You cannot escape Us

written by David Bersson

I do not talk like a dark wizard about to awaken ancient and horrible powers of a wicked sorcerer. Rather, a dark wizard about to awaken ancient and horrible powers talks like me.
A quote by David Bersson who finds instigating peculiar and false accusations about himself intensely entertaining.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

How perfectly delightful it is to baffle stupid fools, don’t you think? Where some of the amusing accusations have to be admired, at the very least, for their highly imaginative, stereotypical confusion. If it isn’t being accused of being a “mad scientist”, “earth’s most deadly villain”, “public enemy number one of the academic community”, “dark wizard”, “an evil sorcerer maneuvering for power”, “Carl Sagan’s evil twin”, “A Crowley fanatic”, or 718 other things I have to give credit to some originality to some of these ridiculous accusations. So, who could I really be? I most certainly can’t be a Jew where I absolutely glorify and praise the Kabbalah. No Rabbi would in his right mind would consider me Jewish. After all, my interpenetration of Otz Chiim simply isn’t consistent with their teachings. I most certainly can’t be a Muslim who have openly stated that I consider Mohammad to be an illiterate camel driver who saw a Jewish Angel going on to state that Islam is a religion that has failed its people. I cannot be a Hindoo Yogi who refuse to sleep on a bed of nails who claim I prefer magnificent beasts of women on beds of purple. My goodness, do they really throw dead relatives into the polluted Ganges River? I cannot be a Buddhist who have rejected meditations that make you passively indifferent not including the spiritual path of the warrior. I cannot be a Christian where I consider the Gnostic Catholic Mass to be superior to the Roman Catholic Mass as a consequence of how important a Priestess is, is, in the Temple. I can’t be Satanist since I stated, categorically, it is a branch of Christianity which in its attempt to be rebellious gains no manifestations of the supernal and has nothing to offer where it took its protocol from other systems making it a tea party for those enamored by evil. (They can’t even do anything evil properly.) I could never be a Scientologist whose science fiction philosophies are too boring to be worthy of my time. I could never be a Taoist whose metaphysics is more of the past time of aging orientals. I could never be a Theosophist who are on the level of sidewalk philosophers talking endlessly about Yoga and never doing any work. None of the modern Theosophists match the incredible genius of Helena Blavatsky or insights of Alice Bailey whose intense reverence for the now extinct Tibetan Wonders have made them a dead end mystical path. I cannot be a pagan who lives in the city. I cannot be a monotheist who stated that monotheism is a lie where it stifles the perceptions of the mystical universe being wary of one, one, one. I cannot be Illuminati where I find their grade system to be inconsistent with the initiations and not geared towards the original aspirations of ancient Freemasons. All this means that when I try to explain myself some troll will come along and try to label me any number of asinine things where they try to sum me up in a single paragraph getting nothing right.

I did receive something of an array of letters from my last essays on this ancient issue of east meeting west with regards to the different temperaments concerning spiritual enlightenment. The most interesting of questions was Our plans for various Nations as magical gesture, karma, and as schedule would have it. We are presently ahead of schedule, of course, and we are delighted to see Israel crush Hamas where a positively delightful destruction of terrorists is absolutely worthy of observation. How relieved we are to see Israel overcome those mental blocks not wanting to become like the Nazis have held back on their method of war are now returning to the fierce warriors they were in ancient Israel. Why yes, I should cover the magick of these currents as well, but for now, lets continue our lecture on these pertinent points of manifestation with regards to the 93 Current effecting the east.

What could be delightful than someone of my breed to observe the sheer shock of an Asian when I give my school of thought to them; where they cannot quite believe We exist; and of course are often times hypnotized into thinking we cannot exist and therefore do not exist. Why yes, we’ll be the judge of everything; and Our perceptions of phenomenal existence; not to mention the processes of magick are quite the surprise to them. I absolutely guarantee more surprises ahead as I move forth the New Aeon with magical gestures beyond the comprehension of those who cannot understand what the crowned and conquering child means or how volition must energize the Holy Books, or what initiation is. It is with much less effort to explain or give commentary to the western mind than those in the east whose magical currents are blinding them to spiritual or intellectual comprehension. I dare say, it’s like shaving with a rubber razor blade trying to penetrate the peculiar minds of some of these Asians who see on only one plane of geometry and have ignored those changes that, obvious to us, are absolutely confused by our Will to Initiate. Most certainly, trying to explain to them in simplistic symbolism where the starry robe is both the symbol or signature of cosmic consciousness and the omnipresence clearly demands an equivalent that doesn’t exist with their trances. Of course, they cannot have an equivalent since it was only brought to the surface in the First Chapter where these mysteries have been permitted to come to the surface. In addition, the symbolism of the cone; although explained with sacred geometry has no real parallel although some of the concepts of the ancient Dao touch upon it. Once again, explaining to those who are “called” Thelemites who have studied carefully those commentaries concerned and are dedicated initiates means less effort where they have temperaments geared easily toward the New Aeon. Even the Russians, as naive as many of them are; are less likely to become confused where at least two of them have actually shown great promise as initiates in our experience with teaching them magick. Russia, ironically, has many who do not consider them a part of the west. Well, I retort if you do not consider yourself a part of the west you most certainly aren’t a oriental culture. So, what are you? Well, they at least discarded communism which was a sensible preliminary. Russia cannot escape Us. Most them do not understand the Animadversion. Nor do they understand as a consequence of the inertia of old Aeon magical currents the intellectual faculties will not assist their understanding. The good news is that even with only two initiates from that Nation over the past fifty years it has altered the course of their history where magical gesture and the collective consciousness has made a nation once deteriorating; now has some glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll deal with Russia in a future essay where I will explain what is going to occur in the coming centuries. Let’s discuss the east where they are in far more trouble with regards to the future than them.

As previously expounded in my essay called “Sword of Karma” I went over the issues of China who once had a glorious culture only to throw it all away by becoming Commies. China cannot escape us. Of course, I have observed that they consider their adherence to such notions a method to preserve their culture from the west; which is most certainly the opposite on how it is transpiring. I am against communism and not the Chinese, of course, and find the invasion of Tibet in 1959 e.v to be deplorable. Tibet cannot escape Us. Perhaps they should observe the Japs who have arisen from being what they were when they bombed Pearl Harbor to become a wonderful people, almost child like in their inquisitive and curious natures who seem more tolerant and happy a society than that hard core Chinese attitude where being Commie is seen to be the tough guy approach to survival. Holiday in Japan is clearly an excellent culture experience while Tibet has become a tourist trap filled with mystic beggars; and any Chinese Holiday in mainland China the westerner could at any time being arrested for simply looking suspicious. The Japs are what Korea both south and north could be; if they would arise to a greater social awareness. Korea cannot escape Us. Of course, the Asians have difficulties understanding our breed but if anyone of us were to Holiday among them it would be the Japs who; although they are somewhat obsessed with the robots have juggled properly their traditions with modern science where they retain ancient glory with modern freethinking. Which nations in Asia are to be permitted existence based on the karma of today? Well, such decisions have already been made; and we can state that the Japs will more than likely be alive for many centuries onward judging how civilized and tolerant they have become. Well, the rest of the orientals have doubtful futures where they haven't discarded the savage mentality of the herd mentality of the mongol hordes or the passively indifferent meditations of the Buddhist; and if they would survive into the future they should observe the Japs who came out smelling like roses while other oriental nations continued with any number of errors in social awareness.

I do realize how difficult it is to read Liber Aleph, Liber Tzaddi, and other of our Holy Books without commentary but I urge all those who would jump to conclusions to simply take more time to study our aspirations which include the valuable awakening of the True Self. The western esotericist path of spiritual enlightenment and magick takes far more than a casual study where such scholarly studies of the symbolism of storytelling with lesson, comparative mystical imperialism, Liber 777 perceptions of comparative symbolism, initiations, ceremony, and mystical centralization is overlooked. They rattle on teaching you nothing that actually manifests pragmatic applications in the Plane of Disks. We have, in addition, the western temperament with its history where it often, more times than not, makes the eastern mind which teaches a newer form of spiritual enlightenment than the ancient path of magick. Our link with antiquity is purged which existed prior to writing. So much of the eastern meditations are based on the delusion of what a civilized human being is what they think should be where the True Self is never awakened, the True Will of the star upon his course might take any number paths where the mold of the factory produced monastery monk comes off the assembly line with very little deviation. Rather than become initiated they mistake the delusions of their dharana for actual spiritual enlightenment where all they've done is delete primal functions making the sum of their equation a deterioration rather than an advance in the planes of higher existence. In addition, they do understand what it is to cross the abyss. All their ancient magick was discarded long ago where they decided the siddhi was in violation of their aspirations. I tried to explain that if you are working to find the nature and powers of your being both spiritual enlightenment and the magical powers are the path to making you whole again. Moreover, rather than heed this warning they have chosen what they consider to be a civilized human being; and enlightened. Of course, when the murders of the last of the Tibetan Wonders who had both the spiritual warrior and the magical powers of the Buddhist they lost the Greater Mysteries. I think this has clarity of explanation how We are the future where we do not need you; but you need us.

You cannot escape us. We are waiting for you to come up to Our level. For we, most certainly, will not descend to what you have become.

Love is the law, love under will