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"The method of science, the aim of religion."

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Wednesday, March 29, Anno CXIII
(2017 era vulagris)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I pause, it may seem, to address you from the point of view of an Aspirant of the Grade of Practicus 3 °= 8, but of course, I do not pause at all, in this constant state of By-Coming, sped on my way by the noble examples of Frater Sphinx, David Bersson, my Instructor, whose Instructor in turn was Frater Parzival, known as Marcelo Ramos Motta, whose Instructor was Frater Saturnus known as Karl Germer, whose Instructor was Aleister Crowley, the priest of the princes, Ahnk-af-na-khonsu, whose Instructor was Aiwass, the Minister of Hoor-paar-kraat.

Even now, I am hard at the Task of the Practicus, which is the study of the Qabalah. Careful examination of my unique Star-hood has revealed these outward garments of my individual khu in this incarnation as distinct from the others among the Company of Heaven; namely, a piquant lust for Clio, the Muse of history, and a certain natural facility with line and form. And these traits, arising as if spontaneously, have fallen into place to make it natural that the Qabalah would take the form on my path of a new expression of the Book of Thoth, my Tarot of Saturnus. This, given that every thing whatsoever, including the episodes of the History of the Great Work Itself, and their relations to one another, may be clarified and more perfectly understood by their right disposition upon the Tree of Life and its Paths. But even as this reward ripens on the vine, awaiting the period of its harvest, already blooms have opened in this garden, giving foretaste of the fruit to come, which give encouragement to the Practicus in his labor, and all Aspirants.

One of these is the wisdom of Our Brother in the Great Work Phillippus Bombastus Aureolus Theophrastus von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus, who praised science over dogma, personal experimentation over mere devotion to the medical authority of Hippocrates and Galen, or for any ancient master, however great. And in his aphorism "Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest", or "Let nothing be done for him who can do thus for himself" we can read an antecedent of our Commandment "Thou hast no right but to do thy will". Do that and no other shall say nay." And this is true medicine for the mind and the spirit of man. And this is so, as it was in the time of Paracelsus, as is it today, when false scholars, ghoulish doctors, fraudulent churchmen, and malignant lawmen exacerbate the complexity of their narrow fields of knowledge to protect their profits and those of their fellow conspirators. To take one's own affairs in hand for even a little while is sufficient to dispel the sorcery, this "folly against self", of these hypnotists and busy-bodies, all of whom wallow in a villainous reek, but most vile of these, it must be said, is the liar who persists in the heresy that the salvation of men and women is best accomplished by an intermediary in the guise of a so-called Vicar of the Holy Spirit. Revealing the hollowness of these false idols, we find the virtue of certainty of personal experience over pompous altruism and misplaced atavism; indeed the Triumph of Gnosis over blind faith. And thus in this spirit of Endurance have I dedicated this work to Frater Saturnus, by whose patient labor (in the face of great adversity) and to which we now add Our own, Our Spiritual Hierarchy is by-coming as a mighty Pyramid to stand against the ages.

So I, Frater Mark of the Beast, Practicus 3 °= 8 of the A∴A∴ pause in this Work and say Come then, and join Us in the Great Labor-atory of Alchemy, amid the wise and benevolent Brothers and Sisters of the Order who were, are and those who are yet to come.

Love is the law, love under will.