Meditations on Amen and Hoor

written by Frater Ayin
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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law


During a meditation on the Knight of Wands, it became evident that the idea of this Knight and all the Knights can be seen as force and fire as written in Liber AL Ch. 2 V. 20. Beauty and strength, leaping laughter and delicious languor, force and fire are of us. This can then be expanded to correspond to the other Court cards as well. Beauty and strength is thus corresponded to the Queens. leaping laughter is corresponded to the Princes and nothing describes the Princesses better than delicious languor. However, there is still a fifth aspect, being are of us. This is it, through consulting Liber AL, Ch. 2 V 49, corresponded to the babe in the egg of blue or Hoor-paar-Kraat. This demonstrates correspondence to the fourfold formula of Amen. The Amen is manifest through the other three letters (i.e. AMN). Thus, the e corresponds to the Princesses and the delicious languor. The N (נ) is Nun symbolized by the Eagle, being the female representation of the Hawk, is thus corresponded to the Queens and Beauty and strength. The A, representing the aspect of father, corresponds to the Knights. The M, being the Paraclete plunging into the Material Plane.


The word Hoor in both spellings is a formula that represents the Initiate moving as Hadit into Nuit. In this word, the eyes of Ra-Hoor-Khuit are represented in the two Ayins in its center. They are between two pillars of perspective. One being He, the image of Nuit and the other Resh, the image of Hadit. These three, collectively represent the Supernal Triad. Hoor being let down to the animal soul of things (i.e. the Initiates Nephesh and Ruach), is represented by the change in spelling to Hoori. The i represents Yod being the Hermit, the sperm or seed placed into the willing. This changes the qabalistic view. Hoori now adds up to 355. 3+5+5=13. 13 is Achad and The ATU, Death. AChAD symbolizes unity. One must BE their Path of Initiation. In this, the Initiate must change, ergo the illusion of self and ego meet with Death. The word Hoor also represents an Initiates eyes. The pillars represent the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Through the uniting or disillusion of opposites in perception, a third eye (or i), is created. Hence the change in spelling. This is the light of the Hermit. Initiation is always a voyage made alone. The light is the Initiates own, but is held out as a lantern, for it represents the Supernal Triad as well. The Balanced Initiate without being totally aware of it, has become his own guide, a perception of self beyond self.

Imagine holding up a light in total darkness, and in the distance there is another guiding light. The Initiate then works his way to that light until they meet. As the Initiate moves his light aside to see what or who he has found, he discovers a mirror, thus the Initiate is then looking into his own face (i.e. the face of God). Hoor in his secret name and spendour is the Lord initiating, not the initiator. The Aspirant is the Initiate, not the initiator. The word initiator insinuates duality, one thing acting on another. Hoori and the Balanced Initiate are one. Hence, I AM HAWK! Hoori is the manifested initiating of oneself by the balance of opposites to create a projection of the Khabs or inner light, which is then reflected back by the universe. A ripple in the water of an ocean can symbolize the motion created by the union of Hadit unto Nuit. Yet, it cannot be defined where the perception of one ends, and the other begins, since neither does.

Therefore, the Initiate in motion is as the ripple, a union of Hadit unto Nuit as represented by the word Hoori. Thus, Hoor is the fluid motion of Hadit unto Nuit from the perspective of Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

Love is the law, love under will

Instructions and Recommendations for the Nascent Magician

By Frater Ayin

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The following is not intended to be adhered to in a Dogmatic fashion. These experiments and practices are to inspire the development of the True Nature of a Star and to excite the Lust and Worship of the Goddess of Infinite Space.

1.Make yourself thoroughly familiar with The Book of the Law.

2.Greet all by stating Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law; and when greeted in this manner respond with Love is the law, love under will.

3.State will before eating.

Knock 3-5-3
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
It is my will to eat and drink to fortify and strengthen my body
so that can better perform the Great Work
Love is law, love under will
Fall to Nuit, and knock again.

4.Learn the proper method of Sealing.

5.When you retire for the night recite Liber AL, II 20, Beauty and strength, leaping laughter and delicious langour, force and fire are of us.

6.It is also best if you first Seal and banish before retiring.

7.Construct your Robe, Nemyss and Circle.

8.Acquire the necessary magical tool for the Invokation of Horus.

9.Memorize Liber AL III 49-57 and Liber AL III 37-38.

10.Memorize the following rituals:
A: Opening of a Circle
B: License to Depart
C: Egyptian Banishing
D: Star Ruby
E: Invokation of Horus

11. It is also useful to memorize the following:
A: The Mark of the Beast
B: Lesser and Greater Hexagram Rituals
C: Mass of the Phoenix

12. Write an Adoration Unto Nuit composed of 11 lines.

13. Perform Liber Resh at the four stations of the Sun.

14. Make yourself erudite in the Qabalistic arts. Liber 777 is most useful in this.

15.Recommended reading list:

A. Book 4, Parts I-IV
B. Magick Without Tears
C. Liber Aleph
D.Liber 777
E. The Commentaries of AL
F. All books by David Bersson
G. Anything not aforementioned by Aleister Crowley

Love is the law, love under will