What did "I" miss?

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I have had questions from students where one paragraph is sufficient to send them on their way toward eventual insight. The higher the Grade of the student doesn’t necessarily mean the longer the explanation where they have sufficient background for me not to rattle on for volumes where they already have the level of initiation to move forth where I have assisted the growth of their school of thought. Nevertheless, sometimes a question from a loyal initiate can be a very important step toward something very vital that has to be covered for everyone.

I have sent copies of many a letter to a multitude of students to assure myself that the information is shared. I have done this many times over the years where the very development of the Hierarchy is considered very important.

Am I ready to expound the mysteries of mystical imperialism? I can and I will. I do realize how difficult this is for so many whose singular dimension ruach has no manifested Chiah or those whose disordered nephesh have clouded their ruach with sensationalism. So, for those who do not understand how this magick is revelant for their particulars I shall give the full holy verse. I insist that this verse exists in the supernal and do know how difficult it is to expound to those who have permitted any number of misinterpretations have permitted them to jump to conclusions.

It is written:

Yea! deem not of change: ye shall be as ye are, & not other. Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve. There is none that shall be cast down or lifted up: all is ever as it was. Yet there are masked ones my servants: it may be that yonder beggar is a King. A King may choose his garment as he will: there is no certain test: but a beggar cannot hide his poverty.

I do realize the subject of mystical imperialism is difficult and the magick involved seems impossible for those unaware with its function. I must insist that no matter what civilization you represent or what Government you present the insights of mystical imperialism should be given its careful study with regards to comparative relation and quiet study of parallels. The idea that the absolute rule of the King shall be a function of the absolute freedom of the subject is not a perception that exists anywhere but mystical imperialism. In addition, how the Supernal Manifests is another lecture which more details might be expounded for those who would know any number of ancient cultures from the Pharaohs to those involved in old Greece, ancient Armenia, and other nations where ancient mystical aristocracy was standard. How the Kingdom of Judah was different from the Kingdom of Israel. How ancient Egypt is similar to ancient Phrygia (it is now Turkey) or any other ancient Nation’s mystical imperialism would be off the subject. It is otherwise pertinent to good sense not to move away from the subject where too long a bibliography would only confuse the original question.

Now just one minute, you need to look deeper in what the beginning of the verse is expounding about change. It is not stating that change is somehow a violation of principle with regards to civilization or social evolution. It is specifically stating “ye shall be as ye are, & not other”. So what are you? You are a human being, a star upon your course to discover what is truly you within. “not other” means precisely that. That your True Self is what you really are. Those who are kings within levitate toward higher insight, perspective and nobility where Kings are in upper case K are operating with supernal or even magical powers. Therefore to really benefit from the wisdom of the verse my recommendation is to look within to see what you missed or overlooked where something has stifled you to inner freedom. You might not end up ruling a nation but at least you’ll excel where ever you are if where you are is consistent with your true purpose in life. If it isn’t; you most certainly will have regained your confidence to take control of your life to make whatever adjustments are necessary.

Be that as it may, the latest question was not even from a student but someone who was interested in my lectures. Someone whose imagination verges on conspiracy theory but at least tries to puzzle the issues out with less influence from herd mentality than so many others. The question was; “How is it even possible for these kings of earth to be Kings forever?…”. How heartwarming it is for someone outside our Circle to try to pry magical secrets from Me. Most certainly, it is at least encouraging to have at least someone with an insightful remark with or in the conversation. Silent again with no questions at another lecture? What’s up with not stepping up to the plate, ace? Say, do you have gum on the bottom of your shoes, or what?

Let us begin by objecting to the usual one dimensional and mundane observation from a casual observer who jumps to the conclusion that these Kings are immortal beings whose entire royal court is the human race where they, throughout eternity, make Secret Chief decisions on any number of issues while us poor mortals sit on the sidelines bewildered on the supremacy of their powers. If I stated that throughout humanity’s history their have always been mighty Kings this clearly is not stating I believe in immortal Kings that rule forever. This does not alter the possibility of the other interpretation being true, of course, but I observe the best way to answer the question is for you to awaken yourself where the True Self is assured that the True Will gives you, based on your merit true purpose in your course of life where you become paralleled to the consciousness of an Elite who makes decisions rather than becomes a slave without a master. So the question is asking me “How this is it even possible...” of being true we may move to greener pastures than the mundane or common interpretation where we speak not of immortal Kings but how to achieve real freedom within rather than its impotent alternative being slave mentality. Very well, now that, that is out of the way where we have a deeper clarity of interpretation we can give some advice where discussion of cause and effect, karma, manifestations of volition on the universal life on point events, racial initiation, private initiation and the awakening of the magical powers can be presented in a nice package where no matter what direction you take it all comes together to an initiation of worldly magnitude.

Clearly this question cannot be answered in a single paragraph for we have the complexities of Karma, the status or Grade of the aspirant, the multitude of planes that need control and other factors that have to be explained where depending on who you are and what you have done and what your will is your lens would grasp it completely different. Experience with the Great Work exist on so many levels that I will give a special meditation to assist. I take it they assume that I know what the Secret Chiefs are planning for all the nations with regards to their survival or change? Well, I can take it only so far for I am clearly not claiming to be a Secret Chief or anywhere near their level. On the other hand, I know that a river thousands of years old can be traveled by anyone where the karma of the ancient river is consistent with cause and effect of the destination. So, I shall answer this question by the usual advice to awaken your True Self and magical powers to know absolutely your next step. The question mark, for example, that was recently observed in outer space. I couldn’t of created it, obviously. Yet, it is no less a part of a karma that manifests that I know how to create a magical link with for a meditation or even an useful part of my Great Work.

I recommend a brand new meditation.

I call it the, “What did “I” miss?” meditation. A meditation where you see what you have overlooked within yourself to create a formula to take control of that part of the microcosm.

Adjusting the present to create a better future is a vision that needs volition to accomplish efficiently. Plucking a random event and energizing it to adjust the goal to the advantage of the magical gesture is a complexity that eventually becomes natural for the Adept. Something occurs in this world that is apparently on the surface a random manifestation of ill willed endeavor is simply adjusted to the advantage of cause and effect. How is this to be observed from the perspective of the working magician? Well, observation is the first step. The next step is to observe what happened to see how it can be brought forth so it is to the advantage of the goal. Anything can happen, and will, eventually. How you deal with it depends on what you really are. The true face of the scenario is made useful by experience with cause and effect. The key is to be in touch with ecological considerations and progress or it is an operation of black magic.

If it hadn’t happened the way it happened, the changes that needed to be changed wouldn’t of changed the way they changed the way they changed. Why, of course. It’s only logical, don’t you know? That whomever started what they started led to decisions that decided the course of the wisdom of experience to follow through with the decisions that were made to cause proper adjustment.

Is it not written? Confer Liber LXV, Chapter III, verse 59.

Therefore is the Eagle made one with the Man, and the gallows of infamy dance with the fruit of the just.

Deny not your True Self and latent magical powers. Walk in the Spirit of your humanity, and acknowledge the lust of the flesh. Enjoy all things of sense and rapture.

Love is the law, love under will