The Glory of the Priestess

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

My lecture will be how the existence of the Priestess in the Temple assists relationship. I also proclaim the Gnostic Catholic Mass (Liber XV) superior to the Roman Catholic Mass which has no Priestess.

I had a relationship with a woman some time ago who claimed she had a "happiness gene." Indeed, she was very interesting to have a conversation with, was mature with her exchange in a relationship and was generally always in a good mood. We drifted apart when she found someone else who immediately married her and I was left with a pleasant experience of her mature relationship. No hard feelings and I always wondered whether a “happiness gene” really existed or her pleasant and mature demeanor was simply a consequence of lucky experiences. For example, no matter how happy a young woman is the possibility of some immature man coming along and actually crossing the line where argument turns to the stupidity of violence where he beats his lover instead of talking out the problem would soil her following relationships. I would never associate with the type of person who would beat a woman. The so called “happiness gene”, if it really exists makes the woman who has been beaten much more difficult to regain the confidence that you are not going to lose control and it takes time to gain her trust. The reality is, that if you’re so broken by a past relationship of abuse I’m not going to wait around to gain your trust. My assumption is we are presently incompatible and I move on to another lover who is more mature and balanced who doesn’t make me wait around for the intimate touch.

You have the right to think as you will. Yet, what of so many who do not think as they will but permit such thought to deteriorate into such savagery in relationship? Well, a woman who has had a few relationships with men who has never been abused is always a easier choice of lover than a woman who has been beaten by some stupid, immature male who, rather thinking with volition, has let loose the insanity of resorting to violence.

An excellent solution which I have proclaimed would eliminate at least the majority of such incidents is the Priestess. Of course, monotheistic religions do not in the majority of cases allow the Priestess in the temple and you see how the endless abuse of women by men have been the consequence. Roman Catholic Priests have no Priestess and have abused young women and altar boys for sixteen hundred years. Islam has no Priestess and have a protocol of morality that imposes stupid rules on the freethinking female. The list goes on where the word of Sin is restriction. The Babylonian Moon God, Sin, promotes restriction for the wife which is in contradiction to Our Way. Our Hermit is Solar and not Lunar. The rules of the hermit for the New Aeon are clarified elsewhere suffice to state that there is no bound that can unite the divided but love. All else is a curse.

The Feminist, so called, takes three steps forward for women’s freedom only to see four steps backwards by the insane morality of dogmatic, cursed religion where the young woman is discouraged from freedom from early youth. If the young woman isn’t seeing an example of a relationship from Priestess and Priest what is she seeing for any example? Why, nothing. By the time she happens upon feminist philosophy she has already had experiences that do not heal her nor resolve her from the horrifying experiences of the Church or the Mosque. She is brought up with the hypnotism that anything but the Church or the Mosque is evil or blasphemy while she lives her life miserable and unhappy wondering why the mystics are enjoying their lives with successful relationships. Such a compromise of rational observations where some rival would be jealous that I am happier and healthier than them. Who needs feminism in its present form if the Priestess and Priest are present for the congregation? Or to put it another way. The direction of advice from new books on feminism would clearly be more in touch with reality.

Clearly, if both Priest and Priestess exist the balance of Divine Force is far more consistent with the reality of our species and no sexual frustration will exist for the Priest where the Priestess keeps the Priest from crossing the line where Her wisdom is ever present. An all male congregation is as deteriorated as an all female congregation where mutual, civilized exchange from both Priest and Priestess promotes a far more civilized presentation where relationships are encouraged that are more civilized than the savagery of any religion that does not have the Priestess.

We now have a much clearer vision of the future of religion where the joy of the Priestess returns joy to relationship.

Those religions who do not have a Priestess should reconsider their savagery. The Roman Catholic Nun who take vows of chastity is an outrage to civilized realities. Her twisted views only abuse children where the glorious Priestess inspires everyone with her self confidence, her sense of dignity, her free love, her wisdom and dedication toward true spiritual enlightenment rather than the cruel, sadistic behavior of those who would abuse each other in relationship.

Love is the law, love under will