Singular Phenomenon

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I should firstly proclaim that to study different lives; and how the course of their life has unlocked their True Self and True Will must not be mistaken for sticking your nose into their affairs. Such a meditation is only to observe others, to learn from their experiences.

It should, in addition, be emphasized that any real research on what occurs; and who people really are; or going is not going to exist where mainly that old demon called self deceit or propaganda raising its head in the graveyard of those whose minds have become stagnant with machines where depth and creativity are so mundane that the full story of the person is a farce or a delusion. Stagnation of creativity from obsession with AI from those who have protested the issue have an excellent perspective which will be ignored by those who are convinced that the stagnation lies in the hands of those who oppose them where they have forgotten the glory of human achievement. You cannot compare the level of experience from someone involved with technological pursuits who lives in chair facing a computer with the person who has met people and tried to learn from them. Whose conversation is more than a one line text message or judgment from one paragraph in a random email.

They lie in the world of liars; and those who really observe with honesty to learn from others tell truth in the land of the virtuous man.

The key should always be consistent with the reality that you will always jump to conclusions if you try to sum someone up with a random ten minute conversation. Well, that wife that you thought was one way; after three months of marriage to your horror turns out to be another way entirely where she finally confesses that she is a closet liberal with terrible tendencies where she won’t even make you a sandwich and bring you a beer while you watch the football game. Or the woman who marries a man where she finds out that something horrid about his past where she changes completely in her exchange. All these beneath the surface experiences must be observed; and to learn from others on their Path means we can adjust our own path where they have shown us where the sharp rocks are that will rip our sailing ship and our course might avoid the errors of others.

Any meditation on how mystical or magical minds assist civilized behavior are pathetically overlooked by those whose minds have gone to sleep or have become dogmatically affiliated with any number of obsessions. Well, my point previous presented with poignant perpetual perceptions was how long it takes to really know someone. After all, if you really, really, really take the time to get to know anyone the depth of appreciation cannot be compared to those whose travels only see the surface of random encounters. Being on a very real Path which involves the complexities of the Great Work does create a different perception of exchanges.

That Cajun Elder who sits on the front porch, the fellow who is retired as a well digger, the man who changed careers in Baltimore, the woman who was a great genius took a path that did not involve the academic community or astrophysics, the man who dropped out of politics becoming a warehouse worker, the soldier who delighted with his war kills who never broke the law upon an honorable discharge, the woman who went from a feminist to a wife with children, the hotel worker who quoted William Butler Yeats and so forth where you encounter such individuals and when you really get to know them and their story makes you appreciate them for the mysticism that altered the course of their life. Naturally, the random traveler reporting his or her adventures never really gives you the real story of those they write or speak about. That kind stranger in that restaurant off the main highway you had a ten minute conversation with might have secrets where you cannot know who he really was, or what he really was; or what he really did. The point being that to really take the time to know anyone means living in that area and with patience exchanges with them over a period of months be the listener who humbly permits them to get them trust you enough to learn from them.

After all, no matter how glorious deep south hospitality is you must observe caution on what they can be if hostility arises from their background; or no matter how fascinating it is to date the Arabian Fortune Teller at the circus who spits on the ground at Islam; and jeers at the Muslim who bows to Mecca who believe in such nonsense as “the believing Jinn” (how can a Jinn believe in Islam!!!) unless you are like the Arabian who survived the insanity of the Caliph she will never let you really know her for too much death surrounds their breed where they struggle to keep the ancient Arabian traditions prior to Islam, and many other examples of exchanges might be presented. (1) The point is to never judge too quickly when you are studying the sublime comparatives of a star upon their course through the universe; and their True Will.

Of course, the AI promoter will conclude that the protesting human writer is stagnating technology; and the protesting human writer will conclude that the AI promoter is stagnating human progress of creativity with regards to human achievement but have either sat down and discussed it? Neither associate with each other and therefore never learn from each other.

An example where your conclusions are not conclusive where you haven’t experienced the experience when it could have been experienced? What is required for an honest commentary is a few private interviews by those who lived during those times. Well, it’s about time you took the trouble to ask someone who witnessed it all! Yet, you wrote what you wrote not actually inquiring of anyone who was there, did you? Well, answer me!! For example, in 1969 e.v. I heard the song Age of Aquarius by the Fifth Dimension when new age boomers were appearing asking everyone their astrological sign. (2) Are you to presume you really knew what was going on or are you to write an article without any witness nor testimony on the subject beyond a few idiot theories on what all the fuss was about? Think again, my pretty, for you have made stupid proclamations where you haven’t even scratched the surface of what pertinent social, psychological, economic, rebellious, political factors were involved where mysticism and spiritual enlightenment became a part of an era and continue to move with subtle manifestations even in these modern times of so called progressive education. You are either deceived, or deceiving and haven’t any experience whatsoever with any exchange from those who were there and can explain to your presumptuous little brain. Well, if you hadn’t permitted AI to do your thinking for you it might have been possible for you to consider the possibility of learning from others who were on the spot.

Self deceit is a very real issue with both the educated and those who permit them be subject to the whim of others. (3) Self deceit is clearly an issue with many who have permitted the delusion of random encounter make them jump to conclusions on any point event of those who they judge with too little data.

It would appear, only on the surface for the words, “singular phenomenon” to be grammatically incorrect. The stringent upholder of normal grammar would state “singular phenomena” has status among the world of normal scholars. We must differ with regards to how it is perceived. After all, if I perceive Hadit as the multitude of gestalt of assimilated and aggregate of experience I am no longer perceiving myself in any manner where identity exists. For to achieve Hadit, of course, I must go Unto Nuit. Well, where is your identity? In other words, consciousness shall be considered as a single phenomenon in time and space. This makes “singular phenomenon” absolutely correct in spite of what grammar might so boldly object.

My word, it is not only grammatically incorrect to the profane world; but verges upon oxymoron for "phenomenon" is plural; and "phenomena" is singular. Yet, its very real perception for the initiate exists on a very high plane of existence. Let me state four proclamations that clarify this to the initiate and confuse those uninvolved with the Path.
I am not I.
I am that I am.
I am not extended.
I am none indeed.
These four proclamations are unconnected to those not involved with the Great Work.

Yet, on the lower planes of those not involved with a Great Work you will observe what we have labeled “singular phenomenon” as the accumulated manifestation of their lives of experience. That old saw; “we went to separate schools together” as one of my favorite proverbs come to mind where we can identify with others who on the lower planes have experiences that parallel the most sublime mystics and philosophers.

In conclusion, those who have not permitted the machines to enslave them and have tried to learn from others have a greater chance for self fulfillment than those who stagnant their creativity and growth by permitting the sectarianism of others to influence them.

Love is the law, love under will

1. Anyone who has done magical work with the Seals from Liber 231 will come to many sublime insights on the Genii. I refer the serious magician to the Equinox, Volume V, number two published by Θελημα Publishing Company in Nashville, Tennessee in 1979 e.v.; those pages which give visions of the Genii, pages 277 – 394.

2. My favorite display of an actor playing a new age boomer is in the classic movie that came out in 1979 e.v. called "The Visitor" with Shelley Winters as the new age character in the film. Of course, Shelley Winters was born in 1920 e.v. so in real life she was actually G.I. Generation which was 1901 e.v. - 1927 e.v. where boomer generation was from 1946 e.v. - 1964 e.v.. Nevertheless, Shelley Winters was excellent in the film; and the movie a true classic of seventies film.

3. With regards to this issue of not really knowing a fellow human being and trying to sum them up with too few facts I give the example of my own self deceit where I suffered it out with the delusion that my favorite comedian, Robin Williams, was really happy not observing carefully all the data. I was shocked to hear that he had committed suicide! Robin Williams, in my estimation, had a talent like no one I had ever observed. Yet, he actually had drug issues; and eventually committed suicide. Although self deceit seems to be dual categorized where you first can be deceived about another; and second be deceived about some private complex this isn’t necessarily an efficient perception. For in both categorizes it is all about your own self being deceived. Yet, it might be wise to meditate about what might be deceit for yourself; and then you will have the experience to see the deceit in others. Be that as it shall be perceived either way; self deceit is, agreeable, is one of the issues that all of humanity will have problems to resolve. As a human being you have the lens restricted by the limitations of your IQ perceiving it through your eyes; and other mundane senses. Which is real motivation for knowing the nature and powers of your being.

4. You’ll note that no number four number paragraph is numbered. My motive for doing something that is in contradiction to all the rules of the academic community for essay is a mad science experiment to see if I drive the Professors at Cornell University insane or slyly get their attention to recommend me for the Nobel Peace Prize. Both being intensely amusing notions that only someone with a sense of humor like mine could possibly create. Never you mind. I wanted to bring up the irony of how the journalist who writes obituaries will always repeat the same report. No matter how long a person has lived or what was accomplished; or what adventures or experiences existed the deceased is written off the same where the reports are always one or two paragraphs long. It doesn’t matter how long they lived. They could of died at thirty or one hundred and three. So, we not only have the issue of not learning from each other where we write off our observations of someone in a ten minute conversation acting like we know them; we have the obituary writer who writes tedious babble about someone's lifetime. Well, we could at least increase our communication skills with each other when we are alive but we are presently in an era where intelligent machines and computers have become an issue.