World peace--- the delusion of weak fools

Written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

To the average mediocre mind, the hope of war in the world finally being resolved, and international peace awakening is only a prayer to God away. I have this to say to such weak fools. You are not only out of touch with reality, you have ignored the beast in man. Pull your head out your ass and heed my words! The Aeon of the crowned and conquering child is here, and our Warrior God now sits upon the Throne of the Sun God. The choice is yours. You will either fight for our cause or go the way of a slave. The slave mentality who have bent their backs to the yoke of slavery should stop reading here for what I am about to impart will be too racy for the blood of low men. Such low men are driven insane by the spiritual essence of war, which they cannot and will not equilibrate within themselves to balance their being within. Doing so, they stifle their own primal roots and become slave to whatever current consoles them.

It is time for Thelemites to study much more carefully the events of war that are occurring in the world to assist the growth of Θελημα in the world. Unless you gain this essential understanding on how magical currents in the world, dying or being destroyed are reacting to the growth of the Thelemic current, you will not be able to observe phenomenal existence without muddle and confusion. Remember, that the first reaction from the slave herd is to exclaim, "world peace" in panic of the growing tensions arising in different parts of the world.

The will of humanity, aligned to the manifested racial will is presently in direct contradiction. Dispersion manifests as lower, manifested energy of old aeon current as they wander the corrupted ruachs of the random, untrained individual. The Third Chapter has already explained this, as "division hither homeward" where the word is not yet known. The formula of sacrifice of the Aeon of Asar went as far it was necessary to manifest before the season of the last Aeon ceased.

It was a vicious rumor that our civilization has died.

On the contrary, we have announced a new formula to continue our sublime work. Of course, this new formula has been sensed by our opposition in the past and they interpret it as "judgement day". Let them run around in circles with their disordered nephesh and their masturbating ruach, for all I care, for we have announced war to assure the survival of mankind.

It is the will of humanity to go forth with the work of the Law of Θελημα and any contradictions to this Holy Task upset the progress of the manifested racial will to receive it.

Sanity only exists, presently, with those who have drank that great wine we call the Thelemic Current and/or have assimilated themselves in direct communication, realization and aspiration to manifest our true nature and will. The world ignores the Law of Θελημα at its own risk. For war will creep up on those who would ignore the necessity of the will as a factor in the equation of their nature. Beware lest you be slain by the terrorist attack of unawareness of the hatred of your neighbor whose will has been stifled so long that it erupts as a passion of crime.

Peace on earth at this present stage of evolution of humanity is absolute nonsense. On the contrary, even more war than before will be presenting it's razor sharp sword to the world in the years that come. We have too many conflicts of interest, greed, jealous hatred, and extremist fundamentalists with over active and uncontrolled imaginations to contend with to even remotely wish for such a delusion as "world peace".

My Teacher and Hierophant, Marcelo Motta, once expounded to me a significant mystical experience that implied an ultimate state of equilibration of opposites would to be at peace within one's self and be simultaneously at war with the world. The Master Therion stated that the price of existence was eternal warfare, and equilibrated this by stating that price of eternal warfare was also existence. The Book of the Law shows us Nuit as Peace and Ra-Hoor-Khuit as War. Yet we cannot attain to true peace until the Great Wars accomplish the Initiations that Aiwass intends for the world and/or the individual. (Depending of course on a microcosmic initiation for an individual, or a macrocosmic initiation for all of mankind.) Therefore the naive cry for world peace is an absolute misunderstanding of the energy that is being imparted in this present Aeon.

World Peace? Surely, you must be joking! We are in the Aeon of War and much karma is being worked out among many different cultures as they clash and develop different coordinates.

Certainly, all this fuss creates a breed of individual who will be abundantly aware of courage, honor, power, strength, weaponry, survival, life, death and the necessity for a standard level of wealth for basic survival. Conflict, in a sense, builds more character than some peace loving idiot whose muscles have gone soft, and brain dull from such unawareness of the stark reality of the beast and God in man.

The spiritual essence of all this is extremely important to absorb, for all this builds the aura of the magician into the microcosm of the God who rules this Aeon.

Love is the law, love under will

Deducing the Talisman of Change

by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

If one were to eliminate everything from civilization that is incompatible with the Book of the Law precisely what would be forfeit?

We observe that an economic structure would indeed be within limits from the lines that mention gold and business. It is An XCVII at the time of this writing and we may be in for surprises on how a Thelemic economic structure will resemble a contemporary capitalistic system.

We would further observe that the many & the known would be the Government. Rather an engaging perception; considering the multitudes would not know who really ruled them. Our observations might be taken to the next phase where we realize that those who are of us "rule" already on planes. Since the Law of Θελημα at the time of this writing is not established enough where the many & the known are ruling completely; we can only speculate on how Government esoteric is to be determined from Government exoteric. An educational system would unquestionably exist. This is explicit from Liber AL, Chapter I, verses 37 & 38. One can deduce that we will not be a classless society. We will have our beggars, kings, slaves, rich, Priestesses and Priests.

No doubt, it is like the problem of death. We have no proof of the hereafter as a consequence of no one returning. On the same token, we have no proof what a completely Thelemic Society will be like until it is established. The Book of the Law, of course, is telling us; but our comprehension of its passages are still very obscure. The best we can do is look and try to work out its puzzles.

For instance, "jewels" are mentioned in the Book of the Law. We can deduce that a Jeweler and a Merchant of Jewels will be in our Thelemic Society. We further deduce that this Jeweler must abide with and obey the tenets of conducting business well and with business way. We go even further and realize that the rules of business will be embedded in our law system to protect and uphold the Jewelers rights (and other business persons as well, of course) in the Book of the Law.

The Jeweler illustration was easy and logical. It will not always be the case where a few words could be taken several ways. An example would be, "store of woman" could mean a slave market for woman will be customary, or it could be the High Priest of Nuit has numerous Priestesses. You must realize that both connotations simultaneously may be possibly correct. We can only warn against emotional attachment to the interpretation of any one meaning. After all, this would be the beginning of dogma and the death of our fluid perception that is emphasized in the first Chapter, that Nuit is infinite possibility. Either or both interpretations means causes and effects will result in a unique type of society where laws and economics come into the machinery of a unique eco-system.

We can safely deduce that the average human being will be stronger, more prone to meet the ordeals of life and have a greater sense of freedom.

My personal observation is the extraordinary fear people seem to have of each other and how this reflects in our laws, our attitudes and our sense of free movement on the earth. Most people who have slave tendencies are locked into their own slavery so tightly that they cannot see the degree of their restriction. Try to move freely and naturally among fellow humans and you will eventually see this difficulty.

The common man will always presume & assume your will based on his will therefore creating restriction. He does not see that you are both stars upon your course and equally parties of necessity.

Concluding this essay, I will remark that I look forward to the excitement of the future where the changes that the Book of the Law will have transformed the planet into a perfect environment for the evolution of the species we call mankind!

Love is the law, love under will