Magical Attacks

written by David Bersson
on February 4th, An CXVIII 2022 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Today I was going to spend the entire day in the Temple but I decided more insights were occurring so I will write about magical attacks. I find myself worried that if I don’t write it all down the details I’ve experienced will be lost. I’ll leave the oral teachings and its traditions to the dogmatic Kabbalahists. Take no chances on your romances for the forties are coming again!

Covering the subject of magical attack ordinarily will be a dialogue of private exchange with regards to the various complexities involved. However, I will cover in this article some experiences and observations that might be of interest for those who are dealing with it in their magical adventures. The general advice to students is when things are going smoothly and the magical energy is at its peak, (as it is presently) work like a madman to get a lot accomplished, and when the magical attacks erupt you can live through them expertly countering all the vicious, evil manifestations.

Of course, you could at any time die, go insane or become winner of ordeal x depending on what level you are on and the primal nature of the magical attack. I should try to explain magical attacks from the perspective of the novice, the intermediate and the advanced. Yes, perhaps this should be covered where I am concerned that unless I write down what I have been expounding verbally to students this might not be covered later on with the details I have considered vital.

With regards to the issue of Thelemic ethics I should share how I perceive it. Some other level of civilization or manifestation of the 93 Current might approach the issue of magical attack differently. You are minding your own affairs and not meddling with anyone’s business and out of nowhere, so it seems, an extremely hostile current makes you move toward your Temple to use those techniques to counter whatever is coming at you. To try to trace the origin of the magical attack might be dangerous and if you try to astrally or even to lucid perceive its manifestation you might be struck with its deadly current from close proximity. Let the enemy reveal themselves for they always show up sooner or later in other ways. They cannot escape you. It could be anything from an identity theft, an old enemy trying to see if you are still alive, an ex brother or sister with envious spite, or even in your lecture where you didn’t name a name someone has decided you are writing about them and they try to get even.

This is advised to keep the magical attacks down to a controllable minimum to, most certainly, give examples to assist others not to make the same mistakes but to observe caution naming anyone specifically. It is only temporary and limited to a few that will really know who you are referring to and as time elapses the lesson is given. It is otherwise important that the essay be where experience gives your truth. For we are trying to teach those in our Hierarchy on the main and those who identify with any number of examples and react might very well try to attack you. Keep any public articles without names. Of course, printing books might be the place where you know and destroy the traitors but if you are presenting an article for another movement you would only end up unintentionally slandering if you named a name. All this is important to perceive where you avoid being the aspirant that mocks or interferes with the will of other Thelemites where real magical attacks are your fault. Do not permit it to be your fault. Write as you will but do not instigate anything. Of course, this is Lurk and Withdraw.

With regards to those who hate and fear you, that are bound and loathing with their multitudes of confused hatred we must observe Liber AL, Chapter I, verse 42.
You do your will and tackle only those obstacles in your Path was the the advice of my Instructor, Marcelo Motta. The word “state” from this verse can be interpreted as “social state” or those manyhood bound and loathing "states" of consciousness where the demons have infested the enemy from reactions of your aspirations and Great Work to such an extent that they are displeased by your existence. Eventually, if the build up of hatred of the averse forces of the thought form of "manyhood bound and loathing" becomes an obstacle you can no longer let it be. This is the true guide of how you deal with this depending how serious the issue is becoming. For this is the guide of True Will where all the karma is in your hands to win the magical battle. Remember that those infested with the ego and black brother current react against aspiration. For they are no longer they for they are of a legion of complex hostilities. You will know when to take it up with them on another plane.

Returning fire must be done eventually in the form of knowing and destroying the traitors. It is better to pick your battlefields and not enter the battlefield of other movements. If they die or go insane from your return magical attack there is no grace nor guilt. Since you are not reaching out magically does not mean the relief of pressure doesn't show you plainly that you have not suceeded in neutralizing the attack. You acted with honor with regards to their will and they reacted. Whoever they were is unimportant. You have acted without mercy to whomever it was. Well, knowing who your enemy isn't always necessary. I am open to other perceptions of this complex subject of Thelemic ethics and I recommend DUTY by the Master Therion as an excellent guide. What of methods that exist where you know who your enemy is? I will give only one hint. Don't ever show a tattoo in a photo or video. If the symbol on the tattoo on your body has definite symbolism it can be used. Other methods I give only to students.

This has worked well for myself who do feel the magical attacks on occasion countering them routinely where no karma on my side of the battle has compromised an innocent with friendly fire. This finishes the ethics from my perspective. Again, you may choose another strategic war maneuver entirely based on your interpretation of the Third Chapter.

Now that is covered lets move forth to observe how your magical practices have assured you have sealed the circle, banished and invoked the forces of the Aeon. The magical practices are essential to be diligent with. As you move forth you will know magically what to do with the accumulated magical energy from the magical gestures. You are using Yoga to keep a steadfast concentration for your magick to be sufficiently powerful and not the other way around. Maintenance level concentration of a dyhana level is sufficient to build your magical energy for these type of attacks. Your magical gestures are going to awaken even higher forces and you should be watchful for the magical signs that determine its origin without trying to reach out to them which might be dangerous.

You cannot mix the planes. All the crapulous creeds must be banished and not just those which have hindered you with family religion. If you are not firing on an enemy that is lurking thinking they are harmless their demonic current will eventually gain power until it is dealt with. This is yet another magical attack that can manifest dangerously in the form of genocide so you must cover all the ground or you will miss the purity of the manifestation of the 93 Current in its extreme glory. Recite the Curses in your Temple on a daily basis, often, where it counters ALL these old Aeon Currents assisting the power and purity of your Temple.

I might comment that the higher initiations mean entirely different manifestations of magical attack where you are no longer as concerned about the shells or demons but the black brothers. Trying to categorize magical attack might be of interest. The novice magician coming to our path might have self inflicted rationalizations with demonic activity simply associating with those involved with profanes who are unconsciously hindering them from their true self or will but the intermediate magician might be attacked by those who have been compromised by the black brother current, and the advanced Thelemite has to use the seal of Babalon and words to keep the Abyss at bay in times of magical attack. All grades, however, must be careful who they associate with. A taoist that does not not practice martial arts, ironically, might be more dangerous that one that is infested with a taoist attitude of passive indifference. On the other hand, an occult scholar that does not practice magick might have a malignant current from a black brother current. Or a novice Thelemite who has permitted herself as a Dove to be enslaved by the whip of Asar where her choice has polluted Love under will to slave girl status. These are simply a few examples of the origin of magical attack.

All the territorial compromise and ego being another factor in the origin of the magical attacks must, in addition, be carefully considered. The hatred of change from those infested with the black brother currents and the ego reacting to others creating movements instead of honoring them means your counter attacks magically must be, ironically, karma free!! Honor dies where interest lies means that they will misunderstand you purposely, if this makes sense to those with a clear head and honest observation. If a casual observer would exist, and I cannot honestly state I observe any since they are always silent they might be bewildered on what all the fuss is about. How is this even happening, they might exclaim not knowing the particulars or complexities of the concourse of magical currents and how they are affecting the multitude of Thelemites. Or someone from another Path might gasp at the thought of the price of existence being eternal warfare, and the price of eternal warfare being existence. After all, isn’t spiritual enlightenment all about peace and love? Such paradoxes of initiation are unknown to those who cannot understand the survival instincts of the Third Chapter or the peace unutterable of the Temple of Nuit. Having found our True Self we are at peace with our self, of course, but we are also at war and against the people or even the world. I do realize how a path of spiritual enlightenment such as Thelemites tread might be very difficult for others who have not perceived the message of the Master Therion. After all, what other brand of spiritual enlightenment has magical war?

Clearly, glory exists in our Path where the highest Trances exist on the highest planes for those brave enough to persist. Are you eager to catch the promises? We’ll see how eager you are after you’ve experienced some of the difficulties of magical attack.

Well, no one ever told you it was going to be easy!

Love is the law, love under will