A Warriors Tale

written by Frater Crom

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

'Twas an early morning when I first came to this place of delights. As the dew laden earth greeted me with an embrace and thing where aright. I stood on the edge of a cliff as to look for a sight, when in the mists appeared a golden shimmering light. She told me secrets of magick long ago, and of the things to transpire, that I was yet to behold. I did not know as of yet, sill listening eagerly and trying not to forget.

As I walked away from this stream of speech, I found myself in the enchanted desert, sun-blazing heat. I lifted up my wand and then my sword, and from the heavens came a chariot with a thunderous roar. With the speed of my aspiration, I was off to behold, an ape standing in the grassy hills where it was somewhat cloudy and cold. His name was knowledge or so I was told, for from the shimmering light the words where foretold. We sat awhile and things where said, how he was not an ape but Thoth instead.

Then did he say the riddle long forgot, for the knowledge imparted was a mysterious knot. I was told to unravel it as best I could, but was warned of the dangers and I understood. With delicacy and carefulness did I undo, with much to my surprise did spring forth a benu. Its wings where as fire and that put a smile on my face, as its head did raise and my heart began to race. It turned ever so slightly to look me in the eye, and I smiled ever so deeply and gave a joyous sigh. The moment had passed and I soon came to see the beauty of the stars reflected on the distant sea. Their beauty was wondrous as they moved through the heavens, shining their light with rays of eleven.

I was taken by the beauty as I had never seen before, it was a part of the night and I was here to adore. Bending, arching, with beauty bold, I was imparted some knowledge of the magick foretold. Now the benu was there but Thoth was not, for the riddle was half solved and magick was brought. The stars grew intense in their shining bold, for the second part of the riddle was soon to be told. A voice did echo throughout the land, but only a few could hear this Great command. It did seem that this was the second part of the riddle, as I listen closely and did not want to fiddle. The words where bright, clean, crisp and clear, as my mind raced to the point ever so near.

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law". As I stood shining radiant light in delightful awe. "Love is the law, love under will". Such strength and beauty I did feel. "Thou hast no right but to do thy will". Now with light bursting did I take my fill. "Do that and no other shall say nay".

As I did spring forth to do my will on this very day. The benu swooped down, whispered in my ear. "It is thy initiation, and you have shown no fear". I stood up strait and turned to look, and then before me laid a mysterious book. The benu now was not alone, but beside him sat one holy on his throne. It was the throne of Ra that was sat in the east, with the crowned conquering child and then appeared Nuit. I picked up the book and began to depart; the Great Work is now the path I do start. With joy and beauty in my heart, these words are one of many ways I have worked my art. Sweet word I do write for adventures dear, there is more to come, or so I hear.

Some years have passed, and with more to come. Magick has been my will to do, until the Great work is done. Moreover, with this book I have read, learning the secret to great mysteries with no fear or dread. Now I shall leave and I tell you this, the riddle I have beheld has brought me bliss.

Therefore, when futures adventure come my way, some will be written here much like this one was today.

Love is the law, love under will