Suicide DON'T DO IT !!!

"A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem"

By Anthony F. Barbato
Frater Aikkia

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

You may think why would anyone want to take his or her own Life why would you want to completely Finalize your existence as you know it? Is this really YOUR WILL? How can you be so sure? Could this not be the accumulation of years of substance abuse of Alcohol? Drink that Affects the Mind Effects the Personality, This may turn nice people mean, Shy people loud, Peaceful people violent... It could bring out a very brave and seemingly indestructible persona.

Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against this delightful Drink of Bacchus, but in the veins of depressed, unstable, and lonely individuals, this could start the bomb ticking. This is a Drug that is listed as a depressant. Could this fog be from the kind of Drugs that drain you of vitality?

When under the influence of L.S.D., the crash, or the coming down off the "trip" could leave you in a real lull or depressed mood. Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Speed, or any other type of amphetamines, I believe either depletes or effects the release of the natural chemicals of the brain from this excess stimulation (Like an Engine Revving in high gear).

Could This Down and out feeling be from the mental or physical abuse from Siblings, Peers, or even Parents or relatives? Maybe from the constant abuse from a Ruthless society, job ,group, or neighborhood. The accumulation of this abuse on some individuals is just too overbearing, they reach a breaking point and either destroy themselves, someone else, or both. Just because you feel outnumbered or out of the norm does not mean you are bad, evil, or wrong!!!

Society or so-called civilization can be very uncivilized at times. Could it be your allowing these false impressions to chisel away at your own identity? People have a way of talking down or demeaning another to feel elevated within themselves. You can almost see some of these power-hungry insecure people sucking the aura or even the Life force itself out of their victims.

Have you ever lost the will to Live? I have met a few .I have even been approached by one, whom days later actually accomplished this horrendous deed. I have known of a neighbor fallen by her own hand, A Promising beautiful young girl who may have had a Prosperous Wheel of Fortune spin ahead of her.

I have also stayed at the house of a friend, whom the former tenant walked into the basement, dosed herself with gasoline, torched a match , and proceeded to run screaming through the house to the absolute horror of her family who were playing cards at the kitchen table. We all must know what ran through this woman's mind as she was aflame ,("Worse mistake of my life").

While writing this essay, of caution, or opinion of forethought, I had read about a friend of a friend who had given me a proud tour of her apartment and the breathtaking view of the balcony, two years later this same balcony was her diving board as she took her swan dive of death 10 stories below!!! Not without the help of the crack cocaine coursing through her veins. Then there is the Foolish wanna be martyrs, Idiots Destroying themselves just to prove a point, blowing themselves up with dynamite, to prove to everyone they mean business.

If each protester felt the same way no one would be around to see if their cries of protests were answered. I could just see their spirit rising from the body looking down at the charred remains and mumbling "YOU ASSHOLE" .The agreement could be signed the fight would be over, your forgotten after Tomorrow's news, and everyone celebrates with the peace dance over your scattered corpse. These People are not observed as heroes, or martyrs, they are looked upon as fools! The cause or reason is suddenly forgotten, and the same point could have been accomplished through another means or method, preferably less drastic, and this fool could have joined in on the celebration. Then we have the "dignified Suicide" The Kamikazes, I still think they would have put up a better fight if they had functioned on fact rather than Faith, if their planes had sufficient gas to make the round trip, And if they had used the Machinery and weapons in the proper way they were made to be used.

Then there is that other Group of people, The Paranoid Doomsday Death Cults. These people are really no different than Robots, their propaganda soaked brainwashed minds are no more than masses of jelly, soaking in garble, and the false messages from some egotistical megalomaniac, telling them when to eat, drink, shit, piss, and fuck their wives. There are many reasons why a person would take their own life. Some of these so-called Goths, (I find them Fascinating). (some of) these people are nothing more than living suicides anyway. They walk around like Zombies, and if they smiled you would think their face would fall like a broken plate glass window! They can walk with death hand in hand as long as they aren't facing it. Even these people who live in darkness with their Gloom & Doom outlooks give some kind of false Enlightenment (With their Artistic Outpourings of Misery) to their fellow Shadowsouls. If one of their (Sad) little friends is to Perish (Most likely self inflicted) their lifelong embrace with death is not so Romantic....You may be young, and your mind is not yet functioning at its fullest capacity. You may look back one day as most adults do and see the Embarrassing ,Foolish, and Naīve things most of us have performed as Children.

Have you yourself ever contemplated suicide before? Aren't you glad you did not follow through? Didn't your life change around full circle, since that Obsessive Darkness of the Mind? If this Essay still has your attention, you may be the Reason I was Compelled to write it. There are web sites on the Net Encouraging people to take their own lives. I have witnessed this myself and it wretched my Soul, I've read e-mails from these disoriented souls, stating their plans of Demise to these encouragers!!!

If I can change one persons mind with this essay my Job is done. This means WAR and I will attempt to save stars and redirect them on their proper orbit. Suicide is on the Minds of many people, from many different walks of life, and for as many different reasons. I believe one of the main reasons is the loss of innocence. Do you think you can grasp that lost innocence once again?

That Independent, caring, loving, forgiving, unscarred Mind? Everyone has at one time or another had a glimpse or actually has witnessed these emotions. With the Ever so changing Mind & Body, I believe that through certain Foods, meditations, Music, and Herbs, anyone can once again tap into these delightful resources of the mind. You will realize that you have once smiled, Loved, been loved, you may recall the Sunshine you have brought into someone's life. Someone who just like yourself needed just a little light to go on. There may be someone out there who can't wait see you again, to talk to you again, To speak nicely about you again. They may recall how one word of advice, maybe just a suggestion from yourself gave them all the confidence and ammunition to go on. Can you bring back the Laughter, and Love? Where did the Sunshine go? Did one moment take it all away? Possibly this all came about slowly and gradually, and before you knew it your were engulfed within a black cloud of depression, or maybe through a series of misfortunes. Lost your job? Wife? Husband? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Both? Maybe you lost your Lover to another, would you really want someone who is so easily swayed by just another pretty face or body? In this world of illusion you never really know what you're getting yourself into. Find someone who is deserving of your precious love.

Maybe you became bankrupt from gambling? A bad business deal? What could this be that you value equal to or more than your own Life? That can be more important and substantial than your own Existence? To be able to dive into that void of oblivion, and uncertainty, not being aware of what's on the other side. What could be Worthy of This? How could it be, that without a certain person, or crutch, someone could completely lose the will to Live? Think about it. Really weight out the matter .Did you not Function and Exist just fine before this certain person or crutch entered your life? Was your Pride damaged? (It can be repaired).Need Forgiveness we are all only Human and all Humans are capable of making mistakes. Could it be you have broken the law, and you refuse to pay the penance for the crime? If you can't do the Time ,Do Not commit the Crime!, and if you get caught ..(Do the time) Time passes. You cannot escape Justice. This is the age of the Goddess Maat (Justice),and she will send the Fates to greet you in your next incarnation. You will pay one way or another for your crimes, and everything will be exposed in this day and Age. There is no Escape from Karma!!!

Did you lose a Loved one? Someone who was very dear to you? Do you not believe in the Spirit? Their Spirit is continuing on its chosen Destiny, and they would also want you to complete your own orbit with Destiny, the way it was supposed to be, (Naturally). WAKE UP CHILDREN!! ! Find that Star Within! Who or what is clouding your Brilliance? Expose the vampire zapping your Energy, Overshadowing your Shine. Sorrows are but as Shadows and they shall pass. Why aren't you Happy? Who or what is keeping you from bliss? Get rid of it, delete it from your Existence, or simply change the Situation.

Every man and every woman is a star, to choose it's own orbit, to Excel in Radiance from doing it's OWN Will, and to transcend Smoothly on it's Souls Natural Journey. Keep your own Orbit!

You are here for a Reason. Do Not let Anyone or Anything Deter you from your path. You and your Surroundings can change, and through change you may ( and most Likely )find Stability. If you may feel like you have lost the will to Live. Try to bring back that lost Youth, It's in there somewhere. Just attempting to connect with that inner spark can REkindle the Flame to Once Again bring forth Happiness, Joy & Beauty......To ONCE AGAIN BRING FORTH LIFE!!!!!

Love is the law, love under will

P.S. The writer of this article would like to state he is an Advocate of euthanasia when the body is Terminally dis-eased, and the Patient is in much Pain ,Or in a negative state where there is Irrevocable brain damage. I Believe Dr. Kervorkian should be freed from prison, for his concern and time dedicated towards humanity and his Knowledgeable and very rare assistance on getting his fellow human beings smoothly across to their Oasis

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