Trumpets of the 93 Current
written by David Bersson on
February 20th, An CXVIII 2022 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I shall now expound how I perceive what is generically and generally perceived as the trend of the times, fashion of the times and concerns of the times. Shall we meditate which hand picked trends you consider to embrace as a manifestation of your will. For something of the trends will most assuredly be merged with your True Will as a definite manifestation of the 93 Current. On the other hand, you will eventually be aware of phenomenal existence to a higher degree and realize that they are what I have been calling only “first trumpets” of manifestations.

Well, directly from experience I must give you an example of a “first trumpet” of the 93 Current where you realize that the Choir of Trumpets is yet preliminary. During the seventies e.v. women were obsessed by feminism and this example of the first trumpet of the women girt with a sword meant that although it should be studied carefully to observe its parallel with the 93 Current this is only the beginning of the level of freedom awakened for those who are of us as the Law of Θελημα grows stronger and stronger in the world. We might state although Feminism is an excellent magical sign for the Aeon it is yet manifested from the universal life insufficiently and it is classified as a “first trumpet”. We handle this issue with no issues from the Temple of Nuit. To step up the magical link more Thelemites would have to take Liber Nu and Liber Had seriously. This will result naturally with a second Trumpet alignment with the 93 Current. How this will manifest will be of special interest to Feminists on the Plane of Disks. When the Priestess speaks Her heart and tongue in the Temple of Nuit it has an effect on the universal life but the Path of the High Priestess as you can observe on the Tree of Life means the manifestation needs more participants in the Temple of Nuit for stronger magical links and we have the issue of dispersion. One Priestess in Our Hierarchy had the tattoo of the Seal of Babalon done which showed an awareness on some plane with regards to this issue. Well, knowing what can be done to improve the manifestation doesn’t mean I can accomplish it without more Thelemites that have advanced to High Priestess. Eventually, the second Trumpet of Feminism will manifest for it is inevitable.

Also, during the time of the life of my Instructor we had books on Feminism on the reading list where a new trend or Trumpet of the Aeon would have to be added or replaced. It was a deep and sublime learning experience to observe at least one sister who considered Feminism set in stone who completely betrayed the Order where her excuse to live her own life being a rationalization of her militant feminism lost touch with the reality of duty and dedication. Instead of arranging a vote she gave up showing the rest of the Hierarchy she misinterpreted her merge of Feminism. This was a shock and a lesson for me to note that the preliminaries of Feminism were inconsistent or not absorbed sufficiently for her to make the right decisions where she ended confused at the loss of our mutual Instructor and the woman that I thought she had become was all stage play. She enjoyed being number one on His Store of Women during His lifetime only to show her Feminism did not assist her being a woman girt with a sword in times of transition. She has been known and destroyed in our printed books as a filthy hypocrite and traitor.

Which brings me to give yet another example. This would involve the subject of drugs and its possible legalization everywhere which might very well be a first trumpet for awareness of “strange drugs” in the Book of the Law. In some areas, legalization of drugs is so advanced that a medical card for marijuana gives the citizen this strange drug a chance to move in the direction of a life style that previously would of met with police or even prison. We must carefully meditate on how this is important for a first trumpet of freedom for strange drugs. Civilization yet has a way to go prior to its tolerance and understanding of strange drugs but lets not end the meditation before its issues aren’t worked out in greater detail from the perspective of the 93 Current. We must also realize “the slaves shall serve” meaning such trends give even the fallen some relief from their self imposed or otherwise miserable lives.
Also, if you do strange drugs more than once or twice they are no longer strange drugs.
We must also realize that to become a slave to drugs means you have neutralized volition and the chance to embrace the higher magick where you rot away your life with the delusion of your grandeur. The idle and the stupid will always rationalize away these rude realities and end up as a heroin addict or a meth head where they end their worthless lives in an accidental overdose. So, the legalization of strange drugs being the first trumpet of tolerance for strange drugs serves a dual purpose. It fortifies the fit and eliminates the unfit. There shall be those who are little use alive who die and those who use strange drugs to awaken or unlock themselves to continue their lives with a sublime perspective of their True Will. We shed not a tear for those who have decided the manifestation has concluded rather than be a first trumpet for strange drugs where they rot away their lives by becoming a slave to strange drugs. Yet, those who are fit come out of the other side of their experience with strange drugs with glorious awakenings.

Consider of this. That those who have presented essay that does not perceive the growth of the 93 Current in this manner will always fall asleep with their perceptions of the True Will. They are subject to dogma rather than growth where an open mind would present fresh insight they have presented skew wise perceptions where any attempt to be the next step of an initiate to expound has deviated to dogma. Where they have experienced some of the minor initiations they are capable of giving interesting perspective they do not give an overall consistency which a school of thought that shall assist. For them, they can take their trumpet and blow. For they did not give themselves time to work out the issues to see how they would parallel and manifest the 93 Current. Eventually, they either adjust their essay with growth or become the ultimate dregs of beggary and theft. The rotting corpse of old Aeon protocol raising its skull head from its grave where they become infected by the black brother currents. Well, I already explained elsewhere that any essay you have written might be changed as you grow and most certainly it is enthusiastically recommended. Especially when a student writes you and tells you that some insight you have forgotten has assisted them. Is it a shock to the novice Thelemite that the Adept Exempt might viciously reject his thesis for the Grade by the time of His Work is in the Garden? Well, I have already written how I encourage even the novice Thelemite to write essay to place their insight frankly before themselves and even others. My point is to not permit it be set in stone in the manner where you are deteriorated into dogma. The Book of the Law exists on a multitude of planes and therefore to state there is only one way of looking at it will only bring on obsessions that are inconsistent with the future of our growth. So, look careful whether this trend of the times is a first trumpet or something that might be inconsistent with the 93 Current. How little we know how such manifestations will look for Thelemites in 500 years time!!

Working towards bringing forth a timeline by an act of volition is infinitely more fulfilling and aligned to the True Will. After all, why be concerned with the year 2585 era vulgari 681 years from 1904 e.v. whether it will have peace? The Thelemic Year, for example of 681 might be a trumpet of the New Aeon not previously foreseen by any magical gesture today for the magical gestures evolve into more evolved magical gestures. Rather, do not concern yourself with the midday blue apples, but the blue lidded daughter of sunset. We really must concentrate on priorities and let all those foolish futuristic predictions from mentally ill conspiracy theorists who display obsessions rather than will straight to the rubbish heap. From what has been extended to Us those codes are either defunct from crapulous creed dogma or so easily manifested and understood by initiation that they are barely worth your time. A few minutes of interpretation for Us is child’s play while others who arrive with Liber 777 in hand with seriousness undertaking; finally learn the correspondences wonder what all the fuss was about when they learn to correspond the symbols or even create rituals from its glorious parallels. Those secrets were already taught to you in the so and so degree of the Order. (You observe with a wicked smile.) I see this old code has so and so missing you triumphantly exclaim smiling on what fools those outside the Order are for trying to use a method of decoding that you know has been a blind for 1200 years. How pleasant it is to laugh madly at fools who are baffled by the pragmatic use of Liber 777 while we dash off to the bookshop knowing full well what the really good books are. It is not always amusing to Us for so many. Most certainly, those who would be slaves that serve are slaves without masters or the puppets of old Aeon Currents. My point should be abundantly clear to not confuse the trends of the times with those actual and very real manifestations of the 93 Current. You really think this trend is a Trumpet of the New Aeon? Well, they might be but on the other hand learn to distinguish between preliminaries of the bud will and truth developed into a school of thought. Some are sparks of those true fires of truth to blaze as true torches.

I have covered the trend of the times with regards to sexual freedom in my essay titled “The Dove and the Serpent”. This involves complexities that had to be covered at long last in an essay where trying to pass on the lectures of the dove and serpent must be revealed in the written word. As a consequence of this sexual freedom has not been emphasized in too many essays and naturally where we have had some really nasty issues come up in essays from Thelemic Women who have shown the issues of exchange need more of the experienced in the Thelemic Community to write openly and bravely of their experiences. Now, a Thelemic Woman who has been successful and joyful as a serpent or a dove writing essay on the subject rather than some worthless girl who whines about her troubles might be more inspiring to other women who have accepted the Law of Θελημα. Read my essay called “Emerge with Triumph” where I emphasize the successful with Our Path to step up and give the lecture that will assist. A sister who are having a difficult time with relationships might very well benefit from a High Priestess. Such successful doves or serpents do exist in the Hierarchy but are needed to expound to their sisters. How perfectly ironic it is when a woman claims to be a Scarlet Woman we invite her to all our Feasts smiling how we have livened things up where a man claiming to be Beast is immediately rejected as someone who is claiming Chokmah! Since we have had essay by those claiming to be Beast I most certainly would be interested in a Thelemic woman’s perspective to assist in lecture to observe their trumpets of glory calling the children into the fold or sharing their perspective on sexual freedom.

As a Thelemite, you are under no obligation to be bandwagon to any trend of the times that you consider would be counterproductive to the manifestation of the 93 Current or is inconsequental with your True Will and particular Great Work. Observe the trend of the times carefully to observe them with honest eyes where you give essay that assists others on the magical links that would be first trumpets but do not let your mind fall asleep or become obsessed. Your True Will is unique and will be welcomed as your insights grow on your Path.

Keeping this in mind note that nothing you expound is unimportant to other Thelemites whose True Will and insight might be taking directions that do not involve immediately your Next Step.

My sincere recommendation is to study “The Soldier and the Hunchback” written by the Master Therion so you will place skepticism in its proper perspective as you move forth with new insights and essays.

Skepticism will assist parameters for these trends of the times and you will be able to hold them up and observe them without being obsessed by them. Is this a first trumpet of 93 Current manifestation awakening as something important or is it something else from a hostile current which would enslave you if it developed into an ideology or philosophy? You are under no obligation to march for any cause nor support something which when weighed by the scales you find they do not balance out when you apply skepticism to its true motives. Look at the source. If it manifests from an enslaving ideology or dogma you must observe caution. For example, if an occult scholar with a PHD reveals no magical practices are involved where the lecture has no balance of theory and practice it might very well be the perspective being presented is personal prejudice or some obsession that will lead you astray. Are they dressing like practitioners of the black art or in the garment of a dogmatic religion where they never interview the experienced magician? Then, they are beggars trying to hide their poverty! Occult scholars who do not practice magick can be glorious for reference but they can also be postponed corpses. Rather than assist with fresh insight from experience they put on a song and dance to show off their intellect. If you a slave to the academic community or a slave to a Professor you are yet a slave. Of course, there logic is being intellectually impartial they are able to write with clarity which never works out. Unless they experience the magick, live the magick, awaken the magick they are simply parrots quoting endless lines which they sew together a garment that looks good in the closet but when worn drops to the floor scattered from lack of application - a pile of worthless rags.

On the other hand, if you have studied this new trend as something that is a true Trumpet sound for the 93 Current where embraced on all planes it is consistent to merge with your True Will than take it seriously enough to make it a part of your Path and Great Work, by all means.

Love is the law, love under will