Tolerance among Thelemites
written by David Bersson
May 5th, An CXXI 2024 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I should think by now someone among the many groups, new or otherwise that have arisen something about tolerance among Thelemites might be touched upon in an article. Naturally, I might seem to some to be the last Thelemite to bring the problem up for I have seen no little harassment, objection, and other issues of magical war where I have had the unfortunate experience of inheriting all my Instructor's enemies. Which most assuredly outnumbered my Instructor’s allies, by the way. I should point out, that destroying anything in my Path for my Will isn’t the same as someone with an objection to me where I would never foolishly attack them magically. I let them make the first move magically; and proceed with what I have been taught. Well, most of these magical wars have been concluded; and as sensuous as it might of been; or should I state sensationalistic I did not anticipate in my early days on the Path to firstly inherit my Instructor’s enemies; and second be given such opportunities to understand the processes with such detail. My vision of My future in 1969 e.v. as a new age boomer was absolutely naive compared to how it all turned out with the acceptance of the Law of Θελημα in 1972 e.v., joining the Order in 1976 e.v.; (A∴A∴), in 1977 e.v. (O.T.O.); finding an experienced Instructor where the learning process; and adventures were never anticipated. The title and subject matter of this essay might therefore take some by surprise.

I really should bring up the issue of those court cases of the past which proved nothing. My instruction was to stay out of it; and concentrate on the priorities of my work as Lodge Master. Present new membership comes from my essays; and my school of thought has different insights. Eventually the disciple leaves the tutelage of the Master and moves forth on his or her own. Carrying on the Great Work from instructions from the instructor does not necessarily mean I have become what my Instructor was or did. I have My own Path; and True Will. As sublime as the Master Karl Germer was with Talisman, the Master Marcelo Motta with expressing commentary, my Instructor did not turn out the way His instructor was; nor have I turned out the way my Instructor turned out for we are all completely different stars upon our course. Whoever succeeds me will most certainly have yet another True Will. All these points are pertinent to the issue of tolerance lest we end up with a world conquered we have to then have to resolve the issue of warring nations of Thelemites. With tolerance among Thelemites emphasized we might avoid these issues; and I have already stated how important social evolution is applied over extremist revolution which only creates genocide and inquisition.

An example of recent intolerance might be of assistance to the newcomer to the Law of Θελημα, magick and the Great Work. I shall do even more noting that some of these issues have emerged from AI and computers. Fortunately for everyone, I wasn’t brought up in an age of computers so I know the difference how it was with exchange prior to the AI and computers. After so many years of observing new and old students and their possible growth to Adept and even Master it is worthy of comment to observe how computers and AI have shifted what so many consider to be promotions of the Law of Θελημα. My experience over the years shall be of interest. Remember that I was working on the scales of the Pickett Slide Rule years ago under the delusion it was not going to be obsolete. I am old enough to have observed first hand the very growth of our technological civilization. All this has given me an experience that will be important for many.
Let me explain.

Experience throughout a number of years does assist some of the observations but there are always those students who you consider to be just like the others who surprise you. I have been wrong several times with regards to students but have been right most of the time.

Recently, I have observed a Thelemite trying to promote the Great Work and Θελημα with video. He was of special interest to me since he either thought I was an Ipsissimus or thought I thought I was an Ipsissimus. Either way, I never claimed the Grade; or would I ever and even if I was an Ipsissimus I could not claim it publicly by the original rules of the Order. He has recently begun creating video with a English woman’s voice from some computer program that replaces his voice with the woman’s. So any delusion that he has a number one on his store of women is nonsense. I suspect that his obsessions with computers; and his attempt to bring a reconciliation of Thelemites has been contradicted too many times by his poor choice of essays from failures that neutralize his own efforts. In addition, his ruach masturbation with any interviews have openly shown his singular lack of initiation. No doubt, his video attempts are quite beautiful but he could of least had a real woman to do the same video where her dressed in fine garment might of attracted some attention towards his efforts. I do not absolutely disagree with everything he is doing but my experience from the perspective of new membership is the quality or number of new students does not improve with the addition of video. From my perspective, it would be a waste of time. It is something of a turn off to realize that the beautiful woman giving the lecture with regards to Θελημα that was created; and the Great Work are AI, or voiceover from some individual that really has no one in their life but aspirations that cannot be realized by lack of real life exchanges. Of course I will not name the person who is involved with this for I would not like to be responsible for any of his efforts being stifled but I do have objections toward his approach in a few minor areas. What works for me he is in no position to attempt where his lack of experience, his lack of an Instructor; and considerably lack of education from formal Hierarchy makes his attempt seem somewhat futile. Of course, none of his efforts have had much effect magically but he would not hear me out; and know why his efforts neutralize; or even recoil. So, in many ways I deeply respect him in spite of his never ending error to never consider another Thelemite’s school of thought; and consider Me a rival where I might have set him straight. Would he take my advice on anything? Of course not, he will never do that. Why of course. It would never gain a positive response to inform him that not only am I his superior in intellect; but superior to him magically, spiritually; have a larger member or membership; and wonder how he could live with such an inferior IQ gnawing at his liver. So I will absolutely not say that. Instead, I shall pass myself off as normally civilized by explaining (again) how “as brother fight ye..” has both right wing and left wing interpretations.

I tried to explain that “as brothers fight ye..” has a left wing interpretation where uniformed opinion creates senseless conflict; and the right wing interpretation means we stop harassing each other; and give each other some slack for the sake of growth, sanctuary when we need it; and some respect for our efforts rather than behave like immature children fighting for use of our toys. The outcome has been in the past that they will agitate me with some idiot accusation enough for me to declare magical war on them. So far, this hasn’t been to the benefit of those who have tried to war with me. Yet, the real enemy is in the Third Chapter with the Curses. Everyone who is called a Thelemite really should have a Thelemic Union. Well, we are yet early in the Aeon so realize that many of us are planting seeds for future generations. At least have an open mind on tolerance among Thelemites which hasn’t been the habit of the past. With regards to the 93 Current; and winning the entire world; and even other worlds we are moving along ahead of schedule but the caveat is to be absolutely aware of becoming a multitude of warring tribes that create senseless war with each other upon overall conquest. You see how it ended up with the Roman Empire where internal conflicts spoiled their entire dominance of the world back then; and they ended up back in their home nation with nothing to show for their efforts than just being another country; and not even as large as many of the others!! You see how it ended up in the Middle East where lack of trade and cooperation among existing nations permitted the insanity of the rampage of the Caliph to end entire nations that existed for centuries; and destroy nations that were more civilized than the savagery of Islam. You see how it turned out with the Lutheran massacres in old Germany; the Roman Catholic savagery in other areas at polytheists and mystics with the dark ages of the never ending inquisitions. You see how it turned out for the polytheistic Armenians who permitted the Christian Occupation to turn a once glorious race of conquerors into mere Christians. Whether Israel becomes the size of Russia; and Russia becomes the size of New Jersey is Our decision and magical gestures today; where we plant the seeds of the revival of magick. Most certainly, civilized nations should grow larger; and uncivilized nations should diminish which has been the opposite in past history. The 93 Current is yet in its early stages; and entire nations will arise or fall or grow or shrink.

I have tried to explain how the DNA of magicians has been recessive in overall humanity from the multitude of inquisitions whether they manifest as Jihad, inquisition, political maneuver or even natural disaster. You must observe how a renaissance of magick began to unfold in recent history when the newest versions of free nations stopped burning us at the stake. We yet have nations so restricted that they would kill us and the day we walk the earth again as our spiritual or magical ancestors did in times past have yet to exist. Meanwhile, Thelemites should consider each other with much more tolerance; and “love under will”. For our real enemies have no feelings. They are troglodytes and must be noted with very real caution.

As Thelemites, we are not merely making our mark on this world. We are the future of the human race. The Law of Θελημα is glorious. The Law of Θελημα is good. The Law of Θελημα is great. The Law of Θελημα is strong. The Law is for all. Our Law is not just for a selected geography. We are everywhere as those who have truly experienced the 93 Current already realize magically and spiritually.

It is the year An CXXI as I write this; and I am warning everyone that the forties are coming again. How it will manifest this time depends on the karma of the present; and the magical gestures for the future. Yet, all throughout the Aeon we have will have a multitute of forties where although the first manifestation of the warrior lord created World War II this time the Law of Θελημα is more manifested in the overall being of humanity. This means a new world war will not be necessary but something else. How it manifests you cannot be absolutely certain suffice to be warned to observe tolerance among Thelemites with more seriousness than it has been in the first hundred years since the world was destroyed by fire in 1904 e.v..

Love is the law, love under will