be of us and like blood I state come forth and be received among us.

The spiritual essence of the sixth degree cannot be understood without the Grades previous as background for the sublime initiation. You cannot become a Knight nor Dame among us without completing the Quest and Duty of the previous grades. Yet, we in these writing attempt to give the essence of this Holy Grade knowing that spiritual enlightenment itself is a process of the path consisting of Grades that lead to the ultimate goal of initiation wherein we parallel the Path of the experiences of those who have attained prior to us to reach that school of thought where the glory of attainment is not delusion.

We arise upon the earth to those who would be worthy and offer the invitation of fraternity where spiritual enlightenment is scientifically perceived, or volition would awaken with spiritual fire or the Eye of the Divine manifested the white bird of spiritual aspiration into the flaming cup of the awakened soul we greet you with the signs and move you forth into the hallways of our secret Temples.

May your aspiration and discipline be worthy to among Us who are strong and good.

Love is the law, love under will

A Call to Knights and Dames to the Round Table

He shall plunge the point of the Lance into the Holy Grail, and it shall again glow with life and ecstasy, giving forth its bounty of mysterious refreshment to all the company of knights.
(A quote from the

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I am calling this section of the overall website the Round Table where I proclaim & invite those who aspire to come forth with clean aspiration, strong volition, honest demeanor, clarity of mind and will. For those who have aspirations unto the higher, awakening of the magical powers, and development of supernal manifestation in word and deed they would be welcome to engage with us as like blood to learn and grow strong together.

The promulgation of the Law of Θελημα is clearly a great Crusade that needs much meditation, study and practice prior to explanations and clarity.

We highly recommend that you prepare yourself and do not hesitate with your will on the path.

For those like myself. It has been a truly glorious path. I was trained by the Master 216, who was trained by the Master Karl Germer, who was trained by the Master Therion Himself.

We, are in fact true magicians and exorcists.
For others call us Thelemites and some have named us initiates on the Path of the Great Work in the Western Esoteric System.

Love is the law, love under will

Proclamation of the Octinomos

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Although such complaints from evil persons appear rarely and of course, some might even be an honest misunderstanding you must realize how curious to see its deadly level of persecution. Years ago, it occurred with a Church in Tennessee who made all sorts of false accusations about us.

Another incident was with a mentally disturbed chaos magician whose ultimate objective was to take my magical powers from me. He tried to maneuver others to join in his plot.

Others have taken to accuse me of being a Satan Worshiper, an evil cult leader, capable of a terrible array of atrocities. I haven't had so much as a traffic ticket much less being engaged in anything illegal!!! Nevertheless, depending on who is accusing me of what the ridiculous stories about us try to slander us and make us vanish from there fearful presence.

We have had a Caliph attempt Jihad against us. We have had the Church try to accuse us of being perverts and Satan worshipers. Although the stereotypical chaos magician is merely a sorcerer who has no interest in spiritual enlightenment we are friends with some them in spite of our objectives on the Path. Only one tried to destroy us and I admit that one was mentally compromised.

You must realize that the world still hasn't gotten use to our existence. So many still consider all who are involved with the occult are basically an evil breed.

Therefore, those who join us must take all this into consideration. The Path is not always filled with roses and in fact some thorns lie hidden between the cracks of the walkway.

Who are you to say you understand evil or call us evil? We, in fact, have seen evil beyond your most horrifying nightmares. People so lost in the darkness of their being that calling them a criminal would be naive and incomplete. For someone like Me who has seen many years on the Path I know how something can manifest, recoil and awaken when engaged in a magical gesture. I've met my share of those on one path or another who always are true to their magical current in the averse or the upright which depends on their aspiration, volition and capacity.

Behold, may it be that the demon incarnate exists in the souls of a few some have that very aspiration which might be cleanly classified as being of us. For those it is well worth coming out into the open and greeting them with the ancient signs of brotherhood or sisterhood.

Love is the law, love under will

For those unfamiliar with the Greek word Octinomos I will elaborate. Octinomos is actually given the definition of "master magician". Transliterated, however, it means eight lettered name. The magical correspondence of the number eight can be studied by those who use gematria and commentaries of its metaphysics are otherwise of interest. This tradition of the master magician to have an eight lettered magical motto or name eventually developed the actual meaning to make Octinomos mean master magician. Many magicians throughout history have used an eight letter name including the Master Therion who took the name Baphomet in the Secret Society Ordo Templi Orientis.
The word Octinomos is in the glossary in Little Essays Towards Truth written by Aleister Crowley in 1938 e.v.. In this book it gives the definition of Octinomos without giving its etymological significance where it means in Greek, eight lettered name.