Advanced Weapons of War

written by David Bersson

I passed into the mountain of lapis-lazuli, even as a green hawk between the pillars of turquoise that is seated upon the throne of the East. So came I to Duant, the starry abode, and I heard voices crying aloud. O Thou that sittest upon the Earth! (so spake a certain Veiled One to me) thou art not greater than thy mother! Thou speck of dust infinitesimal! Thou art the Lord of Glory, and the unclean dog. Stooping down, dipping my wings, I came unto the darkly-splendid abodes. There in that formless abyss was I made a partaker of the Mysteries Averse. I suffered the deadly embrace of the Snake and of the Goat; I paid the infernal homage to the shame of Khem. Therein was this virtue, that the One became the all.
Confer Liber LXV, chapter II, verses 1 - 6

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Well, I haven’t proclaimed anything particularly diabolical in few days so perhaps marching down main street like Dictators do to show off my advanced magical weapons symbolically in the form of an essay might be something original to present. Rather than move into a commentary of the magical weapons like it is done in Book 4 I will show additional weapons that might be considered in your arsenal as the eternal war of assimilating past, present and future metaphysics gives us insight what would be efficient for victory of circumstances by the unfolding of the True Self. Am I about to state something controversial? Why, of course such patterns of wickedness are supposed to be the norm among my breed whose every maneuver seems to purposely ruin my own reputation and discredit myself to rush ahead of critics who don’t have time to do it first.

Now that my lecture on politics is completed I might state that it does remind me of that one important insight of a sister, now vanished from sight and withdrawn but not forgotten where she explained to me that she observed her metaphysics of the Book of the Law in everything she read. I presented how I was able to assimilate primal freedom with the original principles where I was able to see freedom within from original tenet of Government.

On another plane we can purposely strip the dross of superstition from the past metaphysics and even “belief” to have help and hope in other spells. If we proceed with and gain success you will observe something very important. That success is your proof. You must realize that any religion that would brandish that perception that religion is a “faith” has already exposed itself as uncertain. Such compensation is clearly unacceptable. For, a religion that is a “certainty” rather than a faith that has been purged by the method of science where spiritual enlightenment is a torch to light our darkness has not been attempted before. Rather than a “belief” which will have its roots in superstitious degradations we have taken what is needed from any junkyard of delusion finding that a few concepts of the ancients are very useful. They have the first half of the equation and not all in the clear light. Those perceptions of centralization that were scientifically inconsistent with the solar system are agreeably no longer valid. Yet, what is consistent with useful perception and not inconsistent with the survival instinct is that centralization where the inferiority complex stifles you from taking action will have to be purged. This would be a false will which permits extinction from non action rather than a True Will which is respectfully, going to make you take action and find not only a way to fulfill yourself but find yourself as important as anything else in the universe. If I view myself as the center of my circle in relation to an ever expanding universe of possibility I have opened up myself toward those primal instincts where great awakenings of how I am to decide how or where to find my purpose in life arises with sublime clarity. I have assimilated Darwinism and taken what I needed from the ancients where it is a weapon, tool and perspective that has very real applications on my decisions in life. Well, now we are getting somewhere where previously naive scientists have thrown out the baby with the bath water. They try to write such centralization of the ancients as superstition or arrogance and then proceed to contradict themselves and not prove their theories by applied science. Of course, we can no sooner tell them that some of their theories might be racing the horse up the mountain to a heart attack than they can accuse us of trying to bring the horse back down the mountain to the valley of superstition. No wonder it is that we repeat constantly the errors of savagery of the past where we ignore the wisdom of the ancients. Perceptions of ancient thought from the Emerald Table, “as above, so below”, and a human beings belief that he is the center of the universe, or a microcosm have stood steadfast against the scrutiny of the modern thinker.

We are clearly not alone in the universe. We have each other! Can we concentrate on priorities and not peddle this soul destroying fear of being alone. Some spineless, little turd tried to be clever stating that it is equally scary that we are alone in the universe as other intelligent civilizations existing. As usual, slave mentality on the level of ignorant, thirsty dogs reacted immediately; eagerly decided to lap up the idea that it was wisdom and wholeheartedly agreed to this cowardly and stupid statement. If the idea both ways is so scary to you I might wonder if you have any spine left at all from being slaves to your machines for too long. Nor should you have the delusion that I am trying to bring the world to its knees. Enough of the world is already at its knees. Show courage, self confidence, clarity of thought and look within.

We really must insist that you meditate more carefully on the difference between vanity and pride. Self confidence that comes from awakening our True Self means seeing what your course of life will be. I might add that it is ecologically efficient for everyone to view themselves as the center of the universe. Better this, than to permit ourselves viewed to be some worthless and insignificant life form that must constantly remind ourselves that theoretically higher forms of civilization must exist and therefore slave mentality is the norm among us poor, inferior humans. This is extinction level thinking where anyone who permits such nonsense to obsess them are unworthy to piss in the same outhouse as those who have taken the initiative of True Will, True Self where the self confidence of being real men or real women has given them fulfillment of life. Those who become a chain of flowers might very well try to decide your fate rather than mind their own affairs and let you move forth with your life. What could be more stupid for some mindless idiot to proclaim to everyone that the meek shall inherit the earth? The general rule is when the meek get an inheritance they squander it or permit it to be taken by those more aggressive being too weak and stupid to develop it into investment.

This callous and closed minded behavior where those of the western esoteric path are demonized should be past habit of the dark ages. Face the facts of the present so survival into the future where existence is joy can be achieved by the awakening of the True Self. I do realize that those revelations and insights presented when you apply the method of science with the aim of religion create oppositions and objections to the savagery of passive indifference with so many so called meditations. Yet, we must observe with calmness and clarity the raw reality of the very real difference between spiritual enlightenment or awakened initiate and those who have actually deleted primal functions that make us human. Passive indifference is absolutely not a higher form of a human being where the meditation has deleted your humanity. Concentration and self control is essential, make no mistake. The real observation is what you are on the other side of the meditation.

Years ago, a slave lord dictator proclaimed that religion was the opium of the people who immediately unmasked himself as equally insane as the religion he was brought up with. Religion should NEVER be the opium of the people. We do not aspire to put you to sleep or to enslave you but to awaken the deepest priorities of true freedom by the realization of the True Self where the very real True Will moves us with insight and wisdom to the true purpose in life. If you apply the method of science to spiritual enlightenment you have purged the type of enslavement of self that permits such idiocy.

No time in our technological era is it more essential to avoid slave mentality. For those who would be free it is an excellent aspiration to be free within. Are you afraid of the consequences of your actions? Worried that you’ll break a law in an oppressed nation? Not quite sure whether you’ll live to see tomorrow? Has the herd mentality of social media caused you confusion or even a tendency toward an inferiority complex? Something is quite wrong with lack of centralization with the multitudes and you must control your fear awakening yourself to see what you really are. After all, if you are weak here on this earth you are going to be unworthy to survive the trials that await you on a newly colonized Goldilocks Planet. Involvement with Science should not be a mind that has gone to sleep with compliance with dogmatic surrender but an adventure where we are unafraid to roll away the stone to see what crawls from the darkness.

If it takes eliminating the entire religion as obsolete, so be it. If it takes taking the best of all modern and ancient religion consolidated into a “practice of everything” we most certainly have some work ahead of us. Who needs a “theory of everything” without a “practice of everything”? Let those with a degree in astrophysics be alerted to a brand new awakening, where looking into the inner universe of our True Self in the present is as an important a pursuit of science as looking into our telescopes at the past universe. Carl Sagan, who campaigned against the new age boomers got what he wanted, didn’t he? He fulfilled his child fantasy and threw his bottles with messages into the ocean of space. Very well. Now, now heed my message right here on earth to roll away the stone to see what crawls from the darkness. A parallel of my child fantasy? Perhaps. Yet, his hostilities stifled funding for parapsychology in spite of his important contributions to science. My word, one moment in the seventies e.v. I am asking everyone their astrological sign and one thing leads to another and I am studying Aleister Crowley and the entire western esoteric path of magick and spiritual enlightenment. I do admit I was asking inquiring of the astrological sign just to meet girls. I bring this up to stop this nonsense that I had some horrible psychological experience or trauma in my distant past that made me an evil wizard. I deny being evil and I actually have no motive for deception. If anything, I have objections to the savagery brought on by dogma. Of course, of course. I am a sweet innocent bird of youth, pure as the driven snow. The entire world is wrong and I claim to be right. It is only natural that I would meet with objections. After all, I have noted with raw clarity that with a will like Mine intimidation will occur. Wake up, or die. Pull yourself together and heed my solutions. I am not anything you have ever encountered and nothing is alike to any previous solutions .

No, I haven’t reinvented Myself. I have realized on higher planes of geometry what I really am. Knowing this I can deduce what you are not or need to be for true freedom. I do realize how difficult this might be for you who are enslaved by the machines, dogma or your nagging wife. Hope is a worm.

Hope is a troop of soldiers that die in expectation of the proper leadership.

I am beyond hope and exist in the realm of volition manifesting truth into phenomenal existence.

Objections to the savagery of the Buddhist and other failed spiritual paths have to have a few points worthy of preservation.

Yet, face the facts that all of it must be studied scientifically to see what it is really doing to the human being.

We can analyze folklore, most certainly, but none of us really believe in anything that cannot be verified by reiterating and verified experiment duly observed by any number of those who parallel the experiments. The purpose is to develop our creativity and not promote superstition, of course. Story telling has proved to be an asset and not a liability in our attempt to teach our young. You only need to give the lesson that has been built over time by insight as an ancient form of teaching that can eventually be embraced.

The concept of “the woman girt with a sword” from the Book of the Law is light years ahead of all books on feminism where the True Self of a woman is at last awakened free from the insanity of the alpha male attitude in relationship. I explained in another essay how important it is to pay attention to the existence of Priestess and how this has very real effects when both a Priest and Priestess exist as an consequence or eventuality for relationship and behavior. In spite of how it ended for Jack Parsons I absolutely recommend his essay called “The Woman Girt with a Sword” which is clearly one of the most incredibly inspiring essays written by a Thelemite. How baffling it is for some scientists to discover Jack Parsons was an originator of JPL.

Yes, I am not asking you. I am telling you that certain decisions lead to extinction and certain decisions mean we move unto the stars. It should be clear that none of Us will move quietly into the night to extinction but find a byway toward the very real survival from the right decisions.

Passive indifference from deletion of primal functions from those eastern meditations are absolutely not spiritual enlightenment or a higher state of consciousness. Dogmatic restriction from the genuflect attitude of dogmatic religion does not create a better person. I challenge every scientist upon the face of the earth to prove this hypotheses to be in error. For the method of science applied to spiritual enlightenment is proclaimed to be as important a science to be pursued as all the others. I propose social evolution over extremist revolution. I have arisen as the initiator and the destroyer.

Oh my, I am about to shock weak fools. For purely symbolic purposes I shall do what Governments do and parade my deadly weapons down the main street of my Empire showing the entire world that these weapons are of a class that any war means my victory. Read further at your own risk.

Will I destroy every civilization upon the face of this earth that gets in My way? I'll leave the question open with anticipation that even more action packed rumors can come up. The first weapon with my parade shall be my magical mirror. Look into My magick mirror and see your True Self. What have you become? Are you yet a human being or have you deteriorated into something that has become a slave without a master or obsessed with emotional reactions to others around you? Ah yes. Look into my magick mirror and observe with honest clarity what you have become. How mighty and terrible a weapon is my magical mirror!
(I really must practice up on my mad laughter with such a dramatic stance, don’t you think?)

Will I annihilate every religion upon the face of this earth that has cursed the human being toward extinction and made you sheepel? Again, I leave no comment to this question thinking perhaps someone will create some action packed rumors to liven up my weekend.

Heart attacks and fainting are possible as I move forward with my parade holding up a type written essay to the crowd I smile one of my wicked smiles as a worried mother covers the eyes of her baby. My horrid essay here is teaching you those meditations that do not stifle the True Will, and calmly give you sane explanations on those insights pertinent toward the symbolism that is ecologically efficient for inner growth. The essay carefully gives thesis and body toward logical and sane solutions of civilized exchange where I present my case with scenario that does not insult the intelligence and brings solution where previously you were conned by contradictory dogma.

This is where I show My magick shield which breaks every sword that strikes against it, that shield of truth which symbolizes my determination not to sway from my Path in the face of the screaming chaos of those who have no direction.

The parade of my advanced weapons advances through main street and some cheer me as a symbol of truth while others are silent with fear. What will become of anyone who has decided to regain his humanity, his powers, his survival instincts and has applied the method of science to the aim of religion?

Love is the law, love under will

With regards to the quoted six lines after this article’s title, it should otherwise be of interest to those who cannot immediately grasp those verses of Liber LXV who are immediately repulsed or confused by this symbolism. After all, being of other Paths that do not include the equilibration of the pairs of opposites it is beyond your experience. Take the wine from this kylix slowly for unless you take your time to develop its wisdom you’ll choke on false conclusions. I should make a few pertinent remarks. With regards to the passing on of DNA you cannot be greater than your mother. Yet, although the process of this initiation it is of upmost importance to not exclude those apparent dark urges within this does not mean you will be enamored by evil. On the contrary, if you look at the dark-most recesses of the primal consciousness without trying to exclude them or delete them as the eastern gurus have found to be habit the One becomes the all. Meaning, you come out the other side of the journey with a definite, radiant, balanced experience rather than the mystic who tries to pass themselves off as spiritual enlightened when tested has compromised or deteriorated their humanity has become the vision of a forked vegetable passing themselves off as something they cannot be as a consequence of their passive indifference.