True Self and Evolution

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

We are a 300,000 year old species where we are stuck at Homo Sapiens with no chance to evolve. For our home planet earth not being what it was as a consequence of our technologies and life on our home planet we have not the natural selection that led us to our present status as an intelligent life form.

Although a very real solution will be eventually possible where a Goldilocks Planet that parallels an environment which would assist us to continue on our natural evolutionary wave exists we note that we must observe the reality of the distance and time of space travel.

Such a controlled experiment where the entire Goldilocks Planet is used as a science project to apply Charles Darwin’s thesis purposely will clearly upset or destroy the ecological system of the planet. No guilt nor grace nor accountability will result if the the science project is successful. For here on the earth we cannot restore what we compromised sufficiently nor bring back predators for the purposes of natural selection to continue our evolutionary process. Clearly, trying to continue our evolution to the next species here on planet earth we find ourselves trapped on a desert island with a sick and ugly tribal hag screaming at us to build a boat to sail where we have no wood to build the boat. Any number of obstacles occur to create outcry at such a notion of change which would upset what civilized systems of Government or tradition that we have created. With the realization that we are creating the same errors that human beings were to supposed to learn the lessons of we scrutinize history and see nothing but civilizations arising and falling. Someone points out that we need to be accountable for our ancestors crimes which makes no sense. Someone else in our human tribe tells us that they represent Gods or God and turns everything upside down. We keep doing what we are doing and keep getting what we are getting where no evolution from homo sapiens occurs either with politics, religion or even the latest fad in spiritual enlightenment. Some of the methods of spiritual enlightenment in their naive attempt to make us divine or civilized make us behave less than human.

Now let us observe some of the spiritual systems or even metaphysics or spiritual paths that would give us real evolution to a species above the homo sapiens. Clearly, eastern mysticism falls on its face where we have a number of issues in their meditations where the attempt to control the mind and gain a peaceful state of meditation they commit the crime of deletion of primal functions. Zen Buddhism & Taoism is clearly a first with its insane meditations which blank out instinct and create a passively indifferent consciousness by their interpretations of a civilized human being. We have the Yogi from India who blanks out pain using a yoga where they can sleep on a bed of nails. We have Theosophists who talk about yoga and do no work ending up as sidewalk philosophers whose metaphysics bores everyone shit-less. We have Christianity which practices self sacrifice and hypocrisy which does not evolve but make you puppets of the Priests or the Church. You have monotheistic religions like Judaism and Islam which give all sorts of useless dogma with no evolution and of course we have all political systems, which again haven't a chance to practice natural selection without being tyrannical. Even atheism is out of touch with the reality of our species where no evolution exists within their persistent negativeness. Agnostics play the same game of skepticism where the overall status of their developed personalities is no better than any other homo sapiens who is stuck with the same status of evolution. No matter how high the IQ of the Mensa brother or sister is they have to confess they are yet still homo sapiens. Naturally, all those who I have categorized to observe might privately think they are one step above our species but the reality is they are simply engaged in creed, tradition or obsession to consider them superior. The truth is none of them are going to evolve any higher from homo sapiens from their variant of activities.

So, how do we evolve from our present dilemma of being stuck for 300,000 years being homo sapiens with no chance of evolving from all the known paths of religion or spiritual paths? After all, planet earth is no longer going to give us any natural selection and we've moved right to the top of the food chain where we as a species have invented all sorts of weapons to deal with the few predators that are left in the forest.

Well, what will fit the criterion of such an unfortunate desert island? After all, we would firstly need an educational system that emphasizes the goals of life of the individual and the awakening of the True Self where volition has a chance to meet the world with sufficient challenges. How do we parallel the consciousness of the human being who is placed in an environment where evolution is feasible. At our stage of evolution we have intellects and we are self aware. Everyone must be naked in the universe on a path toward some type of fulfillment where those instincts do not become recessive where our survival instincts are compromised by dogmatic rationalizations. We must find our goal in life and strife for it based on the reality of our merit.

If evolution is to occur I must prepare myself observing my True Self without prejudice. Coherent deliberations on the True Self shall include my meditation to see what awakens.

Well, well, well. We have come full circle with the deep and penetrating issue of the True Self. No sooner than we’ve found coherent deliberations on what we really are we must contemplate what our will is to be. Having perceived the raw reality of our True Self we realize that volition must enter the stage where we must find a purpose in life. What did you see when you looked into yourself and what realities observed drew conclusions on what you really are could possibly be consistent with your potential? You saw no innocence, did you? Any innocence was a lie! You have let loose the reality of your self and released yourself into the world where previously you were caged in the prison of false realities. Morals and dogma have become such petty little toys as you develop coordinates that merge into the accomplishment of your True Will. You have written your own laws based on the structure of your True Self, observed from the reality of your True Will, awakened by your potential and you are vibrating with a life force of your genetic inheritance.

Are you so oblivious to a consolidation of such a concept or do I have to sum it up? Very well then, you have faced the reality of what you are, realizing the reality of what you are not, and having seen what you have seen, know what you know and will what you will have a deeper comprehension of your True Self to prepare sufficiently for evolution or at least personal initiation. Having considered of this, consider of that… (Aren’t we clever, today?)

So, you feel like you should take your pleasure among the living and your very being is electric with the excitement of adventures to be discovered? This path that awaits you shall be filled with unrealized awakenings, glorious insights, lust and the taste of new banquets awaits you in splendrous anticipation. The excitement has only just begun. The poor and the sad. Those who have permitted themselves to be overwhelmed by their ordeals you leave behind and move forth to your glorious awakenings.

Well, well, well. What have we here? Is there anyone left alive out there who has awakened themselves sufficiently to understand what has awakened within? How could so many be the walking dead where they only need to inquire within to regain what is latent within themselves?

Very well, then. I see that I must observe extreme caution. I am in danger of being misunderstood or even persecuted. I prepared myself for an evolution by seeing my Self only to realize that any such preparation for evolution and initiation involves danger if I do not veil the shrine.

Bearing all this in mind the Law of Θελημα fits the only system that is consistent with a sensible path where the awakening of the True Self and True Will will create an initiation to a higher state of consciousness. Control is essential but to end those essential parts of the inner self which constitute us and include us would be folly.

Love is the law, love under will