Lessons from Folklore
written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Shall we explore insights gained from a study of folklore? With the insanity of troglodyte minds obsessed with AI who are letting them do their thinking for them perhaps a few words of how it is yet important in these times of poetry writing machines to emphasize a very real method of developing insight, and perhaps wisdom for those who object to being slaves to the machines and are enthusiastic to inquire within the glory of their creative faculties. I have no objections to the intelligent machines, so called, and in a sense the slaves shall serve in every society and it gives these weak fools some type of rudimentary life. The machines are tools, so do not permit yourself to be replaced by them. Clearly, this essay is not for those who have submitted to this slavery and would have an aspiration toward the awakening of the True Self. If anything, the machines will assist us to the colonization of Goldilocks Planets which would the most important task the human race would adhere them task to. Yet, this is not about the machines but about human beings. After all, the wonder of a child’s face when you tell them a story can be a glorious and a golden moment. In addition, the inspiration and creativity of folklore can give you very real insight.

For those who wonder how we have books on folklore on the reading list I should radiantly recommend the reading of any number of its study and contemplation to work out the lessons that are imparted. Naturally, avoid others analysis until you have developed the process of insight where even if you were to tell the tale to your young you can proceed to explain its lesson. Formal logic has its place but even deeper into the tendencies of the ancient story tellers will be discovered an ancient skill of communication which being so old and primal; insights are awakened previously never encountered by other branches of such disciplines.

For Thelemites who are always familiar with the process of analysis of folklore using Book 4, part II, "An Interlude" as a guide they might even move deeper into the complexities of folklore by an advanced study of those connections with the collective consciousness. This would involve a Great Work for those Thelemites whose superior level of initiation after so many years would be in other areas where my direction is geared toward folklore, stories and emphasizing lesson. They might not even be parents and are involved with byways or Great Work unanticipated by those who have not arrived to their pinnacles. What is apparent for me, may not be "parent" for you. A "man of earth" perspective where lessons from stories given from a family perspective will be different than a "lover" or "hermit" perspective. Nevertheless, Thelemites will automatically see how my insights from Book 4, part II, "An Interlude" has assisted Me to produce this essay. I can see how another essay from others might give the entire perspective from the school of thought from the lens of the collective consciousness.

Something else besides the process taking different approaches like collective consciousness must be brought up. This educational process where knowledge is passed on from generation to generation I must not only emphasize is the original form of the educational process but exactly the same process that is named Kabbalah. Both are educational storytelling passed on from generation to generation. It should be imperative to common sense that they are both wrapped in the form of learning culture, insight, folklore, and even lessons of a religious nature. An atheist father might avoid dogma to a son or a daughter and retain the process so those who think the Kabbalah need to be always about the Zorah, Torah or the old Testament to the sons and daughters have not viewed the process stripped to its bare minium where it is actually viewed as a very real educational process. I do realize that this point hasn’t been brought but my recommendation that it be studied by scholars means I do bring it up. Now that you mention it, I have a question. Now consider of this. Is the religion the result of the oral teachings or the oral teachings the result of the religion? That would depend how old the religion is and if it existed prior to writing. Also, you might take in consideration that oral teachings will be changed from generation to generation. I’ll let scholars fight it out while I move on to create a few stories of my own that will give lessons. Our very definition of the word “Kabbalah” which means reception and “Storytelling” which evokes an image inconsistent from a lesson is typical of how changes in definition might have been a past hindrance or even deterioration.

Ah yes, there is nothing quite like expressing a thought that hasn’t been expressed before. Brace yourself. I feel some controversial thoughts coming on. Of course, if you can’t baffle them with paradox, enlighten them with controversial insight. Shall we proceed with stories with lessons?

Alas, I do know how blatantly controversial it is, now that you mention it, not to mention bewildering; to mention a tale to someone obsessed by some ideology or theology that has not experience with the Liber that assists you think backwards might be confused on what all the fuss is about. Perhaps I shouldn’t resist the terrifying urge to give the immoral of the story rather than the moral of the story but what kind of day would I have if I haven’t at least offended at least one fool? An example of a tale that would have a lesson? I thought you’d never ask! Here is a good one and especially if you have been brought up with the savagery of Roman Catholicism.

It was during the time when the Christians were becoming obnoxious to the polytheistic population and being thrown to the lions that a young Roman boy burst out in tears. Now, the elders were concerned that something was wrong with his manhood and proceeded with stern faces to interrogate the young child of ten years old to see why he was weeping for heathen monotheistic examples of uncouth ideologies who worshiped a dead man. Ironically, the young boy was weeping for the young lion cub who wasn’t able to eat any Christian where the bigger lions were pushing the little lion cub away. A very important lesson is to be observed from such a scenario where you can never be absolutely certain of the motives of any given outburst without getting the facts straight to analyze the issue with crystal clarity. Of course, telling someone that uninformed opinion is worthless and you should shut up and get the facts never seems to produce a positive response. It is otherwise imperative to learn how to see reality as reality and not to jump to superstitious rationalizations or conspiracy theory delusions prior to the scrutiny of base data. So, it can only be beneficial for meditations geared towards analysis of folklore which in a multitude of cultures are rich with insight and lessons. These “popular antiquities” are useful to study to observe by careful analysis to see what lessons they have buried. Oral teaching will in many cases be changed through time. Some of them you might reconstruct but some were eventually written down.

Now that was a perfectly clever move on my part, don’t you think? Where I created a perfectly immoral lesson to get everyone’s attention just to bring those who thought they could outthink Me only to bring up something that has been ignored, lost or shunned by brand new child tales who don’t know the first thing about writing stories. How stupid and petty these new child books authors seem when you realize you simply can’t read them to your young where they are absolutely absent of any lesson. They never developed the ancient art of storytelling which I insist is an ancient form of education, even prior to the invention of writing. If you cannot give a lesson from the child’s tale why are you writing children’s books? To become a famous writer? The creation of new child’s tale are on the main done by those who do not understand how to create a real tale. A suggestion would be to have for the parent’s sake a commentary of suggestions on the lesson below the story. Simply look at those tales or folklore which are commonly published and see for yourself how absolutely insane and without body they are. Written by some uneducated celebrity or someone whose knowledge or motivations is suspect whose imagination does not present the new folklore in a manner where the child can even have the remote possibility to be to the benefit for the growth of the child. Yet, storytelling is an ancient skill, one of the original forms of education and real research on its importance is overlooked by worthless little corpses who do not bother to learn the skills being too enslaved by herd mentality, greed, lack of education or foolish presumptions on how to plan or outline a story that is glorious for the learning process of the child. Of course, politicians are dismayed by the content that appears by such persons who create outcry that goes unresolved where they simply do not understand what the real problem is. Yet, none of them really understand the ramifications, recoil, insanity, greed, or stupidity of those who create stories for children who are out of touch with the true traditions, habit or skill of giving a story that gives a lesson. Of course, on a political level this creates debate about the new child books where arguments move in circles and nothing is really accomplished but confusion or even censorship.

Of course, the solution is so radiantly simple they miss the point that a child’s tale should have a lesson.

After all, this would mean new authors who write child stories would have to have clean motivations on their creations and actually have to think with regards to analysis more deeply than some of the nonsense which has no standards or ambition beyond becoming that next famous writer of children books. Like much so many of these new authors of child books have any really skill beyond greed, fame or fortune. You’ve got another thing coming if I would read any of their trash to my young!!

Is it not whispered among the story tellers of old?

It's not the look of the book, it's the registration of the education!

It doesn’t look like the register been touched anymore than the modern educational processes have been successful to concentrate on those vital principles of a first class educational process where the student is taught to think for themselves. The registration of the education might very well benefit from a very real reformulation where this ancient process of storytelling be assimilated at a university level. After all, the ancient storytellers, being the oldest form of the educational process will have very real links with the evolutionary processes of our brain. I propose a civilized revolution in the academic community where this marriage is taken up scientifically where the ancient forms of education are taken up with the modern forms to increase the efficiency of university protocol.

Why yes. Now that you mention it, an example of a story that gives another example of a lesson that a parent might give a child is as following. Other stories can be analyzed as the development of such insights are developed where creativity is possible.

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to her cupboard
To get her poor dog a bone;
When she got there,
The cupboard was bare,
And so the poor dog had none.

(We shall begin with this cryptic wisdom where we give the moral of the story of the ancients by observing that old mother Hubbard represents mother nature as a symbol of ecological ramifications or recoil that will symbolize that karma that exists with the fluctuations of ecological consequences. Noting that nature cannot give the dog a bone where the dog has been domesticated from its evolutionary wave by humans compromising its place in the ecological system. The “bone” which is a symbol of the innermost skeleton of primal volition cannot be found. Humanity stifled the dog to be a domestic animal where this animal, previously in touch with its will to exist in the forest now relies on humans to feed and water it. The lesson to be learned from this horror story of ecological compromise is we should never interfere with ecological systems which have actually brought us humans to our present status as an intelligent life form. Therefore keeping pets like the dog are scientifically in contradiction to our place in the ecological system and are to be avoided as morally insane to have a pet unless you live in San Francisco where endless crime means you need a guard dog.)

Brace yourself. I am about to upset scholars! You found an ancient tale that describes a perfectly insane story of mythology? It might very well be folklore and not mythology at all. Mythology clearly isn’t what was taught by the ancient polytheistic Priestess or Priest in the ancient temples. For example, the High Priestess of Demeter giving advice to the council during farm disputes would have nothing to do with how She taught the young. I realize how shocking it is to inform scholars that they haven’t differentiated between the wisdom that was taught in the ancient temples, their delusion that it is “myth”, the lessons of folklore and the fact that very real secrets existed that are above and beyond their mundane analysis. They behave like after three thousand years of the Gods (of any polytheistic nation) the level of sophistication did not increase, ignore the symbolism and proceed to mock the story instead of attempting to understand its significance. Did it make you feel special to get the herd mentality to laugh at all the ancient stories? Such disrespect and one dimensional observations only show how petty and foolish you are. I am, then, to observe you as nothing less than a instigator of false history, and someone whose mind cannot reach out to anything more abstract than rudimentary, elementary deterioration rotting away your life with the delusion of your own intelligence and worth as an honest scholar. Get away from Me and go play with your toys.

Freedom of speech is of course a glorious step in civilized behavior. Don’t misunderstand Me. Trying to express it is often times subject to those who try to consolidate the lecture where your point is buried by those who delete imperative and overall perceptions where the main meat of the lecture is lost. However, in spite of this persistent annoyance of near illiterate journalists you do not have to lower yourself to the limited and mundane opinion of them who are paid for their sensationalism and are puppets of the rules of their editor. Your aspiration shall be to open your mind to angles of geometry that give real insight where a lesson is being presented that has pragmatic realities. My experience is any news outlet that demands you comply with some stupid terms of agreement or to give up your ideas to their possession, or delete paragraphs by them, or they claim ownership of your work or tell you only 500 words are permitted are mainly in compliance with standards where their minds have gone to sleep with the skills of analysis or claim they have no time to take everybody. Rather than attempt to place your insights through them go independent where you can explain yourself without the editors judging you and trying to present what you present with their deletions and prejudiced, limited intellects. My estimation is that they should either reject your writings or accept them fully. To accept your writings on the conditions of paragraph censorship is throwing away your freedom of speech to those obsessed by either politics, personal opinion, obsession, and compliance of an editor’s delusion. If you agree with such pacts and do not go independent you are subject to their rules which, of course, even though they have every legal right to impose are unacceptable to those who aspire to creative writing. What could be more insulting to intelligence for an editor to delete something you’ve written on the grounds that the herd mentality might not like it? It is otherwise important that as a human being you cherish and show pride with those insights which have awakened from your pursuit to creativity. Folklore analysis is therefore highly recommended.

You might note my observations of this carefully and wait for a solution with regards to creativity, herd mentality, journalists who are puppets to editors, and what not - waiting for my definite solution. I offer no solutions to the majority. I can only state how I perceive it and if you are content where you are who am I to save these people? Nevertheless, a minority might be interested in my approach, my will, and my aspirations.
Let me quote Liber AL, Chapter I, verse 42
Let it be that state of manyhood bound and loathing. So with thy all; thou hast no right but to do thy will.
This quote is instruction on how to deal with the insanity of those lost in the lower planes of sacred geometry with their delusions and therefore enslaved. The solution for Myself is therefore to only tackle those issues that appear in front of me. In Alice in Wonderland she exclaims that they were nothing but a pack of cards. It did no good for her nor did it give them self awareness. If anything, the cards went flying in chaos everywhere. Confusion prior to revelation? Not always. The rabbit hole of the secret self is far more deep and sublime than is suspect. I don’t expect the majority will understand the full seriousness of self discovery and the development of analysis. Although I give no solutions I do state that social media would be a waste of time for myself. For the minority, of course, they will know how important it is to be a human being and try to find byways to self discovery where the True Self awakens, and to be true to yourself you can by volition know what your next step is free from error.

Whether you are studying the Arabian Nights or Alice in Wonderland, or ancient childhood stories from old Europe or the Middle East, or old or new poetry or the insights of ancient Romans, polytheistic Armenians, communication with the Leprechauns, the sublime story telling of tales from Lithuanian Sorcerers, stories translated from ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Medieval Sorcerers, or any story that has survived the stiff upper lip of persecutions it will be otherwise beneficial for the development of insight.

Love is the law, love under will