written by Frater Kep-Ra-Thoth


Tear apart your enemies;
With your Sword and Spear;
Afterwards We'll celebrate;
With home-made wines and beer.
They never saw us coming;
Our onslaught was so fast;
There's no way in Hell;
Our enemies could last.
Horus the Avenger;
Leading Us to War;
Inside all of Us;
The Mighty Strength of Hoor.
Crush the false elite;
Tear them limb from limb;
The Battle ends as swiftly;
As it did begin.

Use the Spear to stab them;
The Sword is used to slash;
Using the Fire in your Eyes;
Turn them all to ash.
Horus the Avenger;
Leading Us to War;
Inside all of Us;
The Mighty Strength of Hoor.
We conquer the Earth;
From city to city;
As needed as it was;
The Slaughter wasn't pretty;
I can't tell how many times;
This has needed to be done;
Lo and Behold, the War is over;
Finally We've Won.
Horus the Avenger;
Leading Us to War;
Inside all of Us;
The Mighty Strength of Hoor.

Warrior Priestess

You are a Warrior Priestess
A woman girt with sword
Fighting for Ra-Hoor-Khuit
Our mighty and terrible lord

Loud and adulterous priestess
Shameless before all men
I can't wait for the next time
I can see you again

Your presence is most welcome
Your will is strong and true
Whatever is your volition
That is what you do

So be yourself, and nothing else
A Star upon your course
Trample the heathens and enemies
With mighty and terrible force

You are lovely and desirable
No matter your shape and size
You are a Warrior Priestess
You are Perfect in my eyes

July 28 anno CIII
3:35 am
☉ in ♌
☾ in Virgo

See What Comes

Come along with me
With Magick you shall see
Θελημα is the best thing
That ever happened to me

I just want to sing
Nuit, the Universe
Helps end the curse
Of the Old Aeon ways

As I write this verse
I await the coming days

Hadit in my Heart
helps me impart
My feelings and my Will
Life is an Art
I intend to take my fill

Sits on his seat
Called the Throne of Ra
Guide my feet

Awakening my Ba
Can you see the coming
Our enemies are running

Finding a place to hide
Θελημα is shunning
Faith that had died

July 29 CIII
3:08 pm
☉ in ♌
☾ in ♍

Hold Your Ground

Honestly I love you
With all my Burning Heart
Conversation with you
Truly is an Art

We have different perspectives
Stars on our own Path
We need each other, Sister, Brother
Just need to do the Math

You + Me = Galaxy
Currently small, but growing
Inspiration, Aspiration
Our True Wills are showing

We move together, in Will forever
To promulgate the Law
Hadit our guide, enemies hide
They cannot believe what they saw

Armies moving with swords and spears
Blood flows from the weak
We watch over our growing Kingdom
From the highest mountain peak

When things go wrong, and they surely will
It is only an Ordeal
Fight and stay, don't run away
Initiation is real

You have the Power, don't run and cower
If you truly are of Us
Stay and fight, you know I'm right
Courage is a must

Fear is a concept foreign to me
Regardless of the cost
If you back down, you deserve no Crown
The battle you have lost

So my friend, I imply, again
This is an Aeon of War
Hold your ground, don't make a sound
Fight alongside Ra-Hoor

July 29 CIII
12:59 am
☉ in ♌
☾ in ♍

Army of Horus

Together we shall rule
The Earth and all it's people
Destroying Old aeon ways
Crumbling the steeple

Cursed religions fail
In maintaining their hold
On evolving souls
Gathering to Our fold

Can you hear Horus
Giving you His orders
Build yourself an Island
Always guard it's borders

No-one knows what comes and goes
Lurking, to spy
Horus sees, constantly
With his unsleeping Eye


July 28 CIII
11:50 pm
☉ in ♌
☾ in ♍