A note upon DEMONS

Magical images of demons seem confused nightmarish combinations of human & animal parts. Students should take into account that man evolved from terrestrial living forms, and recapitulates, in the fetal stage, the pilgrimage from monas to "homo saps", passing through insect, fish, amphibian, bird and mammal in the first three months of gestation. Indeed, only in the third month, when it finally aquires human shape, can a fetus legitimately be stated to harbor a human soul.

Demonic shapes symbolize substructures of the human brain, or attempts at communication and symbiosis between diverse species. One more reason why not to fear or scorn demons, but to try to integrate them into ones vision of the Universe. Mankind can progress only through experiment; and the demonic forms symbolize experiments in evolution. Some such experiments lie in the past, and become "dead ends"; some are still open to development. Who can tell where this or that will lead? Therefore the wise aspirant interferes as little as possible with natural processes, limiting himself or herself to the doing of his or her own True Will.

Marcelo Motta

Yi Jing, number 38, kui