Think as you will

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

How seriously do Thelemites take Liber OZ? After all, with all the other official documents we can run into some very complex Thelemic Metaphysics. Some Thelemites write Liber OZ off as a excellent overall commentary on behavior and others find too many lines missing from the Book of the Law for Liber OZ to give its commentary with any real accuracy. I absolutely see the point of each others acceptance and objections. This is not about taking a side in this but simply informing that Liber OZ alone creates a different civilization without the Book of the Law. I can tolerate, therefore, Thelemites who object to Liber OZ who state the sum of the civilization would of a lesser, more primitive civilization than Liber AL which is not going to have deletions.

Lets just take one line and see where it takes us with Thelemic Metaphysics.

“Man has the right to think as he will”

Of course, we cannot alter pronouns for it is signed by the Beast. The Book of the Law tells us not to change the style of a letter; and of course Aleister Crowley would of not liked anyone who changed what he wrote. “Man” was meant as humanity so the girls can calm down. It is fashionable in the year 2023 e.v. for many to insist that pronouns are going to create a movement in social awareness towards gender. Of course, if you speak privately to many heterosexuals nothing has really changed; and it cannot be absolutely certain that the pronoun obsessions of today will not reverse itself with the next generation. As a heterosexual, myself, I always agree if I am corrected by someone who identifies to a gender they were not born with. After all, I am not looking for gender issues but whether they are stepping up to the plate of the Great Work and Initiation with aspirations that are clean and honest. My objections are not what they want to name themselves but simply keeping the holy texts correct so the Utterance of the Master does not become violated by the confusion of the followers. You have a right to think as you will, of course, but you should not absolutely insist I think as you will. Therefore, it is foolish presumption to be absolutely certain that this social experiment of social evolution with pronouns towards greater tolerance is anything but a fad. My real concern involves changes in text where I would insist that you take seriously that Liber AL, Chapter II, verse 54 must be heeded to not change the style of a letter. I have told students time and time again that Θελημα should be in Greek; and 93 should never be used as a Greeting. Use the full verse with Greetings and note that Θελημα is in Greek in the Book of the Law.

I mean...really! It does seem to me that such conversation on how wonderfully advanced our civilization does seem to penetrate a very real stake into the heart of reality. After all, relationships face the same issues, racism doesn’t seem to have ceased, war still breaks out with nations, and so many of those issues keep coming up where some fool tells you he has all the solutions only to find out it was all absolute lies. Such contradictions should not be amusing; but what do we have left but throwing our arms in the air; and laughing that we have been fooled once where we blame the liars, and being fooled twice we have only have ourselves to blame for never coming to any real solutions and being fooled again. Perhaps solutions have been given that might of worked but not enough will join forces with the truth where it all comes to pass as it has always come to pass. With no cooperation even with the most sensible solutions we relive all the errors of the past.

Religion in its various forms hasn’t resolved it. If you were to place your religion to replace your Government how free would be the people? Real free, as long as you are a member of the Religion that the Government was replaced with. The rest, get burned at the stake, prison, met with inquisition, persecution or jihad.

Politics, may or may not have anything to do with it if the citizen isn’t free within. The best people yet have little chance of moving into seats of Government where it takes so much to launch an election only the wealthy make it to govern. Of course, those who are free within ordinarily have no interest in becoming a politician. So, you cannot blame the good man for not stepping up to counter evil when he has no way of getting involved without wealth or backing. After all, those already in Government are either stifling those who they don't want, or only those they decide on; or debating among themselves often times forget they are public servants.

One of those amusing contradictions where that fellow who looks back over the decades or even centuries; and states: “we haven’t learned anything in all those years”. Of course, the contradiction and irony is that they have actually learned that they haven’t learned anything over the years!

We observe the reiteration of the old Roman saw, “bread and circus” where the best of the best are stifled by any number of clever maneuvers. In the old times the bread represented the charity; and the circus was the coliseum show that the politician put on. Such shows similar to “bread and circus” go on today where you are moved by the campaign of the politician trying to get you to think as he wills; and convince you by making a show of the other guy who is supposed to sway your vote. So what have we learned with regards to our advice to think as we will from ancient times?

We’ve learned something very important to have learned that we haven’t learned. For now, knowing that we didn’t change anything we can finally find solutions that involve how vital thinking as you will really is; rather than thinking without will where you let others make you a slave without a master. My word, we’ve only begun lecturing on only one line of Liber OZ and already everyone has opened their mouths in disbelief on how involved it is to take this to other levels.

How curious this delusion that we changed where we haven’t actually changed. So, we renew our efforts to make an effort on what we thought we had changed must find a change that will cause a change that is a real change. For to change to the type of person who thinks as they will alters the entire school of thought; and therefore the timeline of the course of the star to find the True Self.

So, if you think the way you think you think should be thought from the thought of others what have you gained? You are thinking what others think rather than thinking for yourself. This will never do. We are told that we have the right to think as we will. Well now, are you taking advantage of this right to think as you will; or are you thinking without will or volition? Are you are thinking as you will or thinking as others will? Very well, then. We have something of a key to unlock a real door. The key being, you thinking as you will rather than others thinking as they will. So many errors repeating themselves throughout history is the lack of will when we think; and instead of developing our own path we become swayed by the whims of others. Some naive person stated long ago that if good people do not move to counter evil; evil triumphs. Of course, this ridiculous stereotypical rationalization seemed like something that might be interpreted it as wise. The only use for this ridiculous notion is it gave every tom, dick and harry an excuse to blame everyone else when something went wrong. Obviously, too many factors sledgehammer the notions where everyone has an agenda, and not everyone is given the opportunity to do anything about anything. If you try to apply it to politics no one can get into seats of Government without following the rules of finance, education and other factors which give the so called good man a chance to get elected to do anything in the first place. It is one of those mottoes which amounts to absolute garbage when you try to apply it for any reasonable scale.

So let this lecture be a very real meditation on whether you think as you will or do not think as you will. For to think as you will means a very real transition from a wandering mind without volition to an entire new perspective.

Love is the law, love under will