The Sword of Karma

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I should begin by finding some pleasure observing China making peace with the west. I do realize how difficult it has been over the decades to gain an appreciation of each other and civilized discussion is always a excellent start. Yet, how long will this mutual peace last? After all, they yet embrace the deadly black hand of communism which, incidentally, parallels the attitude of the deadly greed of the mongol hordes. I do realize that we have tried to explain who we are, where we are from and where we are going with regards to Our Plans which is always misunderstood. After all, if We are in their history it might be the purchase of silk for robes or even legend. After all, even today We follow the command to “veil the shrine” so it makes it difficult to explain any parallels. Liber Tzaddi and other Class A documents are absolutely incomprehensible to them; and our explanations which the west finds fulfilling only serve them the plate of confusion in the banquet of chaos. For any immediate commentary has more than one plane of existence being a concept that is foreign to their temperament, at least the majority of the time. For Thelemites however this lecture is going to make more sense who comprehend right from square one the concept of the transition of the Aeons. Also, they do not understand how important it is the progress with spiritual enlightenment by emphasizing the True Self, the True Will and how the Great Work has a Path different for every star upon their course through the universe. For us in the west it is a natural transition from past manifestations of the western esoteric path of magick and spiritual enlightenment to continue the Great Work as Thelemites where in the east it is all perceived as something too strange to observe on more than one plane. Keep in mind that it is not a matter of their level of intelligence not understanding us but the Animadversion towards the Æon. To mention, in addition, my references to "spiritual ancestors" where they try to pin an ancient nation on Us to label us to try to puzzle how we could be how We are that we are in reference to developed history!!

It must needs be that yet another lecture is appropriate to emphasize how important it is to include the concept of the spiritual warrior of the west in our meditations of the Thelemic Path. After all, literal interpretations are one dimensional and no Class A document will exist on only one plane. In fact, it should obvious to you that it is dangerous and stupid to perceive otherwise. It should be raw common sense to observe that although you might have awakened a singular insight in one line; you must patiently pay attention to the fact that whatever interpretation you have is based on your status or grade of initiation. I have written insights on any number of lines from our Holy Books in my magical diaries over the years only to realize that experience or initiation has developed its meaning to be otherwise than what I originally observed it. Every commentary I have written in the past I look at I realize that while not necessarily incorrect has some sublime key I overlooked. Naturally, I thought at that past time it could have been a Class B commentary but I doubt that I can give my past self anything more than a Class C grade; and that in some cases might be too generous. It is like I said more; but was saying less that I was writing today which was less than what I thought was more but was more or less; less than I finally achieved. Which is curious, indeed, for years from now I will have consolidated it all or given commentary in a way that what I thought was a key to the doorway was just a whisper in the ear of the hint of the Guardian. In a way, this is not a disappointment but a relief that initiation and insights just keeps on going, and going. Yet, this a brief meditation for we do not lust of result which breeds imperfection. One moment you wake up and realize that if you hadn’t done what you had done, and experienced what you experienced, you wouldn’t of learned what you learned and trying to puzzle it all together it seems like one gigantic dramatic ritual where you have been placed as the center piece to see if you’d make it to the secret doorways and eventual lost rooms. It goes with saying, ordinarily, but I’ll say it anyway. That those who try to brandish this nonsense of a list that you’ve regretted doing what you did not know what you knew now and wish you had known are absolutely worthy of at least one gallon of vomit for such a display of soapbox stupidity. Of course, giving them the finger and telling them to suck your dick never seems to get a positive response so I advise simply quiet observation. Perhaps if you have something nasty to say about someone say it behind their back to not hurt their feelings? (I was being intensely amusing, again. There goes my immortal wit, again!) Or better, just write your objections in your diary and look at them down the line.

Why of course. It was high time I got the above off my chest. Let’s get back, however, to this issue of the warrior spirit path of the west. After all, its meditations are a very real method of self awareness when you apply meditations that correspond to the insights. An important point to consider and a vital perspective to strife for is this. You fight with magick until you are skilled to win with magick. You accomplish your goals with magick by working and developing your magick. It is far more a permanent an endeavor to accomplish your goals with magick where the very magical energy is manifested properly into the plane of disks. Am I stating that we are never physical? Well, when you have learned to do it all by magick the result is as physical as anything manifesting into the plane of disks. You might state that magical warfare is the most deadly form of martial arts when the skills are developed. Perhaps some future Adept will establish what the east lost and create a martial arts that absolutely and strictly corresponds to the wisdom of the path of the spiritual warrior. From the 1959 e.v. genocide of the Tibetan Wonders we have observed how unbalanced the teachings of the martial arts became; where endless sadistic brutality is placed in theater showing us first hand how deteriorated and savage this deplorable the degradation became. Rather than emphasize the strength of the soul and glory of humanity’s achievement of this balance we have those revolting acts of savagery in martial arts theater which do not balance the ancient or modern wisdom. The Chinese Taoist tried to pick up the pieces of this revolting deterioration but the Tao is again, a metaphysics with so many flaws and out of touch with the truth of phenomenal existence that it remains as a path that never evolved being the past time of retired elders rather than Our manifestation which is the crowned and conquering child. This sums up the Taoist as nothing less than the mentality of the mongol hordes. There is no evolutionary process with the Tao and it is seen by Us as death and stagnation in its present form. A relic of the old Aeon to be either purged and reformulated or let it remain as a study for the Darwinist or the brand of psychologist who would get to the bottom of its failure to bring civilizations to a greater social awareness. The Taoist has added martial arts to its curriculum but it would be centuries for its assimilation with no real Masters in its system where its very tenet deteriorated itself with its base misinterpretations. Kalari Martial arts in India was banned by the British Empire but, again, what is left practiced in secret does not balance ancient wisdom amounts to vicious brutality. Any attempt to preserve culture in China at the expense of stagnation or misinterpretation means the crumbling of the Great Wall and the eventual death of China. Added to this, you have the insanity of their embrace of communism which speeds up the horrifying decay of its people not to mention its embrace of herd mentality. All this means that China is slowly dying from suicide and of course; they do not see what we are capable of seeing. For any nation that embraces communism is a vampire nation sucking the blood of all nations around them where cut off from honor and self respect shall die in its misery no matter how glorious was its once wonderful culture and protocol. Of course, we recently made peace with China on a political level; and yet how long will this peace last when they stubbornly are glued to the wall of communism? Observing all this from the plane of geometry of phenomenal existence I see the karma on the side of absolute destruction of China in the far future. I have speculated that China would become so disgusted by their persistent bewilderment on our objections that they might leave this earth completely to seek a Goldilocks Planet. While this is possible it is a fight against time whether they do this or die out completely. The Chinese stare at Us blankly and do not understand what We see; and this is not a wonder but a dilemma that they have with an invisible surgeon’s skill taken away that which We emphasize; the spirit of the path of the warrior presenting weight on the scales toward brutality where spiritual enlightenment is crushed in the under foot of retainment of past false glories. No nation that exists with the path of the Buddhist will survive and although China has added martial arts to its Tao they have delayed their eventual final breath as a path of spiritual enlightenment they yet do not understand how to survive where they are deluded by the greed and “murder your way” into power mentality of the mongol hordes. The stone age magic of the Mongol Shaman gave them power for a short time in their history but it also destroyed every culture that stood in its way. Senseless and stupid campaigns which when they lost their power they went back to being Yak herders who did not know why they could not hold power. Neither Mongolia nor China nor even Tibet know who We are; or where We are really from. Nor do they heed Our warnings being confused with issues that commit atrocities against progress or those weak, wavering fingers that try to preserve their ancient culture. After all, they have permitted the insanity of herd mentality and machines to confuse them which direction leads to survival. Meanwhile, they commit suicide with every move where that essential and primal awakening of the survival instinct is hard pressed to be revived. Our system is intact, and with the method of science applied to spiritual enlightenment ( a science that never came up in the orient) we have learned from what we did and are able to assure Ourselves that the initiations are not delusional. It should be normal right from the start to realize that China is a ghost that does not know it is dead; that old story which entertained our young again exists parallel where Our ancient habit of storytelling with lesson again we have tried to emphasize as the most ancient form of the educational process. All those who are cursed shall vanish from the face of Our unspeakable glory. How difficult it is to explain who We are to the mystic in Tibet, China or those orientals who have tried to explain Us never quite getting it right. It was stated by one of us that: "The Chinese cannot help thinking that the octave has 5 notes." {Confer Liber 333, Chapter 45.} Yet, the music has changed as new musicians enter a new concert.
I do realize that so many in the east who try to tackle Liber 333 are going to hold it up and call me the Three of Swords, in a word, where it being the official text book of Babes of the Abyss the entire book is going to throw them into confusion; or even any abyss of chaos with regards to interpretations where it might seem, on the surface, to be nothing but a Book of Lies. In due consideration of this, I absolutely do not recommend Liber 333 to the Commies who are going to automatically misinterpret it being enslaved by a political ideology not geared toward freedom but locked in the prison of the communist party. I predict if they do not follow my advice and avoid Liber 333 they will only create frustration and disappointment when they realize how difficult this book will be for them. Of course, from our perspective of the West, a Babe could understand it. If you haven’t heard of Liber 333, I would be quite surprised, don’t you know? Why, everyone in hell has heard of Liber 333!

With the death of all the Tibetan Wonders in 1959 e.v. who might of rivaled us for a short time this earth is already ours spiritually; and all we have to do develop the skills and initiation to bring it to manifest in the Temple. With those nations who are all dead spiritually from the slave gods we simply apply our magick waiting for their spiritually dead bodies to catch up with the physical. It should be apparent with no meditations of the spiritual warrior of the east where China committed genocide on all the Masters it all worked out for us where we emerged intact, quickened, and with no loss of magical energy while we developed our spiritual warrior meditations. The deadly murders of the two hundred thousand plus Tibetans and its elimination of six thousand monasteries should be a warning to all how dangerous and evil communism is. This was an important event in spiritual enlightenment history where we share the concept of the spiritual warrior from our Third Chapter.

As I already stated, there can be no turning back from what the Red Chinese did to the Tibetans. It might be; if Tibet actually exists in the far future that it would take them nineteen centuries to produce the level of Master that the Chinese wiped out. The Buddhist are left with those types of meditations that stifle the primal instincts and make you a civilized slave. Therefore, the Buddhist path of spiritual enlightenment in all forms is in a state of decay that will destroy any nation that foolishly embraces it. These nations will all die. Millions of Buddhists throughout the east will die like dogs as they continue to participate in those meditations that are not geared for the spiritual warrior but geared toward self slavery. With the warrior spirit absent they do not fight; and when they do not fight they die. The Chinese genocide in 1959 e.v. of the innocent Tibetans and their great Masters planted the seeds of destruction. For they will never heed our warning that they have embraced a crapulous creed. The Buddhist will not survive the end of this Aeon. By the time the Aeon of Maat and the next Equinox of the Gods the entire Middle East and East will be adjusted to the New Aeon. I should think that deep meditations on all this should be observed as a lesson on phenomenal existence, the New Aeon and you are on your way to observations on what reality is reality to make your own decisions on magical gesture.

I have to tend My Garden; and to obtain a perfect understanding of the Universe. To do this I must observe cause and effect from the perspective of manifested phenomena. So, my meditations on these issues are from My perspective. Yet, it is never too early to interpret every phenomena as a particular dealing of God with your soul. Over a period of time it all comes together where as you advance this Great Work becomes a living reality in a way that I never anticipated with the early days of my path. All of it was necessary to get where I am that I am today. Now you know how I know what to look for with what is left from the dregs of those meditations that are counterproductive. I have been warning you for years that the primal instincts are stifled with many of the eastern meditations. You see how uneven the balance is with martial arts with any wisdom. You see the stupidity of how the modern eastern oriental view phenomenal existence. We don’t seem to be lifting a single finger from what has occurred. Of course, this isn’t true. Liber V and other ceremonies are working their magick although you will not see it right away or even be sure of it without long experience.

I once stated in lecture; “evil shall death evoke” and what could be more evil than the murder of innocent human beings? Or the ego confused for the spirit of the pride of the path of the warrior spirit that is outweighed by theatrical brutality?

They do not understand,
and not understanding,
they do not see,
and not seeing,
they cannot know,
and not knowing,
they cannot be,
like Me;

Whose God Force is not questioned by the blasphemy against all gods of men.

Love is the law, love under will