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Know Thyself

This goal has been sought since the dawn of mankind's understanding. In the perfect consciousness of Self is all power over one's environment: to change the world - to transform one's self - to make a supreme offering to the Universe. Yet this process of introspection cannot occur in a vacuum. In order to evolve, one must place one's self in an environment conducive to growth. Thus, nations have arisen, whose schools claim to offer the sufficient education to understand one's place in the world, and whose legislature and military claim to offer sufficient freedom for man to realize his full potential.

They lie.

It is not the intention of any nation to encourage any citizen to achieve his full potential. For if he were to do so, that citizen would know freedom beyond the laws made by man, and know the power to break free from them. They won't help you. How could they? It would destroy them. Thus, religions have arisen, claiming to offer men admittance to the presence of the Divine through the institutions of the church, and claiming to offer individuals the means to comprehend their full potential.

They lie.

It is not the intention of any organized religion to help mankind achieve their full potential. For to do so would expose the reality that all nations, all cultures, and all peoples are already realizing that Divinity can be found within Man. This would destroy the churches from within; to expose the reality that man needs no being, force or entity to be 'saved', except that which is, and was, already within him. They won't help you. How could they? It would destroy them. Who has forbidden to you sex? which is the key to the bliss of understanding one's self, as well as the means to the power to create? Who has forbidden to you drugs which can open new ways of thought, and bring unknown insights to the structure of the mind? Who has forbidden to you Magick? the means to develop and bring to light the untapped potential of man's powers?

Self knowledge is usually hindered by solitude (for aren't others both a model of ourselves, as well as a means of seeing a reflection of ourselves directly?), and yet what else is there for the seeker of Truth, when he realizes he is thusly surrounded by enemies? Dedicated to the emancipation of Man, the Society Ordo Templi Orientis, (O.T.O.) has arisen to offer men and women with the courage to seek their true potential the freedom to do so, and access to the guidance of others who have shared a similar path. We will not do this Work for you. No one can. But a community of allies wherein the bindings of taboo have been cast aside has clandestinely arisen and elevated itself from the lumbering of the herd mentality. The wisdom of almost a century of Initiation has unlocked the meaning of the Law of Θελημα: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. This freedom, this wisdom, these pleasures are here... for those who are worthy.