Calling the Children of the Sun

Written by Marcelo Ramos Motta

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

  1. This book is of the nature of a herald. It is a call to arms. Long have you slept, O warriors of the Ruby and Gold! Rise. Let me explain the nature of the trumpet that calls you. The human being, when it is born, forgets its late lives and its existence in the heavenly worlds it has just left. However, such forgetfulness is not complete. In the subterranean regions of the mind, in the Unconscious of the soul, a memory lingers. It is thus that some have an intuitive certainty of the existence of God and the beyond, it is thus that others feel awaken in them inexplicable likes or dislikes towards other human beings they meet on their way. It is still thus that some - and among these are often very evolved souls - feel, through their whole earthly life, a homesickness, a loneliness, an undefinable hunger, and feel themselves travelers, far, very far from some fantastic, wonderful imaginary abode.
    There are spiritual races as there are physical races. There are nations in the invisible world as there are nations in the visible. Each of such races and nations is symbolized by a sign, a symbol, and sometimes, by several symbols. Such symbols are, so to speak, lamens of the astral world. The ancient heralds were seers who examined in the inner planes the animic nature of certain individuals, and then drew a lamen that would symbolize the qualities of its owner. The lamen was transmitted from sire to offspring, because it was acknowledged that the spiritual seed of the father was magically transmitted from generation to generation, provided that external factors would not become manifest. Sometimes it was necessary to include some new influence, combine two lamens, if by marriage, adoption or other means the animic nature of a noble family should change. This clairvoyant heraldic science is today almost completely lost.
    It is because of this astral symbology that, often, certain symbols are presented to the consciousness of an individual who never had any contact with what is called "occultism" or "spiritualism", and even so the individual recognizes the symbols, feels an awakening of activity in his consciousness, and perceives intuitively that he belongs to the symbols, or that the symbols belong to him. The symbols, either in drawings or in written images, and the keys presented in this book, represent so many lamens, and belong to the Host of the Children of the Sun.
  2. You have been often told of the New Age, of Aquarius-Leo. It began in April 1904, when the Earth was, occultly, regenerated by fire. All the children born after this date have in their Unconscious the sea of the energies and spiritual tendencies of the New Age. We call the group of the Children of the Sun incarnated in Brazil to the execution of their wills. We call them to the consciousness of the aim of Incarnation. We call them to the accomplishment of the Great Work. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
  3. Much has been said to you about the reasons for Incarnation in this world. Much has been said to you of the "divine redemption of pain". It has been said to you that this world is a valley of tears, an abode of demons that incarnate in order to expiate their sins. Only sorrow, you are told, brings Light and Liberation. I tell you that all this is finished. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
  4. Do not search for light in churches and temples; the Light is in Thee. Suffering is the fruit of ignorance, and its presence is symptom of error, not a sign of spiritualization. Every human being that suffers, suffers by its own fault, and in the moment when it suffers. Your past errors determine your conditions of manifestation; but your inner essence, the Inner Fire that burns in the heart of the Fallen Star, is always present in ye; always is present in ye the possibility of the Philosophers' Stone, that transmutes the painful lead of Saturn into the beautiful, luminous Ruby and Gold of the Sun. Every man and every woman is a star.
  5. The Incarnation is a baptism, a fall, the purpose of which is revealed only in the trances of the highest initiation; but you may be told since now at the purpose of Incarnation is not the expiation of "guilts" of the soul. All guilts and all virtues of the soul are equally illusions of Maya; and the Inner Fire that burns in the heart of the Human Star totally consumes in the illusory web of the Karma from the moment when the soul awakens to the consciousness of its true identity.
    It is this inner fire that was symbolized among the Egyptians by the Uraeus Serpent lifted upon the forehead of Pharaoh, the Priest-King. It is this inner fire the highest manifestation of that which is, in part. called Kundalini in the Tantras, and carefully cultivated by the Agni-Yogis The brand of this Inner Fire is upon the forehead of the Buddha and all the Tibetan and Brahmanic divinities. It is one of the possible brands of the Beast, the Solar Lion. Let him who has ears listen.
    In the traditional European folklore, the children of the fairies and the children victim or protected by charms brought the brand of a star upon their foreheads. When victims, they were always being tried.
  6. Only that influence that makes thee more powerful over thy destiny really expresses Thy Destiny, 0 Fallen Star! Flee therefore those that would "save" thee by proxy. Do not worship God, because when you do so, you try to force God to worship himself in thee, and this is masturbation. Worship rather thy neighbor, or that stone, or the farthest star; "For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union." Let him who has ears listen. Every prophet, every book, every god that would have thee tend to bend thy knee to anything or being with exclusion of the rest, is a false prophet, is a foolish book, is a black god. Every man and every woman is a star. Every number is infinite; there is no difference.
    Flee-therefore those who would try to convince thee that suffering, voluntary, blind or passive, that the subjection of the freedom of thy mind to another, that the negativization of thy aura, is The Way. THOU art Thy Own Way. For this reason it is written: "Ye shall know Truth, and Truth shall make ye free." This world is not an abode of demons expiating their sins; this world is a bed chamber of sleeping Gods, who sleeping dream.
  7. You have been told: Pity the poor, the humble, and the weak. But I tell ye, what right have you to feel pity for the dead, ye who are dead? For if you were alive, you would know that the spirit is eternal, indestructible and divine; that earth may not bury it; that water may not drown it; that air may not blow it; that fire may not burn it; that ether itself, and the other are nothing but wrappings taken by the eternal flame when it lies down and dreams on the lap of Nature.
    Therefore the Masters are pitiless and selfish; stamp down those who fall and think only of Themselves; therefore it is written that to make gold, you must have gold to begin with; therefore it is written that to him who has, more shall be added, but to him who has not, even what he has shall be taken from him; and therefore it is also written, in the word of some holy rabbi of old Palestine: Let the dead bury their dead.
  8. Those who have in mind the liberation of man cannot accept but the individual and spontaneous activity of others. Therefore the Masters limit themselves to pointing out all the useful aspects of a situation, to make it clear to judgment, and never save men from their mistakes, nor manifest pity for those who fall. Compassion is a feeling illusory and offensive to the real nature of man. Do you by any chance have pity on God?
    True charity consists in a spiritual trance by which the disciple arrives to the consciousness of the divinity contained in all that exists. To the eyes of a seer, the soul of such a man flowers like a Sun. From this moment on, a new light lightens the world, a new lighthouse points the Way, the Resurrection and the Life. Such are the Pelicans, such are the true Sacrifices (that is, that which is made sacred), such are the Sons of the Light, and it is this Light that is the true charity.
    Do not give alms to beggars; extinguish beggary in thy inner self, and give Life, Love, Liberty and Light to all mankind. Let him who has ears listen. For this reason the true Fraternity presents always the true symbols, but without explaining them; the intuition of the divine things awakens certain activity in the hearts; moved by a force in himself, the individual joins the current that harmonizes with his rate of vibration.

    The true Fraternity neither preaches nor insists. It expounds the facts and lets each one verify them for himself, and draw his own conclusions. There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.

  9. Would you do good to your neighbor? Increase then your wisdom, your health, your wealth; awaken your spiritual activity and let your neighbor do the same when he will. Be sure that the more happy, healthy and wealthy you are, more You shall increase the possibility of happiness, health and wealth of others; for he who frees himself of the load lightens the job of those who still bend under it. This is the sole way to lighten efficiently the Karma of Mankind.
    You see around you misery, suffering, undisciplined passions and artificial and sickly desires. Would you alleviate these conditions? Discipline your inner self, subject your human entity to the Real Will of your divine essence; and when you do so, your passage through the earth shall be a wave of fresh air through a room shut for centuries. For this reason is it written: if you would take the speck from your brother's eye, take before the beam you have in yours. Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that. and no other shall nay.
  10. They tell you that God came into this world, was crucified for our sins resurrected and rose to heaven, but by divine charity newly dies and rises newly every day in the ceremony of the mass. You hear this, and bend your knees? Blind ones, do you not understand that ye are That One crucified on the cross of flesh, and that your Crucifixion is the Baptism of Incarnation? Ye are the Way, the Truth and the Life! Rise, as He rises daily, in the Baptism of Resurrection! ROSE-CROSS. Aumgn!

    You are told that the Spiritual Sun dove under the earth, and you do penance and pray for your salvation, just as the people moaned in the ceremonies of the Death of Asar-Osiris, mourned during the night, and shouted with joy at the resurrection of the morning. Blind ones, do they not teach you already, all of you, in the schools, that the Sun neither rises nor sets, but around him the Earth dances the dance of the seasons?

    Therefore was there in Egypt a mysterious God adored only by those who in the crypt had whispered in their ears the terrible revelation that Osiris is a black god. This God was called Ra-Hoor-Khuit, which means Sun of the Two Horizons. This shows that the Egyptian Initiates knew that the earth spins around the sun, a thing the Christian Church always denied and, in its time, sent initiates to the fire for wishing to reveal it. And however, Eppur si muove! Be with us, Hawk-God!
  11. You have been told: repress your sex! It is the voice of the beast in you. But I tell you: Be more blessed as more potent, as more you thirst for the beauty and refreshment of Woman! For it is true, the voice of sex is the voice of the Beast in you: it is the voice of the Lamb of God, and the choice of the Solar Lion! 666. Aumgn!
  12. Macerations and psycho-physiological masochism are the necessary defect of all religious systems developed during the Age of Virgo-Pisces. Therefore you have been told that to go to church on Sundays, or to the spiritualistic seance weekly, or to the candomblé on Fridays or Saturdays, and to abandon yourselves to a passive receptivity of several influences that are poured upon you, is to worship the true God. You are told that spirituality consists in bending your knee meekly, and confess yourself unworthy and a sinner, and meekly offering your neck to the terrible sword of the Supreme Judge.
    I tell you that all this is finished. I tell you that only that cult is true, and only that priest is holy, whose activity awakens in you the consciousness, even if passing, of the divinity of yourselves. I tell you that in the age of Aquarius-Leo, men must pray through their deeds. I tell you that men shall no longer be known by their intentions, by their thoughts, or even by their words; I tell you that there is no spiritual grace that will save you of the consequence of your actions, nor Spiritual Judge to condemn you; I tell you that the Law of Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect of Science; I tell you that the God who rewards those who bend their knees and confess themselves sinners and beg forgiveness, is a vampire, is a false god, is a black god; I tell you that the True God is inside you; I tell you that none of your deeds condemns you except in the measure that it veils you from the consciousness of the Eye that is open upon you; I tell you that you are called to the Great Work, and not to wait for Somebody or Something to help you or lead you; And I tell you, finally, that the greatest crime you may commit against the Flame that burns in your heart is to bend your knee before any shrine that be not this inner shrine. Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the Living God? I am alone; there is no God where I am.
  13. Do not masturbate psychically in moments of inspiration provoked by circumstances external to your will, thinking that you are worshiping God when you are only abandoning yourselves to the, expansion of an astral whirl. If you will pray to the true God, work; it does not matter at what, but work with care, with devotion, making of your work your cult; because when you work actively and with concentration, you make to germinate the seeds of individuality and initiative which exist, latent, inside you. Therefore is it written: Whatever thy hand do, do it with all thy might. And therefore is it also written: Ye shall know them by their fruits.
  14. There are among you many who profess yourselves followers of Jesus, and yet would claim as your spiritual Chief the Prince Count of St. Germain. Know then what this Master said once to a frightened pupil: "Yes, my friend, Jesus is nothing; but to afflict you is always something, and therefore, I shall speak no more." Osiris is a black god. Apo pantos kakodaimonos!
  15. Only the Divine Child is the God of Light for the next two thousand years. For this reason is it written that no one that does not become like a little child shall enter the kingdom of heaven; and for this reason is it also written that the Lion and the Lamb shall lie side by side, and a little Child shall lead them. Be with us, Child God! Be with us, Hawk God!
  16. You have been told: natural law is one Divine Law is another. But I tell you that natural law is the only divine law. For this reason the true scientist, and specially the astronomer, is the deepest priest of God. Nature is the body of God. Glory to Our Lady of the Stars, 0 men! Isis-Urania, Mother of Us All, Aum!
  17. Wrote a Great Initiate: "The aim of him who would be Master is single; men call it Personal Ambition. That is, he wants his Universe to be as vast, and his control of it as perfect, as possible." Read a worm in human form these words, and cried: "This man is selfish and evil! He wants to dominate me!" Read an Aspirant these words, and thought gladly : "Here is my aim." The slaves shall serve. Let him who has ears listen.
  18. You see around you many who call themselves true followers of the true God, because they practice charity, that is, they give alms to beggars, they help the famished; they build orphanages and promote help for the unemployed. In truth I tell ye that such are blind leading the blind; both those who lead and those who follow revolve ever in the vicious circle of the instinctive Karma of the lunar man. For he who gives alms to beggars incites his neighbor to pauperhood; he who helps the famished often drives away the goad that awakes animal consciousness to human activity; he who builds orphanages should rather teach ignorant people to control their instincts; and he who indiscriminately offers jobs to the unemployed most of the time stops a phase of displacement that leads a man to the discovery of his true vocation and will. Therefore the Masters do not help men, but make men learn how to help themselves.
  19. A word to tell you of spiritism. Whether its chiefs be discarnate spirits, ether they be astral shells rotting whether they be collective currents of associated subconscious minds, there exists in its practice a technical defect and a spiritual defect, to wit, that the mediums develop the tendency to Ob in passively abandoning themselves to astral whirls. which is contrary to the duties of human evolution; and the spiritual leader of these legions and this movement is said to be "Jesus" that is, an entity that never existed as such, and was no more than the mask with which Osiris was offered to Greeks and Romans. In the past, all this would perhaps be of little importance; but remember that the spiral has spun once more, and that Osiris is a black god. Let him who has ears listen.
  20. A word to tell you of the macumba. Whether its chiefs be African spirits discarnate, whether they be demons of the low astral under disguise, there exists in the practices of this movement the same technical defect of the spiritism, that is, the use of the force of Ob. But there is also a fundamental difference, in that the macumba worships, under several names, the same gods of the Greco-Roman Pantheon, which were also worshipped under other names by all Antiquity, and which are personifications of great Forces through whose existence in the subtle worlds certain spiritual currents are formed to inspire the life of men. Therefore the macumba is less harmful to the inner self than the spiritism, because it does not offend the facts of Nature In the past, all this would be of little importance; but remember that the spiral has spun once more, and that has awakened, of his sleep of two thousand years, the most mysterious God of the pagans, the great God Pan. Let him who has ears listen.
  21. A word to tell you of communism. Whether it disguises itself as primitive Christianism, whether it calls itself scientific materialism, it is neither one nor the other thing, for the primitive Christians worshipped God in Themselves; I refer to the Gnostics, whom the Catholic Church ferociously persecuted and decimated, because it knew them to be conscious of the nature of the great sorcery. As for scientific materialism, this is one thing communism never was, it being based on a certain number of axioms which are idealistic and romantic and have nothing in common with the facts of science; as, for instance, that men are all equal, when evidence is plentiful that natural law in this is variation from the norm; and that, for instance, that personal possessions blaspheme the human community, which is fundamentally false and even silly, for if personal property were theft, as the socialists want, then men would all have a single body, a single brain, a single tongue, a single penis and a single anus.
    More, the social organization preached by this "scientific materialism" is in flagrant contrast with the natural law of evolution by mutation and by selection of the species; for genetics teaches us, and the observation of the behavior of the species confirms the teaching, that variations from the norm produce evolution, and that survival must always be of the fittest. Every human society, therefore, that does not allow the maximum of freedom for each individual to develop freely and by personal choice his natural tendencies, and to compete freely and equally with others upon life's field of battle, is an idealistic society, having nothing to do with materialism or with science.
    Therefore, communism, as any other tendency to uniformity and subjection of the individual to the interests of a herd or a fictional entity (the "State"), is an unhealthy tendency, idealistic and vicious; fight it with all the forces of your individuality, ye who are true men! Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay. Let him who has ears listen.
  22. A word to tell you of the Catholic Church. It is dead, as all they who belong to it, and its apparently great present activity is no more than the unconscious turmoil of decomposition of a giant corpse. The christians to the Lions! Let him who has ears listen.
  23. A word to tell you of masonry. That which was based upon the legend of Hiram, legend which, as that of Jesus, is no more than a dramatic version, adapted to western mentality, of the Ritual of the Sacrificed God, that is, Osiris is just as dead as the Catholic Church. There is however this fundamental difference: that, masonry having been started by Adepts of the Brotherhood of Light to fight the great sorcery of the Black Lodge, in this very moment new masonic shoots are being carefully tended by the Masters in charge of the spreading of the Good News, that is, the social and spiritual principles of the New Aeon; and these Masters are, as was said by a woman inspired by the Tibetan Lodges, "one of the English masters and the Count of St. Germain." The name of the English Master may now be revealed: He was Sir Aleister Crowley, M. 33° and King of the Order of the Temple for England; and an even more important role did he act as incarnation of the Beast 666. Let him who has ears listen. As for the Count of St. Germain, also called by some Master Racoczy (and who smiles at such fooleries), he follows the steps of the English Master with the same astonishment and admiration with which in the past he followed the steps of the Count Cagliostro. Let him who has ears listen. Masonry is dead, it lives. The king is dead, long live the king!
  24. A word to tell You of the education of children. Your children do not belong to you, and parents who give their offspring their own name, followed of Junior, are satisfying a sad vanity. If you yourselves as you are and if you really loved your children, the last thing you would wish for in the world would be that they should resemble you. In the New Age, more and more children will be born in each family that do not belong to the vibratory scale of the parents. This is because, in accord with the predictions of all seers in the last two hundred years, the family is no longer the unit of society. Vibratory scales that kept together for centuries, members of the same kind reincarnating constantly in the same genetic stream, are forever sundered. The individual, man or woman, is the unit of society. The family is but the first group of individuals to whose presence the new soul is subjected. Therefore, ye parents, if you would have the respect of your children, do not demand it as a right; prove by the example of your deeds that you deserve it, and your children will confer respect upon you as a prize you have earned. This is ever the Law: awaken virtue in thy inner self, and thou shalt see with surprise how virtue lights up in the hearts of others. Gone is the idea of family links. It takes time to die because of the inertia of the human mind, drilled by the habits of four thousand years (for the family was already formed in the Aeon of Isis, which preceded that of Osiris; only, then the mother was the chief of the family). But its convulsions, as those of the Catholic Church, and generally speaking, Christianity, are the convulsions of death. The more parents reinforce their authority, the more children rebel, and they do well. Man's country is the world, his world is the universe, and his family is all mankind. Is a God to live in a dog? No! And if by chance a God is born in the midst of a dog pack, and is asked to chew bones like the rest, what do you expect, but that the God outraged withdraw to the midst of his kind, or, in a fit of anger, decimate the insolent dogs until, scared, they stop bothering him and begin to obey him as it is proper? The slaves shall serve. Would you raise your children well? Treat them as fresh incarnations of divinity, gods newly-descended into this world, green heralds of the heights, messengers of that mysterious world beyond the grave whither you are bound. Allow them all opportunities to acquire knowledge and experience, and let them choose freely among all the opportunities you allow them. Do not limit them ever but in the things that common sense urges, that is, in the conservation of health and the discipline of intelligence. It is well to command a child not to put its hand in the fire, but it is even better to explain to it that fire burns the unwary, and give a demonstration. When your son or your daughter reaches the age of responsibility, that is, puberty, moment when the Fire manifests itself for the first time through the whole flesh, or the Water springs through the portals of life with its sweetness and its joy, do not try to put out the fire, do not try to dam the water. Rather teach the boy and girl all you know of the reproduction of the sexes, which is little; teach them how to avoid involuntary conception, natural tendency of the impulsive self; teach them the rules of hygiene that keep the creative apparatus free from the so-called venereal diseases; and, thus done your duty, let your children walk freely through the wide world. If you had care to respect the judgment of your children from the cradle, if you tended with care your inner virtue, thus resonating in the inner virtue of your children, if, lastly, you trained your children to fear nothing and to be free, they will love without harming and without being harmed, and will fly higher and further than you ever reached. What greater source of pride may parents have, than see how their children surpass them in everything? And there is in this simple and healthy egoism, that if you make of your children freer men and women than you are, and stronger, they in their turn will make of you ever) stronger and freer men and women when you reincarnate in their midst. Each child that is born and grows healthy and free is the hope of mankind. Water then the flowers, 0 men, if you would someday gather the fruit! This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, heart & my tongue, whom I send this kiss.
  25. There are analogies between human society and the living body that you would do well to observe and emulate. For there exist in the body structures that change very slowly, that waste away and renew themselves relatively so slowly that one could almost say they are unmoving. However these structures are the base upon which are built the more mobile structures. In the human body these structures are the bones, and in society they are the laws that rule the metabolism of those cells called men. Think for a moment how terrible it would be if the human skeleton, instead of being partially flexible, and constituted so as to allow the organs to support each other supporting themselves on it, should be rigid, and should separate the organs from one another, or weigh upon them in such a way as to obstruct their free functioning! So does it happen in karmic cases of bad bone structure, and many times do you look and laugh at the result, instead of thinking that the same may have happened to you in another life, or may happen to you in the future. And yet, laughing as you do at hunchbacks and cripples, you live yourselves in a society hideous by its laws and customs, and you do nothing to alter its heavy and unnatural constitution. Know then that the laws, just as the bones, must be organized to have the maximum flexibility combined with the maximum of strength and resilience, and must, by their very structure, allow the maximum of initiative to individuals, and the maximum of intercourse (exchange) to institutions. In the seeming and immortal paradox of the Count of Fenix: The absolute authority of the State must be the function of the absolute freedom of each individual will. THOU HAST NO RIGHT BUT TO DO THY WILL; DO THAT AND NO OTHER SHALL SAY NAY. FOR PURE WILL, UNASSUAGED OF PURPOSE, DELIVERED FROM THE LUST OF RESULT, IS EVERY WAY PERFECT. Let him who has ears listen.
  26. I am astonished daily in your midst to see how you pay service with your lips to certain beliefs, but always belie your words with your deeds. You say you believe in another life for the soul, where it shall be happier than it was on earth, and you cry away when your beloved ones (and even when your not so beloved ones) die. You say you believe that that which God joined no man may sunder, and your hideous churches conspire for all social laws to impede as much as possible men from trying to sunder matrimonial links. You say you believe that the soul is saved by baptism during infancy, and yet your vile churches and priests spend the whole life of the baptized in prying, gossiping, and often in condemning. 0 generation cowardly and hypocritical! Give a feast when someone dies, give the corpse as fodder to the beasts (or donate it to the nearest hospital), and entrust the soul to the hands of initiated Priests to accompany and advise it in the trip to the divine abodes, as the simple people of Tibet still do to this day! 0 degenerates, 0 lechers, 0 impotents! Do not meddle with the laws of Love, which is the instrument and the modus operandi of the spiritual will of men! 0 filthy, unbelieving and evil-doing pharisees! You do not understand that the First Baptism is the passing through the Doors, that the baptismal water is the amniotic fluid, and that in the Aeon of Horus the priestly baptism, must be of fire, the fire of the Holy Ghost, taken at the Confirmation Mass! For this is it written: I baptize you with water; but One shall come after me, greater than I, and he shall baptize you with Fire (John the Baptist in the Gospels). Ra-Hoor-Khuit! Hoor-Paar-Kraat! HERU-RA-HA! Abide with us, Child God! Be with us, Hawk God! Kyrie, Christe! IAO SABAO! AGIOS, AGIOS, AGIOS, I0 PAN!
  27. Very little is known of the ROSE-CROSS, and yet among you pullulate "orders" and "fraternities" using this NAME. I copy here, for your edification, the simple words of a man who had some knowledge of what he was saying:
    "It is curious, but it is thus: in order to speak of the highest-of the initiatic entities known in the West, I must use this name without preceding it by terms such as "Order", "Fraternity", etc., so that the reader or the Disciple will not confuse it with some of the innumerable societies which, just as mushrooms, have appeared with names imitative of: 'THE ROSE-CROSS'.
    "It is also necessary to declare here something that was not fully explained by those who preceded me, that the ROSE-CROSS, that is to say, the mysterious supreme Fraternity, which acts under such name there are only about three centuries in the West, always existed under other denominations.
    "It has no headquarters that one may place in any city, nor do its Members declare themselves as such. This is all that can be said as to its organization. As to its mode of work, it seems simple to explain it: Whenever some determined environment, society, initiatic center or whatever, NEEDS AND DESERVES the attention of the ROSE-CROSS, some Missionary is sent who is connected at least with the Outer Circles of the Order; or, in other cases, one of the members of said society or fraternity is inspired, it being also possible that he often be not aware for a long time of how he is being 'inspired, directed...and watched.' When at last he becomes aware, it is because he is already 'RIPE' in seriousness, discretion, dedication and capacity. This is, at least, what I know from a source that, as one says in diplomacy, 'must be considered as being habitually well informed..."
    One word is enough to the wise.
  28. From the little that is known of the true ROSE-CROSS, we may conclude the following: First, the ROSE-CROSS adopt the clothes of the time and country in which they travel or act. Second, they know each other at once by certain characteristics who go unperceived by the profane.
    Third, the influence of the ROSE-CROSS is much farther from "rosicrucian" organizations as more these protest it to be near.
    Fourth, the ROSE-CROSS adore periodically in a temple called the Temple of the Holy Ghost, where they learn to heal the sick, to transmute metals, and where they commune with each other. This temple is at once nowhere and everywhere; it is the easiest thing to find to the initiate, and a thing never dreamed of by the profane.
    Fifth, the fundamental characteristic of the ROSE-CROSS is that they have the Elixir of Life, the Stone of the Philosophers, the Summum Bonum and the Perfect Happiness. Sixth, it does not follow, of that the ROSE-CROSS heal the sick, that they be doctors by profession; nor does it follow, from that they transmute metals, that they be atomic physicists; nor does it follow, of that they have the Elixir of Life, that they lengthen their earthly life.
    He who writes these words is not Rosecross.
  29. For instruction and warning of the Sons of the Sun:
    Three "fraternities" principally manifest themselves in this country calling themselves rosecross. The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) was founded by a certain H. Spencer Lewis, initiated in the outer circles of the Order of the Temple of the Orient (O.T.O.). He disobeyed the orders of his superiors, giving to his organization the NAME it absolutely did not deserve; he betrayed his master, whom rich as he had become by his tricks, he practically let starve to death (for this was His will); and was in his turn betrayed by his partners in profanation. This "order" disobeys the most serious bylaw of every true Initiatic Order, in that it receives money to confer initiations.
    The Rosicrucian Fraternity in America, initially of high masonic origin, degenerated progressively, and under the rule of R. Swinburne Clymer, traitor and infamous member of the Black Lodge, was corrupted by the very methods of the great sorcery. It is now, justly, despised and scorned by the Orders it tried to usurp.
    The Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua was started by a member of high grade of the O.T.O., with the permission of his superiors; but the resolution of the founder (Dr. Arnold Krumm-Heller, "Huiracocha") to use the name ROSE-CROSS was deplored by all the Brethren, who consequently drew away from the founder and the order. It is now in the process either of dissolution or of transmutation; let the responsibility for one or the other fall upon its directors, as it already fell upon its founder!
  30. The Great Fraternity of the Brethren of the Light has several subdivisions, of which the main for this planet are the Black Fraternity (which must not be confused with the Black Lodge), the Yellow Fraternity and the White Fraternity. They are symbolized in the Qabalah by the three sons of Noah.
    The Black Fraternity asserts that every manifestation is necessarily of the nature of sorrow; that the aim of man must therefore be liquidation of personal Karma and absorption in Nirvana. Of this Fraternity the Buddha Sidharta Gautama was the highest exponent; his canonic work was the Dhammapada.
    The Yellow Fraternity asserts that, every manifestation being necessarily started from above, it must have its reason for being; that therefore the aim of man must be to adapt himself plastically to the conditions of manifestation and never presume to modify, in one way or another, natural processes. The greatest exponent of this Fraternity was Lao-Tse, and his canonic work the Book of Tao.
    The White Fraternity asserts that the aim of man is to become that which Madame Blavatsky called a Nirmanakaya; that the Great Work is the progressive transmutation, first of the personal metals into gold, next of the planetary metals into gold and finally of the universal metals into gold; and that the purpose and recreation of the Adept must be to make the desert to flower in beauty and perfume. The greatest exponent of this Fraternity was and is the Great Beast of the Revelation, and his canon work, that is not his, but belongs to Our Lady of the Stars, the Divine Fire and Solar Child, is the Book of the Law. And because thou hast not Wisdom, thou shalt not know whether these three Fraternities, which always antagonize and compete with each other, make one or make three. Let him who has ears listen.
  31. Lao-Tse came to the world and said, among other things, that the Tao that can be conceived is not the true Tao. Therefore men got together and, after his death, made a Savior of Lao-Tse; and today his book is the plaything of fools and pedants.
    Thoth (but really Tahuti) came to the world and said, among other things, that wisdom consists in structuralizing the mind in a manner so organic, so flexible and so fluid, that the mind becomes an adequate vehicle for the Creative Word. Therefore men got together and, after his death, made a Savior of Thoth; and today His Book is partly used as the base of salon games.
    Buddha came to the world and said that there was neither salvation nor savior, that pain and macerations do not lead man to divine peace; that every manifestation is of necessity of the nature of suffering, and that the essence of wisdom consists in extinction. Therefore men got together and, after his death, made a Savior of Buddha, made penance in his name, and begged him to lead them to liberation.
    Dionysus came to the world, him, Osiris Resurrect, and taught men that in the process of generation, with its death and resurrection, is contained the supreme mystery of the building of the Temple of the Holy Ghost, of the Word manifested in flesh, of the Kingdom upon Earth. And therefore men worship HIM under many names, including that of Jesus, and beg him to lead them to salvation. Yet, God helps those who help themselves, says the wisdom of the people.
    Mohammed came to the world and destroyed partially the great sorcery of the Black Lodge, engendered after the methodic extinction of the Gnostic Exoteric Church, and persecution that lasted twenty centuries of the Gnostic Esoteric Church. Glory to Mohammed, Sword of God! Partial prophet, yet prophet, of the Unity of God and the Virility of man! And now you are told: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Let him who has ears listen the Voice of the Beast 666.
  32. Our Fraternity is the Fraternity of the Sons of the Light. Our Habitation is the Lake of Eternal Fire, the Sun. Our Father is Satan, the Lord of the Eternal Fire, the Lord of the Sun, the Solar Logos. Our chiefs are the Beast 666, the Solar Lion, and his Concubine BABALON. When incarnated upon the Earth they are always a man and a woman, whose superior activity awakens the stellar fire in the hearts of men.
    Above our Father Satan, who was also through history called Abrasax, Mithras, Ra, Bal, Al, Allah, Christ and innumerable other names, there is Our Lady of the Stars, in whose lap our Father rests, and Hadit Her Spouse, of whom nothing can be revealed and of whom our Father is one of the children, whose body is the Star Sol.
    Men have always adored the Spiritual Sun, of whom we are sparks crystallized upon Earth, and our divine dreams and hungers are memories of our House, the Immense Lake of Light. We speak here of the Sons of the Sun, for there are others incarnated upon Earth who are sons of other stars; for, as it is written, the house of my Father has many mansions. But these things are of interest only to the highest initiates, for only they may really understand and use them.
    In the Age of Aquarius-Leo, the world has already been regenerated by the Fire; the Star has fallen upon the Earth, and the darkness of the world already is becoming green and garlanded with the dawn. Today He is not only our Father; He is our Master and our Mate; He is Our-Selves, the Crowned and Conquering Child, Horus, the Son of Isis and Osiris, in his name Heru-Ra-Ha; the Child God, the Word made Flesh in each of us!
Thou who art I, beyond all I am,
Who hast no nature and no name,
Who art, when all but Thou are gone,
Thou, centre and secret of the Sun,
Thou, hidden spring of all things known
And unknown, Thou aloof, alone,
Thou, the true fire within the reed
Brooding and breeding, source and seed
Of life, love, liberty, and light,
Thou beyond speech and beyond sight,
Thee I invoke, my faint fresh fire
Kindling as mine intents aspire.
Thee I invoke, abiding one,
Thee, centre and secret of the Sun,
And that most holy mystery
Of which the vehicle am I.
Appear, most awful and most mild,
As it is lawful, in thy child!

Love is the law, love under will.