You need only click Begin for the flash program on the right of this page. Click reset to begin a new reading. This flash program is only as good as your developed skill with divination. This does not mean simply enjoying yourself with a Tarot Reading is discouraged in any way.

Introduction to Tarot Reading

written by David Bersson on April 3rd, An CXIII 2017 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The Tarot is useful for any number of stars upon their course throughout the universe at any level of spiritual development. The Tarot can be used either as a method of fortune telling, technique of divination, doorways to other astrals or dimensions, classification of energy, development of telepathy or clairvoyance, and the development with the correspondences of the Kabbalah.

A daily private reading is taken so seriously by some brothers and sisters of our Society that I have had secret letters written to me informing me how their daily reading has brought up a card that concerned them.

How perfectly ridiculous it would be the thought of anyone eavesdropping on such a conversation not familiar with the specialized categorization and definition of the symbolism of the Tarot. Eventually you will be able to have conversation in its language where you can discuss the intricacies of those familiar with Tarot where you express or exchange its language with a high degree of fluency.

Now, the spread that assists our development is the Tree of Life ten card spread with the esoteric card. This is the arrangement of the Tree of Life as presented with the flash program created by Frater Ayin years ago. In this particular case we use the ten card spread with the eleventh card to be the esoteric card. This card is turned last where we begin its analysis to observe the energy and essence of the query or tendency. You need not even ask a question out loud but many do. Others will grasp the top of the hand of those who they are about to do a reading for with the other hand on the top of the deck and say: "What are the tendencies for (insert name)". The reader then shuffles the deck and has the person who is getting the reading cut the deck where the spread begins.

The entire idea of the reader touching the hand of the person they are doing the reading for and the one that is being read to is to create a magical link with the reader, cards, and the person being given the divination. This absolutely does not mean doing a lone reading means you touch yourself. Now see here, this would be the twisted logic of a first incarnation aspirant, now wouldn't it? (I was being intensely amusing when I wrote that.)

Well, we are moving right along with my elaborations on the obvious for those who have read these words who have been on the Path for some time. So then, perhaps I should give some preliminaries on doing a reading for those who are simply beginning and want to learn what all the fuss is about.

I have just done a solitary Tarot reading and the Success card has turned up in Malkuth. Clearly, something is stirring in my universe with regards to finances. In Yesod I turn up the High Priestess card and note that my esoteric card is Lust. My word, it might prove to be an adventurous day in spite of getting the Devil Card in Kether upside down!! This direction where a card is downright upright or upright downright is a matter of preference. The entire concept is common enough among Tarot readers who will intrepret something negative if the card turns up, upside down. Other methods turn up from time to time as the individual being individual shows origninality depending on what they discover is cogent with their creativity or experience. The upside down Tarot Card being negative is only one of the many used. If a mouse squeaks inbetween the walls of your home at the same second you draw the Fool Card I can only shrug my shoulders in dismay at the thought of how a Tarot Reader will duly proceed with his or her lecture!! The point is, every Tarot Reader has his or her own method or approach. Ten Tarot Readers can give one person a completely different reading and be stating precisely the same perception or take directions that are completely different.

For the advanced magician, of course, or anyone who memorizes Liber 777 you will be doing some very sophisticated readings where the analysis will have a level of complexity that is consistent with how you absorbed the knowledge of cogent symbolism as a thought form. The thought form is the energized manifestation of the school of thought or body of insight or developed mystical philosophy.

For others it is pleasant, easy going fortune telling where you can enjoy some time with others in such leisurely pursuits of mutual exchange. It clearly would be dogmatic to give hard and fast rules for everyone with regards to the Tarot.

Love is the law, love under will

For those learning to do Tarot Readings for the first time it should be noted that simply clicking Begin will give you cards that you will not be able to make any sense of. You will need a copy of the Book of Thoth written by Aleister Crowley and eventually Liber 777 if you are to carry the skill to a higher realm.