Magical Retirements
written by David Bersson

sunshine motel for HGA Operation

(The essay was written originally in May of 2005 e.v.. I have added and deleted to its contents over a random period of time in my attempt to include advice for magical retirements that would be of assistance to the Hierarchy, both of A∴A∴ and the secret Society O.T.O.. On one occasion I had to take out several paragraphs where I changed my mind when I decided relating what manifested was too private. I do realize how peculiar it might be to state that certain magical secrets or insights cannot be seen unless I show them to you. You can read something over and over and over to not see what initiation will make crystal clear. Verses can reverse themselves during initiation. Also, I might enthusiastically give a student a very real magical secret that I think they are ready for and the next day it will be as if I never spoke a word of the lecture. The technique of magical retirements is exciting and demanding where it will change as you change over time. The magical retirement changes you and you change the magical retirement so it should not be too much of a surprise that the essay on the subject has been adjusted so many times.)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Well, now we’re getting somewhere with the latest exchange of letters where I have been requested to write something about magical retirements. Now, this was a very good question and I compliment the student for bringing this to my attention.

So, around and around we go with yet another near vertiginous widdershins of guru bully demands a from want a be HIMOG who request I mention some obscure point of event or experience that might give them insight. One important insight that I should mention is when a student asks a question that involves something important for any of the Oaths and Tasks the True Self acknowledging aspiration kicks into gear and I know magically how to respond. This insight is so important that every Hierarchy and every lineage must clearly perceive it in its true light. The miracle of the bud will manifesting its group Hierarchical magical energy where the response to the student is immediately resolved means that even if the Instructor seems to be caught off guard where he has had a few drinks or even strange drugs His momentum of Great Work commands immediate equilibrium in the exchange between student and Instructor. This important observation for lineage is observed in the magical diary, the experiences of Hierarchy and it leaps into phenomenal existence where any number of issues are solved as you consciously fortify the fit. Only true Lineage is familiar with this who has established perfect control with the automatic consciousness in Yesod where it is possible to move to the next Level as you show zeal to those below you the Supernal manifests its reaction for and to the serious pupil in the higher Grades. Yes, now that this has been brought to the attention of serious aspirants I will proceed to expound magical retirement.

For the novice magician who has only begun to tread the Path my recommendation is to only take a week for the first few magical retirements. Do not create private oaths in an attempt to discipline yourself where you might break them. You might do such private oaths later on but you are not yet self disciplined to take a chance on breakage. In the past, I have rented hotel rooms in small towns but I have had a private Temple so long I no longer travel anywhere to do magical retirements. One important magical retirement was in London where I was surprised and delighted by how warm and interesting the British were. Returning to the States, insights flowed in directions that would of not been possible if I hadn’t done the retirement in that wonderful country. My point is, to emphasize the essence of the people do influence the manifestation of the magical retirement.

One interesting series of effects on phenomenal existence from so many years on and off of doing magical retirements at motels or beds and breakfast was how objects would appear on my path which actually had very real symbolism from all the magical work. I possess all these magical objects today and one of them is for example the actual ring of Practicus with all the symbolism. On another magical retirement I found a hawk head made of glass. I think every Thelemite who does regular magick has a least minor synchronizations but during a magical retirement things really get interesting! Since an ideal name like Sunshine Motel sacred to Tiphareth will be only be an example of cogent symbolism you might find other correspondences with other titled motels. I do highly recommend the “El Capitan Motel” in Gallup New Mexico which is near the Avalon Restaurant as another example. Behind the Motel is a vast area for the mystic hike. Magical retirements at Motels mean you have shower and bed so I have always found them an excellent path to take. The Winchester Hotel in London is yet another recommendation. Bed and Breakfast hotels are good, in addition, in the Victoria Section of London. My motive for the Winchester Hotel in London was to be close to the British Museum where I saw the Rosetta Stone and other interesting items. I would do magick in my room for five hours straight proceeding to my mystic walk for hours around London to see the city. Returning to my room, I would do another five hours of magick. For myself, the mystic hikes after hours of magick in the hotel or motel has been my particular method. The mystic hikes becoming a part of my magical retirements began in Sante Fe, New Mexico back in the 93 Lodge days. I can give examples but I’m certain that you’ll develop some sort of routine that is consistent with your will. No one does their magical retirements the same. Of course, if I am going to travel to another land I’m not going to stay cooped up in the hotel all day. I need to see the sights and do the mystic hike.

For the intermediate magician who has passed the ordeal of silver in Yesod and is a fulling functioning Zelator attempting to conquer asana mixing social activity as you did in early magical retirements is not as efficient. You’ll need quiet and a desert town which might be more consistent with an environment which does not tempt you to break discipline. A boring, sleepy town where at the outskirts of the town you stay in a hotel for several weeks where no one pays attention to you conquering Yoga might be a better idea.

For the advanced magician who has met the path bravely to eventually become an Adept Minor without you have signed the Oath to gain the knowledge and conversation you’ll need to be financially independent from all worldly work for a much longer time. Yet, if you have been absolutely serious about the oaths and tasks below you it might not be a previously suggested six months but a mere two months. I refer you to ONE STAR IN SIGHT.

Returning to the world, as it were, after a magical retirement your aura will be a shock to the profane. To bring yourself down from such sensitivity I suggest meat in your diet which will make you more tolerable to others.

Oh, I see. Now that you mention it. With regards to the magical practices you keep doing what you are doing and getting what you are getting a steadfast progress of some significance. If you go the extra mile and do a magical retirement you will be doing what you're doing and getting more than that what you have previous gotten, a greater significance with the step up on the planes of volition. Now going back to your private Temple after the magical retirement you are doing what you are doing and getting more than what you were getting where you have added light years forth unto whatever possibilities are the Necessity for your Hadit where, previously, with regular practices a Nu or New Going you now have moved the clock forth of your phenomenal existence manifesting volition space time continunum where your magical practices have enough magical energy for magical gestures. Do I have to recapitulate this in whiter words? Yes, now that you mention it breaking it down so it flows with some consolidation you do what you will to do for a time, and decide that you have been moving too slow at your present rate of growth so dissatisfied you do extra.

Going back to those early magical retirements you should write possible goals and something of a schedule. My early magical retirements show some temptation to deteriorate into a holiday retirement which if I had submitted to the urge would of twisted retrograde the effort. Again, a few seconds of a bad decision can ruin yourself for years. So, take it slow and easy. Some aspirants might not want to take a chance with regards to self discipline for more than a weekend magical retirement and especially if you are in your reckless twenties!

Another suggestion to bring two blank books for your magical diary. At least in my experience, I write three times the amount I ordinarily would in my magical diary during magical retirement. If one entry goes on for nine pages two blank books for a magical diary might be necessary. Always do asana on an empty stomach. No hard and fast rules exist for a vegetarian diet during a magical retirement. My only suggestion is try both a magical retirement with meat in the diet and also experiment with a vegetarian diet. For myself, I need the protein and have always found no meat in my menu to be less desirable. However you decide you must think out the magical retirement so you make the most of the time and effort. Bring along a wind up alarm clock to get yourself up in the morning for Liber Resh and you can keep setting your alarm clock for each Sun Adoration. I have been doing Liber Resh so long I get up naturally yet the alarm clock at a magical retirement can be very useful. A stopwatch for pranayama should also be brought along. Keep your voice down in the motel room to not attract attention.

During the Menthu Lodge days I was offered by a brother to bring me meals during a magical retirement. Although I declined the effort I never forgot this gesture. This was Frater Oz that offered me this and even today I cannot believe that someone would of offered me this. Of course at the Abbey of Θελημα such a gesture is normal but anyone who would offer themselves like this is the mark of character and kindness that I was unaccustomed to.

An Abbey of Θελημα magical retirement is of course an ideal situation where for extended periods of time you can be among brothers and sisters. Again, the temptation of brothers and sisters being around you trying to develop high levels of concentration must be seriously considered. Hard and fast rules cannot be laid down for every star has a course. One man’s treasure, is another man’s poison as the old saw goes.

A weekend magical retirement any income level can do and it will give you insight on what your next step is with regards to the next longer magical retirement. You are testing the waters of your self discipline to see what needs the most concentrated effort.

Clearly, if your employment is only permitting you one week of vacation two days out of the vacation time for a magical retirement is an excellent preliminary.

Taking a Priestess into a magical retirement would be for the advanced Thelemite. Do it anyway, as an experiment early on and see how it works out for you.

I have already covered the issue of taking a Priestess into a magical retirement and this can create some real ordeals. It boils down to “whose the boss” and ego exchanges can get nasty unless you are advanced enough to curb all the drama and get down to the business of working together in a civilized manner. A female Adept Major taking a male Philosophus into a magical retirement means the female will dominate the exchange. Especially, if she is a serpent rather than a dove so the situation is not resolved without any difficulty. Of course, the roles are often reversed with no improvement either way without experience.

When such complex friction exists the immediate Superior of both or either have to step forth boldly as the referee. In this particular scenario for the magical retirement we have a serpent woman of the stars trying to relate with a male Dove trying to dive into a burning Cup. The symbolism of the O.T.O. Seal… As stated, every Priestess and Priest has to experience whatever pairs of opposite brings solution to the primal issues. Pulling rank in Hierarchy to win a conflict between lovers is never easy to resolve for the immediate superior and if the two aspirants have two different immediate Superiors one might take one side and other take the other side. So be fair warned, that experience must be gained. Although I introduce the issue I can do nothing more than tell you to start early on the Path. At least if you are a Practicus taking a Zelator on a magical retirement you can test yourself and your lover. I absolutely do recommend the first three magical retirements of the aspirant be solitary. The fourth magical retirement might be your first attempt and even if you think you have succeeded prepare for critical red ink to be written severely along the margin of your magical diary.

If the eagle flies away with the loud shriek of Qvif don’t say I didn’t warn you that this is entering territory with magical retirements that is for the advanced Thelemite.

Love is the law, love under will

I knew it!! No sooner than I am satisfied with the above essay a sister comes along and tells me that I need something else. I've had it up to here with these guru bullies!! I was going to include the below advice above in the body of the essay but I decided to write advice on Liber VIII in italics. I hadn’t planned on bringing it up where I was trying to impart my own experiences. The Knowledge and Conversation is such a personal part of the Path that I rarely bring it up unless the student brings it up. In addition, I do not will to compromise originality. Of course, Liber VIII should be mentioned. She has made a point that at least a few words on this document be mentioned. It is a glorious Class D document for a magical retirement that takes ninety one days (Amen is 91 by Gematria) that gives details how to set a Temple for Adept Minor Within for the Knowledge and Conversation. Of course, the cost of gold is extremely high so when you create the Holy Twelvefold Tablet the best advice is to paint it on a piece of canvas or wood - or both; firstly the entire face with gold paint and then measure out the squares of the tablet where you paint the Enochian Letters. The checkerboard rug, the Abramelin Oil and so forth only needs a fairly good sized room. Don’t let the cost of gold stop you from creating the Holy Twelvefold Tablet. That only leaves the obstacle of ninety one days. My advice is to create the Tablet even if you think it is immediately impossible to take this Supreme Retirement. Keep the Tablet in your Temple and even if you are a mere Neophyte or Zelator you will know that it will be inevitably done. If you’ve already set up your Temple in accordance with the Ritual of the Tuat I would consider getting all the materials together anyway. This is one step above telling yourself you mean to do it someday but one step towards its reality where you realize that you are ready. The official version of Liber VIII has a title, 000, 00, and 0 followed by numbered verses. Also, at the end of Liber VIII there is a paragraph. If you come across a version of Liber VIII that is not numbered or has the paragraph at the end missing simply go to the section here on A∴A∴ Liberi from this website to get the complete version. What was passed on to me is the real version and perhaps those who have placed the incomplete version thought that trying to present the finalized version didn’t exist trying to piece it all together from the notes on the 8th Aether. Also, some fake A∴A∴ Lineages have presented versions of Liber VIII trying to pass themselves as real. A version of our secret document, Liber CXX, has recently appeared publicly where they write a stupid introduction to this document meant for the Zelator only. Being fake Lineage or simply too low an IQ to be clear they couldn’t even figure out what the cardinal points are, where they speculate that they are to be elemental directions. You can assured that Liber CXX has never been nor ever will be released to anyone below Zelator by My Lineage