World Conquest
written by David Bersson

"And the voice said: Thy fear is known; thine ignorance is known; thy weakness is known; but thou art nothing in this matter. Shall the grain which is cast into the earth by the hand of the sower debate within itself, saying, am I oats or barley? Bondslave of the curse, we give nothing, we take all. Be thou content. That which thou art, thou art. Be content."

A quote from the Cry of the 25th Aethyr, Which is Called VTI shall be as ye are, & not other.
A quote from Liber AL.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

What in the sephira is transpiring, here? One moment I have a perfectly pathetic novice inquiring me of Kings and now I have to elaborate on world conquest?

I observe that in order to expound with regards to the subject of world conquest I will have to explain how I know every single detail of its magical formula yet have never expressed it in words. Why yes. It was in existence all along in the Supernal I simply did not bring it into the ruach. In addition, when you cross the Abyss into Binah you have already conquered the world. Sephira = World. Well, the verse is stating “Kings of the earth” and any one nation isn’t mentioned. It looks like I’m going to have to explain the issues of manifestation to truly give perspective and clarity to the meditation on world conquest. So, “bare” with me which isn’t asking you to dance naked with me but to perceive without the usual dress and subject stripping the entire formula all down to its common denominators to view it with clarity. Rather than state 0 = 2 and leave you in the dark night of your soul; I’ll elaborate on manifestations.

I do admire Karl Germer who survived the concentration camps going so far as to gain Knowledge & Conversation of his Holy Guardian Angel and becoming a Master. Yet, he was subtle and sublime so many have missed the incredible depth of his insight. Karl Germer once stated that money in the bank was just sitting there doing nothing wasn’t doing anyone any good. This is one of the most sublime insights a Master of the Temple has ever given with regards to how the Supernal can have something that a Master knows in detail and the necessity of letting the neshamah manifest it into the ruach for the benefit of the treasure of spiritual insight to be shared for the benefit of the process of initiation. Of course, a King chooses His garment as He will. Being of the few and secret how the Work of the Master is beyond the scope of the majority of many who read this essay. Don’t blame me if you haven’t pulled your head out of your ass long enough to do your practices to develop yourself or have wasted years with ruach masturbation or deteriorated into a slime-ball whose disordered nephesh has made you a fit candidate so gross to be passed through fire. Yes, yes, I could complain from today to the “day of be with us” this issue of presumptuous, sidewalk philosophers who try to pass themselves off as Powerful Wizards who when tested are all air without the other three elements. If I were to hold my magical mirror up to you today compared to twenty years ago which face would be better? Don’t answer that and get your ass back to your magical work! Such audacity! I’ll see no more of this, you, so and so, you!

I am reacting quite firmly with such a question as world conquest where your imagination has taken hold of you where I must warn of any number of obsessions that might sway you. So I will direct your attention to your own progress; rather than you try to be Atlas, who incidentally, never shrugged; and never will. I should expound the importance of learning how the manifestations are manifesting from the manifest lest you lose yourself in delusional observations where you cannot work change with volition. You cannot very well state, “He who has the how is careless of the why” where, when you found you can do something and cannot explain it to your students how to work the manifestations of high magick you eventually wonder how you failed of a heir. We will not overlook the magical secrets of the keys of power and magical powers mean you will know magically what to do but, again, unless you've attained to the plane above what you need to change you will not experience anything but temporary rearrangement. If Will stops and cries Why, invoking Because, then Will stops & does nought. If Power asks why, then is Power weakness. No doubt, it is your aspiration and duty to conquer the Sephira. It also the work of the Adept and the Master to teach those below Him or tend the Garden of Disciples. It is more important to have a heir than to conquer what was once a green earth is now an old grey land. Better to have those below you to carry on the Great Work to restore the Green Earth. Indeed, no matter how old you live your obituary is always read the same upon your death; and it rarely goes on for anymore than a few paragraphs. Foolish mortal, even if you worked for years to take over the earth you’ll die of old age where it would all fall apart in a few years.

Yet, it is important to write those sweet words for the kings so the initiations are made manifest to others. How swift and secure your pen is means taking your time to place it all openly so the multitudes will benefit really does mean you have to gain the skills of the pen so clarity from neshamah flows into the ruach. My experience with this has been always been an consistent effort to adjust the talisman, to make the magical energy flow from minor or major changes to its symbolism so finally, finally you can state that the magical gesture will manifest properly into the Plane of Disks where phenomenal existence does minium recoil with the magical operation. I have never been discouraged that my talisman wasn’t quite right but otherwise surprised that I found ways and means to improve it where I actually thought I had it right the first time. Well, who gets it right the first time? Such high magick takes time to develop and you cannot expect to adjust your magical operation the same way you did with forty years of magick when you finally arrive to sixty years of experience. The actual Supernal might be very difficult to bring forth to the ruach although you might be able to work its magick. Well, all this might be easy for a Minister of Hoor-paar-kraat who has identified with the Lord of Silence but His will would be within His grasp while I am someone else who has arrived to continue and promote knowing that I have my own lessons to learn with regards to all this. It is otherwise a good magical sign that I finally perceived this insight. Knowing how I am to proceed and how others have approached this problem means I am on the right path to solutions and insight. It boils down to trying to write the insights so they develop for others. I will not deny shortcuts of magick exist but this particular case it does take time to learn the skill of actually writing down from the Silence of Supernal to the insight of Ruach where the knowledge goes aright.

Well, not forcing the issue doesn’t mean I am not persistently adjusting, watching and weighing my magical operation. Yes, this does involve never giving up.

With regards to world conquest you must not ignore, LIBER LIBRÆ, verse 9 which gives you a hint how your magick effects the entire universe yet also observe line 14; being the opposite of the coin where both perceptions are simultaneously correct. As a consequence of the misunderstanding of centralization I have given details on the importance of being the center of your circle. You are, at the very least, at least a lower case king in your own circle. Of course, every time you move up to a Sephira on the Tree of Life you have conquered a world. Isn’t that world conquest enough for you to have firstly conquered the demons within to arise with merit with your True Will and True Self?

I tried to explain that monotheism wasn’t the ultimate attainment trying to explain that you have overlooked cosmic consciousness and the three manifestations that are clearly your basic איף (Ain), אֵין סוֹף (Ain Soph), and אור אין סוף (Ain Soph Aur) manifestation toכתר (Kether). Yes, yes, I know how this might look to those who haven't had anything passed on to them and have no lineage but Kether is the Crown who is the King, and it is apparently never discussed what I really mean when I teach you that the entire Otz Chiim is a map of the mystical imperialism of the Kingdom. After all, this goes against the State you are in where you know the metaphysics but can't do anything with it. That's part of My Great Work where you see how important the balance of the microcosm is with the macrocosm. No doubt, becoming a living God might be a step forth but the initiations coordinating or balancing with the microcosm and macrocosm are on a higher level. In Liber VIII, verse 6; golden sequins are recommended on the Robe. You cannot ignore this symbolism. The golden sequins represent infinite possibility, the manifestation of the stellar radiation, cosmic consciousness, the Night of Pan, and the microcosm; always Unto Nuit.

You can spend the rest of your life going over the lessons of others or dreaming of world conquest or other speculations that show Me you aren’t working; or you can take My advice and use Liber 777. So you’ve got the letter down, have you? Well, unless you have both the spirit and the letter you’re nothing but a drunk Taoist or someone who rattles on and on with ruach masturbation boring everyone to death. The Neshamah into the Ruach. Perhaps you see by gematria what א is spelled in full. I thought you’d see this by now. One, one, one. That’s all you hear for the past two thousand years. Enough, already!

I am not teaching you the metaphysics of Immanuel Kant or telling you to stop the motor of the world. Rather, start the motor of your inner world by shedding starlight upon your star dust. If you want to learn specific metaphysics you go to the university to learn it. I am showing you how to create your own metaphysics to become a school of thought where you are under the shadow of the wings.

Love is the law, love under will