The Secrets of Magick

written by David Bersson

Reading from the eighth chapter of Bacon's Epistle on the Nullity of Magic, we will find the great significance he placed on secret writing, and particular reference to the shorthand system:

"The man is insane who writes a secret in any other way than one which will conceal it from the vulgar and make it intelligible only with difficulty even to scientific men and earnest students. On this point the entire body of scientific men have been agreed from the outset, and by many methods have concealed from the vulgar all secrets of science. For some have concealed many things by magic figures and spells, others by mysterious and symbolic words. For example, Aristotle in the Book of Secrets says to Alexander, 'O Alexander, I wish to show you the greatest secret of secrets; may the Divine Power help you to conceal the mystery and to accomplish your aim. Take therefore the stone which is not a stone and is in every human being and in every place and at every time, and it is called the Egg of the Philosophers, and Terminus of the Egg.' Innumerable examples of the kind are to be found in many books and divers sciences, veiled in such terminology that they cannot be understood at all without a teacher. The third method of concealment which they have employed is that of writing in different ways, for example, by consonants alone, so that no one can read it unless he knows the words and their meanings. In this way the Hebrews and the Chaldaeans and Syrians and Arabs write their secrets. Indeed, as a general thing, they write almost everything in this way, and therefore among them, and especially among the Hebrews. Important scientific knowledge lies hidden. For Aristotle in the book above mentioned says that God gave them all scientific knowledge before there were any philosophers, and that from the Hebrews all nations received the first elements of philosophy. .. . In the fourth place, concealment is effected by commingling letters of various kinds; it is in this way that Ethicus the astronomer concealed his scientific knowledge by writing it in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin letters in the same written line. In the fifth place, certain persons have achieved concealment by means of letters not then used by their own race or others but arbitrarily invented by themselves; this is the greatest obstacle of all, and Artephiushas employed it in his book On the Secrets of Nature. In the sixth place, people invent not characters like letters, but geometrical figures which acquire the significance of letters by means of points and marks differently arranged; these likewise Artephius has used in his science. In the seventh place, the greatestdevice for concealment is that of shorthand, which is a method of noting and writing down as briefly as we please and as rapidly as we desire; by this method many secrets are written in the books of the Latin-using peoples. I have thought fit to touch upon these methods of concealment because I may perhaps, by reason of the importance of my secrets, employ some of these methods, and it is my desire to aid in this way, at least you, to the extent of my ability."

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The purpose of giving the above quote is to emphasize the vital change that has occurred with regards to the presentation of magical manuscripts, mystical codes and how our rules for presenting these said works of magick has changed with the realization that, after all, mystery is the enemy of truth.

While learning something so elementary as the deciphering of the Voynich manuscript is essential for the beginner magician to develop skills to decipher other manuscripts of ancient magick it is still essential I must point out that in our system when an Adept has written something in, say, Class B-- this interpretation changes with the spiritual Grade of the Aspirant and this system of Class A, B, C, etc. is infinitely superior to the cumbersome methods of Medieval magicians who wrote ciphers that could be possibly lost when the loss of a key book had been destroyed or lost.

The ancient scribes with their acrostic-telestic inscriptions, anagrams, and bi-literal ciphers (to name but a few methods used) realized that the purest cipher was one that was not revealed as a cipher. These ancient scribes manipulated language so deftly that it often takes modern scholars a long time to grasp the presence, let alone all the subtleties, of ancient riddles and metaphors that reveal the real magical powers to be awakened. No doubt, the modern magician would not be attuned to the danger that was felt during his time so long past; and the very real paranoia that was ever impending if certain magical secrets were brought to light; and especially those that openly demonstrated that much of what the stage magician could do could be done for real with the proper exercise of these vital keys. The Modern Magician has not had to enter this forest; and therefore has no idea on how dangerous was the predator that lurked with the clouds of dogma of that day.

Thus, these ancient "stenographers" utilized their creative art to conceal items that might be lost; or the generic public would abuse; or to avoid persecution. Even further so, such men are honored for their work to reveal magical secrets that would be eventually unlocked by the serious student of the occult art; and above all to preserve what they feared would be lost forever. No doubt this is all very frustrating to the Church who did its damn est to eliminate the Art from the face of the earth during its callous and cruel era of inquisition.

Those who are Practicus of the A∴A∴. who have begun creating their own words of power and have ventured into a deeper understanding of the Kabbalah would agree that at least a basic understanding of ancient kabbalahistic manuscripts; how their ciphers were presented to the eager aspirant is essential.

( It is important here to note that every Practicus is going to take directions that will be completely different from my researches so long ago. I have one Practicus presently that has dived into the worlds of enochian ciphers apparently being influenced very heavily by the Opening of that Grade in the Equinox Volume One Series or perhaps the tantalizing magnetic attraction of the beauty of its tongue in conjunction with its immediate pragmatic results in terms of easy to awaken forces. I confess that this essay is partially written to assist him to understand and exceed his Grade; giving subtle hints on what I demand of him to pass on to Philosophus. Such a clever wiggle of the forefinger; this subtle essay which I accomplish 77 items (a devilish number, to boot) at once to further demonstrate My Point.)

Yet the Practicus knows that (for instance) an interpretation of the Kabbalah of Nine Chambers; and its pragmatic use should be outlined in such a manner where the method of science leads carefully in thesis and application to multiple points of view. Other instances of research could be expounded but you should grasp the point; whereas our method is systematic and scientific where the original warning that mystery is the enemy of truth is ever present as we reveal still another perception that is the required work of the Practicus to create the type of Magician where it is possible to unlock Θελημα in a manner that does not drown us in ciphers that are going to take dead ends. The method of science cures this ill; and its importance cannot be too often be reiterated.

Therefore, then, is this article a warning and an encouragement to those who profess the expounding of our magical secrets; that we adhere to our system so we can reveal clearly to all the Law of Θελημα as the true key to the mysteries of life and ethics; with the awakening of a magick that excites the soul to the highest peaks of passion and joy.

Love is the law, love under will

First Incarnation Aspirants

written by David Bersson

NO, you dumb ass, you CAN'T do Liber III on the astral plane!!!
(Frater Sphinx screaming at a first incarnation aspirant)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I writing this essay on first incarnation aspirants after exchanging a laugh with a brother who I remarked to that Liber תישארב vel THISHARB SUB FIGURA CMXIII would be impossible for a first incarnation aspirant to successfully accomplish. I should of remarked as well that theoretically no aspirant who is a first incarnation could make it to Exempt Adept in the first place. I said, theoretically, but not impossible since the system of the A.·. A.·. followed diligently by such an aspirant might be possible. I would venture the insight that such an aspirant would be put through some of the most unique and sometimes terrible ordeals before he was properly aligned. Well, if a chance exists for a first incarnation aspirant to attain; their only chance is the A.·. A.·. which is at least geared toward the completion of such dire karma.

You will be killed again and again and again until there is nothing left but what We want; and then you would be killed again for good measure; and either way you either die, or go insane or become a winner of the Ordeal X.

The first incarnation aspirant as we choose to label such aspirants are of an ordinary caliber; sometimes whining; sometimes childish, sometimes very annoying; and the lack of magical memory causes them to undergo shocks, pains and ordeals that would not exist for other aspirants. Many of them withdraw from the A.·. A.·.; and end up in gossip groups disguised as intellectual occult and Thelemic forum type outfits; to live the rest of their lives complaining that the seasoned and trained Instructor who has apparently drove them away with his intolerance had created a living hell for he or she, the honest, innocent aspirant.

The first incarnation aspirant as we choose to label such aspirants that are of an extraordinary caliber; I then have to then categorically emphasize the point that the IQ has absolutely no bearing on whether the aspirant is acting like a first incarnation aspirant. The aspirant, for instance, who took the name "Frater 333" has a very high IQ, is very well versed in literature; and has an above average job and education. He articulates with delightful fluency in his finer moments and for those who are inexperienced; he seems to have great potential; most certainly a candidate for Adept or even Master. Yet, this error of magical motto; and his retrograde attempts to glorify his ego publicly (having been rejected by real Adepts!!) was simply too much for him. He did worse than any first incarnation aspirant; and perhaps has to endure the karma of successive incarnations for his foolish presumptions.
Another example of a highly intelligent person who amounts to the naive spirituality of a first incarnation aspirant tampered with the A.·. A.·. Seal; tried to evoke 333 by gazing into his eyes; and was immediately destroyed spiritually; having not the Holy Seal in its proper form to overcome the dispersion. This person; who seems so determined has since shown cowardice of the worst sort when approached by a ruffian in the park. Instead of striking back when he was struck; he went on the astral permitting himself bodily harm. (Confer Liber AL, Chapter III verse 57) Such an act of stark cowardice dispersed his astral body; and he became not only the walking dead spiritually; (Confer Liber AL, Chapter II, verse 45) but permitted himself to mix the planes and, of course the black brother current rushed into his being; and he is permanently insane for this lifetime. (Confer Liber AL, Chapter II, verse 27) Since this occurred this naive, but highly intelligent aspirant has claimed the Grade of Master of the Temple; not having ever even taken the Oath of Probationer giving proof to the world that he has perished with the dogs of reason. You cannot determine a first incarnation aspirant by his IQ; but sometimes his actions will be so stupid he will permanently damage himself not only for this incarnation but for incarnations to come.

You might state that you do not believe in reincarnation; and therefore the label of a first incarnation aspirant is redundant. Well, I can only state to you, the skeptic, that such aspirants DO exist whether reincarnation exists or not; and operate with the same premises that indicate such a label. This para psychological state of affairs might by future Instructors be relabeled in terms of the DNA code; but for today's understanding of the aspirant we can only announce the existence of such a state of affairs; and continue to observe with the purposes of greater understanding.

Love is the law, love under will

Of the Blood

Written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Its is commanded in our Law by Aiwass to our beloved prophet Ankh-af-na-Khonsu that we shall follow out the ordeals of his knowledge. In this manner, we can distinguish who is "of the blood" and who will be unworthy to partake of our magick.

Let us study the process which those of us are found and initiated...

The entire idea is to gather the most competent, the most dedicated, the most rational, the most trustworthy and intelligent among those who have accepted the Law of Θελημα. . One of the essential aims of a secret society is to enable them social interaction, real freedom in an environment which tolerates them, and encourages their growth. This lecture will assist the aspirant in an understanding of what we mean by being "of us".

I have, of late, been tossing around the phrase, "of the blood". What, specifically am I referring to when I make such a imperialistic statement? "of the blood", means those who are of us, and you cannot, at first, see who the beggars are, and who are the kings. I have recently had a perfectly intelligent and competent student resign when faced with a major ordeal. He worked for over six years to assist myself and brothers and sisters in some very major magical gestures. Suddenly, his ex-lover who-- had his child-- sent authorities to hunt him down for child support. Instead of facing his responsibility or asking directly for assistance from his brethren, he panicked and closed his P.O. Box, shunned all his responsibilities, and resigned completely from the Order. Other instances could be given. Another woman, tried to marry one of my most dedicated students, and proceeded to attempt to dictate the life style of his affairs. He was perfectly content with having this woman as his wife, but she wanted something more from him. She resigned in a jealous rage proving that she did not understand our principles nor our path in the least. In fact, a major celebration was initiated when she left. She had become so intolerable that her absence was greeted by near joy.

These two examples are those who are not of the blood. I am flabbergasted how quickly they desert you when they face an ordeal.

In the Book of the Law it is written;

" Beauty and strength, leaping laughter and delicious languor, force and fire, are of us." It should be apparent from this line that a certain type of eternal, child like youth is emphasized. It is obviously an environmental handicap to be caught up in such mind destroying sorrow and pity. People who need the various psychiatric potions to live sanely simply do not awaken with the initiations. If they happen to stay with us, they serve and do not awaken the master type attitude that manifests what the Order has come to call higher Grades. In a sense, their days are numbered since the master type consciousness manifested as inflated ego and unreasonable presumption. They come to us for the improper motives and these motives always correspond to some type of insecurity.

Magick, (as the Master Therion defines it for those of us) simply isn't in their blood and they fail to understand why their Superiors are insisting on items that seem inconsistent with their limited scope of group workings. Remember, that our definition of magick means true responsibility with self-discipline and is completely based on our will to do. Others may drift into this occult society or that one, and have a deep interest in the occult, but their priorities are always consistent with the level they show themselves to be a beggar or a king.

Our Holy Law is quite clear on these points and I quote:

"Yet there are masked ones my servants: it may be that yonder beggar is a King. A King may choose his garment as he will: there is no certain test: but a beggar cannot hide his poverty." Who will survive our sublime ordeals and tests? We cannot always say, at first. The new candidates must be given time to show whether their garment is rags or red velvet. This means patience and good will to permit them to develop. There are unique stars who find ways to survive even when they seem too naive to ever survive a major ordeal. I remember informing a student once, that either they are of the blood or not. Over a span of time, you'll see clearly who the true elite among your group. "Fortify the fit, eliminate the unfit", so states the wisdom of our Magus concerning the purging of the aspirants.

If six people are in a room, and only two of them are going live. What are these two people like who live? Did they survive as a consequence of the compassion of other sorrowful stars? Or did they find a way to survive simply as a consequence that they had a greater will, and level of intelligence to live. Ask yourself. What would I need within myself to be one of the two that survive as a result of positive survival instincts. If you resolve this properly in your mind, you might very well be "of the blood" or "of us."

This "child like", nearly careless, (but fearless), approach to life that the younger Thelemites show us we find refreshing. Certainly, it reminds us of certain attributes of the Fool Card. Yet, these people are not fools. They have not permitted the old Aeon to permit their soul to be saturated with the mechanical currents. In a sense, they are children of the New Aeon, and their advancement among us is simply a matter of showing them how to do magick and giving them our Holy Books with instructions.

As our magick increases in the world, more and more new children who are of us will come to us and partake of the Current that is moving the world, called by the Master of Masters, Aiwass the Minister of Hoor-paar-kraat; the Law of Θελημα .

In closing, I give blessing & worship to the prophet of the lovely Star, who is named Ankh-af-na-Khonsu in our Holy Law.

Love is the law, love under will

Will and Mood

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I am writing this essay after meditating on the scenario of mood and will often times being a confusion of the planes; for even some of my more advanced students would be apparently worried that if they do not act upon impulse they are in some way being inconsistent with the Spiritual Goals of Θελημα.

Let us firstly meditate on will. If I state it is my will to do something; this decision manifests from some necessity in the universe of my going and taking action is a must need be.

Let us secondly meditate on mood. If I state it is my mood to do something; this decision may not manifest from the True Will at all; but a disordered ruach or nephesh that is not manifesting Nesehmah nor manifesting the impulse that the earlier initiations had awakened. Of course, an Initiation continues to manifests it True Will into the core of the aspirant's being until it is absorbed in the lower manas; but this is a different perception which will take another carefully created essay where I explain the unconscious will; and the sum of its equation where you know magically what to do yet are not consciously aware of anything in particular being your will. This follows the symbolism of the fool's walk; where no matter what you seem to do the falling objects never seem to strike you. Invoke the Tarot Card; the Fool for further understanding of this point of unconscious primal will as opposed to the active form which for so long lays heavy upon the brow of the weary Aspirant as a consequence of his mood and ego getting in the way of his or her true will.

Shall I give a graphic example of such a problem to further our thesis on this complex problem? Of course, graphic examples are an excellent way to clarify any obscure points and besides, its my will to expound this-- for having recently partaken of good rest and good meal; I now feel I'm in the mood to expound it.

Now, as the instructor I have brothers and sisters coming to me secretly all the time to share their thoughts, insights and ordeals. So I will have several very graphic examples of this problem of what is my will or what is my mood ordeal.

Here's the example. A brother comes to me and we are speaking causally. He mentions that one of the sisters is a trans sexual; and he states causally that if the mood struck him he would probably fuck this trans sexual in the asshole.

Now, this student is obviously very sincere and dedicated. He is trying to show his Superior that he does, after all, accept the Law of Θελημα; and in his eyes he is showing the tolerance of will by expressing an open mindedness that is completely absent in the cursed tribes. Very good. Obviously this aspirant in his moment of patronization to his Instructor forgot himself for a moment. He absolutely neglected whether this mood was the same as his will.

Now, applying the Law of Θελημα to this Aspirant's remark and situation should that aspirant proceed to fuck the trans sexual in the asshole? After all, if its an error of will; you most certainly will find out in short time by actually acting upon the said situation.

Better to of loved and lost than never to have loved at all??? Perhaps. Yet each aspirant must face such Dwellers; and of course the A.·.A.·. Aspirant must know the nature and powers of his own being; and how can you know if you do not experience?

I therefore gave this student no particular instruction on this problem of mood and will; suffice to hand this essay to him so he could meditate on the situation with a little more background and insight.

In the long run; you cannot hide from yourself; nor completely reveal yourself to others; for star and star, system and system will have byways, doorways, and in this case alleyways where not every aspirant will tread; nor be in a position to tread.

I can only point out to aspirants that generally mood is of the Nephesh; and will of the realm of Spiritual Fire; and to tell them to try to not mix the planes-- or lie to yourself about what one really is or becoming.

In conclusion; remember that you should be able with equal confidence state that it is both your will and mood to act in a certain direction without complex nor contradiction.

Love is the law, love under will

Transmission and Empowerment

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The perceptions of Transmission and Empowerment have been brought up whereas they exist both in the eastern mystical systems as well as the western esoteric system. In the western system, the folklore of the magician who gives a magical power to the disciple is the same folklore where the Tibetan or Indian Guru transmits the healing power to the chela. The folklore; of course, has a basis in reality; and this essay will touch upon that reality.

Recently, I received a letter from a young man who explained he wanted to skip all the theory; and simply pay outright fees to get magical powers. He went on to explain that he wrote a man he called a "white mystic" who scolded him informing him that anyone who does this is a charlatan and to concentrate on learning his true will. I quickly informed him who this person was when I found out he was an occultist who I knew; and his ego and arrogance could of only damaged the boy's sense of reality and creativity. I then spent several letters giving him address, names and people who he could consult about this; and wished him well on his path. I made it clear that unless he chose the Path I was on; no such equation of apprenticeship would ever be possible. No amount of fees for such empowerment is worth mingling my aura with such a young and naive aspirant who didn't really seem to be interested in the Great Work and the Law of Θελημα. I therefore sent him on his way; and gave him the name of two Hoodoo Priestess in the French Quarter in New Orleans who would be happy to take his money for his experiment with Empowerment and Transmission. Since he specified magical powers the Tibetan or Indian Empowerment wouldn't be racy enough for his blood who normally give you a few days healing power at best; and I was amused that he was so romantic about magick. Of course those two people may not be there anymore; but in the French Quarter in New Orleans has all sorts of sorcerers and Hoodoo Priestesses who can be found easily; at least when I lived in the area.

Empowerment or Transmission is a real magical formula; and it can be bought for money. Such magicians who include this in there curriculum have advanced to Adept level; and hold much magical force. Yet, this is the ecological manifestations of Adepts who have mistaken this glamor for the Great Work. Technically, this is not the Great Work; or the Path of Initiation. Such magicians become Adept and rise as far as Adept; and no doubt being Adept understand what the Master is; but these methods can be time consuming and an energy waste; and therefore these type of Adepts do not become a true Master. Since the magical force which they impart is real; you cannot call them a charlatan unless you are taking a black brother attitude; and trying to tell everyone that theirs is only one Path. On the contrary, they are indeed a star upon there own course; and we can only pause to observe on occasion to see if success is truly there proof. Who knows on what a flower will bloom?

Of course, there are charlatans in the occult world; and such aspirants who desire the magical powers will be taking chances. We can only send them on there way and wish them well as an aspirant who has chosen another Path than ours. After all, trying to convert anyone to our Path would only repeat the old errors; and I want aspirants who want what we want and are willing to will toward it. I have; knowing these methods as an Initiate have experimented with it from time to time; and have extended magical energy to pupils. The result have always been very real; and there were no financial considerations involved. My very own Superior, in Nashville -- noting that I was suffering intensely from a magical attack gave me some of his strength magically; which not only strengthened my aura but grew over the years.

Nor would I be too hasty to condemn these magicians who have actually found a way to make money and even an income from magical powers; only pausing to warn you that the time involved with the process is going to hinder you on one plane or another.

Yet for those who truly aspire to both magical powers and Initiation Our way would make you the source of the volition; and not an aspirant dependent on their energy and powers from others.

In addition, powers that cannot be transmitted appear depending on the karmic and genetic makeup of the individual which would not occur with those type of magicians who have gained from others; rather than have gained for themselves.

Love is the law, love under will

The Three Letter Formula

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Although this formula directly corresponds to the Grade of Practicus being 3° = 8; I openly give it to all students as useful for preliminaries with the study of Kabbalah. Although Gematria is not used in this article; you could enhance its technique by applying it quite easily.

This formula of three letters as an exercise of meditation on Lurk, Withdraw and upon them I shall now elaborate on in this article having found the formula an excellent exercise with kabbalah; and excellent meditation generally. You can make it all as complex as you want it; following many, many more correspondences in Liber 777 using the Book of the Law as your guide the directions useful for this Aeon. We have used three letter words in English, Hebrew, Greek, Armenian, and French having been exposed to them with experiments with kabbalah in the past. Yet I will simplify the matter here by using only the Hebrew alphabet as the simplest way to start; having so much more available with kabbalahistic correspondences than the other tongues.

Let firstly make IAO our first example where I is י and corresponds to Lurk, and A is א and corresponds with Withdraw; and O is ע, corresponding to upon them. Now I is the primal child lurking in the womb of its mother, and א is the fool; or the young man; and O is ע the devil where knowledge of good and evil brings him to attack the world with his experience. In this sense; we have shown that IAO is a formula of birth, growth and awareness -- being the conquering of life itself by adherence to the natural growth of the Child.

Second, lets use the same formula with PAN...
(Although in this essay I'm using Hebrew rather than Greek you'll find many insights with this formula in other tongues. For instance, the Armenian tongue is another series of pleasant surprises where common three letter words like հպյ (Ho + Peh + Yi) will yield much insight with this formula.) ...we have P which is פ; which corresponds to Lurk; and we have A which corresponds to א to withdraw; and we have N which is נ corresponding to upon them. פ is the number of Lurking, how? A moments meditation tells this is the mouth being the spoken words of the war plan and this is the strategic war maneuvers planned for the time of attack being the war plans themselves worked out in secrecy by the war councils. A is א being the fool; and one possible interpretation is the trial war games that work out the plan; so that introspection can occur on the workability of the plans. They are of course fools; in one sense playing the game of war were they shoot paint pellets at each instead of engaging in real war. In still another sense; א is Ox and plowing; and entire idea is planting the seeds properly by practicing the usual scout reconnaissance; and movement by acting out the entire war. Of course, N being נ which corresponds to ♏; and of course the death that is "upon them" in the formula. A possible meditation that might come to light from such a particular correspondence would be calling the entire formula of Pan's method of doing battle clustering to exalt Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

As an example of genocide used as a war maneuver we use the formula DIE as our final example of this formula in this article. I'm sure the magician will enjoy the exercise with more three letter words. Now D is ד being Lurk; and I is י being Withdraw; and E is ע being upon them. Now D is ד which is a letter of ♀ and means door. The D corresponds to the Nazi party; and its love for its race and culture-- the plans of Hitler playing upon the love of self as a superior race. Then we move into Withdraw corresponding to י meaning the Hand indicating the means of action to accomplish the comradeship of the new philosophy which means hidden plans of exterminating the Jews; as Hitler in this case attempted. Of course, the final letter E makes perfect sense in the formula since ע is the Devil; and what could be more devilish than an attack (upon them) than wiping out what is considered in the Eye of the Nazi Party and their leader than to try to wipe out all the Jews. We see that DIE is therefore the kabbalahistic war formula of the Nazis.

I encourage all to create formulas such as the above directly from the Book of the Law; rather than the Bible or the Torah as a method to unlock its secrets; and to further align oneself to the new Aeon.

It should be now explained properly why such sensationalism of abstraction should of captured such an important stage in the onward march upon our sometimes thorny Path.

You must realize that such formula permit you to reach out to planes where you would not ordinarily venture; yet simultaneously are aligned with your inmost, vital unconscious True Will to Initiation.

Well, you could not of thought this way had you not weighed what you needed; having searched for this intangible; twisting through corridors, banged on mystic doors, unlocked chests of pure light, and having done what you've done you find yourself surprised and shocked that of the hours upon hours of kabbalahistic manipulation a vital insight on your Path has made you realize that the Doorway of Higher Initiation has at last begun to slowly open; and a higher state of consciousness is beginning to dawn upon the flaming brow of your manifested Neshamah.

Suddenly, the important keys are realized -- and you will definitely distinguish them beyond a shadow of a doubt. Certain names, numbers, and insights will be extremely important only to you. Having done this often; you are more in a position to receive Neshamah having stretched, searched, researched, deliberated and found the links of correspondence that otherwise would of eluded you. You eventually become ready to speak in the same language that such an intuitive conglomeration of abstraction has directed you; and believe me you, if you are overshadowed it is ALL training for communication with the Divine. Yet while you are dancing with numbers and formula; someone else may very well be directing you toward the Bridal Chamber of the Divine. For by taking the direction you have taken with kabbalahistic formula you unknowingly have taught yourself the language of your Spiritual Guide.

Love is the law, love under will

Taking a Stand

Written by David Bersson

I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.
Martha Washington (1732 - 1802)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It has become apparent to me in my relationships and dealings with women who aspire to the Higher Initiations of our Holy Order to elaborate somewhat on the complexities of proceeding to the Higher Mysteries connected with High Priestess .

"Let the woman be girt with a sword before me" is direct quote of the Book of the Law, Chapter III, verse 11. As interpretations go, many are quite satisfactory on this or that plane, but in the case point to follow I will now give information for those who are especially interested in the School of Thought that has been predominate with my peculiar version of the Garden of the Master.

(One only need to confer Liber 418 and the 13th Aethyr which is called Zim to see how the Master tends His Garden.)

A pragmatic example of a recent ordeal with a Sister of the Order would greatly emphasize and concisely elaborate on the stand I have taken in direct regards to the proper spirit of the matter of the "woman girth with a sword".

Yet before I give this example lets looks very closely at these words, "woman girt with a sword". Certainly, a scenario will clarify the matter in the eyes of aspiring Priestesses to have a clear perception on how to approach this arcane formula. Now, lets say we have two women who are to walk through a park at twilight and we give them a sword to wear in case of robbery or rape, a common misfortune in the large parks of large cities. Now the first woman is walking through the park and two rapists see her as easy prey for a night of kidnap and mayhap. We'll say that the first woman is raped and beaten by the scoundrels who know, that she as a woman is weaker and too stupid to pull out her sword and behead them, continuing her stroll through the park unharmed. Obviously, this woman was "wearing a sword" but NOT "girt with a sword". She did not take a stand and actually arise to fight against her aggressors and emerge triumph from a very difficult situation. She failed the preliminary ordeal for attaining that Thelemic spirit which sings and shouts throughout the Book of the Law.

Now the second woman is also "girt with a sword". Instead of bursting out in tears, and throwing her legs in the air in old aeon surrender, she pulls the sword and kills both the rapists, and as they die she ceremonially sacrifices them to Ra-Hoor-Khuit. She then cleans her sword with the garments of her slain enemies and returns home to express her delightful adventure to her Priest. Certainly, the second woman was not just "wearing a sword", she was a Thelemite Woman "girt with a sword". She has passed the preliminary ordeal for attaining that Thelemic Spirit in the Book of the Law, and is a worthy Priestess and Woman. Obviously, this woman is candidate for the Higher Mysteries of the position of High Priestess and is to honored as a real woman fit for the Higher Grades of the Order.

Now for a recent example of the same Ordeal. A sister of the Order found herself pregnant by a brother of the Order. Now, this Brother had expressed his aspiration to the Great Work and his private initiations to the entire body of our Holy Order both in word and deed. He especially was a Thelemite of the Grade of lover, and had his tendency toward "store of woman" rather than monogamy. Let it be observed that the "man of earth" who will take one Priestess for a Path has an entire different path and formula, and I will not elaborate in this particular essay the ordeals corresponding to the Priestess. The man of earth and the Path thereof is ordinarily contrary to the Grade of lover. One can only warn the novice not to mix the planes of the paths of the three types of Thelemites.
Now this Sister who found herself pregnant felt cheated and troubled by the situation that she was in. She knew that any child that was born by his sperm would not necessarily be cared for like a man of earth would. Her realization of this made her act with emotional turmoil where she went to this Sister or that Brother to express her dismay that this Brother would not act in a manner consistent with the preconceived satisfaction of her perceptions of the future with the new child and herself. She went to one Sister and said, "I'm in trouble". She went to another Brother and said, "He's acting like he's not going to be responsible". She went to another Sister and said, "I may die if I have this child", and so on until the Brothers and Sisters of her immediate Circle were beginning to become fed up with her immature convulsions. Obviously, as a Thelemite Woman she should of been "girt with a sword", not attempting to be consoled with an Ordeal by Brothers and Sisters that had nothing to do with the situation at all. Instead of keeping the Ordeal the private business of the Priest, the Priestess and the Superior the situation began to degenerate into false accusations. It was up to the Priestess to take a stand, and to find the Superior to learn how the relationship with the Priest was to end or continue. It should be noted that the Superior in the Hierarchy was informed of the problem last who would of advised both the Priest and the Priestess. Instead, the Priestess ran around to everyone but the Superior and the situation was permitted to result in real emotional frustrations.

Certainly, it would of been a great more inspiring to all concerned if she had withdrew her sword to the universe and stated:

"I am a star going upon my course, I have the courage to make a decision and to take a stand."

Certainly, it would of been a greater respect to the will of her Priest to state that she respected his will as one who had this natural tendency toward lover and proceeded to stand upright with the Banner of Θελημα as he went upon his way to work his will on the Path of Lover. Let it be noted that the above example is identical in equation to the example of the park. She had allowed herself to be raped and beaten by her emotions, she allowed fear to enter the formula of her fate, and was left raped and beaten by the duality of not taking that stand that is so conspicuously obvious in the words, "let the woman be girt with a sword". It was only AFTER relations were ragged with dirty exchange that the Superior was finally approached and gave advice to the Priestess. By this time, her aura was in such a digusting state that all the pearls went in one ear and out the other.

Let it be noted that an Ordeal, if not passed through properly the first time, must be done again and again until the Initiation is perfect in the aura of the magician. I already explained elsewhere that some who have such severe Ordeals give up in frustration and dismay and tell you they are going to "live there own life", in an attempt to run away from the most crucial ordeal in the career toward the High Priestess. Such woman who give up are usually "not of us" and are better off away from those who aspire to the powers of Initiation which make us all, after all in union and yet at the same time the center of our circle. No doubt, if you cannot be the "magician & exorcist" you are going to be divided against yourself on some plane or another and end up as a weak slave hoping that someone will come to your rescue.

Let this be frank warning to all aspiring Priestesses that they are expected to be girt with a sword, every ready to "take the stand" in times of extreme danger or transition.

We will not console you, we will not do a Tarot Reading for you to appease your pain and relieve your worry. You will be treated like an initiate who has to pass through a real ordeal which will awaken the true Initiation. Remember, that the true Initiation means for those who are entering the Hallways of Our Temples, a real learning experience that results in a true spiritual awakening on a higher plane of existence. Your tears, low emotions, ravings or screams of frustration are wasted with Us, for we sincerely aspire to see the truth of Initiation being integrated in the aura of our initiates.

Love is the law, love under will

Stimulating the savage beast

Written by David Bersson

"The man delights in uniting with the woman; the woman parting from the child"

a quote from the Master Therion

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Let's open up our eyes to the dangers and difficulties of savage behavior. How then, does a Thelemite perceive something as savage?---after all, we do worship the God of War and the Third Chapter of the Book of the Law is filled with apparently uncivilized slashes of the sword.

To begin, we must assert---right from square one--- that our perception of good and evil are defined in a completely different sense than some old aeon diehard who perceives not the proper God upon His Throne.

Thelemites refuse to deny what they essentially are in the sense of biological will. We also refuse to find contradiction in our affirmation that we are, indeed, stars upon our course through the universe assimilating everything and taking those experiences we encounter and consolidating them within to the equation reduced to a point-event. Yes, and of course we call the sum of these experiences a point-event, Hadit. Moreover, our biological will is as important to recognize as our spiritual will to properly view the known universe through the eyes of truth and reality. The biological will in a woman is to give birth to a child. The biological will of a man is to lust after and seduce the woman. It is also the biological will to eat and release waste material. To ignore the biological will is to end the species. It is to be out of alignment with the will to exist into the future. So much for the old aeon idiocy of sex and lust being an essentially savage nature. Without it the race dies! As Thelemites, we must realize that to deny our savage selves is the old dirty, smoking kettle of rotten rubber that stinks the world of hypocrisy.

After all, what could be a more hypocritical a view point of phenomenal existence than ignoring our sharp teeth that imply we are meat eaters or ignore the spiritual wonder of the naked stars indicating further that we are, after all, creatures of spiritual curiosity.

We must examine all our so-called savage tendencies with open eyes, and understand what we really are to assure ourselves that our will is genuine and honest. Witness for yourself the popularity in modern theater with blood sucking vampires, cannibalism, mass murder, monsters that stalk and kill, and other select reminders of our savage nature. We go to a horror show to "be scared" as if to return ourselves to a dark and primal state which deep within we recognize is still a part of our essential natures. We allow our mind to experience through the theater those past and primal tendencies that do not result in life threatening reaction on this plane---and yet give us that strange thrill as we take advantage of modern technologies that have made modern theater a strange return to our primal past.

Volition over emotion is a standard mode of self-control to cleanly perceive our inmost natures without fear or overreaction. Note, however, that controlled release of emotion, which seems to be (at least at first glance) the opposite side of the coin, may also be as essential to the awakening of our inmost selves to experience the truth of our will.

I would, therefore, recommend very highly to the would-be initiate whose feet are not yet calloused by experience on the path, to map out a series of meditations that directly confront those savage tendencies that are blended with such unique perfection with the spiritual in the Book of the Law.

In terms of the initiate reaching Tiphareth completely attuned to the truth of the spiritual balance of the Sun, you must have meditated as deeply on "torture" as you have "caress" to be assured an ample and honest perception of the universe.

Noted that to observe a truthful universe with open eyes we must not only sooth the savage beast but stimulate him. It only becomes worth it when you apply all this and initiation really awakens. Then, you will finally see the point and awaken to a much more balanced and useful state of consciousness.

Love is the law, love under will

Rejoice, for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is dead

written by David Bersson

The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive.
Robert Heinlein

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

With the death of the evil Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; the west has cause for celebration that this cesspool of demonic black brother influence has at last died and left the western teachers to teach what is truly important and vital without the ceaseless interference of this madman's squeaks of revolting hypocrisy.

None of us ever wanted him here in the west; and his primitive and naive attempts to represent higher initiation was always met by us with scorn and disgust. Our way is tested and proven; and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi missed the point his entire life. He would not listen to Us; nor did he ever see what humanity would be become if he was ever taken seriously. His rejection of the Book of the Law meant the rejection of evolving our species toward the Next Step; nor could he see that we as the "magician & exorcist" were controlling the faculties; and the entities much more efficiently that his savage and insane goals with yoga.

Moreover, our way is actually older and more defined than his yoga; for magick extends to the last species we evolved from; and is latent within our potential for change in a sense he could never see nor understand. He was petty and stupid; and did not see us as anything more than evil sorcerers from a lost age. Had he actually taken the Book of the Law, ONE STAR IN SIGHT and our sublime warnings seriously he would not of made the many errors of judgment; and he would of seen how our assimilation of eastern esoteric philosophy was purged by the Master Therion long before he began his insane crusade.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi took a lot of fees from a lot of naive people; and made himself very wealthy by his claims that he could give you a higher plane of existence. The $2,500 fee that was paid to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to learn his transcendental meditation accumulated over the years until he became so rich he was able to purchase Ransiscan Monastery in the small southern Dutch village of Vlodrop, from where he controlled his empire in his attempt to replace the glory of the western esoteric system with his stagnant and retrograde Hindoo philosophies; the majority of which are openly cursed or condemned in the curses and lines of the Book of the Law.

That the British music group the Beatles was hypnotized by his idiocies is clear; and stupid, senseless songs like "Across the Universe" which imply the human race should resist change, (a black brother attitude), is only one example how his con game was taken so eagerly by this group adding to the toilet perception of his cesspool insanity. That such a song would be beamed out into space only creates a lie to any intelligent species that would receive it.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was despised and shunned by us all his life for his lack of open mind with regards to the Law of Θελημα, magick and our system of Initiation.

Without a doubt he was a liar and a fool; and with his death we the Western Teachers take a breathe of relief as this mad man has finally died; and we have the pleasure of outliving this hostile and stubborn devil.

Rejoice, for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is dead!

Love is the law, love under will

Note by David Bersson

Since writing the above article I have been bombarded with some of the most idiot and sublime questions in my career as a magician. So, therefore, instead of answering any of them directly I'll simply delete my entire file of their questions; and answer the ones publicly that I deem necessary for direct clarification. The first question is an African American has written me demanding just what I mean by "Black Brother attitude". His letter, of course, was laced with implications that I am on the level of a KKK member or Neo Nazi. Well, Negroes can lay low and be relieved that I am not referring to them; and the true explanation to "black brother" is already explained in ONE STAR IN SIGHT.

I quote paragraph 8 in ONE STAR IN SIGHT.

"Should he fail, by will or weakness, to make his self-annihilation absolute, he is none the less thrust forth into the Abyss; but instead of being received and reconstructed in the Third Order, as a Babe in the womb of our Lady BABALON, under the Night of Pan, to grow up to be Himself wholly and truly as He was not previously, he remains in the Abyss, secreting his elements round his Ego as if isolated from the Universe, and becomes what is called a "Black Brother"."

The above quote refers to the black brother failing to cross the abyss and become a Master of the Temple. Are the Eastern Gurus from India all "black brothers" then, you ask? The answer to this is not immediately clear to the novice; for all India Eastern Gurus are without an exception are under the influence and magical current of the black brothers whereas they would be considered puppets of their confusion having become so as a consequence of having such an incomplete system where they know not to control and what controls them. I have written numerous essays trying to explain magical currents; none the least it should be noted that the black brother current is very real, very dangerous and not understood by something so naive and young as the Eastern Gurus who apparently have no control over what manifests into them when they try to attain. Having a black brother attitude means you either are a black brother or a puppet of a black brother having been accidentally or naively been attuned to their misguided perceptions.

This paranoid person has also remarked about the reference to "Great White Brotherhood" assuming that such a title, once again, refers to only white people being permitted in the A.·. A.·.. This is, of course, absolute nonsense any more than if I call someone a black magician and some idiot wonders why I refer to skin color; whereas a black magician can be of any shade of skin!

Certainly, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was little use alive having passed the point of redemption and permanently established the black brother attitude as a magical current to infest his being like so many maggots on the shit of his aura.

The other question is the confusion that has taken place with my opinion of the Beatles song "Across the Universe". "What have you against the Beatles, dude?", I am asked by some young man from Los Angeles who is apparently bewildered that anyone could be so wicked as to not approve everything through the eyes of a contemporary Californian thinker. Well, I do not deny that the Beatle tunes are pleasant to hear as music; but I am offended and disgusted as a magician to hear lyrics that are senseless, stupid, retrograde and without any bearing on anything more significant than, you can drive my car... and such idiocies that predominate the mundane minds of those four bugs. You would think that NASA personnel; whose IQ are as high as the Mensa Society would curb the emotional past of their youth; and choose a song that much more cleanly represents humanity than a song which would be observed as a contradiction to any intelligent species that receives it.

Torture and Mad Laughter

Keep your friends close; and your enemies even closer.

Written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The absolute arrogance of false elites who are so lost in their petty, low plane causes virtually drown in their own ghost ocean of delusions.

Yet how can they see it? Whether they be ill begotten politicians or false elite initiates who have somehow claimed Grades they are not worthy it is the same -- ego gratification so strongly induced by self delusion that they strike out; or injure or slander, those who have truly attained.

Building a Hierarchy that I can be proud of means holding Brothers or Sister back in spite of their petty delusions on how high they think they have attained. After all; we define a false elite as a politician who is unworthy of his or her position or a Government official who does not have best interests of his occupation in his heart. This translates as a false elite initiate blindly following the blind; and encountering the essence of false initiation that we are warned about in Liber LXI or a Government official as false elite being a liar to the people he serves playing havoc behind the backs of his flag and people.

Of course, this gets me accused of other items showing the misunderstanding of would be initiates who consider my stand on discipline is actually ego gratification or mind control on my part. Well, my Superior Marcelo Ramos Motta took this stand; and his rivals completely missed the point of his stand on standards. He was accused by lesser minds till the day of his death -- and today of holding a black brother attitude when in fact he strived for truth in Initiation and honesty in behavior in the Hierarchy.

Naturally, I am seen as a mad dictator that practices torture and is always breaking out in mad laughter; and of course such silly accusations are an understatement; not an overstatement!

Moreover to build a Hierarchy you are forced to fortify the fit and eliminate the unfit; and even to encourage those below you to do the same. Anything short of this would lead to the type of decay that collapsed the old Golden Dawn and other mystical organizations that permitted the unworthy to be passed on without those standards that were seen fit to be introduced as Manifesto in ONE STAR IN SIGHT.

This is clearly a long path to developing a Hierarchy that you can be reasonably sure will be present for the sincere aspirant as a guide, auditor and critic. Yet without upholding the stand that results in the truth of initiation; and strictly adhering to these principles we would cause eventual collapse of a system that is geared toward that Great Reward whispered secretly in our secret sanctuaries; and verily have partaken of that secret banquet of fruits that are behind a hidden door with a even more secret Sigil; that of triumph awakening as the secret sign is at last given to the weary aspirant who has endured unto the end.

Love is the law, love under will