Magical Keys

This essay gives but a brief introduction on the use of magical talismans as keys where direction is encouraged and interest is stimulated.

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The best example of how symbols become keys where communication, previously impossible can unlock secret portals is to emphasized by showing the most simple of all magical keys. It is called Morse code. As everybody knows, SOS which is the most common distress call on planet earth which is three dots, three slashes, and another three dots. I give the example of Morse code showing that it no different than the symbols that represent the forces that give, once again, communication previously impossible.

Morse code is a relatively new invention which was developed from a means of communication that made nearly instantaneous communication between persons at long distances.

No one knows when the first seals, symbols and talismans were invented. For all we know they come from a civilization that no longer exists prior to the ice age. We do, as magicians & exorcists know that they are real keys which involve a sophisticated form of magick where we mean to use the force of the accumulated symbol for our operation.

Morse code has no issues with the learning curve if we have a volition to master the phonetic alphabet, the dots and slashes which represent a letter and so forth we have what amounts to a brand new language of communication.

Clearly, it is not such a leap to compare the use of symbols drawn on talisman that create a link to communicate with spirits, Gods, Angels and demons. Morse code was created along the same lines of logic that an ancient magician had when he created the first talisman to communicate with the spirits. A means of communication was needed and the magician found a byway. In a sense, the talisman became the standarized means of communication for magicians who knew they needed a method of bringing symbols together for communication, evocation, manifestation of magical energy and those various magical gestures that exist on the path of the magician.

If you insist on using an ancient talisman rather than creating one of your own you should begin with a careful researched outline written down about what the symbols mean. For some of these old talismans they are tough to see the writing on the outermost rim so you might need a magnifiying glass. Sometimes you mistake a coptic symbol for a Hebrew symbol depending on how sloppy the old magician was. Research carefully the outer most rim first and work your way into the symbol to the centralized symbol. It all will means something to you, and that is what is important when you analyze it. The John Dee Talismans are done very well but you will need to analyze everything that is written with accuracy prior to whatever magick you are going to attempt with Enochian magic. The Lesser Key has symbols, for instance, in the Goetia where you might very well have to change a symbol rather than proceed with the operation with symbolism that isn't clear to you.

We have no issue if we create a Talisman from scratch where we choose symbols that are consistent with the force we would awaken or the portal we need to create or the spirit to evoke into the triangle. That is still another use for Liber 777 to pick corresponding symbols for the new talisman.

If you are novice to intermediate in skill with magick insisting upon using ancient magical symbols you will have to know what the symbols means to create a corresponding ritual. If you are an Adept or a Master, of course, you need only partake of the essence & force of the talisman proceeding to build the ritual from the energy that it has manifested.

Rather than go into advanced work with talismans I would insist that you know every detail of the ancient talisman before you use it for magick. In some cases, the ancient talisman was done by an amateur magician centuries ago and will need to be corrected so the force flows properly.

Love is the law, love under will

Analyze the symbols that are the keys

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I think an example of how to analyze a talisman studying it so you know every symbol on the talisman to know what everything means I simply give a brief study of the Second Pentacle of Jupiter which is an all time favorite for so many magicians in the west. As everybody knows, you are supposed to use a writing instrument made from the feather of a swallow and the blood of a crucified screech owl if done for black magic. I think the ink of the pen that is used for your magical diary is magick enough for any operation. I urge you to leave the swallow and the owl to their life in the forest!! Some of those old instructions in the old magick books are absolute garbage from minds that were trying to scare fools away or were mentally ill. This essay is about studying the symbols to know the symbolism of these forces to unlock the keys for a successful magical gesture. I will not like you if you write me and inform me that you followed to the letter some wasteful sacrifice. Clearly, the formula of the bloody sacrifice for the New Aeon is clear. The best blood is of the moon. This means everything else on the list is inferior and what elite of magick would have anything but the best?

The Second Pentacle of Jupiter is a talisman that has some legend behind it and the Sorcerer Anselm Franz von Ingelheim was supposed to of used it to gain status, wealth and protection.

I used a 4 px blue border. Blue is the color for Jupiter in the Queen Scale and four is the number of Chesed. You could take this even further using violet which is in the King Scale or deep purple corresponding to the Emperor Scale. As you can see from the above image I have tried to give the color scales of Jupiter. Observing the image above I therefore used violet to color the entire Seal and tried to get a deep purple for the Hebrew Names. Unfortunately, the deep purple with the Hebrew letters looks black in the above image. When you create your own Seal the deep purple should come out better than the above graphic image - at least for the larger Hebrew letters. With regards to deep azure flecked yellow it is perfectly fine to include the princess scale color if you are going include all the color scales of Jupiter. Many magicians making Talismans and choosing colors using only one scale and the habit seems to be the Queen scale. The above image is simply a example image. For Jupiter using the Queen scale color blue is common enough. At least it cannot be confused with the soft blue of Chokmah in the King Scale. An example of this confusing issue is when a student hands in a talisman of Geburah with Orange being the King Scale which looks identical to a talisman of Hod in the Queen Scale which is also orange. I take this type of confusion keeps students from using other color scales? What Frieda Harris must of gone through if you look closely at the colors in the Thoth Tarot Deck!!! Also, the violet covering this Jupiter talisman should be a deeper or darker violet which I tried and it blanked out everything so I settled for what looks more like blue purple gray aka mother of pearl which is the Prince Scale of Chokmah. (An improper color violet covering the talisman puts it into "safe mode" magically) I leave it to the creativity of the student to use the graphic image above as they will to determine what they would do to arrange all or one of those corresponding colors in what manner they find makes sense to them when they begin drawing or painting.

In the middle of the talisman is a Hexagram which we have the God Name אהיה, and in the area we have the name אב which means Father. We also have the God Name יהוה.

I am including a copy of this talisman where the symbols on the rim should be legible so you can continue the study and I anticipate to inspire you to find other talimans besides the above example to see what keys they will unlock when you consecrate them.

A word of warning to the novice that it would be a very foolish move not to take these apparently time consuming steps of anaylsis. Take your magick seriously and take no chances with ancient forces noting you will absolutely have to have them under your control at all times. This means knowing every symbol on any talisman you work with. My advice should give you ample research where you arrive with the knowledge of knowing what to do with Seals and Talismans from ancient books on magick.

I went through all of the above to clarify how you eventually learn to unlock a key for a talisman by either correcting it, or knowing how to consecrate it to awaken its force based on what the symbolism tells you.

Love is the law, love under will

I am giving one of my afterthought italic comments for those who chanced upon this page and are new to our kind and our path. We are a peculiar people to others. Both the modern scientist and the Eastern Guru from India have called us evil sorcerers. Yet, this comment not only for them but the curiosity seeker. It should otherwise be of general interest that I am no stranger to the habit of kabbalah computer code where if you were look at my css external code sheet I moved the font size down to 93% for this page. I do realize how perfectly eccentric it seems to arrange the px on a border box to a color and number that corresponds to the color scale in 777 of an ancient God and this particular case Jupiter. I take it I only seem normal to people like myself who are on the same Path I tread? A brother or sister of the Order thinks nothing of a conversation turning to such subjects and feels very comfortable around such activity. If I am in an automobile and I see a number that is important to me on the license plate I might take its correspondence as a real magical sign. This is clearly madness to others outside our circle who if the driver is not one of us would turn the vehicle around and head for the nearest mental ward. With regards to the Jupiter talisman and its consecration for a magical operation it is all superstitious nonsense or satanic madness to those whose minds are not open. The truth is, world civilization evolved from people like us. Without alchemy where would chemistry be? Without astrology where would astronomy be? Even your game of poker on the weekend has a connection with old Tarot Decks. How do you explain a major JPL founder being Jack Parsons? Look at Dr. John Dee's influence on the modern Navy. Were all these magicians mad or satanists? I would ask you to question whether your skepticism is warranted prior to any real investigation and study such tendencies with a much more open mind.

Keys to the doorways to other dimensions

Another attempt to give directions to the beginner and inspire the advanced magician. The Doorway Ceremony is highly recommended to see how a magical word is a key that opens a door.

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

While it is useful to go over all the ancient talismans to see what magick they awaken and use them as keys to a specialized magical link of communication with spirits we also have magical names, words, barbarous words of evocation, and kabbalahistically created words for specialized magical operations.

An example would be my Doorway Ceremony at the end of my book called The magician & exorcist where I use a word as a key to open a doorway into another universe or dimension. This ceremony is very advanced magick using the 0 = 2 formula yet it has magical secrets that cannot be revealed to other than our loyal membership. It is otherwise a workable ceremony where this example of a word which a key opens a portal or doorway with a magick word.

Some debate or discussion has revolved around the Doorway Ceremony where if you participate with others in a group ceremony you have to share a universe with others as the magick and the universe evolves throughout the ages. We know what it does in the present and the metaphysics of what it does for the magician in the future is intriguing. There is no way to prove that it does or does not do what it claims to do. A universe takes many, many centuries. We do offer it to magicians everywhere to apply the method of science for possible upgrade.

Other types of keys from the western esoteric path include cipher manuscripts, magical squares with numbers or letters, and Enochian calls. All real magical organizations have chanced upon, had passed on, or developed magical secrets. They are all keys that unlock something that is important either to initiation, or magical powers.

As you progress on the Path you will find some of these keys simply by moving forth on your Path to seek either initiation or magical powers or both.

The key to the grand mysteries and the attempt find the secrets of universe is an exciting pursuit which will stimulate and renew your zeal on the path ahead.

Love is the law, love under will